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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 653

The Hero's Hat

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 22, 2012 04:30 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 653: The Hero's Hat
From Shipdecks Around The World
Vol 35: Icefish Mermaid Kokoro-san Spends A Day Off In Style

[Insert text: Their departure approaches...]
[Box: Fishman Island, Coral Hill, the Mermaid Cafe]
Caimie: Madame Shirley! // Luffy-chin and his friends are saying they're going to leave the island soon.
Shirley: I see. You should go and see them off.
Caimie: Will do~!
Mermaids: Madame~~~~~!♡ Can we go too~~~~~?!
Shirley: Dear me... I suppose we'll have to close the Cafe for a little while... // With Hody out of the way, we should be getting plenty of customers again soon enough. / I'll be needing you all to help make the cafe an enjoyable place to be!
Mermaid: Leave it to us, Madame!!
Caimie: ! // Ah...

Shirley: Oh, my crystal ball? / Don't worry. I really am done with all that now... / No more fortune-telling for me.
Caimie: .........
Shirley: Straw Hat Luffy causing the destruction of Fishman Island... / That's one future I would rather not have seen at all. // If my foretelling was wrong, just this once... / ...then nothing would make me happier...
Caimie: (Madame Shirley's has never made a prophecy that didn't come true, so she must be more frightened than any of us... She can't predict when it might happen; it could be in a year's time, or longer... There's no way to say for sure that her vision was wrong...) // But Madame... I know Luffy-chin would never do a thing like -
Shirley: Caimie...
Caimie: ?!
Shirley: You must forgive me for doubting your friend... / I understand now... We can trust in him, yes? // In the Straw Hat boy...
Caimie: ......!! ......That's right...!!!

Shirahoshi: Uwaaaaahhhhh~~~~!! Are you really all going to leave the island already, Luffy-sama?! // We've only just properly made friends... Can't you stay for another day, at least...? Or another week...? / No, another year...!!
Luffy: You really do end up crying every time I see you...
Shirahoshi: I... I'm very sorry! I'll stop being such a crybaby, I really will! *sniff*
Sanji: Ahhhhh... The Mermaid Princess of Fishman Island, who has always been in my dreams... / To think that I would live to see her shed tears at our departure...!! Maybe we really should stay here for another year~~~~~!!!
Brook: I must say I agree, yohoho~!! I have decided to base my new single on the Fishman Island life!! / A-one, two, three, four!!♪ Oh, you wake up bright and early and say: "Good Mor-ningyo~~~!"♪
[TN: "Ningyo" means "mermaid". I tried to think of a decent English pun to replace it, but I drew a total blank, sorry.]
Zoro: You stay here as long as you like, Nosebleed-kun. We won't miss you.

Sanji: You'd better be careful at mealtimes in future! / I'll teach you what happens if you make an enemy of the ship's cook!!
Zoro: Bring it on!! I'll digest anything from poison to razor blades!!
Brook: [aside]In the cafe at dinnertime, it's... // "Good Eve-ningyo~~~~!"♪[/aside]
RightMinister: Your Majesty, I really think we ought to tell them...!! / They can't just leave without knowing that there was a bomb concealed in the Tamatebako that Luffy sent as a gift to Big Mam...
Neptune: I know, I know... But take a look over there...
Usopp: It's all over... We've made an enemy of a Yonkou...!!! / We're not going to last a day in the New World now...!!!
Chopper: Maybe Big Mam will forgive us if we promise to give her all the treasure we ever find...
RightMinister/Neptune: (How can we possibly break the news to them that they've already sent Big Mam a bomb in disguise...?)
Neptune: (This bomb... It's been hidden in that box for ten years, yes? / Is it not possible that it could fail to go off?)
RightMinister: (That's the right attitude, Your Majesty! Positive thinking! / It's true, the Ryuuguu Palace is an awfully humid place! The bomb could have been rendered useless! / And at any rate, there's no guarantee that Big Mam will open the box herself!! / Let's just hope for the best!!)
Robin: What are you two muttering suspiciously about?

Nami: Huh?! // What's this?!
LeftMinister: This is a Log Pose for use in the New World. Please, take it as our gift to you. / Trust me, you don't want to try voyaging with only a single needle to guide you...!
Nami: There are three separate needles...! / But why?
LeftMinister: Take a look at the Log Pose you have been using in your journey along the first half of the Grand Line.
Nami: ?
Luffy: Oh, what's this? A new Log Pose~~~~? / Wow, it looks pretty cool~~~!!
Nami: Ah...... // I thought the Log had already settled... / But it still seems to be moving a little......!!
LeftMinister: Oh, it's settled all right. All Logs from here on out will settle within half a day.

LeftMinister: When travelling in the Grand Line, you find your way by allowing your Log Pose to attenuate to the magnetic field of the next island, yes? / That is how you have proceeded up to this point. But in the seas ahead, things are a little different... // You are of course aware of how unstable the ocean currents and climate can be, throughout the Grand Line. Well, in the New World... / ...even the magnetic fields cannot always be trusted to guide you true!!
Nami: Huh?!
LeftMinister: In some cases, the next island's magnetic field may even vanish entirely whilst you are out in the open water.
Nami: What~~~~?! But then we'd never be able to reach our destination!!
LeftMinister: If you rely on a single needle, then such an incident can be disastrous. // But what about if you have three different needles?
Nami: ! // One of the needles is moving shakily, like on our Log Pose... // But the other two seem to be completely stable......!!

LeftMinister: Each of the three Needles on this Log Pose... / ...will attenuate to the magnetic field of a different island in the waters ahead. // In other words, you will need to choose between three different possible courses. / Which course to follow is for your instincts to decide. But the decision can mean the difference between life and death! // Particularly skilled navigators are able to use the slight movements of the individual needles... / ...to deduce which course is the safest to follow. // As a very basic and general rule, the more unstable the movement of the needle, the more dangerous that path is likely to be...!! / After all, an unstable needle suggests that something is happening on that island to disrupt the very magnetic field around it...!!!
Nami: Ehhhhh~~~?! That doesn't sound good!! / We'd be better off not knowing at all!!
LeftMinister: But why? If you do not have the foreknowledge to seek the safest route, you may find yourself in gravest...
Usopp: You can tell which route is most dangerous~~?! Smash that Log Pose!! Smash it right now!!!
Luffy: Let me see...!
Usopp/Nami: !!! // Ahh...!

Luffy: I like the look of that island in the middle with the really shaky needle! // We should go there~~~~~~!!!
Nami: Nooooooooooo~~~~~~~!!!
Usopp: He was listening~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Nami: This has got nothing to do with you, Luffy!!! I'm the one who decides where we're going to go!!
Luffy: Don't be stupid!! I'm the Captain!!!
Usopp/Chopper: We're begging you, Captain! Listen to what your navigator says~~~~~~~!!!
Sanji: Nami-san's so cute when she's terrified~~~~!♡
Brook: I think I have my B-side!! I call it "Requiem For Us"!♪
Franky: All right, you guys!! We're all ready to set sail!! / I'm all clear on how to take us up!! Are we going?!
Luffy: Let's go~~~~!!!

Hachi: Nyuuuu~~~! I'm going to help out with the repairs at the factory. Will you be okay without a guide?
Luffy: We'll be fine! We managed to have fun adventures on our way here!
Usopp: That's the spirit!! Who needs a guide?!! A true man follows his own path into the jaws of hell!!!
Chopper: Yeah~~~~~!! This is war~~~~~~~!!!
Robin: I think they're losing it...
Mermaids: Come back anytime~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! / You're always welcome~~~~~~~~!♡
Sanji: You can count on it!!! This is the All Blue of my heart's desire~~~~~~~!!!
Zoro: What a pathetic dream.
Sanji: You say something~~~~?!!
Mermaids: Heehee... You're so funny, Sanji-chan!
Fukaboshi: I have naught but the deepest thanks to offer you...!! // You have my gratitude!! / My people will pray for your safety!!
Luffy: Great!

Mamboshi: Next time we see you, we'll be leading the greatest fighting force the depths have ever seen!! You count on it~~!! Ooh, mambo~!!
Ryuuboshi: Quite, quite~!!♪ We'll become so amazing... / ...the tales of the great warrior Neptune will pale in comparison-la-ti-do~~~!♪
Luffy: Heheheh!! I look forward to it!!
Neptune: ......... // Hahah...
Luffy: Jimbei!!
Jimbei: .................. // *nod*...!!
Luffy: All right!!!

Luffy: Hoist the sail, guys~~~~~~!!! We're setting off~~~~~~!!! // Farewell to Fishman Island~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Come back sometime~~~!!! // We'll have plenty of sweets and meat waiting when you do~~~~!! // We all like humans now~~~~!! // Oh, and raccoons!! And robots~~~~!!
Brook: Hmm? What about skeletons?
Caimie: Take care of yourself, Luffy-chin and everyone~~~~~!!
Hachi: Come back and have some of my takoyaki sometime~~~~~!!
Pappagg: I love you guys, dammit~~~~~~!★
Luffy: Shishishi!
People: We like skeletons too~!!
Brook: My thanks for your consideration.

Shirahoshi: Luffy-sama! If I am lucky enough... // ...to meet you again...!!
Luffy: Whoooooa~~!! Cry-hoshi!!
Sanji: Shirahoshi-cha~~~~~~~n!♡
Shirahoshi: *pant*... *pant*... / When that time comes... I promise I will no longer be a crybaby...!! // I hope you will talk me out for a wonderful walk again......!!
Luffy: For a walk~~~? // What, you want to visit your mum's grave again?
Shirahoshi: ...This time, I would rather go somewhere even further away. Above the waves... / I would like to see a real forest!
Luffy: I see~~~! I guess you've never been out of the sea before, huh~~~? All right, sounds good! // Next time we meet, I'll take you to see one!
Shirahoshi: Do you promise?!
Luffy: !

Luffy: Sure! Leave it to me!! // It's a promise!!
Nami: Luffy, are you sure you should be making promises like that without consulting us?
Brook: Luffy-san!! A promise is something to be honoured to the grave and beyond!
Nami: All right then, Shirahoshi... I'll promise you as well!
Sanji: Me too~~~!♡
Chopper: Then I'll promise too!
Brook: I rather think this should be... // ...quite enough fingers, don't you~~?!
Luffy: Shishishi! And you remember not to cry, yeah?
Shirahoshi: ......Of course!!

Shirahoshi: ..................
Neptune: Do not forget this debt we owe.
Princes: But of course!!!
Kid: Hey, Dad, Dad!! Can you buy me a straw hat~~~?! / We're gonna play at being heroes!!
Father: They only sell straw hats up on the surface, you know?!
Kid: Then buy me one from there!!
Father: Don't be ridiculous!! The surface is full of terrifying humans who hate all fishmen...
Kid: Huh?
Father: I mean... Well. I suppose they're not all that bad... Hmmm. // There are strong and heroic guys like that Straw Hat up there as well... / Ah, Boss Jimbei! Perfect timing!!
Jimbei: Yes, yes, I heard. I'll see if I can't find something for you from a merchant ship.
Kid: Really, Boss~~~?!
Jimbei: Well, you want yourself a "hero hat", don't you? Hahahah!

Sanji: Ahhhhh... That place really was like a mermaid heaven...♡
Nami: Now, I hope everyone's feeling ready for this!! Once we reach the surface, there's going to be no room for relaxing!! // We're heading for a dark and dangerous sea!!
Usopp: What's that, Franky?
Franky: They're called "Kuuigos Wood". They have exceptionally powerful buoyancy, so they'll lift the ship towards the surface. // We can control our speed by adjusting how many of them we extend out into the ocean.
Zoro: ......? What's up, Luffy?
Luffy: ......... // Once we reach the surface... // We'll be in the same sea as Shanks!!!
Flashback!Shanks: Here...
Luffy: I can't wait to meet him...

Flashback!Shanks: I'll leave this hat with you. // It's a precious possession of mine. // Make sure you come and give it back to me someday... // ...when you've become a great pirate!
Flashback!Ace: You'll pull it off for sure...!! You're my brother, after all...!!!
Flashback!Jimbei: Ask yourself this!! What is there that still remains to you?!!!
Flashback!Rayleigh: Head straight for the top!!!
Flashback!Coby: Most people... / ...call that final ocean by another name. // It is the sea where great men gather to forge a brand new age!! / And the man who conquers that sea... // ...will be the Pirate King!!!

Luffy: Once we get back up above the waves... // ...we'll be in the greatest sea of all...!!!
Zoro: It's taken us long enough... / I'll slice 'em all to pieces.
Brook: Hang on a little longer, Laboon! Only halfway left to go!!
Nami: Don't worry... I'll take you wherever you need to go!!
Franky: The Sunny won't let us down!!
Chopper: Don't worry about getting injured, you guys!!
Sanji: I'll make sure you never go hungry!!
Usopp: With a warrior of the sea like me on board, there's nothing to fear!!!
Robin: Hahaha...
Luffy: FULL SPEED AHEAD, MEN~~~~~~~~!!! // TO THE NEW WORLD~~~~~!!!!
StrawHats: YEAAAAAHHHHHH~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!
[Insert text: A new journey begins!! To the final ocean!!]

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