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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Gintama 501

Guardian spirits are also a part of the heart.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 10, 2014 20:42 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 501

I celebrate those who wear glasses. They shoulder the universe that no one else can see so we don't have to. So know that every time you unfold those glasses and put them on your face to see the world that we hide from, know that I a stranger who has only the standard two eyes rather than four support you. Know this and rightfully ignore it.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also, this is relevant to your interests.

(Side text- The Stand play has gone too far!!)
(TN- ‘Stands’ as in those things from Jojo.)
Lesson 501: Guardian spirits are also a part of the heart.
(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)
Announcer: Whoa! It seems the pair who were in the lead have become victims in a trap!!
The talismans!!
They’re in the charm area! To keep bothersome beings from getting involved there was a charm area installed to stop them in their tracks!!
Katsura: My Corollaaaaa!!
{What the hell is a Charm areaaaaaa?!}
(Sfx- Gyaaaaaaaaah)
{Why are there things like talismans in an obstacle course dash?!}

{It’s fairly clear that they’re out for Guardian spirit blood!!}
{The charm area is stopping pairs one after another!!}
{The Guardian spirits are finding nirvana one after another!!}
{What kind of athletics meet is this?!}
Announcer: Pairs are dropping out due to poor condition one after another as well!!
Are there no pairs who can overcome this obstacle?!
Katsura: Remain steady my Carollaaa!!
(Sfx- Guoooooohhh roooaaaar)
Katsura: I won’t abandon yooooooou!!!
(Sfx- Gogogogo Rmmmmmble)
Announcer: The top pair has anguished expressions, and can’t move a single step!!
{The Master is supporting the Guardian spirit!! Their roles have completely reversed!!}
???: Nooooowwww!!!

Announcer: Whooa! And here’s a pair in hot pursuit….!
Hijikata(?): Katsuraaaa! It’s time for you pay what you owe!! Give yourself up into custody quietly!!
Announcer: That’s the Shinsengumi!! They’re here to arrest the top pair at an amazing speed!!
(Handwritten- One two!)
(Handwritten- One two!)
{Why the heck are you guys running in the three legged race?!}
Katsura: The Shinsengumi?! You waited until my Corolla was broken down to aim your attack upon me?!
You cowards!! Have you no honor?!
Hijikata: Shut it! As soon as a patriot like you entered this athletics meet you were out of luck!!
(Handwritten- One two!)
(Handwritten- One two!)
{Um, I don’t think the police who entered the very same athletics meet can talk that way!!}
Katsura: Can you fools make it past this charm area?!
And supposing you can make it past this obstacle, can you arrest my Corolla and I?!
I’d like to see you lay a finger on the goal or us from there!!
(Sfx- Poh pohh fwoomp fwoomp)

Announcer: Whoooa!!
What is going on here?!
The talismans are…!!
The talismans are burning one after another right before the Shinsengumi!!
Katsura: R—ridiculous!! They’ve rendered the charms ineffective?!
No way….this cannot be!!
Your Guardian spirit is…
(Sfx- Zuooooh fwhooooh)
Katsura: Not Japanese style but Western style?!
{Guardian Ghost: It ain’t a Maserati but a Mayorati.}
(TN- A Maserati is an Italian sports car.)
(Sfx- Oooonnn vrrrm)
Katsura: It’s not a domestic automobile, but a foreign model?!
So Japanese charms won’t work on it!! A guardian spirit like this is cheating, plain and simpleeee!!!
(Sfx- Burororo vrrrrrrrm)
{Is that really the biggest problem here?! The fact that you guys have Corollas and Maserati’s as your guardian spirits is the biggest cheat here!!}

{Hijikata Toushirou’s guardian spirit.// Back when he as a punk he played a prank on a wealthy man by pouring mayonnaise into his car which was out of commission. This Maserati then became a spirit.}
(Sfx- Nyuuh bllorp)
{Moreover if he did not refuel with mayo on a regular basis, he would be unable to move. Eventually he succumbed to the ‘Mayonnaise curse’.}
{You were cursed toooooo?! Are all of the character settings in this series actually curses theeen?!}
{Like the Maserati, he pursues criminals at gale force speed. The Maserati normaly pulls him by his forelocks of hair, so he’s always in danger of being bald. Eventually he succumbed to the ‘V shaped forelock curse’ as well.}
(Handwritten- I said wait ya bastaaaaard!)
(Sfx- Zeh hyuh, zeh hyuh)
{And that’s gotta be the reason why he’s called the demonic Vice captain!}
Hijikata: Katsuraaaaaaa!!!
This is the end of the line for you!!
This time we wiiiiinnn!!!!
(Sfx- Goooooohhh fwoooom)
{They’ve got theeeeeemmm!!! Why does this athletics meet seem more like the conclusion to a bitter rivalry!?}

Announcer: It’s a crooooosssss!!
A trap of God’s for foreign model interferences to keep them from getting in the waaaaay!!
{This obstacle course has those tooooo?!}
Announcer: However I can’t recall a cross area being used at this competition….
Wait a second…on second glance that’s not a cross at all? It looks like the katakana character for ‘Do’…?!
Okita: What’s the deal Hijikata-san? Can’t you move those legs faster?
If you waste time here, those legs might be eviscerated clean off your body…
{Guardian God: Supreme sadist.}
(Sfx- Gogogogogogo Rmmmmmble)
{What kind of god is a Supreme Sadist?!}
{Why is the natural enemy of the Mayorati sitting in the passenger seat of the same car?!}

{Okita Sougo’s Guardian God spanned from his childhood days.}
Okita: A Maserati will run even if you put mayonase in it, apparently.
Hijikata: That’s stupid. You’re stupid.
{After trolling Hijikata Toushirou with that information he was tied up and left in a mountain recess as revenge.}
{You were the one behind the Maserati’s inability to ruuuun?!}
{It was a God he met in the depths of darkness…}
???: Would you like revenge?
Would you like to turn everything around upon the one who did this to you?
Okita: Who…who are you!?
???: I am you.
The darkness that resides within your body.
{That’s just an evil God isn’t it?!}
{Okita Sougo’s Guardian God doesn’t support him from behind the scenes---rather it’s primary function is stabbing Hijikata Toushiro and sucking his life energy dry little by little.}
{That Guardian spirit has one nasty hobby!!}
Hijikata: I—it’s no good…I can’t move my legs…
What the hell is going on here…?!
Is there some sorta unseen obstacle blocking my path?!
{No, the greatest obstacle is the partner sitting right beside you!!}
Katsura: This is our chance Elizabeth!!
We can finally overcome this charm area!
The Corolla can sweep past them in one motion!!
(Sfx- Zugoooohh vroooom)

{Guardian God: Toilet deity.}
(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)
{Elizabeth’s Guardian God was born from a need for escapism due to it having to clean the toliets.}
Elizabeth: Ughh…
{It doesn’t matter if it’s western style or Japanese style, all filth will be purified.}
{You’re an obstacle to your partner tooooo?!}
Katsura: The Corollaaaa!! My Corollaaaaa!!
Dammitall! What happened?! My strength is completely sapped!!
{No matter who it is, their biggest obstacles in this three-legged race are each other!! What kind of obstacle course race is this?!}
(Sfx- Pipiiiii wheeeee)
Announcer: And this game is a wrap!!
Both the Red and White team had no pairs who were able to make it to the goal!
(Sign- Goal.)
Announcer: So the three legged obstacle course race is a tie as well!!
{As if anyone could make it to the gooaaaaal!!}
{The only thing here are the corpses of Guardian spirits and a bunch of injured people!!}
{I knew it, we have to retire if we don’t want anymore injuries…}
{Well wait…where are Gin-san and the others…}
{Whoa! They’re already on standby!!}
{They’re already at the starting line for the next game!!}

Shinpachi: Gin-san, Kagura-chan why not just cut our losses and end it here?
This dangerous athletics meet is…
Gintoki(?): Shut it.
We’re still in the middle of the obstacle course, dammit.
{You’re still doing that?}
{I thought they were standing by for the next game, but they’re still in the middle of the obstacle course?}
(Handwritten- Um, the obstacle course is already over though…)
(Handwritten- Eh?}
{In fact they pretty much didn’t move from the start point at all. They’ve been in the exact same place since last week.}
{Just to what extent is this Guardian spirit a loser?!}
Shinpachi: Gin-san, us winning this is basically impossible.
We’ve lacked the fundamentals since the beginning…
Gintoki: What are you saying? It’s still a tie right? The match begins from here.
Shinpachi: That’s not really the problem here....I get it now..
I don’t want to see it but…
I can….
Gintoki: What…?
What is it that you can see?

{Wait…just now wasn’t that the Glasses shop….!!}
Gintoki: Hey. What’s the deal Shinpachi?
{That was totally him….}
{To think that Glasses shop guy would be at the athletics meet…?!}
{If that is him then I might be able to remove these cursed glasses…}
{And be able to break free of this cursed world…}
{Where is he? Where did he go?!}
Announcer: And now we move to the next game.
As set in the program the next game is the borrowed bread eating chicken fight…
However since the number of participants has gotten quite low, we’ll have to make this our final game.
Fundamentally the Calvary battle would be like this..
Where normally bread would be dangled before a person as they try to grab at it.
{That’s underestimating humans isn’t it?}
Announcer: If you eat your bread you lose. If your bread is eaten you lose.
In short you can eat your rival’s bread but to win you have to protect your bread until the very end.
However in the middle of a course there will be a piece of paper.
(Handwritten- An old man’s dentures.)
Announcer: There will be something written on there that you’ll need to borrow.
You should be able to eat it.
Announcer: Though if it happens to be a weapon to use that’s fine too.
{What on earth do you expect for us to borrow from others?!}
Announcer: And now the ones who will play the fighting Calvary role’s are…
(Sfx- Zathh shfft)

Announcer: Not human, but that’s fine.
{It’s basically clear that you’re using the guardian spirits and implicitly know that they’re here!!}
{What the heck is thiiiiis?! They’re completely aware of the Guardian spirits?!}
{What are they thinking?! Do they even have any idea of what it is they’re shouldering here?!}
{But wait…}
{Perhaps within all of this the Glasses store guy is here?}
{If I can have a look around and find him then…}
{Taking these glasses off and retiring might be possible--}
Gintoki: Okay Shinpachi, no matter how hungry you get, do not eat that bread.
Announcer: Well then! Is everyone ready!? Then let’s…
(Sfx- Kuwaaaah rooooar)
{Wait, Meeeeeeee?!}
{All the other riders are coming straight for me?! Is it because they’re being controlled by their spirits?!}
{Gyaaaaah!! The Spirits really are coming for meee!!}
(Sfx- Dotsuhh thooom)

{Up until now you had such slow and sluggish moments…}
{However in order to protect me…}
(Sign- Gimmie yer breaaaad.)
{It’s for the breaaad?!}
{For a single piece of bread he totally changed?!}
Shinpachi: No wait! This bread is off limits!! Off limits!!
(Sfx- Dodododo thooom)
{Waaaait!! The enemy and my ally are after the same bread!!}
Shinpachi: If you want bread, go for the enemy’s bread! Aim for them!!
{The Enemy’s bread is faaaast!!}
(Sfx- Kikiii reeeeeh)
(Sfx- Zuzazaah shffffft)
{The enemy has French breaaaad?!}

Shinpachi: This is no good!! At this point we’ll never win!!
Gin-san, if this is how it’s gonna be we should find a weapon to borrow!!
Pick up that paper…
And find out what’s written on it….is it a weapon!?
(Paper- Love and courage.)
Gintoki: Yo’ um, my bad but could we borrow some love and courage from anyone who’s got some to spare?
We’ll return it, I promise!! It doesn’t matter what kind of love and courage you have!!
Dude: Don’t worry about it! You’ve always had that in your heart!
{So fraaaank!! The greatest weapon of all in this case is something so fraaaank!!}
Shinpachi: Could we have something tangible pleaaase?!
(Note- Daddy’s bat.)
Kagura: Does anyone here have a bat from daddy we can borrow? It does not matter what daddy’s bat it is, uh-huh!!
Kid: Th—then could you use this?
(Handwritten- It’s really important so take care of it.)
{We seriously have to separate Daddy from his bat?!}
Someone: Sasuke are you sure? That’s Daddy’s memento….
Sasuke: It’s fine. I’m sure Daddy is smiling from the other world….he’ll forgive it.
Gintoki: How about someone who’s Dad isn’t tragically sad?!
(Note- Mom is Jack Knife.)
(Handwritten- So yer gonna use me?)
{That’s just a mom who’s as sharp as a knife!! That’s it’s own kind of sad!!}
(Note- The old man’s name is Jack.)
{Who the hell is that?! All of these have nothing to do with anything!!}

Shinpachi: Can we please get something that doesn’t have an overly complicated meaning?!
Gintoki: Excuse me, but does anyone have the God Star blade ‘God Death Scream Zone blade Kai that we can borrow?
(TN- The note says the same thing.)
Shinpachi: The sword’s name itself is complicated!!
Kagura: We will take either the ‘God’ or “Death scream zone’ if you have it, yes?
Old guy: I’ve got one if you want…
{What the hell is this?! Why does someone have the God Star Blade ‘God Death Scream Zone Kai’ with them?!}
{But if we have something like this then we can beat the calvary…}
(Sfx- Pori pori chew chew)
Shinpachi: You….
Why would you eat the God Star Blade ‘God Death Scream Zone Kai’?!
(Sign- But they said we can eat what we borrow…)
Shinpachi: Do you understand anything?! That was the God Star Blade ‘God Death Scream Zone Kai’ dammittttt!!
(Sfx- Shoooaaah fwoooosh)
{The God Star Blade ‘God Death Scream Zone Kai’ Is a sacred sword, so if evil beings touch it, the sacred power will burn them to ash.}
{Crap!! He ate the sacred blade and now Madao’s body isssss!!}
Gintoki: M—my body’s strength is…
(Sfx- Gaku thop)
Shinpachi: Gin-san! Kagura-chan!!
Guys: Now’s our chance!!
We can finish ‘em offffff!!
(Sfx- Kuwaaaa roaaar)

{It’s all over!}
Shinpachi: Huh?
Where am I?
(Note- Glasses.)
Old guy: If you need glasses…
I’ve got some here.
And they’ve been fixed up nicely.
But these glasses are quite old.
If you take these you probably won’t be able to see anything.
Old guy: Though I suppose there are some things that aren’t essential to be seen, heck are better unseen.
However I still wanted you to see them at least once.
The shadows that support your way of living…
This world of ours…
Shinpachi: Wait…
You couldn’t be…
Old guy: If you wear these glasses..
You would be able to return to this world.
But once in a while…
It’s okay to look back and reminisce on us. In fact I ask that you please do.

{We’re at your side…}
{And I….}
{We’re here for you.}
{And we’ll always watch over you…}
(Sfx- Kuaaaaah roaaaaar)
Guys: Now’s our chance!!
We can finish ‘em offffff!!
Kagura: This is bad, yes? Shinpachi!!
Gintoki: We got another usless-ass weapon….
Hasegawa: Hey! What are we going to do Shinpachi-kun?!
(Handwritten- Huh? When did Madao get here?)
Shinpachi: If it’s a weapon you need…
I’ve already got one.
I couldn’t see it until now…
But I understand.
Asuraman Gin-san…
Alchuu Kagura-chan…

Shinpachi: And..
My Guardian Spirit glasses!!!
Your hearts are….
One with us!!
(Sfx- Katsuuh Sheeen)
Shinpachi: I may not be able to see your forms…but your feelings are clearly reflected in my glasses!!
{Guardian Spirit Glasses// Now repaired and equipped by Shinpachi with new features, they are his guardian spirit.}
{He can see the faraway memories and feelings of the heart using these.}
{However they are age warn eyes that seriously cannot see things that are close up.}
(Sfx- Piiiiiiii wheeeeeee)
(Sign- Kabuki chou Athletics meet.)
(TN- Where did Kagura go?)
Shinpachi: Yup.
Time to buy new glasses.
(Side text- Next week a center color with information that’ll blow your glasses off?!)

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