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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 650

Two Important Developments

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 19, 2011 02:18 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 650: Two Important Developments
From Shipdecks Around The World
Vol 33: Long Ring Long Land - Tonjit's Grandchildren

[Insert text: Princess Shirahoshi is Poseidon...?!]
Robin: For whatever reason, in the ancient world there existed... // ...three great weapons with power enough to destroy the world. // Three ancient weapons... / ...each bearing the name of a god. // "Pluton"... / ..."Uranus"... // ...and "Poseidon". // And one of those three weapons... is your daughter.
Neptune: I cannot deny it.

Robin: I can see why you would keep this a closely-guarded secret. // If the world were to find out about this, all manner of different factions... // ...would doubtless seek to obtain Princess Shirahoshi's power for themselves. / Including both pirates, and the Government...!!
Caribou: (.................. // An ancient weapon~~~~~~?! A power capable of destroying the world~~?! // Is it just me, or did I just overhear a major scoop~~~?! // Kehihihihi~~~~~~~!♡ I see, I see... That Mermaid Princess, eh...?)
Jimbei: Luffy, I do think you should pay a little more attention... / ...to the world around you...
Luffy: Really?
Jimbei: Could I speak to you somewhere more private?
Luffy: Sure! Hang on a minute... / ...I'll just go fetch some things to eat!

Luffy: Oh, hey! You guys are out here too?
Zoro: Zzz...
Nami: I drank a little too much!♡ I came out here to sober up.
Usopp: And I ate too much. I'm stuffed.
Chopper: Sanji's recovering from a mermaid overdose.
Sanji: Fishman Island is the best~~!!♡
Luffy: Whaaaat?!! Akainu and Aokiji had a big fight?!!
Jimbei: I knew it... That Rayleigh doesn't do things by halves. // But still... you've been so out of touch, you haven't even heard of such a major incident?!
Luffy: Uh-huh.
Chopper: Oh, oh, I know this one! I've heard about it!
Jimbei: Immediately after the war two years ago, Fleet Admiral Sengoku stepped down from his post. / This gave rise to the question of of his successor. // Sengoku himself recommended Aokiji, a man who commands great respect from his subordinates. / But amongst the upper echelons of the World Government, Akainu became the favoured candidate.

Jimbei: As you may know, Aokiji isn't exactly a man of action. He tends to take things as they come. / But in this instance, he objected vigorously to the prospect of Akainu becoming Fleet Admiral. // The two were fiercely opposed. // And in the end, this unprecedented conflict between two Marine Admirals... / ...culminated in an all-out battle between the two upon a certain island. // The terms were clear: the loser would forfeit all further right to object. // The victor would take absolute control of the Marine forces.
Luffy: ......!
Jimbei: The battle raged for ten whole days, and the world waited on tenterhooks for the outcome. // Though the two Admirals were almost equal in strength, one man ultimately emerged victorious.

Jimbei: The victor was Akainu!! // Sakazuki is the new Fleet Admiral of the Marines...!!!
Luffy: ......Akainu......!! // So did Aokiji die, then?
Jimbei: Both parties were severely wounded. // But even Akainu could not find it in himself... / ...to slaughter the one-time ally who lay helpless before him. / Aokiji staunchly refused to serve under the command of Akainu, so he left the Marines.
Luffy: Then Aokiji isn't a Marine any more...?
Jimbei: Indeed. I do not know what has become of him since. / One thing is certain - the Marines have lost a powerful asset.

Jimbei: But the measures the Government subsequently took to make up for that loss... / ...have granted the Marines frightful new power......!! // Listen carefully, all of you. / If nothing else, you should be aware of two great changes that have shaken the New World in these past two years. // The first is that, under Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, Marine HQ has become a more powerful force for justice than ever before. // And the other...relates to the Blackbeard Pirates.
Nami: Blackbeard... The crew we met back in Mock Town!!
Chopper: The guy who crushed my hometown!!
Jimbei: You must understand, the man was a member of the Whitebeard Pirates for many years. / He was intimately familiar with the old man's territories. // After the old man's death, he was able to conquer those regions almost immediately. / A feat he accomplished using none other than the Gura Gura powers that he stole from the old man himself.

Jimbei: He already has the people of the world referring to him... // ...in the same breath as Red-Hair, Kaidou and Big Mam, as a member of the Yonkou...!!! // Truly, he is a despicable man...!!! // Rumour has it that his crew are actively hunting down users of Devil Fruit abilities. Though little is known of the how... / ...it seems that they possess some means of killing Devil Fruit Users and taking their abilities for themselves...!! // The Blackbeard Pirates' primary aim is to acquire the most powerful Devil Fruit abilities they can obtain. So be careful, all of you...!!
Chopper: They might come after me!!
Usopp: Uh, why would they care about the Hito Hito no Mi...?
Chopper: What was that?!!
Jimbei: Luffy-kun in particular has earned the personal attention of "Blackbeard" Teach himself... // It is imperative that... / ...LUFFY~~~!!! / ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?!!!

Jimbei: You're supposed to be the Captain of this crew!!! You need to know the basics!!!
Sanji: It's all right, Jimbei. At least the rest of us know now.
Chopper: Hm? Isn't a "Captain" someone who doesn't listen to what anybody says?
Jimbei: Should a Captain not bear responsibility for the lives of his crew, Luffy?!!!
Luffy: Hey, have you tried these Fishman Island sweets?!! / They're so tasty~~!! The meat's great too!! // Anyway, Jimbei, no need for all the complicated stuff! I just deal with things as they come!!
Jimbei: ...You people have your work cut out with this one...
Sanji/Nami/Chopper/Usopp: You're telling us...!
Luffy: Hey, Caimie~! D'you know where Cry-hoshi is? I don't see her anywhere.
Caimie: Apparently she isn't used to drinking, so it went to her head a little. // She's retired to her room.
Luffy: Hey, Zoro.
Zoro: !
Luffy: Sanji!
Sanji: Hm?
Luffy: Is there a wild beast or something in this palace...?
Sanji: ......Now you mention it...
Zoro: I do sense something.

[Box: Ryuuguu Palace, outside Shell Tower]
Shirahoshi: Mmph!! ......Mmmnhh~~~~~~~~!! // (Please stop doing this~~! / Who are you?! What in the world do you want?!!) // Mmmmnhhhhhh~~~~~!! // (Somebody...!! Anybody......!!!) // Mmmmphhh.........!!
Caribou: Kehihihihihihi~~~~~~!! No need to look at me like that now, Princess~~~~!! / It ain't like I'm gonna go hurting you or anything~~~!! // With all the treasure I've found, I don't care about kidnapping mermaids to sell any more... but you're a special case~~~~!! // So if you'll ju~~~~~st go to sleep for me for a little while... yeah?!! // Looks like my brother's already brought the crew here to meet me at the port~!! So let's head off to the New World together!!!

Caribou: ?!!
Shirahoshi: (Luffy-sama...!)
Caribou: STRAW HAT~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // Aaaaaaaaarghhhhhhh~~~~~!!!
Shirahoshi: Oh, Luffy-sama~~~~~~~~~!! Uwaaaaaahhh~~~~~!! I was so scared~~~~~~~~~~~!!
Luffy: That guy was still hanging around?
Sanji: You lucky bastard, Luffy!! If only I'd been able to kick him first...!!!

RightMinister: I must offer you my deepest gratitude once more!!! This could have been a terrible disaster!!! // To think that the despicable treasure thief was still lurking within the palace......!!! / Ordinarily, the castle security is so tight that not even a goldfish could enter undetected, but during the battle, the gate was left wide open...!! // Why, if you would observe - even the right-hand tower of the Ryuuguu Palace has been sliced clean apart! / Doubtless this too is the handiwork of that no-good treasure-thief...
Pappagg: No, it was this guy who sliced up the tower!! / Forget just slicing up the cage to escape, he sliced right through the whole damn room while he was at it -
Zoro: Let the thief take the blame, you stupid starfish!!
Nami: Hold on a minute, Minister of the Right-chan! What's this about a "treasure thief"?! // What~~~~?! You're telling me that guy... // ...made off with all the treasure in the castle's vaults~~~~?!!
Luffy/Zoro: I have a bad feeling about this...

Nami: But these are priceless royal treasures, right?! Aren't you going to go after him?!
Neptune: After we came so close to losing the lives of our precious subjects... / ...treasure doesn't seem so important any more.
Nami: Then supposing if, let's say, we happened to recover all that treasure...
Neptune: You would be free to keep it. I would be happy to know that it was in the hands of my country's saviours!
Nami: Really~~~~~~~?!♡ // What were you thinking, sending that scoundrel flying out of the Palace...?!! / Why didn't you tie him up and keep him as a prisoner?!
Zoro/Luffy: Eh?!
Nami: You get out there and find him right now~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Zoro/Luffy/Sanji: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh~~~~~~~~!!!
Guard: Your Majesty!!
Neptune: ?
Guard: Something strange has happened to Hody and his men!! Their handcuffs fell off, and...

[Box: Prison Tower]
Hody: Worthless humans~~~~~~~~~!!! // Our hatred will not fade... We will have our revenge!!! / Bring Straw Hat to me at once... I'll slaughter him!!! // Jahahahyahyurghh... *cough cough*...
Hyouzou: Am I drunk? My joints are aching like crazy...
Zeo: Hahahah... I have aged on purpose...
Dosun: We oughtta take revenge on those Strawhats, fosun!
Ikaros: Musshi... We will be the judges of humanity...
Daruma: Hyahhyahh... *pant*... *pant*...

Jimbei: What in the world has happened here...?!
People: ..................
Neptune: ......!! Is this really Hody and his crew...?!
Hody: Don't go thinking you can keep me locked up in this cage, you worthless royals! / Why, these pathetic little bars... I'll...!!
[BubbleSFX: CRACK!!]
Hody: AAAAURGHHHHHHH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Ikaros: Cap'n Hojy~~~~~~~!!
Fukaboshi: What is the meaning of this...?
RightMinister: It is as I suspected... These "Energy Steroids" must have been none other than the legendary pills that were stored inside the royal Tamatebako! / In truth, the contents of the Tamatebako were stolen ten years ago in a little-known incident... // The culprit was never found, and the King decided to keep the entire incident under wraps. / But come to think of it, this happened around the same time that you left the Neptune Army, Hody!
Hody: *pant*... True enough! It was me who stole them!! / *pant* // *pant* / You worthless fools...!!

Neptune: The nature of the pills inside the Tamatebako has never been entirely clear, even among the Royal Family......!! / One theory claims that they grant the user the strength of a thousand men. Another claims that they simply cause him to age overnight...!! // A curious item indeed to be kept as a national treasure... / I suspect that they were placed into the custody of the Royal Family as a means of sealing them away, and protecting the people from their dangerous effects! // You should never have opened that box, Hody. // Though you thought it granted you power, that was no more than a foolish dream.
Jimbei: ..................
Hody: Silence, Neptune!! *pant*... *pant*...
Neptune: Well, they will hardly be capable of any further "revenge" in this state......
Hody: Silence, I say!! We are the chosen avengers of our kind...! / We will slaughter the humans, and you alongside them, you hear?!!!
Neptune: I find myself almost pitying them. Perhaps I will have to rethink their sentence...

Hody: Is that you, Fukaboshi, you filthy disgrace?!
Fukaboshi: ...I will not resent you for what you did to my mother.
Hody: ?!
Fukaboshi: So please... just be quiet. // It would not do for the children of the island to hear your tainted words.
Guard: Minister of the Left!!
LeftMinister: ?
Guard: Mr Bocoms and Baron Tamago... / ...have just arrived at the Sweet Factory...!
LeftMinister: Ah, the envoys of Big Mam...
Guard: We don't have any sweets to give to them, Minister! / The factory was ransacked by Hody's crew, of course... // ...and everyone insisted that the remaining sweets... / ...should be taken to the banquet for the Straw Hats to enjoy!
LeftMinister: ...It is hard to say whether such excuses will be sufficient... // After all, we are dealing with that monster who has been known to raze entire countries for the sake of sweets... / ...the Yonkou, "Big Mam"!!!
[Insert text: This doesn't sound good!!]

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#1. by roku-sky ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2011
Isn't Zeo's laugh "fufufu"?
#2. by kangclaw ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2011
Thank you, this translation gives a much clearer understanding of the two major changes taking place in the world.

Thanks a lot..:)
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