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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 650

"The Two Changes You Need to Know About"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:27 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 650 - "The Two Changes You Need to Know About"

From the Decks of the World Vol. 33 "Tonjit from Long Ring Long Land got grandchildren"

slanted: Princess Shirahoshi is Poseidon...?!
1: For some reason, since long ago...
2: Power capable of destroying this world has existed...
3(2b): Three ancient weapons that bear the names of the "Gods"...
4: Pluton, Uranus, and
5: ...Poseidon.
6: And she...is one of them.
7: Indeed.

1(2b): It would be terrible if people were to learn of this. Forces around the world
2: would come to want her power. The government, other pirates...!!
3: gloop gloop...
4: Ancient weapoooooons?! Power capable of destroying the wooorld?!
5: Nyuuu...
6: Boy, did I eavesdrop on an interesting discussion or whaaat?!
7: Keheeheeheeheeeeeeeee <3 So it's that mermaid princess...
8(2b): Luffy, I'm worried that you aren't as up to date with current events as you should be...
9: Really?
10: --let's talk over there for a bit.
11(2b): OK, hold on a minute. I'm gonna grab some food.

1: Oh, hey, you guys are all over here!
2: I drank too much! Trying to sober up.
3: I ate too much.
4: Sanji lusted too much.
5: Fishman Island is the best!!
6: Whaaat!!? Akainu and Aokiji got into a big fight?!
7: I thought so...Rayleigh sure is a cruel one.
8: You mean you haven't even heard about the big incident?!
9: Yeah.
10: I heard about that!! I know what happened.
11(2b): --Directly after the war two years ago, Sengoku stepped down from his position of Fleet Admiral.
12(2b): He recommended Aokiji to fill his position, since he had a deep trust in the man. But there were many of the upper echelons of the government who pushed Akainu, so he became a powerful candidate too.

1(2b): Normally, Aokiji never shows much interest in anything. However, he was vehemently against Akainu becoming Fleet Admiral.
2: And so the two opposed each other.
3(3b): This kind of dispute was unheard of between admirals, and it finally came to a boil on a certain island. They decided to confront one another, to settle things once and for all. Dead men tell no tales. The loser would be allowed no further interference.
4: The governing of the entire Marine force would be entrusted to the hands of the winner.
5: This deathmatch went on for ten days, and became the talk of the world.
6: They were a perfect match for each other in terms of strength, but in the end...there was a victor.

1: Akainu!!
2: Sakazuki is the new Fleet Admiral of the Marines...!!!
3: ...Akainu...!!
4: Aokiji died?
5: Both parties suffered heavy wounds.
6(3b): But they were both comrades, who had previously never stood against one another. Even Akainu couldn't face his ally without some sympathy -- but Aokiji couldn't stand to serve below Akainu...and so he left the Marines.
7: So Aokiji isn't a Marine anymore...
8(2b): Right...no one knows where he is, or what he's thinking. The government's lost a great fraction of their power.

1(2b): -And so, in order to fill that hole, the government's "plan" was to grant the Marines unprecedented power...!!
2: Listen carefully, all of you...these are the two biggest changes that have happened in "The New World" over the past two years that you need to know about.
3: Led by Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, the Marine HQ is now an even more powerful army of "justice."
4: The other news is the advance of the Blackbeard Pirates.
5: Blackbeard...those pirates we met in Mock Town!!
6: The ones who destroyed my home island once!!
7(2b): Their leader is a veteran of the Whitebeard Pirates. He knows the old man's turf like the back of his hand.
8(2b): After Whitebeard's death, the Blackbeard Pirates wasted no time in traveling the seas to take everything over. Using the Gura-Gura ability they somehow were able to steal from Whitebeard, that is...!!! --By this point, the public has already named him

1: one of the Four Emperors...
2: next to Red-Hair, Kaidou, and Big Mom...!!!
3: That son of a bitch...!!!
4(2b): Rumors say that they're on an "ability hunt" right now. --Somehow, they've acquired an ability that allows them to kill people and take their abilities from them...!!
5: The Blackbeard Pirates are now after stronger Devil's Fruit abilities...!! Be careful...
6: I'm a target!!
7: Who would need the Hito-Hito Fruit...?
8: What'd you say?!
9: Luffy, you have a deep past with Blackbeard, or should I say Teach...
10(2b): You need to...LUFFYYYYY!!! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?!

1: You're the Captain, aren't you?! You need to have information!!!
2: It's alright, Jinbe. We heard it for him.
3: Huh? I thought Captain is what you call the guy who never listens.
4: Being a Captain means you're in charge of the lives of your crew, Luffy!!!
5: Hey, did you try this?! It's a Fishman Island sweet!! It's soooo good!! It even puts the meat to shame!
6: Don't get so serious, Jinbe! I like fighting without any plans, you know!!
7: --You all sure have your work cut out for you.
8: We know.
9: snooore
10: Keimi! Have you seen Weakhoshi around?
11: She said she isn't used to drinking alcohol, so it's made her feel a bit dizzy.
12: She just went up to her room.
13: Hey, Zoro!
14: Sanji!
15: Hm?
16: You sense a wild animal in this castle?
17: ...now that you mention it...
18: I think I do.

1: Ryugu Palace - Entrance to Koukaku Tower -
2: Mmm!! ....mmmmmmm!!
3(2b): Please, don't do this! Who are you?!
4: Mmmmmm!!
5: Someone!! Someone...!!!
6: Mmmm...!!
7(2b): Keheeheeheeheeheeheeeeee! Now now, there's no reason to look so scaaaared! Princeeeeeeeess! I'm not gonna hurt you a biiiiit!
8: I've gotten reaaaaal sick of plundering treasure and selling off mermaids, but you're an exceptioooon!
9: I'm just gonna knoooock you oouuuuut a biiiit!
10: I got a call from my bros saying they made it to the pooooort!! So we're all gonna go to the New World together!!!

1: munch!!
2: Luffy!
3: Straw Haaaaaaat!!!!
4: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!
5: Luffyyyyyyyy! Waaaaaaaah! I was so scaaaaaaared!!
6: That guy was still here?
7: Damn you, Luffy!! I should have kicked him!

1: What a travesty!!! Please accept my deepest apologies!!!
2(2b): To think a thief still lurked within the castle...!!! Normally, not even a killifish can make it inside, but the gate has been open since the battle, so...
3(2b): Look, the right tower is completely cut in half! That thief may have--
4(2b): No, this is the guy who did that!! He cut the whole damn prison up when he was escaping!
5: Let him blame it on the thief, you stupid starfish!!
6: Wait a minute! Minister of the Right! What are you talking about a thief for?!
7: Huh?! Then...what was he? (Keheeheehee)
8: Someone stole all the castle's treasures?!
9: I've got a bad feeling...

1: Those are the kingdom's treasures! Aren't you going to go after them?!
2: We just had the lives of our people saved...treasures don't seem all that valuable anymore...
3: Well then, what if we went to get it all?
4: You can have everything...I'm in your debt, so I'd be more than happy if you took them.
5: Reaaaaally?!
6(2b): Why did you guys knock him away...?! Why didn't you beat him and tie him up here?!
8: Go on and bring him baaaack!!!
10: Your majesty!!
11: Something's happened in Hodi's cell!! The handcuffs...

1: Prison Tower--
3: My grudge will never disappear...the time for my revenge shall come!!! Bring "Straw Hat" down here! I'm kill him!!!
4: Jahahaha...fya, fya...cough
5: Am I drunk? My joints hurt...
6: Fufufu...I got old on purpose...
7: We need to get our revenge on the Straw Hats first-fosun!
8: Musshi...we're the ones who will judge the humans!
9: Hyahya...wheeze...wheeze...

1: What happened here...
2: ...!! This is Hodi's gang?!
3(2b): Don't think you've trapped me in here, you stupid royals! These bars are...!!
4: snap!!
5: Hyaaaaaaaaaahh!!!
6: Capshen Hodi!!
7: What in the...
8(2b): It looks like the Energy Steroids...were actually the legendary round pills that were kept in the royal family's Tamatebako treasure chest! We did have an incident 10 years ago where the contents of the box went missing...
9(2b): But we never found out who did it...and the King made sure that the incident ended quietly so as not to upset the public. But now that I think about it, that was around the time when you quit the Royal Guard...Hodi!
10: Haa...that's right, I stole them!! Wheeze
11(2b): Wheeze! You fools...!!

1(2b): Even the legends surrounding the pills in that box was suspicious...!! One legend said that they were magic pills that could give a man the strength of a thousand men...and another said they just made him older...!!
2(2b): Royal treasures are truly peculiar things...the reason they were kept locked up was probably because they were dangerous drugs that needed to be sealed away...
3: You all opened a box you shouldn't have,
4: got your hands on power, and became delusional...
5: Shut up, Neptune!! Wheeze...wheeze
6: There won't be any "revenge" in your future...
7(2b): Shut up! We're the chosen ones! Revenge will be ours...we'll get you, and the humans...we'll kill you all!!!
8: I feel sorry for you...I'll have to reconsider your penal details.

1: Hey...Fukaboshi! You disgrace!
2: ...I don't hate you for killing my mother...
3: All I ask...is that you silence yourself...
4: I don't want the children of the island to hear you.
5: Minister of the Left!!
6(2b): Mr. Bokoms and Baron Tamago from the Candy Factory...
7: Big Mom's men were here?!
8(2b): There will be no candy offering this month. The factory was vandalized by Hodi's gang as well.
9: And as for the candy that is left...they said they want it all to be eaten
10: by the Straw Hats tonight! At a banquet!
11: ...I'm not sure we'll be able to make an excuse and get out of this. --After all,
12(2b): Big Mom is one of the Four Emperors...a monster that would even attack an entire country just for candy!!!
slanted: Smells like trouble!!

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