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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Bleach 389

Winged Eagles 2

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 21, 2010 22:15 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Wound-ridden figures step forward...?!]
Ichigo: You'll fight... // ...to protect me......?! // What are you talking about...? / That's crazy... // Look at you all... you're in no state to fight anyone...!
Shinji: Crazy? You think we're crazy?

Shinji: I'd say lettin' you fight him alone... // ...would be the real crazy choice. // If you just went on out there an' got yourself killed, we'd all be pretty damn pissed off. // Don't try to shoulder this on your own. // Stop screwin' us around. // This battle... // ...belongs... // ...to all of us.
[Bleach 389: Winged Eagles 2]
[Insert text: They cannot lose...!!]

[no text just lol hitsugaya lol]

Aizen: You certainly do like to rush in without bothering to think. // Do you not value your life? Captain Hitsugaya.
Hitsugaya: Someone has to make the first move, or we won't get anywhere. // Better to attack before you use your ability to take that chance away from us. // I'll praise you at least... // ...for not using Kyouka Suigetsu right from the word go!
Aizen: And I in turn will praise you...

Aizen: ...for having the wisdom not to charge at me alone.
Shunsui: Trying to accuse us of not playing fair? Captain Aizen.
Aizen: If that is the impression I gave, then I suppose I should clarify. Captain Kyouraku.

Ichigo: Toushirou... // Kyouraku-san...
Komamura: ...Kurosaki Ichigo. // I owe you words of gratitude. // Were it not for your sudden attack upon Aizen... // ...I would doubtless have charged at Aizen myself in blind rage... // ...and been swiftly struck down. // You have my thanks.

Shinji: Aaaa~~~~~hhh... // Why the hell din'cha bring Orihime-chan here along with ya, eh? // If she were here, she coulda fixed every last one of us up... / ...so we could go up against Aizen on top form!
Ichigo: Hirako...
Shinji: Ah, well...

Shinji: I guess I can't be too mad this one time. // Ya did bring Unohana-san along with ya, so I'll let it slide. // In a battle like this... // ...she's probably gonna be more use, after all.

Shinji: Lisa. // Rose. // Love. // Let's go.
SoiFon: How long do you intend to stand there staring blankly? // When the chance comes to strike him down, it will be a single instant. // With an attitude like that, you will miss it entirely.

SoiFon: Do not make the mistake of thinking... // ...that we have entered this battle prepared to die. // We fight that we may live. // Defending the world... that is nothing more than a grand excuse. // We fight to protect one another, / to protect you, / and to protect countless others from the hands of Aizen. // Do not fall behind. // Kurosaki Ichigo.

Oomaeda: Hey! // Wait for me, Captain!!
Ichigo: (That's right........................)
Flashback!Byakuya: There is none amongst the Captains of the Gotei 13... // ...to whom the aid of one such as yourself could be considered significant.
Ichigo: (What am I worrying about them for? // They're the Visored and the Gotei 13 Captains!! // I should believe in them.)

Ichigo: (There's nothing wrong... // ...with letting them lend me their strength. // Watch carefully. // See how the battle unfolds.........)

Hitsugaya: .........Aizen. // You said just now... // ...that hostility without hatred is as an eagle without wings. // That a blade wielded purely out of duty could never reach you. // Well, since it looks like you don't know, let me tell you something.

Hitsugaya: Wielding one's blade out of duty alone... // ...is what it means to be a Captain. // Wielding one's blade out of hatred is nothing more than petty violence. // That is not what we... / ...would consider battle. // ...Aizen. // I guess you really aren't... // ...fit to be called a Captain.
Aizen: ...How amusing.

Aizen: Those are hardly words I would expect... / ...to hear coming from you. // You, who hate me more than any other Captain of the Gotei 13. // Do you mean to tell me that there is no hatred... / ...behind that blade you wield right now? // Or perhaps... / ...you mean to say that since Hinamori-kun has now recovered and come here to the real world... // ...you no longer feel any hatred towards me whatsoever?

Aizen: Come, now. // Must you interrupt our discussion, Captain Kyouraku?
Shunsui: I guess I'm just not much of a listener when it comes to guys. // I get bored pretty quickly.
Hitsugaya: ...Bankai.


Hitsugaya: ...You've got it exactly right, Aizen. // I wield this blade out of hatred. // I didn't come here to do battle. // I'm here to slice you to pieces... / ...as a sheer act of violence!
Shunsui: ...Don't do anything rash, now... // ...Captain Hitsugaya.
[Side text: Fury!! // The icy chill of hatred scorches Hitsugaya's body...!!]

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#1. by FeZ14 ()
Posted on Jan 27, 2010
And that's how you get WTFpawned Hitsugaya :p

Thanks cnet, awesome translation!
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