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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 655

Punk Hazard

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 8, 2012 19:28 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 655: Punk Hazard
From Shipdecks Around The World
Vol 37: Water 7 - The Galley-La Company's Ten-Year-Old Genius Secretary

[Insert text: The New World is a stormy place!!]
StrawHats: Whooooaaaaa~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Look! That island over there just erupted!!!
Nami: Listen to me, Luffy, all right?!!! / Not one of our three Log Pose needles is pointing to that island!! // It's not normal even by the New World's standards!!
Brook: Farewell, Laboon's family!! Take care~~~~~!!
Luffy: I don't care how weird it is, that's where we're going!! / It's right there, isn't it?!! Who cares where the needles are pointing!!
Nami: Not a chance! We're not going anywhere near it!!

Nami: The ocean is on fire, for heaven's sake!!
Someone: That doesn't make any sense!!
Sanji: Hey, Luffy, I have a piece of bad news for you. / It's about that gigantic fish we caught. // Aside from this piece I managed to carve out, the whole thing is burned to a crisp.
Luffy: Aaaaaghhh!!
Usopp: The fish got burned up by the sea~~~~?!! // Our ship is going to be next!!!
Franky: No way!! The Sunny is made of sterner stuff than that!!
Nami: I don't care how strong the Sunny is, this sea is still ridiculous!! / Look at those fish skeletons!! They're all just bones!!
Brook: Hm? You called?

DenDenMushi: Puohoooooooohhhh~~! Puohohooooooooohhh~~! // Puohohohoooooohhhhhh~~~~!!
Luffy: What's going on?! The Den-Den Mushi just started crying!!
DenDenMushi: Puohohohoooooooohhh~~~~!
Luffy: What's wrong, little guy? Your stomach hurt or something?!
Sanji: Don't be stupid - That's a distress signal!! Somebody's calling out for help!!
Luffy: Then...if I pick it up, can we talk to them?
Robin: Hold on, Luffy!! / The chances of that distress signal being genuine are under 50%! // It's more likely to be a trap set by the Marines. / If we answer the call and they're listening in, they'll know that we're in the area!!
Usopp: That's our Robin! You heard her, Luffy! We have to think carefully before...

Luffy: Hello?! This is Luffy!! / I'm going to be the Pirate King!!!
DenDenMushi: Help! Please! Anyone~~~~~!!!
Luffy: !
DenDenMushi: It's cold... So cold... Is that you, Boss...?!!
Luffy: No, I'm not your boss. Did you say it's cold?!
DenDenMushi: We're being sliced down one after another... It's no use...!! // We're all gonna be killed by the samurai~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! *pant*...
Luffy: Hey!! Who are you?! What's your name?! / Where are you right now?!!
DenDenMushi: Whoever you are, you have to help us, please...! We're at a place called... // Punk Hazard!!!

DenDenMushi: AAAAAARGHHH~~~~!!! / GHH-! // *SWOOSH*!!
Chopper: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh~~~!!! He got sliced up too~~~~!!!
Luffy: ......! I smell an incident afoot!
Usopp: Of course it's an incident, you idiot!!! That guy just got murdered!!!
Robin: We don't know that. It could all have been an act to lure us in.
Brook: Such a calm beauty~~~~~~~~~~~!♪ / C'mon!
Zoro: I heard the word "samurai"... Brook, isn't that...?
Brook: Indeed. "Samurai" is the name given to the swordsmen of the Wano Country. // The Wano Country is a sealed-off nation whose people do not take kindly to outsiders... / They are not even a part of the World Government. / They say the country's swordsmen, the samurai, are so terrifyingly strong... / ...that even the Marines dare not venture too close.

Usopp: You've gotta be kidding me......!!!
Franky: But that guy didn't say anything about the Wano Country. / He said he was at "Punk Hazard"! / You think that's the flaming island?!
Robin: Assuming he was using a Baby Den-Den Mushi, that would be the only place... / ...from which communications would be likely to reach.
Luffy: All right!! Let's go and save him then!!!
Nami: Nooooooo~~~~~~~!!!
Usopp: Surely it's too late for that!
Chopper: Those samurai sound scary~~~~~~~~~!!!
Brook: I quite agree~~!!
BlackDenDenMushi: Zzzzt... / Punk Hazard! / ...Aaaaaarghhh~~~~!!! / Ghh-! / Zzzzt...
Tashigi: Smoker-san! Was that...?!
Smoker: Ugh... What the hell kind of route are those punks taking...?
[Box: Black Den-Den Mushi (Intercepting Communications)]

Smoker: We ought to have a one-in-three chance... // ...under ordinary circumstances...
[Box: Marine Vice-Admiral at "G-5", the Fifth Marine Branch Station in the Grand Line / Smoker the White Hunter]
Pirate: So hot!! It burns!! Help me!!
Marines: Ahahahah!!
Tashigi: That's quite enough of that!!! // Stop bullying the pirate!!
Smoker: The three islands that can be reached by Log Pose from Fishman Island are Risky Red Island, Raijin Island and Mistria Island. // I came here on the assumption that Straw Hat would choose the path to Raijin Island, where the magnetic field is most unstable... // But to think he would follow... / ...an entirely different route from those three...

Tashigi: But, Smoker-san!! / Ever since the accident four years ago... // ...Punk Hazard has been a sealed-off island, completely devoid of human life!! / Why would there be someone there now?!
Smoker: ...It's strange, all right. I don't see how any kind of living thing... / ...could survive on that island in its current state... // But it's the only lead we've got. // Let's get moving, men!!
Marines: Whaaaaaat~~?! But, Vice-Admiral Smoker!! / Don't you know that island is off-limits?!
Smoker: I don't want to hear a lecture on law from you. / Just get this ship moving, you layabouts!!
Marines: Y-Yes, sir~~~~~~~!!!

Sanji: There you go - a deep-sea fish lunchbox!!
Luffy: Oh, man~~~~~!! I can't wait to eat it~~~!!!
Sanji: Who drew the marked straws?
Zoro: We did.
Robin: Well, this should be interesting!♡
Usopp: Somebody trade with me~~~~~~~~~!!!
Nami: Milky Road!!
Luffy: Whoa~~~~~~~~~!! // That's awesome!! It's a road made of cloud!! / It's just like the stuff we saw back on the Sky Islands!!
Nami: Eheheh!♡ Hurry on across while the clouds are still stable!

Luffy: All right!! Here goes the scouting party~~~~~~!! We're counting on you, Mini-Merry!!! / This fish is great~~~~~!!!
Chopper: Good luck, you guys~~~~~!!
Franky: You guys have all the luck...
Sanji: We'll be able to go too later.
Brook: Yohohoho! Bon voyage!
Nami: Chin up, Usopp~~~~~!!
Usopp: Somebody take my place~~~~~~~!!! / Oww~~!! Hothothot~~!!
Luffy: Whoaaaa, we're going up!! This is fun~~~~!! / We're going right over the fiery sea!!
Usopp: These clouds had better take us safely back as well!!
ScoutingTeam: Good thing the rain died down, huh? // Perfect weather for scouting! // But it's so hot!!
Brook: Do those clouds really reach all the way to the island?
Nami: Who knows?

Chopper: Ahhhhhh... I'm so glad I didn't draw one of the go-with-Luffy straws... I can't stand hot places...
Nami: Well, we couldn't exactly let him go alone. / Once he sees there's nothing there, he'll come straight back!
Sanji: Right!! Wait right there, Nami-san, and I'll whip up a nice cold deepsea-fish dessert!♡
Franky/Brook: Yeahhhh~~!!
Luffy: Look, see?! That has to be an entrance!!
Usopp: I'm telling you, maybe there were people here years and years ago... / But nobody could possibly live here now!! / That Den-Den Mushi must've been transmitting from some far-off island, it's the only explanation! Right, Robin?!
Robin: It doesn't look like much, but this is surprisingly delicious!♡
Usopp: What are you all eating your lunch already for?!!
Zoro: Aren't you gonna eat yours?
Usopp: I don't feel like eating right now!! / Ahhhh... I can feel my old disease from two years ago resurfacing... / Listen, you guys, I have this condition called "I-Can't-Go-Onto-That-Island Disease"!!!
Luffy: We know.

[Box: Punk Hazard Island / Entrance]
Usopp: Let's pull the Merry up onto the island...
Robin: Well, there's no mistaking it... / The name certainly matches.
Luffy: ...............!!!
Zoro: I guess that distress signal really did come from somewhere in here...
Usopp: ......... / It looks like this island is sealed off!! / Ah!! Look at this, Luffy!! // See?! It's the mark of the World Government... // ...and the Marine emblem!!! // In other words, even if there was someone in here, they must've been Marines!! / No point helping them!! Let's go back!!

Usopp: I HOPE YOU REALISE YOU'RE BREAKING THE LAW~~~~!! // Oh, right... We're pirates...
Zoro: This whole place really is ablaze...!!
Usopp: Well, don't say I didn't warn you!! You're picking a fight with the World Government here!! / Oh, wait... We already did that...
Robin: It doesn't seem like the island is on fire like this naturally... Was there some kind of disaster? Or an accident?
Luffy: Man, it's hot......!! Let's see...

Robin: These don't look like civilian houses... I'm guessing that this place... // ...used to be some kind of Government facility...
Zoro: So the question is, why was the place sealed off? / Because of whatever happened to cause this fire? // Or because it was a dangerous place to begin with?
Robin: Don't forget, for some reason the island can't be reached by Log Pose. / It certainly is suspicious.
Luffy: He~~~~~~y!!! Den-Den Mushi guy, are you here~~~~~~?!!! // We've come to save you~~~~~~~!!!

Luffy: Where are you, samurai~~~?!! // Come and get us~~!!!
Usopp: Don't call for those crazy murderers!!
Zoro: Feeling hungry now, eh?
Usopp: Shut up!! I eat when I'm stressed!! // Come to think of it, there's still something bothering me... / That voice on the Den-Den Mushi...!! It kept saying...
Flashback!DenDenMushi: It's cold... So cold... // Is that you, Boss?!
Usopp: ...that it was cold!!
Luffy: Good point... It's boiling on this island... / Why would he be cold...?!! / ......... // Maybe he's an idiot.
Usopp: What kind of logic is that?!!!
Robin: A cold place on this blazing-hot island...? // Or perhaps his predicament was so terrifying, it chilled him to the bone...

Franky: Something wrong, Nami...?
Nami: ...Yeah... // It's the clouds... // There's something...strange about the sky above this island. / On the far side, it looks almost like an arctic climate...
Franky: Don't be ridiculous!!
Luffy: Whoa!! A giant?!
Usopp: Even giants aren't this big!
StrawHats: ?!!
Something: RRRGGHHHHHH...!!!
Usopp: Huh?! // ......!! Wha...?!! // Whaaaaaaaa~~~~?!!
Luffy: Huh? ...?!! // Do these things... actually exist?!
Zoro: No... They're the stuff of legend!! // They can't possibly be real!!
Robin: But how could this creature... // ...possibly be anything else...?!!

StrawHats: A DRAGON?!!
[Box: Resident of Punk Hazard / DRAGON]
Dragon: Who goes there...?
Luffy: Huh?!!
[Insert text: What in the world?!]

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