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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

Naruto 471

Hachibi Version 2

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 14, 2009 17:50 | Go to Naruto

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#471: Hachibi Version 2
[Insert text: A never-before-seen... transformed Samehada!!]
Sab: His sword just transformed...!
Samehada: Gggghhhhhhh!!
KillerBee: Mlgph... // Hoshigaki... Kisame.
Kisame: Ink from your mouth......? / You really are the octopus freak they say you are.
KillerBee: I'll leave you crying for mommy! / You shark freak!

Sab: (The Bijuu cloak... and with seven chakra tails...! / It looks like Bee really is getting serious!)
KillerBee: Did you know?

Kisame: Know what?
KillerBee: Octopuses... eat sharks!
Sab: The sword dodged him!

Samehada: Ggggghaaaaaghhhhh!!!
Kisame: Well, it looks like today it's going to be the shark eating the octopus.
Sab: (He drained Bee's chakra again... and that sword of his got even bigger!)
KillerBee: (That sword of his, "Samehada", is a glutton through and through. It sure does eat a lot, and it's quick about it, too... // But it looks like the most it can eat in one go is six tails' worth of Chakra.........)

KillerBee: If that's how it goes with this version in play... // ...I guess my next version should win me the day.
Choujuurou: There it is, Mizukage-sama. // This is the next one.
Mizukage: Judging from the flow of the markings, Ao must have gone this way. / Let's hurry on forward.
Choujuurou: Yes, ma'am!
Fuu!Ao: Nghh...!

Fuu!Ao: Ugh...... This isn't working...
Ao: Give it up... that's a barrier ninjutsu that can only be broken by Hunter-nin of the Mist village's ANBU. // This is the one precious Byakugan that the Mist possesses... // You're not going to be able to take it back that easily.
Fuu!Ao: A barrier that activates automatically when the eye is in danger... / Just the kind of thing a corpse-disposal unit would think up. // ...I was never expecting it to be "easy"... / If I gouge out your eye, then the eye of my own physical body too will be crushed... you should know that.
Ao: (Danzou's orders... Just what does that man take his subordinates for?)

Fuu!Ao: A single one of my eyes is a trivial price to pay for the reduction in the Mist's military capacity this would yield. / Though it would seem this barrier is preventing me from accomplishing that for the moment. // Still, there are always other ways of accomplishing my objective.
Ao: What are you planning?
Fuu!Ao: I will leap from here and sever this head from its body. // If I cannot retrieve the eye alone, then I will simply have to bring the entire head back to Konoha.
Ao: You mean to die?
Fuu!Ao: No... I will release the mind-control technique the instant before the head is severed. // You will be dead... and once I am restored to my body, I will be able to return to this place, / and retrieve your head myself.
Ao: As you wish... but I would suggest you take care how you go about it. / Otherwise you're liable to fail.
Fuu!Ao: And what do you mean by that?

Ao: If you happen to release the technique even an instant too soon... // ...then I will block that blade without fail!!
Fuu!Ao: .........
Ao: And if you do fail to take my life... // ...then when you ultimately return here to retrieve my head, I will be the one in control of the situation!
Fuu!Ao: Hah...
Kisame: This is the first time I have ever seen Samehada grow so large. // He certainly does seem to be enjoying himself.

Hachibi: (Let me join the fight! Transform now, Bee!)
KillerBee: (Not a chance, dumbass! When I do that, my attacks get so damn big I can't even control where they're aiming properly! // Sab-chan-sensei and Ponta are here too, you know! // Besides, I've only just managed to hide myself away! If I were to bring you out now, it would be like telling the whole world "Hey, guys! Hachibi Killer Bee is here!")
Hachibi: (It isn't like you to screw about like this, Bee! / What do you plan on doing, then? Fighting him with Version 2?)
KillerBee: (Damn right~!♪ But it looks like this guy really has been sucking out all my chakra... I'll be needing to borrow some of yours!)
Hachibi: (Bah! Without me, you'd have lost a long time ago!)
KillerBee: (You're a cheeky one, all right... but you have my thanks anyway, oh yeah~~~~!♪)

KillerBee: The~~~~re we go......
Kisame: Bijuu transformation?
Sab: (No! This isn't transformation... / He's compressing the Bijuu's chakra into a human form...)

KillerBee: LARIAT!!!!
Kisame: (Samehada's getting so excited he's almost losing it...... the volume and quality of Chakra here is way beyond what he was using before...... // That's the second-most-powerful of the Bijuu for you... To think that he can control all of this Chakra and still stay sane... // It's too much for us to consume, that's for sure......)

[no text just thwack]

Sab: He did it!!!
Hachibi: To think he could force me back into this form......... / He's one massive glutton, and no mistake!
Kisame: You got me...... good there...
Sab: He's still alive! Quickly, finish him off!

Sab/Hachibi: ?!
Kisame: The stronger... my opponent, the stronger I myself become... // I never tire...... and I never fall.
Sab: His sword steals chakra from his opponent... // ...and transfers it to the wielder in the form of stamina...?!
Kisame: That's why... people have taken to calling me the "Tailless Bijuu"......

Kisame: Suiton: Daibakusui Shouha!!
[TN: Water Element: Mega Water Burst Shock Wave]
Sab: Guahh!!!
Kisame: The longer the battle proceeds, the more you wear yourselves out, the more your chakra is carved away... // But at the same time, as I carve away that chakra, I only get stronger.
Sab: Bee! You're going to have to steal that sword from him! // It's the key to his strength! There's no other way!
KillerBee: ?!

Kisame: Feel free to try... if you can extract it from my body.
[Insert text: Fusion with Samehada...!! This transformed Kisame is devoid of weaknesses!!]

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#1. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Nov 14, 2009
wheeeeee, been waiting for this, thanks a lot cnet!!
#2. by NAM61 ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2009
thanks as always for the translations
#3. by turok ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2009
much appreciation
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