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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Fairy Tail 146

You Are Free

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 19, 2009 20:55 | Go to Fairy Tail

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[TN: After returning from Japan, completing a hellish assignment (including losing about two hundred words in a crash and having to retype them from scratch), taking a breather and getting somewhat addicted to Tales of VS, I'm finally back and getting down to work on my backlog! Installment 2: three chapters of Fairy Tail.]

Fairy Tail
Chapter 146: You Are Free
[Insert text: The invincible Fairies! Aqua Magic unleashed!♡]

[TN: Stuff about FT anime... seiyuu etc.]

[Insert text: The six demons' trump card, Gérard... has lost his memory?!]
Gérard: Who is this "Erza"...? // I can't remember a thing...
Cobra: (This guy...)
[Insert text: What will become of Erza, wavering in the abyss between love and hatred?!]
Cobra: (He has no memories?!!!)
[Insert text: And with the seal released, what will become of Nirvana?!]

Erza: Gérard...
Gérard: S... Stay back!!

Gérard: S... // Stay... back...
Erza: Then you come to me. // I am Erza. // Come to me. // Your name is Gérard. // You were once a friend of mine. // However, you fell to madness... defiled the dead... / ...hurt your own comrades... // ...destroyed even the Council itself... / ...and finally, killed Shimon.

Erza: If you mean to tell me that you have forgotten all of that, then I will run your heart through with my blade and slice you to pieces!!!! // So come!!!! Stand before me!!!!!
Gérard: I... // hurt my... // No...

Gérard: What have... I done...? // What... // What should I......?
Erza: (This is... that Gérard...? // It's as though...)

Lucy: Nhh...? // Owww... // Huh? I'm healed... // Wait, huh?! // What are these clothes?!
Virgo: Attire from the Stellar Plane. // [aside]your clothes were ruined.[/aside]
Lucy: Virgo?!!
Natsu: !

Natsu: Where... am I?!
Virgo: I selected Master Natsu's attire to match.
Lucy: Not necessary...!!!
Natsu: GÉRARD!!! // Where is that light?!!
Lucy: It's nearby... / Actually... has it changed colour?
Virgo: Indeed... whilst the two of you were unconscious, it changed from black to white.
Natsu: Nghhhhhh... // Ghhhhh...

Natsu: That was a close thing. // Thanks.
Lucy: Wh... What's this, all of a sudden?
Virgo: You're soooo together.
Lucy: ...Where did you learn that Happy impression?
Natsu: Actually... where is Happy? / And weren't you with Erza?
Lucy: We all got split up.
Natsu: Oh, well... we'll just have to head for that light on our own.
Virgo: Well then, Princess, I will be taking my leave.
Lucy: Ah - Virgo...! / ...Wait...

Lucy: (Virgo was just here through the force of her own magic... // Don't tell me I've... got no magic power left?!!) // Ahh! // Cherie!!! // Thank goodness!! So you're okay!
Natsu: You're... that girl from back on Garuna Island...
Lucy: Oh, come on, that was ages ago!
Cherie: I've found you... / Mages of Fairy Tail...
Lucy: ? // What?
Cherie: Ahahah...
Natsu/Lucy: !!!

Cherie: Ghhhaahhh...!
Lucy: Gray!!!
Gray: Are you guys okay?!!

Cherie: Get off me!!! Ughh!!! Why are you still alive?!!!! // I must avenge Leon-sama!!!
Gray: She started acting all crazy after that light appeared...
Natsu: You were acting pretty crazy yourself a few moments ago!
Gray: Huh?
Lucy: Natsu... that wasn't the real Gray.
Cherie: Unforgivable!!! I must avenge Leon-sama!!!
Leon: Avenge who, exactly?
Cherie: !
Leon: Don't be so quick to pronounce me dead.
[TN: Are we counting the Oda Clone Points?]

Cherie: Leon-sama......
Gray: He's a tenacious one, y'know?
Leon: Not as tenacious as some people...
Natsu: What was that?!!
Lucy: Was that really worth a snarl?
Cherie: Thank good... // ...ness...
Natsu: What the...?!!
Gray: So she really was being controlled by something...
Lucy: That's...

Lucy: ...Nirvana.
Charle: The black pillar of light turned white...
Wendy: What could be happening over there?
Happy: Hnghh! // Hnghh! // Guys... // You're okay, right...?

Cobra: So you have no memories. I get that. // That explains why I couldn't hear your inner voice.
Gérard: !!
Erza: An Oración Seis?!!
Cobra: But how did you make it here? // And... why did you release the seal on Nirvana?
Gérard: I heard somebody's voice, whilst I was sleeping. / Saying "I will obtain Nirvana"... // I had a vague recollection of where this magic was hidden.

Gérard: This magic is dangerous. // It must not fall into anyone's hands. // So I released the seal... in order to destroy it completely.
Cobra: Wha...?!!!!
Erza: You intend... to destroy Nirvana?

Gérard: I have already prepared the Self-Destruct Array. // Nirvana will likely be destroyed within a matter of moments.
Cobra: Why, you...!!!! That's insane!!!! // Dammit......!!!
Gérard: Only I know the code to release it.
Erza: Gérard...

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (1): Asamine-san, from my staff (a real rekijo) is making her debut (a Sengoku anthology). Congratulations.]
Cobra: What is this ridiculously strong magical array...?! // At this rate, Nirvana will be destroyed...!!!! // Gérard!!! Spit out the release code, now!!!!
Gérard: Erza... // I feel great kindness from that name.

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (2): Kina-san, from my staff (likes mustard) miraculously managed to win a yellow PSP (mustard-coloured) at a party. Congratulations.]
Gérard: Kindness... brightness... // ...and warmth, as well... // I daresay you will continue to hate me... / That is only natural... I cannot change it. // However, hatred steals the freedom of the heart, and spoils one's true self.
Erza: Y... You...
Gérard: I cannot go that far... // I cannot stand... before you...
Cobra: This guy...!

Gérard: I will free you... from... Gérard... // Taking your hatred... and your sadness... along... with me...
Cobra: He placed a Self-Destruct Array on his own body as well...!!!!

Gérard: You are... // free...
[Insert text: No words can accept this proffered freedom... only a wealth of tears... // Is this how it all ends...? She cannot allow it!!]
[Bottom text: To be continued in Chapter 147: Guild of Hope]

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