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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 652

"Grim Premonitions"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:28 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 652 - "Grim Premonitions"

From the Decks of the World Vol. 34 - Shift Station -Station Captain Chimney, the Sunday Spectacle-

side: Neptune and Jinbe have a word at the palace...
1: Well...Jinbe?
2(2b): Are the "Sun Pirates" doing well under the jurisdiction of Big Mom?
3: I'd be lying if I said she was a reasonable boss...but we've been able to do as we please, pretty much.
4(2b): I thought it might cause a man like you a bit of anguish to have to serve someone other than Fisher Tiger.
5(3b): Of course not...I'm not picky about who my boss is...and in the New World, serving one of the Four Emperors is the best way to ensure the safety of my crew.
6(2b): Oh really? It seemed to be like you were doing it for Fishman Island...thanks to your actions, after Whitebeard's death, Fishman Island was able to remain safe
7: through the use of Big Mom's name...

1: That's...just a coincidence.
2(2b): Honestly, we should the ones protecting the island...but we're wanted men...
3: ...heheh...
4(2b): --but your majesty...now I'm thinking about cutting ourselves off from Big Mom...!!
5: Oh?
6: Could that be...because you're accepting Luffy's invitation?!
7: Yes, I've been thinking about it...
8(2b): --but this is a matter of duty and obligation...!! Of wine cups shared without any sort of contract, ties made through verbal agreements alone...
9(2b): ...which makes cutting things off like this that much more dangerous...there's even a chance that Big Mom's anger could spill over to this island.

1(2b): You're taking on too much responsibility again, Jinbe.
2: I'll think about that when it happens.
3(2b): They're rowdy, but we just happened to gain 70,000 more soldiers from the Fishman District today.
4(2b): And I've found another flag I'd wish to borrow if we ever lost Big Mom's.
5: The flag with a skull and crossbones wearing a straw hat!!
6(2b): Wahaha! I see. That's one good flag alright...!!

1: Your majesty!!
2: What are you in such a hurry for, Minister of the Right?
3(2b): I just remembered something terrible!! Regarding the deal to hand over all the stolen treasure to Luffy's crew...
4(2b): If that deal does come to light, there is one thing I'd like to request they return: the tamatebako!
5: What are you talking about?! We already gave it all to them, we can't just ask for it back now!!!
6: What?! If they open it, it'll explode?!
7: Why is there a bomb in it?!
8(2b): --you see, after the tamatebako was opened by someone 10 years ago, we decided to put a trap in there to punish whoever tried the same thing again...!!

1(2b): I fixed it so that when the box is open, all the bombs we could fit in there will go off all at once, creating a huge explosion....
2: I did this as the man responsible for the key to the treasure vault and the tamatebako...!!
3: Ahhhhh...fine, fine. --If they manage to recover the treasure,
4: ask them to return the box, with a full explanation...
5: --They might open it on their way back, though...
6: I'm worried about that too...
7(2b): your majesty, Minister of the Right! Luffy's crew has returned to the palace just now!!
8: Ohh...so nothing's happened to them...we had no reason to worry!
9: Whew...

1: You gave all the treasure...
2: to Big Mom!!?
3(2b): She said she was gonna destroy Fishman Island because you didn't have any candy! She's nuts!! I mean, I could understand if it was meat! Right?! But relax!! I said I'd fight back!!!
4: To one of the Four Emperors!!?
5: You said you'd fight Big Mom!!?
6: That's a problem...!!
7: Oh my! You're so strong, Luffy-sama!
8: That isn't the problem here!!

1: Waaaaah...you're so scary, Hanapp-sama...
2: It's Usopp! Sorry!
3: I can't believe this. Now I really have to leave Big Mom before things get worse...
4: Whatever happens, don't irritate her any more than you already have.
5: You think we would?! If we met up with one of the Four Emperors we'd all be dead!!!
6: Hey!! This is bad, Minister of the Right!!
7(3b): I never thought things would end up this way...!! If the tamatebako falls into her hands, and she happens to open it...!! the explosion would be like a declaration of war from Luffy!!!
8: You were just standing you're ground, I know. You're a man, you have to fight...
9: I know!! No matter who it is!
10: But why did you give her EVERYTHING?!?!
11: THAT'S what you're worried about?!

1: Alright...let's go...to the New World...
2: To do what?! DIE?!
3: Around the candy factory--
4(2b): dammiiiiit!!! What happened to all that treasure I collecteeeeed?! Who was it?! Whoever it was, I'm gonna murder the hell outta 'em!!!
5: If I bring back the secret of the mermaid princess and that mountain of treasures, then maybe I'll gain bonus points with you-know-who!
6: huh?! There's people everywhere!
7: What in the...who are those two people with all the big bags?!
8: That's them!!! It's gotta be!!! Who the hell are they?!
9: I'm gonna bury 'em alive!!!

1(2b): That's the treasure *I* stole!! Give it baaaaaaack!!!
2: Is that...?
3: I've seen that face somewhere before...gaohh!
4(2b): Ahh, here it is. "Wet-Haired Caribou." He's a new rookie.
5: Ooh, he's up to 200 million already.
6: T...two million!?
7: Keheeheeheehee!!
8: "Numa Numa nooooo"
9: "Gatling Gun!!!"
10: Keheeheehee, hyahyahya, heeheehee!!!

1: Kyaaaaaaa!!!
2: Mr. Pekoms!!
3: Keheehee...
4: Hm?
5: What is that...?!
6: A turtle!!?
7-8: Nyoo!!
9: Gggh
10: He's got an ability!!!
11: splurt!!
12: Of course...

1: You're probably just some "Zoan!!!" Keheeheeheehee!!!
2: Gaoh.

1: Eh...
2: "Logia" who think they're invincible have short life spans.
3: 330,000,000 bounty
4: The attempts of the half-boiled tire me-soir.
5: Now, Pecoms, let us return-bon...to mama.

1: Meanwhile -- in the New World, near the Red Line --
2: splash...!!
3: Another ship at 2 o'clock!!
4: Pirate ships keep floating up from below!!!
5: What's going on?!
6: Here comes a big one!!!
7: whooooosh...
8: Captain Tashigi's in trouble~
9: Let's embrace her and protect her~
10: ...come on...!! Not again!!

1: kyuin!!
1: Nice one!!! That's our little Captain!!
2: Stop goofing around!!
3: You're trained in blocking cannonfire, aren't you?!
4: Captain, that's the mast.
5: You're so cute! You're the sole flower in this dirty G-5!

1: How can you keep joking around in the middle of a battle like this?!
2(2b): We could die at any minute!! Don't you G-5 men have any pride...?! I can't even believe you're actual Marines!!
3: Marine Grand Line Branch #5
G-5 Captain
4: Eheheh!
5: Don't think you can make fun of me just because I'm a woman!!!
6: Shut up, Tashigi, I'm in the middle of an interrogation!!
7: Smoker-san!!
8(2b): I see...so all the pirates on the sea floor got captured by Hodi Jones? That must be why no rookies could get past Fishman Island for the past month.
9: And that's why pirate ships keep spilling out from the sea like cockroaches...!!

1(2b): Captured?! No!! We were made into slaves!! But then, this one group of pirates came,
2: stopped Hodi's civil war, and freed us!! I won't tell you their name, though!! We owe our lives to 'em!!!
3: You idiot!! Just tell him!!!
4: These guys aren't just marines!! They're G-5!!!
5(2b): They stick needles into pirates' bodies and make them into shark food!! They use pirates as kindling for campfires!!
6(2b): They're just a group of insane marines who don't even listen to their orders! If we get captured now, we'll be massacred!!!
7: Vice-Admiral!! Can we have them now? Geheheheh...
8: Gyaaaahh!! No...wait, stop!!
9: I'll tell you!! I'll tell you their names, just spare us!!!
10: It was the Straw Hat Pirates!!!
11: I know that, you idiots...
slanted: He's been waiting for the perfect opportunity!!

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#1. by Jetstream ()
Posted on Jan 13, 2012
Caribou's bounty is over 200 million belli. This is why your One Piece translations are inferior to Cnet's. He doesn't make these type of mistakes.
#2. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Jan 20, 2012
Thanks for the correction!
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