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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 652

A Difficult Path Ahead

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 22, 2012 04:29 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 652: A Difficult Path Ahead
From Shipdecks Across the World
Vol 34: Shift Station - Sunday Special, Stationmaster Chimney

[Insert text: Neptune and Jimbei meet in the Palace...]
Neptune: So let me ask you, Jimbei... // How are the Sun Pirates getting on... / ...as part of Big Mam's fleet?
Jimbei: Whilst I cannot claim that she is always the most reasonable person to work with... She lets us have our freedoms.
Neptune: I would never have expected a man of your calibre to serve under another master after Fisher Tiger. / Does it not trouble you?
Jimbei: Not at all. I have no grand aspirations to absolute leadership. / In the New World, affiliating oneself with one of the four Yonkou... / ...is simply the most sensible way to ensure the safety of one's comrades.
Neptune: Truly? I cannot help but think you do it for Fishman Island's sake... / It was, after all, thanks to your connections that our island was able to obtain the protection of Big Mam's name... // ...and thus remain safe even after Whitebeard's demise.

Jimbei: A coincidence, nothing more. // In truth, I would prefer to remain here with my crew, that we might protect the island ourselves. / But with bounties on our heads, that is a little impractical.
Neptune: ......Hahah...
Jimbei: However, Your Majesty... / I am now planning to leave that protection behind...!!
Neptune: Oh...? // Could it be...that you mean to take Luffy-kun up on his invitation?!
Jimbei: Indeed... It is a very tempting offer. // That said, I live in a world of duty and honour. / Of bonds formed not by written contract, but by spoken vows and shared goblets. // To sever such a bond is not always a simple endeavour... / I cannot deny the possibility that it may turn Big Mam's wrath against this island.

Neptune: You always try to take too much responsibility upon your own shoulders. / Jimbei. // If such a situation arises, then we will seek out a solution ourselves.
Jimbei: ..................
Neptune: Why, only today this land has come into possession... / ...of a 70,000-man strong force of powerful, if rowdy, fighters from the Fishman District. // Besides which, if this island ever were to lose the protection of Big Mam's flag... / ...there is another flag I would very much like to borrow.
Jimbei: ?
Neptune: The Jolly Roger that wears a straw hat!!
Jimbei: Wahahah! I see! / Indeed, that would be a fine flag to fly...!!

RightMinister: Your Majesty!!
Neptune: ? // What is the matter, Minister of the Right?
RightMinister: I have just remembered something quite terrible!! It relates to the treasure that was stolen... / ...and your promise to give all of it to Luffy-kun and his friends...! // If they do succeed in recovering it, I must ask that you instruct them... / ...to return the Tamatebako alone to us!
Neptune: What nonsense is this?!! The promise has already been made!! I have no right to demand the treasure's return!!! // What?!! The box will explode if opened?!! // Why would you put explosives inside?!!!
RightMinister: Well, you see, after the incident ten years ago, when the contents of the Tamatebako were stolen... / ...I came up with this measure in order to prevent any future would-be treasure thieves from getting away unharmed...!!

RightMinister: The box is filled with powerful explosives... / ...which will activate as soon as the box is opened...! // As custodian of the keys to the Palace treasures and the Tamatebako, I must humbly apologise for this oversight...!!
Neptune: I see, I see... Very well, then. If Luffy-kun and his crew do succeed in recovering this treasure... // ...you must carefully explain the situation to them, and recover the Tamatebako... // Though there is always the danger that they might open it before you reach them to explain...
RightMinister: That was my concern, also...
Someone: Your Majesty! Minister of the Right! Luffy-san and his crew... / ...have just returned to the Palace!!
RightMinister: Ahhh...! Thank goodness they are unharmed! So our worries were for naught...

RightMinister/Neptune/Nami: You gave all the treasure... // ...to Big Mam?!!
Luffy: Well, she was going on about destroying Fishman Island just 'cause there wasn't any sweets left! Stupid, right?! / I mean, if it was meat, then okay, but over sweets?! Anyway, don't worry!! I've gone and picked a fight with her now!!!
Everyone: WITH A YONKOU?!!
Jimbei: YOU PICKED A FIGHT WITH BIG MAM?!! // That...could be an issue...!!
Shirahoshi: Oh, my! You certainly are a strong man, Luffy-sama!

Shirahoshi: Uwaaaaa~~~hh!! You're too scary, Nosepp-sama~~~~~!!
Usopp: My name's Usopp! And I'm sorry~~!
Jimbei: Of all the outrageous... I fear I may have to sever my ties to Big Mam quickly, before things become more awkward... // At any rate, see to it that your crew does nothing to provoke Big Mam further for the time being!
Usopp: Like hell we would!! She's a Yonkou!! She could wipe us out in seconds!!!
Neptune: M - Minister of the Right...!! Could this not be rather...problematic?!!
RightMinister: This is a most unexpected twist of fate...!! If the Tamatebako falls into Big Mam's hands... / ...and worse, if she were to open it herself...!! / The resulting explosion would amount to a declaration of all-out war!!!
Nami: Now, Luffy, I understand that you had to pick a fight with her under the circumstances. You are a man, after all.
Luffy: That's right!! I don't care who she is -
OtherStrawHats: THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM~~~?!!

Luffy: C'mon guys... Led's go to da New World...
[Box: Near the Sweet Factory]
Caribou: Dammitall~~~~!!! I wake up and what do I find~~~?! All that treasure, gone without a trace~~~~~~~!!! / Who the hell took it~~?! I'll rip 'em to pieces, you better believe it~~~!!! // I gotta take that mountain of treasure and the Mermaid Princess' secret outta here with me~~~!! If I do, "that person" will take a shine to me for sure~~~!! // Huh~~?!! What's this crowd of people...? // And who are those two guys carrying those gigantic bags?!! // That's my treasure!!! It's gotta be!!! Who the hell do they think they are~~~~~?!! // I'll bury 'em alive!!!

Caribou: That treasure is mine!! I stole it!! / And I'm gonna take it back~~~~~~~~!!!
Pekoms: ...............?
Tamago: Now, who might that be...?
Pecom: I've seen that face somewhere before... grr. // There we go, found it. / He's Wet-Hair Caribou, a rookie who's made a name for himself recently. // He's got two hundred million on his head.
People: A... A two hundred million bounty?!
Caribou: Kehihihihih!! // Numa Numa no...... // GATLING GUN!!!
People: !!!
Caribou: Kehihihihyahyahyahihihih!!!

People: Aaaaahhhhhhh~~~~~~~!!! // Mr. Pekoms!!
Caribou: Keheheh...... // Hm? // The heck is that......?!!! // A turtle?!!
Pekoms: .........
Caribou: A Fruit user, huh?!!!
Pekoms: But of course.

Caribou: Still, you're nothing but a worthless Zoan!!! Kehihihih!!! // !!!
Pekoms: Grrhh.

People: Huh...?!
Pekoms: Foolish Logia users who think themselves invincible will not last long from here on out.
[Text: PEKOMS / Bounty: 330,000,000 Beli]
Tamago: I take no pleasure in crushing soft-boiled weaklings. // Let us return, Pekoms. Our Mama is waiting.

[Box: Meanwhile in the New World... In the waters near the Red Line]
Marines: Another vessel sighted at 2 o'clock!! // These pirate ships just keep surfacing one after another!!! // What's going on here?! // That's a big one over there~~~~~!!! // Captain Tashigi is in danger~~~~~!♡ // I'll keep her safe in my tender embrace~~~~~!♡
Tashigi: Oh, that's quite enough...!!

Marines: Ohhh yeah!!! That's our lovely Captain!!
Tashigi: Could you take this a little more seriously?!! // You have been properly trained in defending against cannonfire, I hope!
Marines: That's the mast you're talking to, Captain!♡ // Man, she's cute~~!♡ The radiant flower of G-5!!

Tashigi: Why must you always say things like that in the middle of battle?!!
[Box: Marine Captain at "G-5", the Fifth Marine Branch Station in the Grand Line / Tashigi]
Tashigi: You'll lose your lives if you're not careful!! Honestly, I can't stand G-5 sometimes... / ......!! I find it hard to believe you're Marines at all!!
Marines: Eheheh~~!♡
Tashigi: Just because I'm a woman is no reason to show such a lack of respect!!!
Smoker: Be quiet, Tashigi!! I'm conducting an interrogation here!!
Tashigi: Smoker-san...!!
Smoker: I see... You were all prisoners of the seabed pirate Hody Jones. / That explains why there haven't been any rookies passing through Fishman Island for the past month. // And it explains why all these pirate ships are suddenly crawling like cockroaches up from the depths......!!

Pirates: Prisoners?! I wish!! They kept us as slaves!! / But just when Hody's crew tried to stage a proper uprising...
Smoker: .........
Pirates: ...another pirate crew stepped in, defeated the lot of them, and set us all free!! / I ain't telling you who that was, though!! We owe them our lives!!! // You idiot~~~!! Just spill the beans already!!! // These aren't ordinary Marines we're dealing with!! They're from G-5!!! // I've heard stories about them using pirates as bait to fish for sharks!! / Or burning pirates as fuel on their campfires!! // They're a lawless group among the Marine ranks, who don't even take orders from Marine HQ!! / They'll kill us all if we're not careful!!!
Marines: Vice-Admiral!! Can we take care of these ones? Geheheheh...
Pirates: Aaaaghhh!! Hey - wait - stop!! // I'll talk, I'll talk!! Please don't kill me~~~!!! // It was the Straw Hat Pirates!!!
Smoker: As if I needed telling...
[Insert text: A familiar face returns...!!]

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