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Translations: Gintama 690 by kewl0210 , One Piece 909 by cnet128

Bleach 351

The Lust5

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 27, 2009 07:09 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 351

[Side text: Ichigo has risen again... but something is very different!! Is he in control... or else......?]
Orihime: It can't be......... // Is that really...... // ...Kurosaki-kun......?

[no text just ichigepic]

Bleach 351
The Lust5

Ulquiorra: *pant*...

Ulquiorra: The greatest ability that I possess is not my offensive capacity... / ...but my regeneration. // Unlike other Arrancar, who relinquished most of their capacity for high-speed regeneration in exchange for their massive power... / I alone... // ...retained the capacity to regenerate any part of my body other than my brain and vital organs in an instant. // I do not know how or why you have taken that form... / ...but no matter how your combat ability may grow... // ...if you are fool enough to cease your attack after merely tearing off a single arm of mine... // ...then you cannot prevail against me.

Ulquiorra: Lanza Del Relámpago.
[TN: "Spear of Lightning"]
Ulquiorra: Don't come any closer. // Stay right where you are. // I would prefer to avoid... / ...being too close when this attack hits its mark.

[no text just spearthrow]

[no text just boom]

Ishida: Ahh.../ Aghhh...!
Ulquiorra: ...So I missed. // This truly is an unwieldy weapon...
Ishida: ...You're telling me... // ...he can fire off as many of those things as he likes...?!!

Ulquiorra: What the...? // (He slipped right through my Pesquis...!)
[TN: Spanish for "investigate", the kanji given read "investigation nerves"]
Ulquiorra: (That was no Shunpo... // It was Sonido.)

Ulquiorra: You thought that would be sufficient to catch me off guard? // Do not take me lightly.

Ulquiorra: (Impossible... // With his bare hand...!)

[no text just you've got Ulqui scared now]

[no text just ulqui getting generally owned]

Ishida: He... // ...defeated him...
Ulquiorra: .........Ugh... // To think that one such as myself... / ...could be defeated by a mere human in Hollow form......... // Truly, this is... / ...ridiculous...

[no text just ichigo being a bit of an ass]

Ishida: !!!
Ulquiorra: ...I see. / So you show no mercy. // Just like a true Hollow. // I care not. // Defeated by you as I stand... / ...my existence holds no further meaning. // Do it.

[Insert text: A dazzling demise...!!]

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#1. by Dark Sin ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2009
thanks cnet your the best
#2. by Cyanilurus ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2009
Csuhaj és éljen. :D
#3. by sheetz ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2009
Thanks for the translation, cnet!

It seems like Ulquiorra's line

should be translated, "Among those arrancar who relinquished the majority of their capacity for high speed regeneration in exchange for massive power, only I..." But then maybe I'm just confused by Ulquiorra's weird way of speaking.
#4. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Mar 30, 2009
Mm, I suppose it could be interpreted like that.

My interpretation is that the whole 強大な力と引き換えに超速再生能力の大半を失う modifying clause, rather than specifying a specific subset of Arrancar, is rather a qualifier describing Arrancar in general. That is, the process of becoming Arrancar results in gaining enormous power, but at the same time significantly reduces high-speed regenerative capacity (which would fit what we've seen of Arrancar compared to other Hollows, I think).

His statement would certainly make more sense that way. The way you're parsing it, it sounds like he's singling himself out from other Arrancar as having made a separate decision to trade in most of his regenerative ability for other things, which doesn't mesh very well with what he's saying about how his regeneration is his greatest asset.

(Either way, I know the way I've phrased it in English is a fairly significant departure from the original Japanese sentence structure; it was just more natural that way.)
#5. by sheetz ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2009
Ah, ok. So then the translation might be something like, "The arrancar have relinquished the majority of their high speed regenerative abilities in exchange for massive power. Of them, only I..."

In the sentence I'm pretty sure that 大半 is quantifying the regenerative abilities and not the arrancar.
#6. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Mar 31, 2009
Yes, no question about that.

Ah, I see your point... I have "the majority of Arrancar" but no "the majority of their capacity". Hm. I suppose that may have been the result of a little grammatical confusion.

I'll just edit that.
#7. by Hyperworm ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2009
Back again to offer my thoughts ;) (Disclaimer: IANANS)
Probably that long modifying clause does refer to a subset of the Arrancar (even if only on a technicality where the subset is everyone except Ulquiorra ;p). But, even if so (and even if not), the statement need not imply that Ulquiorra is part of the group who traded in the majority of his regenerative abilities.
Here, 「(set)の中で(object)だけが~」can be interpreted as "(object), surrounded by (set)" or "(object), in amongst (set)" - it doesn't necessarily imply that (object) is a member of (set), merely that (set) is the surrounding environment or situation.

Three examples from Google:

誰もが明るい笑顔を浮かべて、新しい生活に意気揚々としているクラスメイトの中で、彼女だけはいつも何か泣き出しそうな顔をしていたから。She's clearly not part of that group.
中高生の少女達の中で、彼だけが男性で、年齢体格も小学生程度に見える。Hopefully it's even more obvious here. ;)
寝たり起きたりの状態の中で,食欲だけが異常にあった。This is a similar use where the thing before の中で is more obviously a surrounding situation or environment.

I hope this helps ._.
#8. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Mar 31, 2009
*nod* Thanks for that, it did help me to see the structure a little more clearly. (Side-note: it scares me a little that despite never having encountered the acronym before, I was able to understand "IANANS" instantly XD)

As you say, I think the structure is being used to identify the surrounding circumstances (and to draw a contrast; I feel like there is a contrast inherently implied in this "~naka de" structure). In other words, the construction could be rendered as something like "Whilst around me, the other Arrancar surrendered their capacity for high-speed regeneration in exchange for massive power, I alone..." Because there's a contrast implied, complete set "the other Arrancar" is more natural than simply a subset of "other Arrancar", but the "ore dake ga" cements it as the former. (And I note that indeed, in your analysis you're treating the "~dake ga" as a complement part, suggesting a definite contrasting element to the structure.)

...Now that I'm more aware of the contrasting nature of "~naka de", my English rendering of "unlike other Arrancar..." actually seems more appropriate...
#9. by sheetz ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2009
Hmm, I wasn't aware of that particular usage. Thanks. It seems to make a bit more sense within this context.
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