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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bleach 438

Knuckle Down

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 27, 2011 18:11 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Black reiatsu in the shape of Zangetsu's hilt bursts from Ichigo's Acting Shinigami Emblem!! Meanwhile, a dangerous individual approaches Orihime...?!]
Ichigo: Hey. // I've passed the test now, right? / So get me out of here already.
Liluca: Tch! / If you insist...
Kutsuzawa: Not just yet.
Liluca: Giriko...!
Kutsuzawa: If that power truly was a Fullbring ability, then the Timer placed upon Mr. Porkchops should be fulfilled, restoring him to his original form. // Surely we should wait for this confirmation before releasing him from the box?

Kutsuzawa: Oh my.
Ichigo: You see?! / He changed back! Now get me outta here!
Liluca: A... / All right, all right! I'll let you out if you insist!
Kutsuzawa: (She seems to be enjoying herself...)

Ichigo: ? / What're you doing?
Liluca: Aahhh... // ...CHOO!!
Ichigo: Guahhhh?!
Kutsuzawa: [aside]dear, dear...[/aside]
Liluca: Aa-CHOO!!

Liluca: How's that?!

Liluca: A simple sneeze is all it takes to release you from my Doll House!
Ichigo: Yeah, I get it already!! // Look at me! I'm covered in snot!!
Ginjou: Would you like a towel?
Ichigo: Damn right I would! / You knew this would happen, didn't you?!! // ! // Just when I was thinking I didn't know how to deactivate it, the reiatsu went away on its own... // Is there some kind of time limit on this thing...?
Emblem: ........................ // ..................then?

Ichigo: ?!
Emblem: ......be ridiculous! // Ichigo wouldn't......
Ichigo: ...It went silent... // (What the heck was that..................?)

Ichigo: (That voice......... // ...It was Rukia's.........!) // What the heck's going on......?

Bleach 438
Knuckle Down
[Insert text: A man should speak with his fists!!]
Shishigawara: ...This is the one? // But she's a girl.

Tsukishima: Yes. // That's right. // That girl... // ...is our next target.
Shishigawara: I... see...
Tsukishima: Oh... / Don't worry, Shishigawara-kun. You don't have to do a thing. // I know attacking girls is beyond you.
Shishigawara: ! / Th... // (That's not true!!!)

Shishigawara: (I have to do this!! // No matter what it takes, I'll kill this girl... // ...and make myself useful to Tsukishima-san!) // The name's Shishigawara, from Miyashita Business High School! // You are Inoue-san, yes?! // My apologies... / ...but would you be so kind as to die?! // (In a brawl, the first to strike wins! // So turn around... and face me!! // Then I can land a deadly blow.........)

Shishigawara: (...right in your face!!!) // Haaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Shishigawara: (T......)

Shishigawara: (Too cute!!!)
Orihime: ?
Shishigawara: (Oi, oi, oi, oi, you've gotta be kidding me! She can't be that cute! Is she even human?!)
Orihime: (Did he just go flying backwards in midair...?)
Shishigawara: (She's so cute, it sent me flying!! // But no, no, no! It must be my imagination! There's no way a girl this cute could really exist!!)
Orihime: A... // Are you all right~~~~?
Shishigawara: (It's just 'cause I haven't seen any girls for a while, that's all! My cuteness sensor is going haywire!! // Take a closer look! She's nothing special - )

Shishigawara: (Gahhh!!!!)
Orihime: ? / ? / ?
Shishigawara: (Gahhhhhhhhhhhh, I can't do it!! // I can't even look her in the eyes!! // I'm sorry, Tsukishima-san... // It looks like this is... / ...as far as I go... // But no!!! // What the hell am I thinking?!! / I can't give up that easily!! // Tsukishima-san believes in me!! He trusts in me!! That's why he showed me that photo!!)

Shishigawara: (If I can't do this job... // ...I'm a failure as a man!!!)
Orihime: Ah... / He got up.
Shishigawara: Guoooohhhhhh...!! // Prepare yourself, girl!! // For Shishigawara Moe-sama is here to take you out!
Orihime: Take me out where?
Shishigawara: Eh?! / Th... That's not what I'm talkin' about! Jeez! // (Just how innocent is this chick?! Is this kinda girl even allowed to exist?! Is she even human?!) // When I say "take you out", I mean I'm gonna kill ya!! // Just like that four-eyed friend of yours, yeah?!

Orihime: ...Are you the one... / ...who attacked Ishida-kun?
Shishigawara: (...What's with this girl...? Her whole attitude just did a 180...)
Orihime: Answer me.
Shishigawara: (This is more like it. // Now I'm feelin' up to a fight.)

Shishigawara: Is there any point me answerin' that question? // I'd say it's pretty obvious from the moment I mentioned him, yeah?!
Orihime: ...I suppose so. // Then... / Tell me who you're working with.
Shishigawara: Jeez... You've got a pretty face, but you sure don't mince words, huh?! / That ain't the kinda thing you ask all friendly-like! You gotta use force!!
Tsukishima: All right... / I think that's enough.

[no text just tsukishima]

Tsukishima: The one who attacked "Ishida-kun"... // ...was me.
Shishigawara: .................. // ...Tsukishima-san...!
[Side text: Orihime's situation becomes critical!!]

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