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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

One Piece 649

"Dancing of Breams and Plaices"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:27 | Go to One Piece

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*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

Chapter 649 - "Dancing of Breams and Plaices"

(*TL Note: This is a phrase in Japanese that refers to an extremely extravagant feast or hospitality. The phrase stems from the Japanese legend of Urashima Taro, who rescues a turtle and is reward with a visit to Ryuuguu Palace, under the sea, and is welcomed with a feast of very expensive, delicious fish such as bream and plaice.)

From the Decks of the World Vol. 32 "God's pleased with this year's blessings as well"

side: Neptune's decision is...
1: Uoooooohhhhhhhhh!!!
2: Yeaahhhh! We're freeeeee!!!
3: How does that feel, Hodi, you bastard?!
4: Ohhhh...!! I thought I was going to be a slave for the rest of my life...!!!
5: Straw Hat Pirates!!! We owe youuuuu!!!
6: I'm gonna become the Pirate King!!
7: Ehh, I dunno...
8: Shut up!! ...I...I will!!
9: Now we can finally go to the New World!!!
10(2b): What if Hodi's grudge...shifts to fishmen...?
11: ...that's...another story altogether. This island was originally a rest and sightseeing spot for pirates...there's no reason to keep them here.

1: --now then.
2: Remnants of the New Fishmen Pirates!
3: Hiieeee!!! Please, anything but beheading!!!
4: We didn't even know it was Hodi who killed the Queen! That guy's a total nutcase, seriously!!!
5: From now on, you will be living on the main area of Fishman Island.
6(2b): Whaaat?! You mean we're allowed to live here now?!
7: Hey, I'd rather live here than under Hodi's control!
8: Wait a minute, your majesty!!! If you let these types loiter around town...!!!
9: All the children will be too afraid to play outside!!!

1: I of course mean that they will be living here working under the surveillance of my army...doing penal servitude!! I'll give them jobs where they can fully exercise that excess muscle of theirs!
2: And as of today, the Fishman District, which has been kept out of the public eye for so long,
3: will be completely shut off!!!
4: The "darkness" of the Fishmen had suddenly appeared in the light
5: due to the true criminal behind the assassination of Queen Otohime...
6: But the pirate Hodi Jones' Fishman Island invasion plan
7: Hey, where's Straw Hat Luffy?
8: was put to a stop, strangely enough, by human pirates who had merely stopped by the island.
9: Umm, well...he ran away.
10: Ran away?!

1: Why did you all leave the plaza so fast, like you were running away?
2: Shaaaaa!!
3(2b): Are you brain-dead or something? I can't believe we fought in such an open space like that...if we had stayed any longer, they may have all hoisted us up as heroes or something.
4: Gives me shivers just thinking about it.
5: Would you by chance be averse to heroes?
6(2b): OK, listen up...!! heroes are people who share their booze with other people!! I wanna drink my booze!!!
7: What is it with you guys and this theory?!
8: Why won't you join, Jinbe?!?!
9: C'mon, let's go on an adventure together!!!

1: Yeah, join our crew, boss!!
2: It'd be so nice to have an ex-Shichibukai on board!!
3: And Luffy, you have to keep resting!!
4(2b): I told you already, I can't RIGHT NOW!! I'm really happy that you invited me, though.
5(2b): I'm sure it'd be tons of fun going out to sea with you all...but I still have some business left to take care of!!
6(2b): I'm in a particular situation now...and all I've done is distanced myself from it so far. Now, when I've taken care of my duties -- and lightened my being,
7(2b): I promise that I'll come to your side! And if you still feel the same way then,
8: promise me that you'll invite me once more...to the Straw Hat Pirates!!!
9: ...!! You betcha!!

1: Hey, you've got a man here talking about duty, don't drive him into a corner!
2: Looks like he's taken a liking to us.
3: Yohoho!
4: You're a man that captivated Luffy...we'll all be awaiting your return, Jinbe!
5: ...Thank you...
6: --what should we do now? Head straight to the New World?
7(2b): Wh...what?! You're leaving already?! Wait...!! At least let me thank you and talk to you all!!
8: Alright!! How about we stay at the Mermaid Cafe for a whole week!!!
9: There's only one reason why you wanna go there!! I agree with you though!!
10: Wait, Straw Hats!! King Neptune! We caught up to the ship!
11: Oh?
12: Luffy-kun!!! Let's pick up where we left off with that banquet!!
13: Banqueeeeet!!?
14: Alright! Let me go call Hachi and Keimi!

1: The Fishman District--
2: has been closed off--
3: In the Ryuuguu Palace's--
4: Prison Tower--
5: the officers of the New Fishman Pirates--
6: along with Vander Decken--
7: have been imprisoned--

1: Fishman Island, Main Entrance--
2(2b): We're counting on you, kraken!! Take him to the far reaches of the ocean!!
3: We don't have a prison big enough to hold you, Wadatsumi!! But you're banned from the island!!
4: Coral Hill--
5: You got a good haul?!
6: A huge one!!!
7(2b): Let's hurry up and prepare them and send them over to the palace! There's a great banquet being held there for the Straw Hats!!
8: Alright, leave it to me!!
9: I heard they love sea monster meat!!
10: Let's send over some cakes and sweets too!!
11: Is this enough alcohol?! Give 'em the finest ale, and so much that they could bathe in it!!

1: Ryuuguu Palace--
2: Thanks for coming, everyone!!
3(2b): Let's save the talk for the banquet!! Ride on the long flatfish to the Banquet Hall!!
4: ...this room is pitch black and filled with water!
5: Are you sure this is alright...I'm getting kinda nervous.
6: Nyuu! This is my first time to come to the palace!
7(2b): Where are we? Where's the meat?
8: The heroes have arrived!!
9(2b): Shut up!! Don't say that word!! I'm eating all the meat!!
10: The floor is packed with soldiers!
11: The stage is in the front, Luffy!
12: Stage?
13: Someone came out!!

1: The pride of Fishman Island, the diva of the ocean floor...it's Maria Napole!!
2: Aaaaaah, ah aaaaaah aaaaaah~ Ah ah ah aaaaaaahh~
3: Woooow
4: I could just melt listening to that voice!
5: My ssssssouuuuul is quivering!!!
6: Awww yeaaaah!
7: A swing jazz orchestra!!
8: And now for our special guests!!
9: Woaaaahhh!!!
10: Calm down!!!
11: The women who can suffocate men with their beauty!!
12: The Mermaid Cafe Dancers!!!
13: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
14: Shut up!!

1: Bring in the fooood!!!

1: Eat, sing!! Drink, daaaance!!!

1: Wow!

1(2b): Wheeee! What did you want to talk with me about, pirate missy...
2: I'm sorry, I just thought we would be able to be alone right now...
3(2b): H-hold on a minute!! I pledged a whole life's worth of love to Otohime! She may have passed on, but I would never betray--
4: Who's "Joyboy?"
5: clang...
6(2b): I read the Poneglyph in the Sea Forest. Who was he apologizing to, and for what?
7: ...you can read that...?
8(2b): I'm a survivor of Ohara. You don't need to tell me anything you don't want to.
9: ...!! No...!! I'll tell you what I know.
10: I trust you...

1(2b): --Joyboy is someone from the surface who lived during the Void Century.
2: So from at least 800 years ago...
3: Those words were left to the Mermaid Princess who lived on this island at that time.
4: It's apparently an apology for breaking his side of the promise with Fishman Island...
5: What promise?
6(3b): I don't know the details, but someday someone is supposed to come and carry out the promise for Joyboy -- that's the legend that's been passed down through the royal family...
7: Therefore we have no choice but to believe that day will come...our promise to him was to keep watching over Noah.
8: Only when the time comes will the great ark Noah's mission be known...!!!

1(4b): Today...after everything had ended above the island...I heard that Noah, half-destroyed, was carried back to the forest by the sea kings. Joyboy tried to use Noah...could he have possessed the ability to control the sea kings?
2(2b): --no, it was the current mermaid princess who possessed that ability.
3(2b): I thought so...then that means that Princess Shirahoshi also possesses that ability...?
4: Yes...and today...I think she fully awakened to it.
5: Which isn't a good thing...
6: I understand.
7(2b): Two years ago...I read a Ponegylph on Skypiea that pointed to the whereabouts of an ancient weapon -- it was located here.
8(2b): Did the mermaid princess who lived in the same age as Joyboy...go by a certain name?

1: --You mean...
2: Princess Shirahoshi has the same ability...
3: Which means she has inherited the same name.
4: Her...
5: other name is...
6: "The ancient weapon:
7: Poseidon."
slanted: The shocking truth is revealed!!

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