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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 655

"Punk Hazard"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 2, 2012 15:40 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 655 - "Punk Hazard"

From the Decks of the World Vol. 37 "Water Seven - The Galley-La Company's genius secretary is 10 years old!"

slanted: They're already making waves in the New World!!
1: splash!!
2: Owaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!
3: Look!! A volcano just erupted on that island!!!
4(2b): I know!! So you need to listen to me carefully, Luffy!!! NONE of the three compasses are pointing toward that island!!
5: It's weird even for a weird place like The New World!!
6: Take care of yourselves, family of Labooooooon!!!
7(2b): I don't care, I wanna go there!! Besides, we can see it already!! Who cares about the compasses!!
8: We can't! We can't get any closer!!

1: That's a "Sea of Fire!!"
2: That doesn't make any sense!!
3(2b): Hey, Luffy! I have some bad news. You know that deep sea fish we caught?
4: Aside from the pieces I cut out, it all got burnt to a crisp.
5: Gyaaaaaahh!!
6: A fish got burned IN THE OCEAN?!
7: Then it's only a matter of time before it's our ship getting burned!!!
8: No way guys, the Sunny's super-not-gonna-lose to something like that!!
9-10: pop
11(2b): Who cares about winning or losing?! This ocean's crazy!! Look, all the fish we're seeing are all bones! BONES! BONES!!
12: Yes? You rang?

1: Puohooooo! Hohohooooo! Puohooooo!
2: Puohooooo! Hohohoooo!
3: Puohoooo! Hohohoooo!
4: Hey, the Den-Den Mushi's crying!!
5: What's wrong, did you get a stomach ache or something?!
6: You idiot, that's the "emergency signal!!" Someone's calling for help!!
7: So if I pick it up I'll be able to talk with them?
8(2b): Wait, Luffy!! There's less than a 50% chance that this "Emergency Signal" is the real thing!
9(2b): There's a big chance it could be a trap that Marines often use. If you answer and the Den-Den Mushi gets tapped, they could discover our location!!
10: That's our Robin! Hey, Luffy! Think carefully about this one!

1(2b): Hello? I'm Luffy!! I'm the guy who's gonna be Pirate King!!!
2: click!
3: You didn't even wait a second! And you said way too much!!!
4: Help meeeeee!!!
5: Ahh...it's so cold...is that you, boss...!!?
6: No, this isn't your boss. Is it cold there?!
7: The crew...keeps getting killed one after another...!!
8: They keep getting killed by the samuraiiiiii!!! Haa...
9(2b): Hey!! What's your name?! Where are you?!
10: I don't care who comes, just please, someone...help us! We're on
11: Punk Hazard!!!

1(3b): Gyaaaaaahhhh!!! Slash!! Bsssh!!
2: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! He stabbed meeee!!!
3: ...! Smells like trouble!
5: --But if he was acting just now...it could be a trap!
6: Stay cooooooool~ C'mon!
7: What was that "samurai" thing he mentioned...Brook?
8: Ahh, "samurai" is what they call swordsmen of Wa-no-Kuni. (The Country of Harmony)
9(4b): Wa-no-Kuni is a country with a closed-door policy to outsiders...they aren't even affiliated with the World Government. Their "samurai" swordsmen are so strong...that not even the Marines go near there.

1: I didn't even know there was a country like that...!!!
2(3b): But he didn't say Wa-no-Kuni, he said Punk Hazard! Could it be that fire island?!
3(2b): I imagine that would be the only island in this range that a Baby Den-Den Mushi would be usable with...
4: Alright!! Let's so save that guy!!!
5: Noooooooo!!!
6: We're probably already too late!
7: Samurais sound scaryyyyy!!!
8: I'm scared too!
9(5b): bzzz...Punk Hazard! ...gyaaaaaaaaahhh!! Bsssh!! bzzz...
10: Smoker-san! Did you hear that...?
11: Dammit...just what kind of route did they take...?
12: Black Den-Den Mushi (For Tapping Usage)

1: There's a 1 in 3 chance.
2: Normally, at least...
3: Owww!! This is hot, help meee!
4: Gyahahaha!!
5: Stop that, men!!!
6: Stop torturing the pirate!!
7: The three islands that compasses would point to from Fishman Island are Risky Red Island, Raijin (Thunder God) Island, and Mystoria Island.
8: Vice Admiral of G-5, the 5th Marine Grand Line Station - "Smoker the White Hunter"
9: I had bet on the fact that Luffy would have chose Raijin Island, since that'd be the island targeted
10(2b): by the needle shaking the most violently...I never thought he'd ignore them all...

1(2b): But Smoker-san!! Punk Hazard is a deserted island that's been closed off
2: psssh!!
3(2b): ever since the incident that happened four years ago!! It's strange that there would be people there.
4(2b): --true. It doesn't seem like the kind of place where any sort of creature would exist now...
5: But that's our only clue.
6: We're setting out, men!!
7(2b): Whaaat?! Vice-Admiral Smoker!! Don't you know it's prohibited to disembark there!!
8(2b): You lowlifes have no right to talk about laws with me! Now move the damn ship, you scum!!
9: Aye-aye siiiiir!!!

1: Here you go, one deep sea fish lunch box!!
2: Uhohhhh! I can't wait!!!
3: Who pulled the winning straws?
4: We did.
5: Ufufu! I'm so excited!
6: Someone trade with meeeee!!!
7: Milky Rod!!
8: Ohhhhhh!!
9(2b): Wooow!! She made a road of clouds!! So you learned how to do that thing we saw on Sky Island!!
10: Eheheh! <3 But remember, they're clouds, so you have to move while they're together!

1(2b): Alright!! Let's go survey the island!! I'm counting on you, Mini-Merry!!! Wow, this deep sea fish is delicious!!!
2: Good luck, everyone!!
3: You just got lucky this time...
4: We'll get to go later.
5: Yohohoho! Be safe!
6: Hang in there, Usopp!!
8(2b): Ohhh, we're going up!! This is fun!! We're heading right over the sea of fire!!
9: Are these still going to be here when we're ready to leave?!
10: Good thing it stopped raining.
11: Perfect weather for surveillance!
13: Do the clouds stretch all the way to the island?
14: Who knows.

1: Ahhhh, I'm so glad I lost in the "Who goes with luffy lottery"...I'm no good in the heat.
2(2b): Well, we can't let him go there all alone. He'll come right back once he realizes there's nothing there.
3: tie
4: Alright!! Now I'll whip up a cooooool deep sea fish dessert for you, Nami-san! <3
5: Yaaaay!!
6: Hey, look!! That must be the entrance!!
7(2b): Oh, come on!! I know there might have been people here at some point in time, but WHO THE HELL WOULD LIVE IN A PLACE LIKE THIS?! That Den-Den Mushi call must have come from another island! Right, Robin?
8: It didn't look very good, but this is actually quite delicious <3
9: Why are you two eating lunch now?!
10: Aren't you gonna eat too?
11: I couldn't keep anything in my throat like this!!
12(1): Ahh...so your cowardice from two years ago is resurfacing now...
12(2): I'm no coward! I just have the "can't set foot on new islands disease"...!!!
13: We know.

1: Let's bring Merry up on to the shore...
2: Punk Hazard Island --Entrance--
3(2b): This has got to be the place...it has the same name!
4: So that emergency call must have come from in here.
5(2b): We're forbidden from entering this island!! Ahh!! Luffy!! Look at this!!
6: Look!! The World Government...!!
7: And the Marines' marks are here!!!
8(2b): --so if anyone's here, it's got to be people from the government!! This is a waste of time, let's go back!!

1: You people are criminals now!!
2: Although, I guess we're already pirates...
3: This place is like a furnace...!!
4(2b): Fine, go ahead, what do I care if you pick a fight with the World Government!!? Although, I guess we already have...
5: But it doesn't seem like this island was always on fire...was it a natural disaster or an accident that causedd this?
6: Either way, it's so hot here...!!

1: I doubt this is a village...it looks like it used to be...
2: Some sort of government base...
3(2b): So then, was this place locked up with all that exaggerated security because of the danger from the fire,
4: or the danger of what this base used to be?
5(2b): It's also a bit fishy...that the Log Pose didn't respond to this island.
6: Heeeeeey!!! Whoever called me on the phone, are you heeeere?!
7: We came to save youuuuu!!!

1: Come on ouuuuuut!!
2: Samurai!!!
3: Don't call for them, they're murderers!!
4: So, NOW you're hungry?
5: Shut up! I'm just binge eating from the stress!!
6(2b): One thing that's been bugging me...was how that guy was talking about it being "cold!"
7: Ahh, it's cold...
8: Is that you, boss?!
9: You heard him, right?!
10(2b): Yeah, it's blazing hot here. How could someone be cold...?!
11: ...maybe he was just an idiot.
12: What kind of a hypothesis is that?!
13: Maybe there's a cold place on this burning island...?
14: Or maybe he was so frightened he felt cold...?

1: Something wrong, Nami...?
2: ...yeah.
3: The clouds...
4: Now that I've taken a good look at it...something's wrong with the sky at this island. The other side looks like the sky during a frigid winter...
5: Haha, yeah right!!
6: Uwahh, is that a giant?!
7: No, it's bigger than a giant.
8: clatter!!!
9: Grrrrrr!!!
10: Eh?!
11: ...!! Huh!!?
13: Woah? ...!!?
14: These things actually exist?!
15: No...they're just from fairy tales!!
16: There's no way they could be real!!!
17: But look at it...!!
18: There's nothing else you could call it but...

1: A dragon!!?
2: Pssssssh...

1: Punk-Hazard Dwelling
2: Who are you...?
3: HUH!!?
slanted: What is it?!

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