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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

D.Gray-Man 184


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 10, 2009 23:11 | Go to D.Gray-Man

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184th Night: Neogyps
[TN: I have no idea what's up with this chapter title. If anybody can come up with a romanisation that makes more sense, please tell me ~~ "Neogyps" is a scientific name for an obscure, extinct bird of prey...]
[Side text: Facing yourself in the mirror, you see a shadow lurking in your reflection... A vision of the "Fourteenth" deep within you...]

Flashback!Level4: Only that which is evil......? // Why, then, are you in such pain...?
[Insert text: The nightmare revived...!!]

Voice: Foolish child... did you truly believe that a body that is host to the Fourteenth could be free of sin?
Allen: (Where...)
Voice: It is not you who has saved the tainted souls of mankind, but the left hand of God.
Allen: (...am I...?)
Voice: Yours is a soul in need of salvation.

Allen: (Oh... I see... // This is a dream... // Not a very nice one, either...) // [aside]*sigh*...[/aside] // (Wake up... wake up...!)
Mana: "Allen"! // What are you doing standing around being impaled like that, "Allen"?

Mana: Come on, "Alle*"... hurry up!
Allen: (Ma...)
Mana: There's somebody waiting for you!
Allen: (...na?)
Mana: They've been waiting for you all this time, "A****"! // Come on~~~~!
Allen: (I take back that last statement.) // ([aside]he's smiling... just look at that smile...[/aside]) // (This is a nice dream.)
[TN: Erm, I think you had it right the first time.]

Mana: Hurry up... Hurry up, "*****"~~~~~~!
Allen: Hey - ! / Mana...! // My name's not "*****"... // Call me Allen, would you?

Allen: (...Call me...)

[no text just creepy allen]

Lenalee: Allen-kun... // You're awake? / Oh, dear... it looks like I dozed off on the Inspector's bed... // I guess I shouldn't have come to see how you were right after my mission, huh? // Eheheh... / Has your fever gone down?
[TN: lol Lenalee looks like a cute version of Miranda with that hair. Suits her, though.]

Allen: ............ // Lenalee...?
Lenalee: [aside]ah...[/aside]
Allen: What are you doing, Link?
Lenalee: Eh? Don't tell me you've been waiting out here the whole time...?!
[Text: FREE / ZING]
Link: Even I cannot be expected to do any work in a room with a lady in such an immodest state...!!
[Label: Two hours ago]
Flashback!Link: ......

Link: If you obstruct my work like this again, I will be raising a formal complaint, Lenalee Lee!
Allen: It's true, Lenalee... if it'd been Lavi, there's no telling what he would have done...
Lenalee: Oh, don't worry... I can take care of myself!
Allen: ([aside]she'd actually use her Innocence...?[/aside])
Link: That is not the point I am trying to make!
Timcanpy: (.........)
Allen: At any rate, could you stop shouting like that, please...? My head hurts...
[SFX: SLAM!!!]
Link: Ah - ! / Oi...! // [aside]OPEN THAT DOOR THIS INSTANT, WALKER! // This is deliberate obstruction of my duties![/aside]
Allen: ([aside]hmm...[/aside] / I get the feeling I was having some kind of dream... I wonder what it was...)
Lenalee: ... // Allen-kun, are you okay?
Allen: Hm? What's that?
Lenalee: No... // It's nothing.
Allen: ?! / I see... // ([aside]ohh... she meant my fever...[/aside])
Link: Very well. If you insist on shutting me out, then I have no choice. I will have to inform Supervisor Komui that you are alone in a sealed room with Lenalee Lee.
Allen: I'm sorry, Link~~!!

Lenalee: (Did I imagine it...? // He looked like a completely different person...)
Road: What's wrong, Tyki~?

Tyki: My wounds... they're aching. // Tell me, Road, please... // What is this feeling...?
[TN: Hm, interesting. Did Allen's purification way-back-when affect him after all? Has he got himself... a conscience?]

Zhizhi: Hmmm? // New Exorcist? // If you're looking for Timothy, he's right there.
Allen: No, no, not Timothy...
Klaud: Study is an important part of an Exorcist's training.
Tsukikami: [aside]Keep it up, yeah~?[/aside]
Emilia: My name is Emilia; I will be your personal tutor starting today.
Timothy: Dammit, Emilia, what are you doing here~~?!
Allen: [aside]no...[/aside] / I mean the Exorcist who came to our aid during the battle in the orphanage. / I haven't seen him at all since then, and I don't know his name, so I can't finish this report...
[Text: ugh / hhh]
Link: (......)
[Label: he knows]
Kanda: He was with you guys, right? That punk in red.
[Bottom-left: Marie isn't helping, since he injured his hands]

Zhizhi: Ohhh... you mean the guy from the Section Chief's guard... / I don't know his name, either.
Allen: Whaaaa?! Why not?!
Zhizhi: Besides, he's not an Exorcist. / He's one of the official guards Assistant Supervisor Fey called in from Central.
Allen/Kanda: Official guards~?
Allen: (Huh? But wait... // He defeated a Level Three, didn't he...?)
Allen/Kanda: Nah, that guy's no "guard".
Zhizhi: Whatever... I'm busy analysing the bugs we retrieved back then! / [aside]so beat it!![/aside]
Allen/Kanda: He's no "guard"!
Zhizhi: Ahhh, shaddup already!

Flashback!Link: Madarao? // Why is a member of Crow like you defeating Akuma...?
Zhizhi: [aside]If ya don't get outta my sight, I'm gonna cuddle ya. Don't underestimate the power of an old guy who's been up all night for days without taking a bath![/aside]
Link: .........
Komui: That's enough already, General Tiedoll! How many times do I have to tell you, Timothy is Klaud's apprentice, and that's final!!
Bak: It's me!!
Komui: Bak-chan?
Bak: D'you know if Renee's over there?!

Komui: North American Branch Chief Renee Epstein?
Bak: Yes, she should be on her way over there right now! Listen, Komui, don't do anything until I get there, okay?!!
Renee: Oh, my... // Am I interrupting you, Supervisor?
[Side text: Just who are these scarlet guards?!]

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#1. by Ariadne chan ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2009
THANK Carlos!!
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