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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 598

Two Years On

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 1, 2010 22:45 | Go to One Piece

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Margaret: Luffy!!
Luffy: Yeah, I'm coming!
[Box: Two years have passed since the Ultimate War between Marine HQ, the Royal Shichibukai and the Whitebeard Pirates. // This is Luscaina, a deserted island northwest of the Isle of Women.]
Luffy: That sure was quick...
[Insert text: A new chapter begins!!]
Luffy: It's been two years already, huh...?

Margaret: The ship is ready to set sail! We can leave whenever you like!
Luffy: All right! Thanks!!
Luffy: Hey!!
Lion: !!
Luffy: Look harder. These are my friends.
Hancock: ...Ahah... Well, isn't that something.
Margaret: ............
Sandersonia: Looks like you're the undisputed boss of this island.
Luffy: Yeah, but since I've gone and made friends with these guys... // ...I haven't been able to eat any of them. Kinda sucks. / They look pretty tasty, too...
Beasts: R... Rguahh?!
Hancock: Worry not, Luffy... I have made sure that the ship is stocked with all of your favourite foods!♡ / It is qualities such as this that prove I will surely make a wonderful wife!♡
Luffy: I'm not marrying you!! Thanks for the food!!
Hancock: Aahhh...!♡ So cruel, yet so divine...!♡
Nyon: ............
Sandersonia: Since Rayleigh left half a year ago now... / ...I'm sure he's at Shabondy already, waiting for you impatiently!
Luffy: I picked up all the basics in just a year and a half, after all... // Well, I guess this is goodbye to you guys and this place...
Beasts: Rrghhh...
Luffy: ......... // Right! // Let's get going!!

One Piece
Chapter 598: Two Years On

[Box: Grand Line: The Shabondy Archipelago]
SomeGuy: Well, it looks like there are plenty of pirates... // ...who have made it through the hardships of the first half of the Grand Line... / ...gathering on this island once again. // I remember two years ago, when the likes of Kidd and Drake arrived here... that sure was a thrill. // These days, the pirates of that generation are roaming the seas of the New World. / And though I wouldn't say they're necessarily of the same calibre, there are a fair few over-a-hundred-million bounties hanging around here right now, too. // Still, it sure was a surprise! After vanishing completely for two whole years... / ...the Straw Hat crew, who everybody had thought was dead, suddenly showing up right here on this island!! // And what's more, it looks like they're recruiting...!! Planning to expand their crew and head out to take the New World by storm...!! / Now, doesn't that just give you chills!! D'you think I should give it a shot?

Fan: Isn't there anything you can do?!
Dude: The tickets are all sold out! Did you really expect anything else?! // We're talking the World Tour of megastar "Soul King" Brook! / And this island is where he's doing his final concert!! / The whole place is packed to bursting!!
Brook: Manager!! Let's make this... / ...the most awesome show ever!!!
Tenaga: Oh, I do hope it is! Our TD sales have reached a million! They're selling like crazy!! / You really are the King of the Soul Music world!! Just listen to the crowd out there!!
Brook: Truth is... I've got something big to tell you before the concert starts!!
Tenaga: And what might that be?

[Box: Grove #33, Shabondy Park Concert Stadium "The Shabondome"]
Crowd: BROOK!! // BROOK!!
Brook: HELLO, SHABONDY~~~!!!
Crowd: It's the Soul King~~~~~~!!!
Brook: I AM JUST BONES~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Crowd: Aaaahhhhh~~~~~!! // Brook-sama~~~~~~~~~~~~!!
Announcement: Bring out the stretchers!! We have people fainting left, right and centre!!

[Box: Shabondy Archipelago, Grove #44 // By the coast]
Sanji: .................. // WOMEN!♡ // This wondrous island...!! .........!!! / It is home to the very thing I have dreamed of, each and every day!! Real... live... LADIES!!
Women: ..................
Sanji: VIVA SHABONDY!!! // I NEED LADIES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!♡
Okama: Well, then, I suppose this is goodbye, Sanji-kyun~!♡ Though it saddens me so... / I am sure we will meet again!!
Sanji: Like hell I'd want to!! Thanks for bringing me here!! Give my regards to Iva!! So long, suckers!!!

Okama: Well, he's certainly as wild as ever... Say, did you know? / I hear boys are always the most foul-mouthed towards the girls they like! // Oh, I will never be able to forget him~~!!
Sanji: Wait for me, Nami-swaaaaaan!♡ Robin-chwaaaaaan!♡ For your beloved Sanji has returned from his exile in hell!!
[Box: A certain bar]
Bartender: Say, have you heard the news about the Marines? // They've set up a new Headquarters!
Nami: Isn't Marine Headquarters in Marineford, right near the Shabondy Archipelago?
Bartender: No, it's switched places with a place called "G1", their former branch station right on the opposite side of the Red Line. //
[Labels: New G1 // Shabondy // New Headquarters]
Bartender: Sengoku's replacement, the new Marine Fleet Admiral, is showing the world he means business!! We're talking about placing Marine Headquarters right inside the territory of the Yonkou, after all! // As a result, the threat this island has always felt from having Headquarters right alongside it... / ...has weakened quite a bit, and there are more lawless areas on Shabondy than ever before.
Nami: So that's why...... I was just thinking the town seemed rougher than when I was here two years ago...
FakeLuffy: Hmmm?! Did I just hear you right?!! // Your bounty's 55 million Beli.........?!

Pirate: Aaaghhhh!!!
FakeLuffy: Try reading the poster properly next time... The minimum bounty is 70 million!! // I ain't interested in talking to any captains with bounties lower than that...! Hell, I'm amazed you even made it this far!! // Get outta here, trash!! I'm the son of the legendary revolutionary, Dragon, you know?!!
FakeNami: Eheheh...
Pirate: Ughh...!!! / Dammitall!!!
[Box: Straw Hat Pirates / Captain Monkey D Luffy / & / His Crew / (Sogeking, Franky, Nami)]
FakeSogeking: We ain't got time for guys who're just gonna get in the way! We're the chosen pirates!!! / You just ain't on the same level!! What, you thought we'd just let any old fool join our crew?!!
People: Man, he's harsh... that Straw Hat Luffy... // Well, what can you do? The guy's a legend...
FakeLuffy: Get outta here!!
Pirate: Aaarghhhh!!
FakeLuffy: Oi, Franky!! How many have we got so far?
FakeFranky: The grand total is about a hundred... Three full pirate crews have joined us wholesale, and ten of 'em have bounties.
FakeLuffy: And two of those are the rookies everyone's talkin' about! / The famous Marine-killers... Wet-Hair Caribou and Blood-Spattered Coribou! // The brother Captains with bounties of 210 and 190 million...! / Dohahah! Now that's the kind of guys we can use!! // And we're only gonna be increasing those numbers!! Hey, get more booze over here!! / Oh, and you, girlie! You've been hangin' around over there long enough, ain't ya?
Nami: ..................
FakeLuffy: Quit being such a dork and get your ass over here! // Heheh... She's a beauty and no mistake.
Nami: No, thank you. // I'm waiting for someone.
People: !! // (She refused...!!!)
Bartender: (Whoa, whoa! You oughtta do as that guy says! He's Straw Hat Luffy, you know! // The mad pirate who went charging right through the middle of the Ultimate War two years ago! You must've heard of him, right?!)
FakeSogeking: Hahahah! Waiting for a fella, are you?! // I'm sure he's just a puny weakling who'll be crying on his knees the second he hears Captain Luffy's name! Now get over here!

Nami: I'll tell you one more time. // You're really not my type, so I'm not interested!
People: !!! // (She's a goner...!)
Nami: Do you understand now? Mr. "Straw Hat..." ...what was it again?
Bartender: Stop! What are you...?!
FakeLuffy: The name's Straw Hat Luffy, got that?!!!
People: !! // (Crap...!! This is not good!!!)
FakeNami: How about we give you two choices, then, hm?!! Either you accept Captain Luffy's invitation... or you die! // And just so you know, I'm a bounty head myself. / The name's "Cat Burglar Nami". So show some respect!!
Usopp: Hissatsu: Midoriboshi!!
[TN: "Green Star"]

FakeNami: ?!
Usopp: DEVIL!!!
FakeNami: Aaarghh!! / What on Earth~~~~~?!!!
FakeLuffy: Guahh!! What is this thing?!! // Some kind of plant?!!
FakeNami: Captain~~!! Help me~~~~!!
FakeLuffy: Stay away from me!!
Usopp: So, whaddaya say... // ...to a drink with me?
Nami: ! // Ahh...! // Aahhhh~~!! Usopp, it's been forever~~~~~~~~!! / Just look at you~~~~~!! You actually look a bit more manly~~~~~~~~~~~!!
Usopp: Mmph...!♡ / Y... Yeah, I'd say you've grown somewhat yourself...!♡
FakeFranky: The hell?! Is this puny thing the man you were waiting for?!

Nami: Did you do that?!
Usopp: Sure did!! It's my new weapon... "Pop Green"!! // I haven't been just sitting around staring out to sea these past two years, you know! // Sorry, but... // ...I'm not gonna be a part of the Weakling Trio with you and Chopper any more!! / There's not a thing that can faze me now!! I've become a true warrior!!!
FakeSogeking: You little brat!! You better not be telling me this is your doing...!!
Usopp: What the...?!! Sogeking?!! But why...??!
Nami: Just ignore them, Usopp. // Let's go somewhere else! I have something I need to ask you!
FakeLuffy: Hold it, you bastards...!! Who the hell do you think we are?!!!
Usopp: Ehh?!! Luffy??!
Bartender: Ah - miss! You haven't paid - !!

FakeLuffy: They're making fools of us!! Get 'em!!
FakeNami: Hm? What are these black bubble things...?
Bartender: Miss, you haven't - !!
FakeLuffy: What the heck...? ...Clouds? // GRUAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!
Nami: ...And you see, I've managed to get my hands on a few new skills...
Usopp: Seriously?!! / You've been on a Sky Island this whole time?!!
FakeLuffy: *pant*... *pant*... // ......!!! Find those two bastards and shoot 'em down!!!

[Box: Grove #13: Shakkie's Rip-Off Bar]
Sanji: That idiot swordsman was the first one here?!! / Well, damn... There really must be some stormy seas ahead...
Shakkie: And the second to arrive was Franky-chan. He showed up ten days ago and headed straight to the ship.
Sanji: So the Sunny's all right... Well, that's good to hear.
Rayleigh: But of course. There's not a scratch on it, and I've got the Coating all finished up. / It looks like he did an excellent job of looking after it.
Duval: I may have suffered battle wounds, but I have no regrets!!
Riders: Yes!! One year to recovery!!
Sanji: You have a stronger sense of loyalty than I thought... / We're in your debt, Duval.
Duval: Hm?! Handsome, you say?! Ahahahahah!! I was merely returning the favour, young master~~~~~!! / Oh yes, I struggled through storms and gales, and battled the many dastardly pirates who wanted the ship for themselves... day after terrible day... // Onward I fought, swathed in wounds...
Riders: Duval-sama...!!!
Shakkie: And the third to arrive was Nami-chan...
Sanji: Nami-sa~~~~~~~~n!!♡ / Where?! Where is she?!
Shakkie: She said she was going shopping in the town, since there was nothing to do here...
Duval: Is nobody interested in my tales of valour?!

Shakkie: Usopp was the fourth, and he's in town as well... / Chopper-chan showed up fifth - that was only yesterday. / And that makes you the sixth.
Sanji: (Nami-san is shopping... Nami-san is shopping...)
Shakkie: Brooke-chan is on the island today as well, for his final concert. / So all in all, there are seven of you here in the archipelago.
Sanji: Concert?
Rayleigh: Only Nico Robin and Luffy have yet to appear. / Even though just making it back to this island should, of course, be none too simple a task... // You really are quite some crew. It's good to see you all making it back.
Sanji: Yeah. Still, I'm surprised to hear you were training Luffy. / He must be outrageously strong by now.
Rayleigh: I haven't seen him myself for half a year! I'm looking forward to seeing how he's grown!
Sanji: And how must Nami-san have grown over the past two years...?!♡
Rayleigh: ...Are you all right?

SlaveTrader: This is the Shabondy Archipelago. // We've sighted Nico Robin.
DenDenMushi: Don't kill her, whatever you do. Bring her in alive.
Robin: *pant*... *pant*... // (Have I lost them...? // Brooke in concert......?? // The Straw Hat Crew recruiting...?) // What on Earth is going on here...? // "Soul King"...??

[Box: Grove #47]
Chopper: C'mon, Zoro! Sanji! Robin! // What's the matter?! We haven't seen each other for so long...!! // It looks like Zoro and Sanji have become friends over the last two years...! / But why won't you talk to me at all? / Hmm? // Are you embarrassed? You dummies!! Ahahaha...
FakeZoro: (It's still following us!! What is this talking tanuki?!!)
FakeSanji: (Like I've been saying, take a look!!)
Chopper: Hm?

FakeSanji: (This thing is the real "Candy-Floss Lover Chopper, 50 Beli, Pet"!! / The crew must have abandoned it here on the Archipelago back when they were still alive, and it's been living here as a stray ever since...!)
Chopper: You all seem kind of different now, huh?! / Not that I mind or anything!
FakeZoro: (What, so it's mistaken us for its real masters come back from the dead and started following us around?! / Then we oughtta get rid of the fox and keep the real thing instead!! // It'll help back up our story if we have the pet from the bounty poster!!)
[Box: Straw Hat Pirates // (Zoro, Sanji, Robin, Chopper)]
FakeRobin: Keep it~~~~? What would we feed it?
FakeZoro: Well, candy floss, of course!
FakeRobin: Yeah, right...! // Shoo! / Shoo, shoo!! / Get outta here!
Chopper: ?!
FakeRobin: Come here, little Chopper~~!♡ // Here, have a cucumber!
Chopper: Uwahh!! Robin's scary!!

SlaveTrader: Now!!
FakeRobin: Eh?!
Chopper: Ahh!! Robin?!!
FakeSanji: Wha - ?! Hey - Nico Robin!!!
FakeRobin: ...............!!!
Chopper: This is terrible~~~~!! Robin's been kidnapped~~~~~~~!! // It must be those slave traders again!!!
SlaveTrader: This is the Shabondy Archipelago. / We have successfully captured Nico Robin.
Robin: ............
[Box: Grove #12]
Robin: I had better hurry......
SlaveTrader: We have also captured a fox that seems to be attached to her head!!
Robin: I wonder if the others have already arrived...

[Box: Marinford (Former Marine HQ)]
Momonga: The Straw Hat Pirates... // ...have appeared in Shabondy?!!
Marines: Indeed... it would appear that they are recruiting new crew members...
[Box: Marine Branch G1]
Momonga: Send word of this to Headquarters. / If that man still lives, then this is a serious matter!! We must assemble a military force at once!!
Marines: Yes, sir!!
[Box: Shabondy Archipelago]
People: She's been shot!!!
Guy: What the hell was that for...?!!! What did we do to you?!!
FakeLuffy: I said sorry, didn't I? It was a mistake, that's all. / We're looking for a coupla people who fit your description. / A man and woman, with a long nose and long hair......!! // ......Hm? You're not saying you've got a problem with me, are you......?
Guy: ......Nghh......!!
FakeLuffy: I guess you do.
Guy: Ngahhh!!
People: ?!! // ...............!!! // This Straw Hat Luffy...!! He's terrible!!

People: (Hey, hang in there, okay?!! I'll get you to a hospital! // Urghhh...)
FakeLuffy: Now keep searching!!! // We're gonna kill those bastards and make an example of 'em!! // Ughh! /............!!
Luffy: ...Oh... did I bump into you? / Sorry about that! // See ya!
FakeLuffy: ...........................
People: (Who is that guy?! Does he not know who Straw Hat Luffy is?!)
FakeLuffy: ..................
People: (He's so dead...)
FakeLuffy: Hold it right there!!!
Luffy: ......... // Hm?
[TN: The star of the show is here!!]

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Thank you Cnet ...
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Great as always cnet, you're the best to rely on!
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thanks for the trans! *uses in scanlation*

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As always cnet you're are always the best
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