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One Piece 562

Pirate Vortex Spider Squardo

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 29, 2009 15:28 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 562: Pirate Vortex Spider Squardo

[Insert text: This doesn't look good!!]
People: Bartholomew Kuma of the Shichibukai!!! // Why the heck are there so many of him?!!! // What's going on?! // These are the same guys who went on a rampage on the Shabondy Archipelago...!! // Multiple Bartholomew Kumas...!!! // But I'm seeing way more than there were back then! Hell, that looks like about twenty...!! // HQ!! HQ!! Huge breaking news!! // Is that one over there the real thing...?! // I've heard rumours about this!! / About how Dr. Vegapunk is in the process of developing a "human weapon"... // ...and he's been occasionally sending prototypes out to deal with various incidents...!! // But why do they all look like Kuma?!

Sentoumaru: Uncle!! What happened to the plan we had laid out?! // I thought were only meant to appear... / ...once the pirates were ready to be driven into the bay... // ...but they're all over the damn place!!
Pirates: So the Marines were planning on driving us into the bay and surrounding us completely, huh...? // So that's why old man Whitebeard was telling us to prioritise taking out the ships around the outside... / He knew what they were trying to do!! // And thanks to that, they failed to surround us!!!
Sengoku: Even if we are weakened to left and right, we can still move in from front and behind to crush them!! / Target the pirate crews under Whitebeard's command as planned!! // If they escape from the encirclement, then eliminate them!!!

Sentoumaru: Uncle... is it all right if we end up damaging the battleships too?
Kizaru: Within reason...
Sentoumaru: BEGIN!!!
Pirate: I don't know what's going on here, but we're not going down that easy!!!
Pacifista: !
Pirate: ...............!! // Huh?? // Aaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Sentoumaru: Move out!!! Pacifista!!!
People: ?!!

Whitebeard: So you are not above sacrificing your own forces...!! // Pay the forces to the rear no mind, men!!! // Push onward into the square!!!
Pirates: YEAHHHHHH!!!

Sengoku: All troops move away from the ice at once!!! // The pirates must not be permitted to reach the square!!!
People: Hurry!!!
Sentoumaru: Charge them down, Pacifista!!!
Pirate: To hell with you! // Aaaghhh!!!

People: What's going on?!! It's like they're not even human! // Are they immortal?!! // Ahh!! // The visuals......!!!
Marines: As soon as all visuals have been cut... / ...mobilise the Encircling Wall!!! // Then we can both execute Ace... / ...and eliminate the enemy in one fell swoop!!! // Roger that!
Ace: ............
Luffy: Ace is in danger!!! I've gotta hurry! / *pant* // *pant* // !!

Kizaru: It's high time you went back to square one~~~~
Luffy: ?!!! // ......Ughhh.........!! / ...............!! // !!
Jimbei: Luffy-kun!!!
Luffy: ...Guehh... *pant*...!! Jimbei!! / *pant* // *pant* // ...The Admiral came after me... dammit...!!
Jimbei: He may be powerful, but we must hurry nonetheless!! // No matter how formidable the enemies who appear to stand in our path... / ...we were fully prepared for as much when we made the decision to come to this place!!

Commander: Brother of Ace!! // Are you finished already?! // Well?!
Jimbei: Ah... the Division Commanders are here...!! // Fearsome allies indeed...
Commander: You can't let yourself get held up by a single Admiral!! Come with us!!! // With the Marine infantry retreating, this is our chance!! / We're gonna break through their ranks!!!
Luffy: *pant* / Right... I'll show him...!!! // *pant*
Kizaru: Ohhh~? Dear me~~ // How formidable~~

Moria: Tenth Division Commander Curiel!! If you mean to fight me, then I will merely crush you... / ...but your death is already certain as long as you remain in this bay! Kishishishishi!! Ace will die!! And you will all be trapped like rats and exterminated!! // I care little which side prevails here, but seeing the death of Whitebeard will be a treat indeed!!!
Curiel: I will let neither the old man nor Ace... // ...go to their deaths!!!
Vista: ...............!!
Mihawk: Let us postpone this match for the moment, Vista.
Vista: That would seem to be most advantageous to both of us!!
Tashigi: Smoker-san! This place is...!!
Smoker: I'm quite aware!!!
Hancock: Luffy...!! You must hurry and save your brother...!
Kuma: .........

Sengoku: Have all the visuals been cut?!!
Marines: Not yet!! It will only be a little longer!!
People: Only one of the screens is still working!! / What are those voices saying?!
Convicts: Ahh! That figure over there... could it be...?!!
People: ?!
Sengoku: What exactly is the delay?!! Hurry it up!!!
Convicts: Is it really him?! The man who was concealing his true identity until recently... / ...but who actually once sailed upon the ship of Pirate Kind Gold Roger himself as a member of that legendary crew?!!! / Could it be... that pirate of pirates, Captain Buggy the Clown?!!
Buggy: Hmm? // Well, sure... // ...that's my name!

People: (Huh?)
Buggy: I thought the fact that I'm a legendary pirate... // ...was supposed to be a secret, though?
Convicts: Whoa, whoa, Captain Buggy!! Your nose is bleeding! / Your face!! Wipe your face!! Let's try this again... Take 2!!
Sengoku: I am telling you to cut all visuals right now!! // We cannot proceed to the next stage of the operation until you do!!!
Marines: Well, the thing is... one of the Visual Den-Den Mushi has been stolen by the escaped convicts from Impel Down!!
Convicts: Fande! // All clear!
Sengoku: WHAT?!!
Convicts: Going for Take 2! // Ahhhh~!! That figure over there...! / Could it be that member of Roger's legendary crew...?!! That close comrade of Yonkou Red-Haired Shanks?!! // Could it really be... that pirate of pirates, Captain Buggy the Clown?!!
Buggy: Well, sure... that's my name!

Convicts: Ahhhh!! Shit!! // Run for it! They found us!!! // Why, didn't you take a blow from the one and only Hawkeye Mihawk just moments ago?! And you're still standing?! Just who are you?!
Buggy: Who, me?! // The name's Buggy! / The Legendary.
People: What's going on with the battle?! // What happened to all the other visuals?! // Bring back Ace!! It looked like he was about to be executed!! // Bring back the Bartholomew Kuma army~~~~~!!
Pirates: Forget the enemy behind!! Push on forward~~~~~!!! // ...............!!!

Whitebear: Squardo! // So you're safe... / I tried to contact you earlier.
Squardo: Yeah, sorry about that... // ...old man! // Our allied crews are taking a real beating in the rear ranks......!! // *pant*
Whitebeard: They will attack us with all the forces they have.........!! / If they decide to push us onward from behind, then so much the better. / I will join the battle myself!! We too must do nothing but push onward with all our might!!!
Squardo: True enough. / Every last one of us bears you an enormous debt. / For the sake of the Whitebeard Pirates, we would gladly lay down our lives!!
Marco: Hm? // What's Squardo doing up -

[TN: oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit]
Whitebeard: !!!!
People: ...............!
[Insert text: Wha - ?!]

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#1. by zidane ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2009
Thanks a lot, on it~!
#2. by luffyq1 ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2009
you guys rock.
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