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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Claymore 93

Disciple of Demise

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 3, 2009 17:08 | Go to Claymore

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[Side text: The fused Luciela and Rafaela finally awakens...]
Raki: Something vast...? // What is it...?
Priscilla: All the expelled feelings vanished into the sky... // Not a single one remains...
Raki: ? // What are you talking about? // I'm not sure I get it, Priscilla.
Priscilla: It possesses neither desire for meat... // ...nor even attachment to life.

Scene 93: Disciple of Demise
[Insert text: Awakening from a nightmare... // ...that a nightmare may begin...]
Priscilla: It is nothing more... // ...than a messenger of despair to this world...

Cynthia: Aahhh!
Helen: ......Wha... // What... is this...?!
Dauf: Ugh... // R... Rifl...
Rifl: Yes...... I see...

Rifl: I see now why even though I told you... // ...that I would release you if you awoke that being, you still tried so desperately to flee for your life... // If you had still been there when it awoke... // ...I doubt there would be anything left of you... // A pity... // If you had explained that to me properly, then I might have been more understanding... // But not speaking a word of it to me... // Well, to be perfectly fair... // I doubt I would have been particularly accepting even if you had... // I suppose that simply means... // ...that whatever you chose to do, you had already been robbed of any chance of survival...

Helen: H... Hey... // Are you sure about this, Deneve?! / Heading straight for an outrageous monster like that...!
Deneve: In the midst of that monster's massive youki... // ...I caught a faint sense of Clare's youki.
Helen: ! // That idiot... / What the hell is she up to now?!
Deneve: The nature of their situation is as yet unclear... // ...but it is certain, at least, that Clare and the others are in that vicinity.
Cynthia: !!

Cynthia: I'm sensing Deneve-san and Helen-san's youki nearby...!
Uma: What?!
Cynthia: I thought they were headed into the southern lands... // What are they doing in a place like this, and with their youki out in the open...?! // ...... // Uma-san, please release your youryoku.
Uma: What?!
Cynthia: I'm going to heal your leg at speed. // I will have to use somewhat drastic measures... // ...but the rest will be up to your own ability!
Uma: Ugh... // I guess just saying I'm no good at regeneration isn't going to cut it, huh...

Deneve: !
Helen: !!
Deneve: Helen...
Helen: Yeah...
Deneve: That's Cynthia and Uma's youki. // The two of them are all right. // We should meet up with them.

Clare: ......in it... // Don't get caught up in it... // Don't be absorbed by it... // Establish your own distinct self. // Who are you...? // Who are you...? // Clare... // My name is Clare... // Former Number 47 of the Organisation, Clare!

Clare: *cough* // Aghh...

Clare: U... // Ugh... // A gigantic torrent... // ..of Rafaela's feelings and memories just... // ! // !!
[TN: Hm. Is this the first time we've seen a Claymore quite so... naked? I recall there's supposed to be something horrific about their bodies, but no sign of that here. Then again, we're still not getting a proper front-on view.]

Clare: So this was Rafaela's... // ...final will... // And...

Clare: This is the form... // ...you wished for at the end... // This form... // It's just like...

[no text just ooh]

Deneve: Ngh... // Unbelievable... // What is that thing...? // In terms of pure youki... // It easily outranks Rifl or Easley... // Are you still not done, Cynthia?!
Cynthia: N - Nearly! // Just a little longer!

Helen: All riiiight!
Cynthia: Ah...
Helen: That's enough! // I'll handle the rest myself!
[TN: Incidentally, when I first translated this chapter, I was confused by this line. I wasn't aware at the time that てめえ can be used with a meaning equivalent to 自分 as well as in its more familiar sense as a second-person pronoun. Finally got around to editing it for correctness.]
Helen: I'm going to haul that idiot out of there! // You ready to go, Deneve?
Deneve: Hmph. // I'm the one who was waiting for you. // Cynthia, stay here and rest your body. // Performing youriki synchronisation repeatedly like that must have worn you out. / Uma, stay here with Cynthia.
Uma: R... Right.
Helen: Let's go!

Cynthia: *pant* // *pant* // *pant*
Uma: ! // H... Hey! / Don't push yourself, Cynthia!

Cynthia: It's impossible... a power of that magnitude... // There's simply nothing we can...
Rifl: Amazing, isn't it?
[TN: Yay, Rifl is back in human form ^^]
Rifl: It's still growing larger and larger...
Dauf: C... Can you... // ...beat that... Rifl...?

Rifl: Mmmm... I'm not sure. // If I were to go all-out against it right now, I think my chances would be about fifty-fifty. // But it just keeps on growing larger... // If I were intending to challenge it, I would say the sooner the better...
Dauf: You can't, Rifl! // You can't go and die! / You don't have to fight it if it's that bad!
Rifl: You really are a fool, aren't you? // I don't need you to tell me not to make a mad gamble like that. // Well, no matter. Let's leave for the moment. // You have the clothes I left with you?

Dauf: Yeah. // I've got them right here. // Right... // Huh?
Feeders: Ggh... // Gghhh... // Gghaahh... // Gghaahh... // Ghahhh...

Rifl: Hm? What are you doing? // Those are my clothes... // Oh? // !!
Feeders: Gghaahh... // Gghaahh... // Gghaahh... / Gghaahh... // Gghhaahhaahh... // Ghaahhaahhh...

Rifl: Honestly... // What are these things...?
Dauf: !! // Rifl!

Feeders: Gghhaahh... // Gghhaahh.. // Gghhaahh... // Gghhaahh... // Gghhaahh...

Rifl: Hmph. // !

Feeder: Gghhhh!
Dauf: Why, you...!

Feeder: Gghhh...

Feeder: Gghhaahh... // Gghhaahh... / Ghhaahh...
Dauf: They're... // ...invinc...
Rifl: Not half bad at all! // Despite your human forms, you're the first to ever damage me to this extent...

Rifl: Tell you what... // I'll carve you up until you find yourselves cursing the fact that you have such resilient bodies.
Feeders: Ggh... // Ggghhh...

Rifl: !
Dauf: !!
Alicia: By order of the Organisation... // We hereby commence the Abyssal Hunt. // Their first target is the Abyssal One... // Rifl of the West...
[Insert text: Rifl of the West faced with a deadly crisis...?!]

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#1. by gernot ()
Posted on Jul 4, 2009
Nice translation. There's an error on the last page though:

深淵狩りを施行する doesn't mention the abyssal feeders. It should probably be something like "We execute / carry out an abyssal hunt".
#2. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jul 4, 2009
Ah, good point. Mustn't confuse 深淵狩り with 深淵喰い (...dammit, they sound too similar.)

#3. by Ariadne chan ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2009
Thanks Carlos!!!!
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