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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 455


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 11, 2009 09:55 | Go to Naruto

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#455: Bonds
[Insert text: Danzou heads for the summit!]
Danzou: Fuu, Torune, stay here. // Terai, I leave the Kabuto issue to you... / Go.
Terai: Yes, sir!
Danzou: Now, then... it is time for me to depart for the Summit of the Five Kages. // Excluding special cases, each Kage is permitted only two shinobi as escorts. // I have decided that, as the two most reliable shinobi in Root, you are to be trusted with this task. // Masks are forbidden; remove them.

[no text just faces]

Fuu: What measure of arms should we prepare to fulfil our guard duties...?
Danzou: No need to worry about things like that, Fuu; I leave it up to you.
Fuu: Yes, sir.
Danzou: Torune. Have your subordinates keep watch over Naruto. // I do not expect Sai to betray Root, but still... / As an extra precaution.
Torune: Yes, sir.
Danzou: Ensure that the Kyuubi is under no circumstances permitted to leave the village.

Karui: *pant* // *pant* // *pant* // *pant* // *pant*
Omoi: .........
Karui: Let's get this clear! / No matter how long I keep this up, it's not gonna change a thing! // I'm gonna carry on until you spit out what you know about Sasuke!

Karui: Haaaahhhhh!!
Naruto: !!
Karui: ?!!
Omoi: ......
Karui: Don't get in my way. // I'm only doing what this idiot wanted me to.
Naruto: ...Sai...... // Get out of here...

Sai: Naruto... // There is no need for you to subject yourself to this for the likes of Sasuke.
Naruto: ...Shaddup......... // I can do... what I like...
Flashback!Naruto: You know, I used to hate Sasuke's guts. // ...But in the end, the time we spent together was a lot of fun. // Sasuke's my friend. // A bond that I finally managed to make...
Sai: Sasuke... has done nothing but hurt you all this time. // ...If it were me...
Karui: If you're gonna get in my way, I'll kick your ass as well, dammit!

Karui: ?! // Enough of this, Karui! / Hitting these people until they collapse on the ground isn't going to change a thing. // You realise that, surely?!
Karui: Tch...!
Omoi: This boy promised that he would lend us his aid in rescuing Killer Bee-sama.
Karui: The heck~? Aren't you gonna go questioning whether he really means what he's saying and all that, like you usually do? / This isn't like you at all!
Sai: Naruto...
Omoi: Going this far to avoid selling out a comrade... / They may be enemies, but I can't help liking them. // A man doesn't make statements like his lightly.

Omoi: It doesn't matter how much you hit him; this guy isn't going to sell out Sasuke. // I know his type; once he's said something, he sticks to it no matter what.
Samui: Omoi, Karui... how is the investigation going?
Omoi: Ah! Captain Samui!
Karui: !
Samui: You haven't been causing trouble or anything, I hope.
Karui: .........
Omoi: The important thing is that we've found out Killer Bee-sama might be alive! / We're going to help him! // First things first - we have to find Akatsuki's hideout!
Samui: And what then? / You think we can prevail against opponents who defeated Killer Bee-sama...? / ...Furthermore, you mean to seek out Akatsuki's bases, when we do not even know how many they may have...? // Our priority is gathering and analysing information - it will make things far quicker! / We cannot make this a repeat of the Yugito incident. // We will take what information we can find, and take it directly to the Raikage-sama! / There is too much for us to deal with alone.
Naruto: Y... You've gotta... take me...... with you... / I want... to help save that Jinchuuriki of yours.........

Sai: Naruto!
Naruto: And there's something... I want to talk to the Raikage about...
Karui: To the Raikage-sama?! Stop screwing around!
Samui: Karui... // (So this boy is Naruto... the same Uzumaki Naruto all the Konoha villagers were talking about...)
Flashback!Villager: Who would've thought that Naruto could pull all this off for us...?! // That's the kind of guy you call a hero... he's gonna be Hokage one day!
Samui: The Raikage is currently on the move, and as such less thoroughly guarded than usual... // We cannot allow an unknown quantity such as yourself to meet with him.
Naruto: ......
Samui: Come alone, Karui, Omoi! We have permission to inspect the village's files on Sasuke and Akatsuki. / Copying it all down will take a while; you two are going to have to help me.
Naruto: Sai...
Sai: What?
Naruto: Could you take me... to Kakashi-sensei and Captain Yamato...?

Sai: I think you should have Sakura-san take a look at this...
Naruto: Nah... if she sees me like this, it'll just make things complicated again. // Besides, I'm a quick healer, so it's no big deal. // ...... // Sai...... I'm sorry about back there...
Sai: !
Naruto: Thanks for what you did.
Sai: ......... // Not at all...

Kakashi: Well, you certainly got yourself a find beating.
Naruto: Heheh...
Flashback!Kakashi: I see... Naruto did a thing like that...
Flashback!Sai: Kakashi-sensei...
Flashback!Kakashi: Hm?
Flashback!Sai: These bonds that Naruto and Sakura share with Sasuke, that are bringing them all this pain... / ...are they truly all that precious? // Why must they put themselves through all of this......?
Flashback!Kakashi: Sai... Your job is to keep watch over Naruto, correct?
Flashback!Sai: ......I... I, ah.........!!
Flashback!Kakashi: No need to hide it... I know... / But jumping in to help Naruto like you did... that wasn't something a mere spy would do. // You must be beginning to realise it yourself by now...... Sai.
Naruto: Owwww!
Sai: I... I'm sorry.

Kakashi: I think you need to get some proper rest for a while...
Naruto: I'm going to meet the Raikage!!
Kakashi/Yamato: ?!
Kakashi: Meet him and do what?
Yamato: The Kage Summit is just around the corner! / All villages are to refrain from moving out any more than necessary, or undertaking any extreme missions during this period!
Naruto: I'm gonna convince him to forgive Sasuke!
Yamato: You do not even have the charm that helps to keep your abilities under control! As a Jinchuuriki, you should not be leaving the village! // And even aside from that, in your last battle you transformed all the way up to the eighth tail! / Thankfully for all of us, an emergency seal activated and suppressed the Kyuubi once more, but what about the next time? // Furthermore, I am busy right now with my duties reconstructing the village! I cannot accompany you everywhere!
Naruto: I met with the Fourth.

Sai: ?
Kakashi/Yamato: ?!!
Naruto: It was the Fourth who stopped my Kyuubi transformation back then.
Yamato: Wh... What do you mean? The Fourth is already......
Kakashi: The Shiki Fuujin is still not well-understood. / I daresay he must have incorporated his own mental energy into the seal.
Naruto: ......And when I met him, he told me a few things. // About how the Kyuubi attack sixteen years ago was the work of that mask-wearing guy from Akatsuki! / And he was strong enough that even the Fourth couldn't beat him!
Kakashi: !
Naruto: The Fourth told me that he's the one behind everything! / Pain was just being used by him! // If Sasuke has joined Akatsuki, then that just means Sasuke's being used by that guy as well!

Kakashi: It's just as Jiraiya-sama feared... // To think... that the incident sixteen years ago was that man's work... // ...That man possessed a Sharingan. // The only man of the Uchiha tribe... / ...who left this village bearing a grudge against it, and bears the power to summon the Kyuubi... is Madara.
Yamato: Madara... Who knows what that man is capable of... // You think he may still be alive...?
Naruto: (Madara......?)
Flashback!Kyuubi: The power of those eyes... and that Chakra more sinister even than my own... It is just the same as Uchiha Madara all those years ago...
Naruto: Who exactly is Madara?
Kakashi: A man who once led the Uchiha clan; it is told that he fought with the First Hokage and was defeated. // This information must be passed on to the higher-ups. / Sai!

Sai: Yes......
Kakashi: Tell the Hokage about this, would you?
Sai: Ah... Yes...
Kakashi: Naruto! // What else did the Fourth... / ...say to you?
Naruto: Huh?
Kakashi: Fathers tend to have an awful lot to talk to their sons about, don't they?
Flashback!Sakumo: Kakashi......
Naruto: !! // ......

Naruto: He said that he... // ...believed in me!!
Kakashi: All right! // Let's get you off to meet the Raikage! / Yamato and I will accompany you!
Yamato: Whaaaaaaaa?!

Torune: Danzou-sama......
Danzou: Mm. // It has been a while since I took part in battle... this is a perfect opportunity to give this old body a little exercise... // Don't do a thing......... / I can handle this.
[Insert text: Danzou reveals... a Sharingan...!!]
[TN: ...Well, it was only a matter of time XD]

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#1. by juUnior ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
Big THX!
#2. by Goji ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
Thanks for this trans Carlos!
#3. by Josear XIII ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
danzo rules
#4. by zidane ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
thank you very much, cnet...
#5. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
Only a matter of time... do you have a theory about Danzou? Or did you just mean that it was only a matter of time before someone else popped up with sharingan?
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