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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

One Piece 598

"2 Years Later"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 30, 2010 21:44 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

1: The "Grand Line" -- Sabaody Archipelago--
2: --pirates who have survived
3(2b): and beaten their way through the first half of the "Grand Line" have started gathering here in droves again.
4: The arrival of "Kid," "Drake," and the rest two years ago was a source of excitement.
5(2b): And now, while that generation is making waves in the new world...things aren't as crazy as they were then, but there are a few rookies over a hundred million popping up here and there.
6(2b): It's such a surprise, though. After no word from them for over two years...the Straw Hat Pirates, who everyone thought were completely done for, suddenly appeared on this island!!
7(2b): And not only that, but they're "recruiting"...!! They plan to enlarge their crew and then go wild in the "New World"...!! It gives me goosebumps!! Maybe I should have them take me along as well!

1: Luffy!!
2: Yeah, I'm coing.
3: Two years have passed since the war on the summit between the Marine HQ, the Shichibukai, and the Whitebeard Pirates.
4: ...this is the deserted island northwest of the Isle of Women, "Rusukaina."
5: Time sure goes fast...
6: su...
7: it's already been two years, huh...

1: The boat's ready to go! We can leave at any time.
2: OK, thanks!!
3: Grrrrrrrrr!!!
4: Look closely, those are my friends.
5: ...fufu. Wow.
6: So you went and became the boss of this entire island.
7: Yeah, but because I made the mistake of becoming friends with these guys,
8(2b): I missed out on eating them all. I bet they taste so good!
9: G...gauu?!

1(2b): It's alright, Luffy. I already loaded up all your favorite foods into the boat <3 ...such a thoughtful woman like me would make a great wife, you know <3
2: I'm not marrying you!! Thanks for the food!!
3: Haa... <3 that acrimonious nature you have is so wonderful <3
4(2b): Rayleigh went home half a year ago, so he's probably been waiting for you at Sabaody the whole time.
5: Yeah, because I ended up learning everything he had to teach in a year and a half.
6: Guess this is finally farewell, huh guys...
7: Grrrr...
8: Alright.
9: Let's go!!

"The Final Ocean - The New World Arc" begins!!!

Chapter 598 - "2 Years Later"
"The Ocean of Survival - Super New Star Arc" (Chapters 1~597) has closed its curtain, and the story finally continues!!

1: Can't you do anything about this?!
2: The tickets were sold out! There's no way any would be left over!
3(3b): This is the great star, the "Soul King" Brook's "World Tour!!" And his finale concert is on this island!! The arena is already packed with people!!
black: gyagyan
4(2b): Manager!! Today is gonna finest concert ever!!!
5(2b): Noooo, please! The TD sales are at their highest right now, in the millions!! You are truly the King of the Soul Music world!! Please, listen to these cheers!!
6: Before the concert starts...I have something important to tell you!!
7: And what would that be?

1: Grove #33 - Sabaody Park Inner Concert Hall (Sabaodream)
2-3: Brook!!
4: ch ch ch
5: ch
6: ---Hiiiii!!!
2: It's the Soul Kiiiiing!!!
3: Since I'm nothing but boooooones!!!
4: Kyaaaaaaa!!
5: Brook-samaaaaaa!!
6: Get the stretcher over here!! We need to retrieve all the fainted people!!
7(2b): Let's make today!! My fiiiiinest!!! Anniversarryyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

1: Sabaody Archipelago Grove #44
2: The beach--
2: beep!!
3: A woman <3
4(2b): On this island...!! The subject of my eternal, neverending dreams...real "ladies!!" They exist on this island!!
black: poro poro...
5: Viva Sabaody!!!
7(2b): I guess this is where we part, then, Sanji-kyun <3 It really is hard to say goodbye, but...I'm sure we'll meet somewhere again!!
8: Like I wanna meet you again!! Thanks for taking me here!! Tell "Iwa" I give him my best! See ya!!!

1(2b): He's wild as usual...boys always act mean to the girls they really like!
2: I just know I'll...never be able to forget him!!
3: Wait for me, Nnnnami-suaaaaaaan <3 Robin-chaaaaaan <3 Your man, Sanji!! Has just returned from Hell!!
4: A certain bar--
5: The Marines changed the location of the "Marine HQ."
6: You know where it is?
7: Isn't it at "Marineford," right next to this place?
8: They switched that with their "G1" branch, which used to be on the other side of the Red Line.
right side: NOW [G1]
left side: NOW [HQ]
9: This was the decision of the new "Fleet Admiral" who replaced Sengoku!! This way the HQ is right in front of the sea where the "Four Emperors" reside.
10(2b): Thanks to that, the threat of the "HQ" which used to be right next to this island is gone...and the number of lawless areas on this island has risen.
11: So that's why...I thought this place seemed wilder than two years ago.
12: Huhh?! Did I just mishear that!!?
13: A 55 million B bounty...!?

1: Gyaaahh!!!
2: Go back and read the poster carefully...I said 70 million, at least.
3: I won't talk with any Captain who's below that...I can't believe you even had the gall to come here!
4: Go home, trash!! I'm the son of Dragon, the Revolutionary!
5: snicker snicker
6(2b): Kuh!!! Dammit!!!
7: "The Straw Hat Pirates"
Captain Monkey D. Luffey
His Crew
(Sogeking, Franky, Nami)
8(2b): We've got no interest in people who'll just slow us down. We're the chosen pirates, you know!!! We're on a completely different level!! We can't just go letting anyone on our crew!!
9: How merciless..."Straw Hat Luffy!"
10: It's no use...they have a history of achievements...
11: Gyaaah
12: Get outta here!!
13: Hey, Franky!! How many people have showed up so far?
14: About 100...and three pirate groups have completely joined us, including 10 men with bounties.

1(2b): And two of them are rookies who have made names for themselves!! They're famous for killing Marines. "Wet-Hair Caribou" and "Blood-Splatterer Coribou."
2(2b): They're brothers, each Captains with bounties of 210,000,000 and 190,000,000. Dohaha!! They'll really come in handy...!!
3(2b): And we're gonna keep on gatherin' more from here on out! --Hey old man, bring over the ale!! ...ahhh, and that woman that's been sitting there!!
4: Don't sit all by your lonesome self, come over here!!
5: Heheh...that's one fine jewel.
6: --no thank you.
7: I'm waiting for a man.
8: She refused...!!
9: Woah, woah, woah!! Listen to what he says!! That guy's "Straw Hat Luffy!!"
10: He's the insane pirate who charged into the war on the summit two years ago!! Don't you know of him?!
11: Hahaha! Waiting for a man?! Whoever he is,
12: he'll just cry and apologize like the weak bastard he is when he hears Captain Luffy's name!! Now get over here!!

1: I'll say it only once more, OK?
2: I've got no interest in you, so I'm not gonna drink with you!
3: That woman's dead!
4: Another drink? "Straw Hat"...who?
5: Hey!! Stop it!
6: It's "Straw Hat Luffy!!!"
7: Uwahhh!! Yikes!!!
8: Then I'll give you two choices!! Accept Captain Luffy's invitation, or die!
sfx: pop!!
9(2b): By the way, I've also got a bounty on my head: I'm the "cat burglar," Nami! Don't underestimate me!!
10: "Hissatsu Midoriboshi!!" (Green tar)

1: "Devil!!!"
2(2b): Gyaaaaaa!! What is thiiiis!?!?
3: Uwahhh, what are these?!
4: Plants!!?
5: Help me, Captaiiiin!!
6: Get away from me!
7: OK miss...
8: will you drink with me then?
black: grin...
9: Ah
10(2b): Kyaaaaa!! Usopp, it's been so looong!! What is this!! You've gotten a little manlyyyyy!!
11(2b): Ubu <3 A...and you've gone up another level yourself...
12: Huuuh?! Is that little weirdo the guy she was waiting for??

1: You did that?!
2: That's right!! These are my new weapons, "Pop Greens!!"
3: I haven't just been staring at the sea and daydreaming for the past two years!!
4: Sorry, but
5(2b): I've graduated from the "Weakling Trio" that me, you and Chopper belonged to!! No matter what happens, I won't twitch!! I've become a "warrior!!!"
6: Hey, kid!! Don't tell me you're the one who did this!!
7: Whaaat!!? Sogeking!!? Why??
8: Usopp, just ignore him.
9: Let's go to another bar! I have something to ask you anyway!
10: Wait!! You bastards!! Just who do you think we are?!?!
11: Ehh!!? Luffy??
12: Ahh!! Miss, what about your tab!!?

1: This'll set a bad example!! Bring them back here!!
2: Huh? What's these black bubbles?
3: Miss, your taaab!!
3: puff puff
4: What are these...clouds?
5: puff puff
6: --so, I ended up getting some new technology in my hands...
7: Gyaaaaaahhh!!!
8(2b): Seriously?! You were on a sky island?!
9: Haa, haa
10: clatter
11: ...!!! Find those two and shoot 'em dead!!!

1: "Grove #13" Shakky's Rip-Off Bar
2(2b): That idiot swordsman was the first one to the ship!!? Geez, looks like the sea we're returning to is gonna be a rough one.
3: And #2, Franky-chan, came here ten days ago and went straight to the ship.
4: I'm so glad the Sunny is alright.
5(2b): It doesn't have a single nick in it, of course. And the coating's been finished. HE did a good job, as well.
6: There is no shame in a meritorious injury!!
7: YES!! One year for a full recovery!!
8(2b): You have a surprisingly strong sense of duty...I owe you one, Duvall.
9(2b): Eh?! Handsome?! Ahahaha!! Just returning what I owed YOU, Master!! I was assaulted by wind, rain, and strong pirates who wanted that after day...
10: I fought with body covered in wounds...
11: Duvall-sama!!!
12: And then Nami-chan came third.
13(2b): Nnnnami-saaaaaaan <3 Where?! Where is she now?!
14: She was bored so she went into the town to go shopping...
15: You're bored with my courageous war record already?!

1: Nami-san is shopping, Nami-san is shopping!
2(3b): Usopp came fourth, three days ago...then Chopper came fifth, yesterday --and you were next.
3(2b): Brook-chan also arrived on the island today to do a concert, so including you, that means 7 of you are already somewhere in Sabaody.
4: Concert?
5(2b): So that just leaves Nico Robin and Luffy, then? Just getting back to this island alone is an extremely difficult job.
6: You're quite the crew. I'm glad you were all able to get back together.
7(2b): Yes, but I was surprised to hear you trained Luffy. He must be insanely strong now.
8: I haven't even met him for half a year, so he must have grown even more. I'm excited.
9: I wonder what kind of growth Nami-san has done over the past 2 years <3
10: Buhh!!
11: You alright?

1: --This is Sabaody Archipelago.
2: We have found Nico Robin.
3: Don't kill her. You must bring her back.
4: Haa...haa...
5: Did I shake them off...?
6: Brook's concert...??
7: The "Straw Hat Pirates"...recruiting members?
8: Just what is going on here...?
9: Soul King??

1: Grove #47--
2: Hey! Hey! Zoro! Sanji! Robin!
3: It's been so long, what's wrong?!
4(3b): Zoro and Sanji sure have become good buddies over the past 2 years...but why aren't they talking with me at all? Hm?
5: Are they embarrassed? Aww, come on you guys!! Ahahaha
6: He's following us!! What's with that talking raccoon?!
7: Like I said, look at this!!
8: Hm?

1(2b): That's the real "Cotton candy-loving Chopper" 50 B (pet)!! He was abandoned by his crew while they were still around and has been living as a stray here on this island...
2(2b): You guys have sure changed! Well, whatever!
3(2b): He's seen us and thinks his masters have come home, get it?! So let's throw away that fox and just take on the real thing...!!
4: If we have the exact same pet as what's on the posters, people will be more likely to believe us!!
5: "The Straw Hat Pirates"
(Zoro, Sanji, Robin, Chopper)
6: I have to keep him? But what does he eat?
7: Cotton candy, of course!
8: I don't have any!
9(3b): Sssh! Sssh, ssh! Go away!
10: C'mon, Chopper <3
11: Here's a cucumber.
12: Scary! You're scary, Robin!

1: NOW!!
2: Eh?
3: Ahh!! Robin!!?
4: Ehh?! Hey, Nico Robin!!!
5: Oh nooooo!! Robin was kidnapped!!
6: Those people must be "kidnappers!!!"
7(2b): This is Sabaody Archipelago--we have arrested Nico Robin--
8: Grove #12--
9: I have to hurry...
10: She is also with a fox that keeps biting and won't let go.
11: Has everyone already arrived...?

1: Marine Ford (The Old Marine HQ)
2: The Straw Hat Pirates...
3: at the Sabaody Archipelago!!?
4: Yes...and they seem to be recruiting new members there...
5: Marine Branch [G1]
6(2b): Call the HQ at once. If he's actually still alive...then summon up a force at once!!
7: Yes sir!!
8: Sabaody Archipelago--
9: You shot her!!!
10: How could you shoot like that all of a sudden...what did we do!!?
11(3b): I said sorry, didn't I? It was an accident, my bad. I happen to be looking for two people who look just like you. A woman and a man with long hair and a long nose...!!
12: Don't tell me you've got a problem with this...
13: ...kuh...!!
14: Guess you do.
15: Gyaaah!!
16: "Straw Hat Luffy"...what a ruthless man!!

1: Hang in there!! I'll take you to the hospital right now.
2: Uuu...
3: Search, you bastards!!!
4: Bring those two to me!!
5: suta...suta...
6: bump!
7: Uohhh
8(2b): ...ah...did I bump you? Sorry!
9: Bye!
10: What the hell?! Doesn't he know who "Straw Hat Luffy" is?!
11: He's dead.
12: Wait a minute!!!
13: Hm?
side: The star arrives!!

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