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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 649

Dancing of Breams and Plaices

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 12, 2011 00:31 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 649: Dancing of Breams and Plaices
[TN: Literally "sea breams and flounders", but the title appears in English later in the chapter, so I'll stick with this version =p The chapter title is actually a well-known line from an old children's song telling the story of Urashima Taro. It refers to the wondrous sights he saw at the Ryuuguu Palace.]
From Shipdecks Around The World
Vol 32: Skypiea - Godly Satisfaction With This Year's Crop

[Insert text: And the judgement of the Neptune family is...]
Pirates: Woohoo~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // All right!!! We're free~~~~~~~~~!!! // That damn Hody got what he deserved!!! // Ahhhh...!! I thought I was doomed to a life of slavery...!!! // Straw Hat Pirates!!! Looks like we owe you one~~~~!!! // Now to become the Pirate King!! // I don't know about that... // Shaddup!! I'm gonna be Pirate King, all right?!! // Finally, we can sail on to the New World~~~~~~!!!
RightMinister: ......... // Do you not fear that their resentment for Hody... / ...might lead to a resentment for our kind as a whole...?
Neptune: That is... not what we should be thinking about right now. / This island has long been a tourist attraction and place of rest for the pirates of the world. We have no reason to keep them any longer.

Neptune: Now, then... // Remnants of the New Fishman Pirates...!
Cronies: Aahhhhhh~~!!! Please don't behead us~~!! Anything but that~~!! // We didn't know anything about Hody killing the Queen!! Those guys were crazy, I tell you!!!
Neptune: From now on, you will live here, on Fishman Island proper.
People: ?!!
Cronies: What~~~~~~~~~?!! / You mean we have to live by the laws of the Kingdom?! // Sounds good to me. Better than being ruled by Hody...
People: I must object, Your Majesty!!! We can't have brutes like these walking freely about our streets...!!! // Everyone will be too scared to let their children leave the house!!!

Neptune: Naturally, the criminals will be placed under the direct supervision of the Neptune Army, and made to do honest work!! / I will see to it that their considerable physical strength is put to good use. // And as for the lawless "Fishman District" where this trouble began, from this day forth... // ...it will be sealed off entirely!!!
[Box: The pirate Hody Jones, true assassin of Queen Otohime... // ...and embodiment of the darkness that haunts the whole fishman race... // ...failed in his attempt to conquer Fishman Island... // ...his ambitions crushed, ironically enough, by a crew of human pirates visiting the island.]
Neptune: Now, where is Straw Hat Luffy?
Fukaboshi: Well, actually... he seems to have run away.
Neptune: Run away?!

Shirahoshi: But why did you all leave the plaza as though running from something...?
Zoro: Come on, seriously? After we made a giant spectacle fighting like that in front of the whole damn country? / If we'd hung around, they might have made us out to be some kind of heroes! // Just the thought of it makes me shudder!
Shirahoshi: Do you not like the idea of being heroes?
Zoro: You know what a hero is? It's the kind of guy who shares out his drink with everyone else. // I wanna drink my own booze!!!
Nami: Seriously, what's up with this logic you people have?!!!
Luffy: Why would you say no, Jimbei~~~~~?!!!
Nami: !
Luffy: C'mon, let's go adventuring together!!!

Usopp: Yeah, you should join the crew, boss-man!!
Chopper: It would be awesome to have a former Shichibukai on the crew~~~~~!! // And Luffy, you need to rest.
Jimbei: I'm saying it's just not possible right now, that's all!! / I am extremely grateful for the invitation. // It would be a great pleasure to travel the ocean with all of you. / But there are things remaining that I must do!!
Luffy: .........
Jimbei: I have my current position to consider. This little incident was but a necessary detour. / Once I have fulfilled my duty and am free of such constraints... // ...I promise that I will find you again, wherever you may be. / And if at that time you still feel the same way as you do now... // ...then I hope that you will invite me once more to join the Straw Hat Pirates!!!
Luffy: ......!! You'd better keep that promise!!

Sanji: Hey now, don't pressure the guy when he's talking about duty and honour.
Robin: Luffy certainly likes this man a lot!
Brook: Yohoho!
Franky: A friend of Luffy's is a friend of ours. We're all waiting for you, Jimbei!
Jimbei: My thanks... and my apologies...
Zoro: So, where are we heading now? Straight to the New World?
Shirahoshi: Wh... What?! Are you leaving the island already?! / You can't do that...!! We haven't been able to thank you properly yet... We've barely even had chance to talk!!
Sanji: She's right! We'll just have to stay another week or so at the Mermaid Cafe!!!
Usopp: I sense ulterior motives!! Not that I'm arguing!!
Someone: Please wait, pirates of the Straw Hat crew!! / Your Majesty, we have caught up with their ship!
Neptune: I see.
StrawHats? ?
Neptune: Luffy-kun!!! We still owe you a proper banquet - will you not join us?!!
Luffy: A banquet~~~~~~~~?!! // All right! Let's go get Hachi and Caimie!

[Box: The Fishman District... // ...sealed off. // Ryuuguu Palace... // Prison Tower... // The leading members of the New Fishman Pirates... // ...along with Vander Decken... // ...locked securely away.]

[Box: Fishman Island Main Entrance]
Soldiers: We're counting on you, Kraken!! / Take him as far away as you can!! // We don't have a prison big enough for you, Wadatsumi... // ...but you're forbidden from entering this country ever again!!
[Box: Coral Hill]
People: How's the haul~~~~?! // Fantastic~~!!! // We must prepare these at once and deliver them direct to the Palace! / I hear they're holding a massive banquet with the Straw Hats as honoured guests!! // Leave it to me!! // I hear they're big fans of sea-monster meat!! // Let's take them plenty of cakes and sweet snacks!! // How are the drink supplies?! Let's take them the best they've ever tasted!!

[Box: Ryuuguu Palace]
Neptune: I must thank you all for coming, Luffy and friends!! // We have much to speak of, but that can wait until we reach the banquet!! / Let us ride these special flounders to the Banquet Hall!!
Nami: ...It's a pitch-black room full of water!
Caimie: Are you sure it's okay for us to tag along? I'm so nervous...
Hachi: Nyuuuu... I've never been to the Palace before...
Luffy: What is this place? / Where's the meat?
Soldiers: Ahhh! The heroes have arrived!!
Luffy: Shaddup!! Don't call me a hero!! / The meat is all mine!!
Someone: The floor is packed full of soldiers...
Shirahoshi: The stage is right ahead, everyone!
Luffy: Stage?
Usopp: Someone just came out!

Announcer: Introducing Fishman Island's greatest diva... Maria Napole!!
Diva: Aaaa~~~~~aahhh aaa-aa-aa-aaaaaahhhh~~~!♪ / Ahh-ahh-ahh-aaaaahhhh~~~~~~!♪
Nami: Wo~~~~~~w!♡ // What a voice... it's like I'm melting away~!♡
Brook: It echoes through my very soul~~~~!!! // Ohhhh yeahhhhh~~~~!
Announcer: The Swing Jazz Orchestra!! // And our special guests today...
Sanji: Whoooooaarghhh~~~~!!!
Usopp: Calm down!!!
Announcer: They say men who gaze upon their beauty might even forget to breathe!! // It's the Mermaid Cafe Dancers!!!
Sanji: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Chopper: Shut up~~~!!

People: Bring on the food~~~~~!!! // Eat, drink, sing, dance and be merry~~~~!!!

Diva: Dancing of breams~~~♪ // and plaices~~~!♪ / Oh~!♪

[no text just partay!]

Neptune: Uwihhh... / So what did you want to speak about... / ...young pirate lady?
Robin: I must apologise... this seemed like the best opportunity to speak to you alone.
Neptune: Now look - hic!! - here... I already have a beautiful wife named Otohime to whom I have sworn eternal love... / Yes, she may be dead, but I have no intention of -
Robin: Who exactly is "Joyboy"?
Neptune: ?!!
Robin: I read the Poneglyph in the Ocean Forest. / Who is he apologising to, and for what?
Neptune: You are... able to read it...?!
Robin: I am a survivor of Ohara. / If you don't want to tell me, then I will ask no more.
Neptune: ......!! No... I will tell you what I know. // Your crew have earned my trust...

Neptune: The man known as "Joyboy"... / ...lived in the surface world during the Blank Century.
Robin: Eight hundred years ago at least, then...
Neptune: That passage was addressed to a Mermaid Princess who lived on this island at the time. // It is said to be an apology for breaking a promise that Joyboy made with Fishman Island...
Robin: A promise?
Neptune: The details of the promise are not clear... / But it is said that one day, an individual will appear to fulfil the promise in Joyboy's place. / This is a legend passed down along the royal line... // Trusting in that legend, I and my predecessors have protected the Noah for generations. That is our side of the promise. // It is said that once the promised day arrives, the great ship Noah will finally fulfil its purpose...!!!

Robin: I hear that earlier today, once the incident in the waters above the island was over... / ...the heavily-damaged Noah was carried away to the Ocean Forest. / Carried by the Sea Kings. / Do you know if this man "Joyboy" had some kind of ability to control the Sea Kings?
Neptune: No... It was not Joyboy who possessed that power. / It was the Mermaid Princess to whom he apologised.
Robin: As I suspected... Then might I presume... / ...that Princess Shirahoshi has the same power...?
Neptune: Yes... It is my belief that she fully awakened to this power for the first time today. // The fact troubles me greatly...
Robin: I can imagine. // Two years ago, on an island in the sky, I read a Poneglyph that told of the location of an ancient weapon. / It indicated that the weapon was here, on Fishman Island. // Can you tell me if that Mermaid Princess who lived in the same age as Joyboy... / ...could possibly have been known by this name?

Robin: In which case... // Princess Shirahoshi, who has inherited the same power... // ...should also by rights inherit this same name. // Princess Shirahoshi... // Also known as... // The ancient weapon... // "Poseidon".
[Insert text: A shocking truth uncovered!!]

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