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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Nejimaki Kagyu 1

Kagyu Jyuubee

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 21, 2012 06:36 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

-> RTS Page for Nejimaki Kagyu 1

So as much as I said I wouldn't translate this because I can barely read it, I ended up translating it and finding...I can still barely read it. Though hey, kids learn to walk by falling down a lot, people learn to swim by nearly drowning, and people learn that there is a manga and anime rock bottom by watching or reading Bleach, Naruto and Harem love comedies. So therefore I too will start at the bottom and work my way up.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

And just in case you guys need this warning too..

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Please, please, PUHLEEZ get someone to check this script. I can't emphasize how little I can read of seinen manga. I think it should be maybe 60 percent good, maybe a little less. If you scantlate without doing that then credit me, but don't hold me responsible.

I love Nayama's art, and while this is borderline harem, I think it has enough going for it that I can sort of ignore that. Maybe this will inspire me to finish Traumeister a manga I CAN read? Haaaaaaaaaaah, probably not.

(Cover flap- Looks dead.)


Chapter 1: Kagyu Jyuubee (3)
Chapter 2: Meros's love (57)
Chapter 3: Kagyu and Kamo
Chapter 4: Number one committee chairman. (111)
Chapter 5: Negative campaign (129)
Chapter 6: Duel (149)
Chapter 7: Not cute (169)


Chapter 1: Kagyu Jyuubee


Chapter 1: Kagyu Jyuubee.


Nejimaki Kagyu


(Sfx- Bikiki cracckle)

(Sfx- Bikikiki craackle)



(Sfx- Noso sblish)

(Sfx- Noso sblish)

(Sfx- Noso sblish)

(Sfx- Noso sblish)

???: So this is what I could accomplish with morning training...

Then it is time to head to high school...

And meet...

That person...


???: Uwaah!

I've gotta hurry!

I can't be late to the new semester's opening ceremony!!

(Sfx- Zuhh sffft)

???: Uahhh.



Are you okay?


(Sfx- Pohh fwaaah)

Catgirl: If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could I have your name..? I'd like to contact you later..

???: I—I'm sort of in a hurry...

Catgirl: More like..

I've fallen for you at first sight!!

???: I'm sorrrry!!


{My name is Negizawa Kamo (23 years old)

{I'm to begin working on staff as a new teacher in a high school}

{Unfortunately I have a certain problem that makes things difficult.}

Girl: You're always running my beloved...

Did my love confession that I gave at midnight yesterday...

Reach you...?

Kamo: S—sorry!!
(Sfx- Kahh clack)

(Sfx- Hiiiiiinn heeeeeh)

(Note- I love you.)

Kamo: I'm sorrry!!

(Sfx- Kara clatter)

{That's right...}

{My entire being...}

{Is the ultimate case...}

{Of women problems.}

(Handwritten- I'm sorrry!!)


{For one reason or another whenever I cross paths with a lady, they go from zero to berserk.}

Lady: Over here!

{I wonder if it's because I was born under a certain star?}

{Although I guess it's not too bad to be loved by the ladies...}

{I'm really worried that all this attention will kill me someday.}

Kamo: I got away...

{Though at least it looks as if I might still make it in time to the assembly.}

???: Kyahahahah!!


???: Are you serious Egu-san?

Egu: I'm for real!


Egu: Those Nishikou fools are all nothings! I beat the mess out of all of them!

Dude: I knew you'd mess them up good Egu-san!
Dude: For reals!

Old lady: Um..excuse me...

Egu: For reals!


Old lady: Ah..


Kamo: Are you okay ma'am?

Old lady: Yes...thank you.

Kamo: I couldn't help not notice that those jerseys are from our school...

So you're students there right? You shouldn't be here skipping school..

Egu: The hell?

Dude: Egu-san!

He's a teacher at the school!

Egu: So you're a govt' lackey huh?

I guess since this is the first time I've seen you, I should give ya a warning.

You've got me captivated



Egu: Be my boyfriend!

Not! Dude: That's no faaaair Egu-san.

Not! Dude 2: You're always speaking up so fast!

I know right?

{They're girls?! All of them?!}

Egu: Awwright! Lets go to the amusement park!

Kamo: Gyahh!! No we can't!
???: Take your dirty hands off of him, delinquent girls.

Egu: Hm?



???: Love is..

Not something you can take.

{Who is that?}

Egu: Who the hell are you?

How long are you gonna hang out there?


???: Those who infringe upon love like you all..

Are evil....

And my enemies.

Egu: I haven't seen you around before...

An outsider?

You might think you're some kinda hero for justice...

But around these parts we call that kinda thing stupidity.


Egu: You'd best get lost...

Unless you want me to friggin' kill you.

Kamo: That's dang...

Egu: Who said you could step to me...?


Egu: Gyahahah!!

Now die..

Egu: What...you..



Let go!!


Egu: Yaaah!!



Egu: How dare you embarrass a maiden!!

You brute!

Perverted bastard!

I'll remember this!

{That child.}

{How did he become so strong?}


???: Are you okay?


Kamo: Y—yeah..thanks for saving me.

Wait, Sensei?

Are you a student too...?


???: I transferred in order to protect you sensei.

I am Kagyu Jyuubee.


{Hearing that name is really nostalgic...}


{Do I know this boy from somewhere?}

{If so, who was he again?}


{He says he'll protect me...}

{What does that mean?}

Kamo: Um..if it's okay with you can I get a closer look at your face...


Jyuubee: Don't.


Jyuubee: Don't...

Get too close to me...

If you do....

I can't promise your safety.

(Sfx- gokuhh gulp)

Kamo: S—sorry...


Egu: That bastard...Imma kill 'im!

If this is how it's gonna be I'm going all out!

Girl(?): Eh?

Egu: Gather the troops!!

Girls: Y—yes ma'am!

Egu: I'll make sensei mine no matter what!
Even if I gotta drag him kicking and screaming.


{What's with this person?}

{He wants to protect me but I can't get close to him?}

{I don't get this...}

Jyuubee: H..hey!!

Don't get any closer to sensei!!



Dog: Hah



Kamo: A puppy?!


Kamo: W—wait a minute Kagyu-kun?! What are you afraid of?!

Jyuubee: It's bearing it's fangs.

Kamo: Aren't you a little TOO cautious?!

{Bird poop.}

{Tissue sellers...}


{I don't think he's a bad kid or anything though...}

Kamo: We've made it to school.

Now how about we go to the principal's office together...


Egu: Yahooooo!!!


Egu: Gyahaaah!!

I got my beloved Sensei!! Now we're gonna go on our date!!

Jyuubee: Wait!

Return Sensei at once!

Girls: Man oh man. That's Egu-san for you always acting first. It's so uncool.

Well in any case she said after this we can rent him from her.

Seriously? Sounds fun.


Girls: Lets do it!!

Kamo: Kagyu-kun!

Kamo: Let go of me!

Kagyu-kun's in trouble!!

Egu: Sensei...

I finally got rid of that annoyance..

So why not chillax and...

have some fun?!

Jyuubee: Ah..

Girl: Ah?





What are...




Egu: ...Tch!

Jyuubee: I won't...

Forgive you!!

With my whole body and spirit..

all the bones..

sinus of my flesh...

and blood in my body...

I will crush you!!


Jyuubee: I will....

Finish you in one blow!

Egu: You won't forgive me?!


My line!!

I'll tear you into mincemeat!!



Egu: Bukkoing BOMBER!!!

(TN- The kanji is for 'tokkou' which is 'suicide attack.')

(Sfx- Dogyyarrru spnnnnnn)

(Sfx- Rururuuu spnnn)

Jyuubee: My southern house Nejimaki ken...

Spins the body faster than a bullet....it is a fist that revolves at high speed..!!

It adds power...

to a simple punch.

Adding an explosive edge to it...

with revolution power....

who's origin is the universe!!


Jyuubee: And this Nejimaki ken...

is a martial art only women have the capability of using!!



(TN- Screw spring fist.)



{I remember!!}


{She's my childhood friend Kagyu Jyuubee-chan!}

Jyuubee: Those revolutions are the reason why...

I have to wear this sarashi though it usually breaks after I use this move.


{10 years earlier...}

{Because of her boyish name...}

{Kagyu-chan would often get bulled.}
Kamo: UGH!


Dude: He's a weakling but he acts like he's big stuff..

Even though he's older...

Kamo: Uugh..



Jyuubee: Kamo nii-chan..don't struggle any more...

I don't want to get in the way any more...

Kamo: I won't forgive them..

Jyuubee: Huh?

Kamo: In the future I'll become a teacher...

Who doesn't tolerate bullying.

Jyuubee: You know my name...

My daddy gave it to me because he wanted me to grow up to be strong..


Jyuubee: I'll become stronger!

So that I can repay you Kamo-niisan...when you become a teacher I'll protect you!

{Soon after that she moved to China...}

{And I never saw her again.}

{I didn't remember her at first...}

{Because in my memories Kagyu-chan was a girly girl.}

{But now that I see her I recognize her perfectly.}

Kamo: Kagyu-chan...

(Sfx- Pon pat)

{I got too close...!!}

Kamo: Hgyaaaaaaaaaaah!!


Jyuubee: If you get too close...


Jyuubee: I get all embarrassed?




Jyuubee: B--

Because it's been so long since we've met!






{What she said before...}

(Panel: Jyuubee: Don't...

Get too close to me...

If you do....

I can't promise your safety.)

{Wasn't a warning for me...}

{But for...}


Jyuubee: I'll be with you for now on...

To protect you.

Kamo: Ah...

{And so starting from here...}

Kamo: Oh crap! That's right! I have to get to school!!

Jyuubee: I'll go too.


Jyuube: B—but...

I have to protect you!

{My earlier lady problems continued, albeit they were a little bit different....}

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#1. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2012
Rufi, this manga's definitely not even close to as hard as Gintama. If you just slowly look up words/phrases/unfamiliar grammar I'm sure you'll do fine. Just try to memorize things that are important or recurring, and it'll get much easier much faster. The worst thing you can do is rush through it or make guesses with the translation just to get it done. Try to only publish things you're sure about translation-wise.
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