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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 653

"A Hero's Hat"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 20, 2012 00:26 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 653 - "A Hero's Hat"
From the Decks of the World Vol. 35 "The whitebait mermaid Kokoro-san's Magnificent Holiday"

1: Fishman Island - Coral Hill - Mermaid Cafe
slanted: The day of departure arrives...
2: Madam Shirley!
3: Luffy-chin's crew are going to leave the island!
4: --oh really? Go see them off.
5: Okaaay!
6: Madaaam <3 Can we go tooooo?
7: Hmmm...? Fine then, we'll have to close up shop temporarily.
8(2b): The customers that idiot Hodi was keeping away will be back soon. Make sure to keep the cafe alive with energy, girls.
9: Leave it to us, Madam!!
10: Ah...

1(3b): About the crystal? That's it for me...truly...I won't be telling another fortune.
2(2b): "Straw Hat Luffy will destroy this island"...I didn't want to see such a terrible fortune to begin with.
3(2b): Nothing would make me happier...--than if I was wrong...
4: She's more scared than anyone else, because she knows she's never been off...the future she saw may come in a year or so...there's no proof that she's truly wrong yet...
5: But Madam...Luffy-chin and his crew would never do such a...
6: Keimi...
7(2b): Forgive me for suspecting your friends...--I know...I can believe him, can't I?
8: That boy in the straw hat...
9: ...!! ...yeah!!!

1: Waaaaaaaah! You're really leaving, Luffy-sama?!
2(2b): But we just became friends...please, just one more day...no, one more week! No, one more year!!
3: You've been doing nothing but crying, Weakhoshi!
4: I...I'm so sorry, I'll stop being a crybaby! Hic, hic...
5(2b): Ahh...the Mermaid Princess of Fishman Island...how long I've dreamed of seeing you with my own eyes...but to think I'd see you give us a tearful goodbye like this...!! I wish we could stay here for another year!!!
6(2b): I feel your pain, yohoho! "Life on Fishman Island is a Dream" will be my new single!! One, two, three, four...morniiiiing! Wake up, good MERning~~~
7: That's a good idea, I agree. You should definitely stay here, nosebleed boy.
8: What did you just call me, marimoooo?!

1(2b): Be careful during the next meal we have! I'll teach you not to mess with your own cook!!
2: Bring it on!! I'll digest poison, razors, whatever you've got!!
3(2b): Your majesty, we have to tell them...!! The tamatebako that Luffy sent to Big Mom will explode when it's opened...
4: Mmm...but look over there...
5(2b): We're finished...one of the Four Emperors is after us now!!! We're going to the New World to die...!!!
6: I wonder if maybe we gave her all the treasures we found from here on out, she would forgive us...
7: We couldn't tell them "You've already sent her a bomb" at this point...
8(2b): --that bomb was put in there 10 years ago, though, wasn't it...? Maybe there's a possibility it won't go off, Minister of the Right?
9(4b): You're such a positive thinker, your majesty! But you have a point...Ryuuguu Palace is pretty damp, after all...and who knows, there's nothing saying that Big Mom will definitely be the one who opens it!! --All we can do is resign ourselves to praying for the best!!
10: What have you two been whispering about all this time?

1: Huh?!
2: What is this?!
3(2b): It's a Log Pose to use in the New World! It's my present, so take it with you. I can't believe you were trying to navigate the sea with only one compass...
4(2b): There are three compasses attached to this! How come?
5: Look at the Log Pose you used on the first half of the Grand Line...
6: What's that, a new Log Pose? Woah, it looks pretty cool!
7: Ah...
8(2b): I already thought it had recorded the Log for this island. But it's moving a little bit...!!
9: I'm sure it already has. This island's Log only takes half a day to record.

1(2b): On the Grand Line, Log Poses record the magnetic waves coming out from the next island you're going to, allowing you to use that to navigate your ship...but on this second half...
2(2b): There exist islands with differing ocean currents, weather, and magnetic waves -- which have been your only trustworthy source thus far!!
3: There are even some islands that lose their magnetic waves while you navigate toward them.
4: Whaaat?! Then how can we get to those islands?!
5: If you were only using one compass, you'd be shipwrecked then and there.
6: --but what about if you have three at once?
7: One of the compasses is shaking like your Log Pose,
8: but the other two are completely still...!!

1(2b): Each of those compasses logs the magnetic waves of a different island.
2(2b): --In other words, you must use your own intuition to choose your path -- and depending on how you choose, it can mean life or death!!
3(2b): Master navigators can find safer routes just from seeing subtle changes in the movements of the compass needles.
4(2b): Basically, the stranger the movements of the needle is, the more dangerous the island you're heading to is...!!
5(2b): Whaaat?! No!! I don't like this!! I'd rather not know at all!!
6: Why? If you don't search for safer routes, you could die out there...
7: It's going to tell me how dangerous each route is?! Nooo! Break this thing, I don't want it!!!
8: Let me see it!
9: Ahh!

1: Look, the one the middle is REALLY shaking!
2: Noooooooooo!!
3: Let's go to that island, it looks fun!!!
4: He overheard us!!!
5: Luffy, you just be quiet!!! I'm the one choosing which route we take from here on out!!
6: Says who?! I'm the Captain here!!!
7: Please, Captain! Listen to your navigator!!!
8: Nami-san's so cute when she's scared~
9: Coupled with the b-side "Requiem For Us!"
10(2b): Alriiight, guys!! We're all ready to set out! I learned how to float up, too!! Ready to go?!
11: Let's gooooo!!!

1: Nyuuuu! I'm going to help them repair the factory. You don't mind if I don't guide you, right?
2: Don't worry about it! The adventure getting here was fun, you know!
3: Yep! That's right! We don't need people to guide us!! Because when men go on a journey, they're always heading to Hell!!!
4: Yeaaaah!! It's war out here! And we like it that way!!!
5: So desperate...
6(2b): Come back sooooon, everyooooone! <3
7: We'll be back, you bet!!! You're the All Blue of my heart, ladies!!!
8: What a cheap dream.
9: What'd you say?!
10: You're so funny, Sanji-chan!
11: You have nothing but my gratitude...!!
12(2b): Thank you!! I pray for your safety on your next journey.
13: OK!

1: Next time you meet us, we'll be leading the strongest army on the ocean floooooor! Manbo!!
2(2b): Yeah, yeah! We're going to completely rewrite the Legend of the Great Neptune Knights, mi fa so la mi do~
3: Heheheh!! I can't wait to see it!!
4: Fufu...
5: Jinbe!!
6: Yeah!!!

1: OK, set saaaail!!! We're setting off!!!
2: See you later, Fishman Islaaaaand!!!
3: We'll be back!!!
4: We'll have more sweets and meat for you to eat!!
5: You made us like humans!!
6: Oh, and raccoons and robots too!!
7: What about skeletons?
8: Take care!! Luffy-chiiiiin!!
9: Come back and eat some takoyaki!!
10: We love youuuuu!
11: Shishishi!
12: We love skeletons too!!
13: Why thank you!

1: Luffy-sama, if we...
2: If we ever meet again...!!
3: Owaaah! Weakhoshi!!
4: Shirahoshi-chaaaan!
5(2b): Haa...haa...when that time comes...I won't be a crybaby anymore...!!
6: ...so please take me on another fun walk...!!
7: A walk?
8: You want to go to your mom's grave again?
9(2b): ...next time I want to go farther...!! To the surface...to see a real "forest!"
10: Ohhhh...that's right, you've never been out to sea! OK, sure.
11: Next time we meet, I'll take you there!
12: It's a promise!

1: Yep, sure thing!!
2: It's a promise!!
3: gah!!
4: Luffy, don't we all have responsibility for that?
5: Luffy-san!! You have to keep your promises no matter what, you know?!
6: Ok then, Shirahoshi, I promise too!
7: Me too! <3
8: And me too!
9: Are you alright
10: with this many promises?!
11: Shishishi! Alright, now no more crying!
12: ...okay!!

1: Do not forget this debt of ours.
2: Of course not!!!
3(2b): Hey, father! Father!! Buy me a straw hat! We want to play heroes!!
4: But you can only buy straw hats on the surface!!
5: Then go there and buy one!!
6: Yeah right!! There are tons of scary humans on the surface who hate Fishmen...
7: Huh?
8: Ahh...well, I guess there is one every now and then, but not everyone's like that...
9(2b): I'm sure there are a lot of strong people like the Straw Hats, too...ahh, Boss Jinbe, what good timing!!
10: I overheard...I'll send a merchant ship out.
11: Really, boss?!
12: You wanted 'a hero's hat,' was it? Wahaha!

1: Ahhhhh, that was the best...mermaid heaven... <3
2: Alright, everyone, it's time to get serious again!! Once we're back out on the sea, there won't be any time for resting!!
3: We're going to be passing through the dark, black sea again!!
4: What is that thing, Franky?
5: Those "Kuigosu wood chips" are extremely buoyant, so I'm using them to float our ship up. (*tl note: "Kuigosu" is "Super buoyant" in Japanese backwards)
6: We can change our speed by the amount we dangle out.
7: ...? What's wrong, Luffy?
8: ...once we reach the surface...
9: We'll be in the same ocean as Shanks!!!
10: Okay...
11: ...I really wanna see him.

1: I'll give this hat to you.
2: It's a very important hat to me,
3: So you need to bring it back to me someday...
4: Once you become a great pirate.
5: I know you can do it...!! You're my little brother...!!!
6: Realize it!! There's still something left for you to do!!!
7: Go to the top!!!
8(2b): People also call that final sea by another name.
9: The sea where those who create the next generation gather!! And the one who conquers that sea
10: becomes the Pirate King!!!

1: Once we get to the surface!!
2: We'll be in the strongest sea in the world...!!!
3(2b): We're finally here...I'll cut everything down!
4: Please wait for me, Laboon! I'm halfway there!!
5: I'll take us anywhere we want to go!!
6: That's right, the Sunny can handle anything!!
7: Fight as much as you want, everyone!!
8: You won't need to worry about food as long as I'm here!!
9: And remember, you've got a warrior of the sea riding with you!!!
10: Fufu...
11: Let's go, you guys!!!

1: To the New World!!!!
slanted: Finally, they head out to the "final sea!"
2: Uooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

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