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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Fairy Tail 137

The Girl and the Ghost

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 1, 2009 18:20 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 137

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Fairy Tail
Chapter 137: The Girl and the Ghost
Name: Jura Nekis
Age: 27
Magic: Various Earth-element Magic
Likes: Guild
Dislikes: Peas
Ace of the Guild Lamia Scale, and one of the Ten Great Holy Mages (the ten most skilled mages in the land). Because the powerful Earth magic he uses can make even the thinnest sand as tough as iron, he is known as "Rock Iron Jura". He loves his Guild, and cares for fellow members Leon and Cherie. In his younger days, there was an incident where he was eating peas and a cabbageworm leaped into his mouth. He's found eating peas difficult ever since.
[Insert text: Serious... ever so serious. That's all I can say about him... sorry!! (lol)]

[Insert text: Adversity, the foundation of combat! Now things are getting interesting!!]
Natsu: Haaaaaahhhhhh...!!!! // YAHHH!!!!!
People: Guahh! // Aghh! // Guehh! // !

People: Aahh! // Guahh! // Aghhh! // Ngahh! // Why, you......! // Let's see how you like my Magic Shotgun!!!

Natsu: Hahah~~~!!!!
Gray: Hyahhh!!!!
Zatou: Looks like these guys are pretty good, Gatou-niisan.
Gatou: Shall we give this a shot, Zatou-niisan?

Happy: Gérard... you mean that Gérard?
Wendy: You know him, Happy?
Happy: Oh, I know him all right! He tried to kill Erza...! / He even manipulated the Council into firing an Aetherion!
Wendy: ...I suppose he did...
Happy: And this guy's still alive...?!
Blaine: This man is a ghost possessed by a ghost...... a pitiful idealise. / However... you owe him a debt.
Happy: You mustn't!!! You can't bring this guy back, no matter what!!!

Happy: Wendy!!!!
Blaine: Hurry up and revive him.
Wendy: ............!!!!

Wendy: STOOOOOOOOOOP~~~~~~~~~~~!!!! // Aahh...
Blaine: Heal him. // It should be simple enough for you.
Happy: Gérard is a really bad guy!!! And if you bring him back, they'll get Nirvana as well!!
Wendy: Even so... // ...he was the one who saved me...

Wendy: I loved him... // I... I've heard rumours about him doing bad things, but I don't believe it...
Happy: What are you talking about?! We saw it with our own -
Wendy: Somebody must have been controlling him!!! / Gérard would never do those things!!!
[TN: ...Well, she has a point >< He was being manipulated, big-time ~~ Stupid Urtear.]

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (1): I went out for a drink with my editor for the first time in a while. Somehow it ended up lasting six whole hours! Ahh, that was fun...]
Wendy: Please!! Give me time to think this over!!!
Happy: Wendy!!!
Blaine: Very well. // Five minutes.
Happy: (Natsu...! // This is bad... hurry up and get here...!)

Natsu: Haaaaaahh...
Gray: Ghaaaahhh...

Natsu: I thought these guys were supposed to be the weaklings?!
Gray: Yeah, they were tougher than I thought...
Charle: Well, of course they were tough!!! You were facing an entire Guild!!! // Honestly, what were you thinking?!!!!
Natsu: You!!! Laughing-monkey!!!! Tell me where your base is!!!
Zatou: Like I'd say that, dumbass... Gyahohoh!

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (2): I went out for a spot of early-morning jogging. In the end, the muscle pain stopped me from getting any work done...]
Natsu: You!!! Big monkey!!!
Charle: ...What am I going to do with you people...?
Ren: Tell me where your group is based.
Leon: A deserted village to the west? // Like... an ancient ruin?

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (3): I randomly watched this anime, and it was pretty cool, but now I can't remember the title or when it was on. It was something about a pair of assassins, a man and a woman, who wore masks...]
Cherie: Now that's what I call digging your own grave... they tried to attack us, // and ended up telling us the location of their own base instead...
Jura: Leon and Cherie, you head west.
Leon: And you?
Jura: I feel a powerful magical force approaching.
Cherie: Is it an Oración Seis?!
Jura: I will stay here and meet it head-on.
Ichiya: I think I will let you people off the hook for the time being. // Count yourselves lucky, young men!

Ichiya: So please, let me go~~~~!!!!
People: Oh, shut it, old man.
Ichiya: I... I am only twenty-nine years old!!!
People: I said shut it.
Ichiya: All right... how about this!! I will show you my full power! // Let us have a rematch! All-out, fair and square!!! That's how you youngsters like to do things, is it not?! // It seems I was underestimating you all a little! / In fact... I have a little issue; I am unable to display my full power in the absence of ladies to observe me! // You know what they say - "The wise falcon hides his claws"...
People: Would you shut it already, PIGFACE?!!!

People: Ugh, why do we have to bring a guy like this along anyway?! // shall we just kill him now?
Ichiya: N... Now, now, boys!!! You should always listen to your superiors' orders!!!
People: Apparently Angel-sama forgot to retrieve some information... // Ohhh... that copy magic of hers...
Ichiya: Mehhhhn!
Natsu: This the place?!! // HAPPY!!!! // WENDY!!!!
Charle: Not so loud!!! There may be enemies about, you know!!

Natsu: Happy...! // Wendy...!
Blaine: !!
Happy: It's Natsu!!!
Blaine: Racer... hold them off.
Racer: Gotcha.
Blaine: Pieces of trash......

Natsu: !!!
Gray: Guaahh!
Natsu: Guahhh! // ...That guy again!!

Gray: Leave this guy to me!! You head on down below, Natsu!!!
Natsu: Right!!!
Racer: Not going to happen. // Ah... // Aghh!
Natsu: Charle!!! Use your wings!!! Now!!! // Ahh!!
Gray: Ah, well... try this on for size!
Natsu: Let's go!!!
Charle: Huh? What?!
Racer: Why, you...

Natsu: Haaaaaahhhhhh~~~~~!!!!
Charle: Aaaaaaghhhhhhhh!
Racer: ...You just stopped me in my tracks.
Gray: Really? Looked like you just slipped up.

Natsu: Ughh...
Charle: ...You're sick?! // Wendy!!!!
Natsu: Happy!!!!
Happy: NA~~~TSU~~~~!
Natsu: Happy!!!
Charle: Inside there...
Natsu: Wh... What's... going on...?!
Charle: This can't be...!!!
[Insert text: What shocking reality confronts them?! Next issue, a terrible development!!]
[Bottom-left: Next issue, we'll be announcing some big news in a colour article!!]
[TN: I vote FT anime!]
[Bottom text: To be continued in Chapter 138: Unaccounted-For]

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#1. by Lsshin ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2009
TN: I vote FT anime!]

i second that, specially now since the series has become so good and it keeps getting better ^^, thanks for the trans bro
#2. by mmmtoms ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2009
me 4 ^__^ voting for the anime...

And really thanks for your wonderful translations & great language you use for

translation... great as you used to be cnet ^_^
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