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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Fairy Tail 154

Your Words

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 5, 2009 19:16 | Go to Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail
Chapter 154: Your Words
[Side text: Gérard defeated in an instant! Midnight, strongest of the Six... his mysterious power is about to awaken!!]
Midnight: Did you forget how to use magic along with the rest of your memories, hm? // Gérard-kun.

[Insert text: It's time to open up // the gateway to adventure! // The only guide you need // is your own heart!!]

[blah blah anime blah seriously whose stupid idea was it to cast Hirano Aya as Lucy]

[blah blah more anime blah no but seriously though Hirano fucking Aya?]

[blah blah anime blah I mean come on that's just not right]

[Side text: Who knows what his magic might be?!! With the utterly unpredictable Midnight before her, what will Erza do now?!]
Erza: (To defeat Gérard without the slightest hint of effort...)
Gérard: Unghh... // Nghh...
Midnight: Oh...? // You're still alive?
Erza: (No... that Self-Destruct Array he cast upon himself must have eaten up more of his magical power than I had imagined.)
Midnight: The thing is... // I'd like to see you looking a little more terrified.

Midnight: ! // Oh, is it time for the main dish already? / Erza Scarlet.

Erza: (My slash was diverted?!!)
Gérard: Erza, get away from him!! // He's too dangerous!!!
Erza: Ngh... // (Again?!!)
Midnight: Hah.

Erza: What...?!! // Nguaahhh!!

Gérard: Erza...
Erza: HAHHHH!!!!

Erza: I see. // So that's the nature of your magic.
Midnight: Indeed. My magic, Reflector... // ...has the power to twist and distort anything.

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (1): The album "Sunrise7", by Funkist, who are going to be doing the opening theme for the FT anime, is really cool! Give it a listen, everyone!]
Midnight: It can deflect incoming magic back the way it came... // ...and by warping the path of light, it can even be used to create illusions.
Gérard: That's some magic all right...
Erza: Here goes nothing.
Midnight: Did you not hear me? Your magic cannot make contact with me, remember?

Lucy: What should we do......? His wounds are terrible...
Gray: You'd better not die on us, old guy!
Happy: Aahhhh... it was a trap...
Staff: Dear me.
Everyone: !
Staff: Brain, that fool... he mustered all the power he had left...
Gray: Who's there?!!
Staff: ...and still failed to eliminate more than a single enemy...
Happy: There!!!
Natsu: ?!
Staff: Pathetic... // He brings shame to the Six.
Lucy: Eh?

Staff: Ah, well... as long as Midnight remains, we will not be defeated... // I suppose I shall deal with the rest of you myself.
Happy: The staff... // ...is talking~~~~!!!!
Gray: That's the staff Brain was holding...
Lucy: What's going on here~?!!
Staff: ?!

Staff: Gueeeehhhhhhhh!
Lucy: !!!!
Natsu: Stop this great big city!!! You stupid stick!!!
Lucy: Natsu!! We don't even know who that is!
Staff: I am the seventh of the Oración Seis. // I have awakened from my slumber to eliminate y -
Natsu: I~~SAID~~STOP~~IT~~!!!!
Staff: Gueeeehhhhhh!
Lucy: The seventh of a group of six?
Gray: Wait, are we just accepting the fact that it's a talking staff?
Happy: It's tough to know where to start with this one...
Staff: Nguehh!
Natsu: !!

Staff: Such a violent brat... // Their Guild will be coming into view any moment now... / I should at least clean out this trash before we arrive.
Lucy: You mean Cait Shelter?!
Staff: Indeed. // Crushing that Guild is the vital starting point.
Erza: Dance!!! Swords of mine!!!!

Midnight: Did you think attacking in greater numbers would make a difference?
Erza: !!
Midnight: I believe I mentioned... I can deflect them right back at you.
Gérard: Erza!!!

Midnight: Hahah...
Erza: Ngh! // Guahhh!
Midnight: More... // I want to see more agony upon your face...

Erza: Aaaghhh! // Aaghhh!
Midnight: That face is wonderful.
Erza: Hyahh!
Midnight: Impressive.

Midnight: SPIRAL PAIN!!!!

Gérard: No...
Midnight: Done already?

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (2): The anime's ending theme, "Kanpeki Gu~~ no Ne" by Watari-Rouka Hashiritai, is such a cute song. I hope you look forward to hearing it!]
Gérard: Such strength...
Midnight: Please, don't go dying just yet, Erza. // I'd like you to entertain me until we reach Cait Shelter.
Gérard: Cait Shelter?
Midnight: The first of our destinations.
Gérard: Why... target Cait Shelter......?
Midnight: Nirvana was created many ages ago, by a race who wished to put an end to war. // The Nirvit.

Midnight: However, Nirvana turned out to be far more dangerous than they had imagined. / As such, they sealed away the magic they had created with their own hands. // Fearing the evil uses to which it could be put, they continued to watch over the seal over the decades and centuries. // A Guild made up entirely of the descendants of the Nirvit race... // That is Cait Shelter.

Staff: They possess the power to seal Nirvana away once more. // As such, they must be destroyed.
Midnight: After all, we would not want this glorious power sealed away once more, now, would we? // This power that will allow us to cast the entire world into chaos! // And this will also serve the function of teaching them a lesson. // Throwing the Nirvit, who always clung to neutrality, into war.

Midnight: With the power of Nirvana, we will turn their hearts to darkness and have them slaughter one another!!!! // Isn't is simply thrilling?!!
Gérard: You disgusting...
Midnight: Oh, stop trying to act the righteous man, Gérard. // You yourself are filled with nothing but darkness. // You are a foul, depraved and evil man.
Gérard: Th... That's not true...
Midnight: Oh, but it is! / You forced children to labour under your command! // Killed your own comrade... / Tried to kill even Erza!

Midnight: How many people do you imagine you have cast into misery? // How many people have succumbed to terror and wept tears of anguish thanks to your actions? // Join us, Gérard. // You would make a wonderful member of the Six.
Erza: I...

Erza: I know of the light that dwells within you, Gérard.
Gérard: (Erza...)
Flashback!Erza: Live, so that you can witness what comes next.
Gérard: (Your words are the light that gives me courage...)
Midnight: Oh...? So you can still stand. // You are as impressive as the rumours say, Erza.

Midnight: You are worth destroying.
[Insert text: A wound-ridden Titania! As long as light shines upon her heart, she will never yield to the darkness!!]
Erza: I will put an end to your worthless plans. // Without fail!!!!
[Bottom text: To be continued in Chapter 155: "Last Man"]

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#1. by Sarvorva ()
Posted on Oct 6, 2009
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