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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bleach 489

March of the StarCross

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 17, 2012 18:51 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: A bloody conflict resurfaces!! The attacks on Soul Society and Hueco Mundo were the work of the Quincy?!]
Renji: Calm down already. / You getting all antsy isn't going to make the meeting end any quicker.
Rukia: Th... / That's...!
Renji: True, right?
Rukia: ...Well, yes, but... // Even so... / The situation is critical... How can you honestly expect me to be calm...?!
Kira: Excuse me.

Kira: While we're waiting for the Captains to finish their meeting... / There's a little something that's been bothering me. // Do you mind?
Rukia: ...Lieutenant Kira...
Kira: I was under the impression that the recent string of incidents... / The rebel army invasion, / the mass elimination of Hollows... / ...and the mysterious disappearances in Rukongai... // ...were all connected into one larger picture. // But in the end... / ...according to the 12th Division's report... // ...while the first two incidents are connected, / the disappearances in Rukongai are being treated as a simple upset amongst the populace... / ...and further investigation into these incidents has been called off. / This despite the fact that these disappearances are still going on. // It doesn't sit right with me. // That's why I want to ask now, while I have the opportunity to address all of my fellow Lieutenants together.

Kira: Is there anyone here... // ...who has taken part in investigations further afield than District 50?
Nanao: ...What exactly are you...?
Yachiru: Uh-huh! // Baldy and Yumi-chi from our squad went to District 64!
Kira: And their report?
Yachiru: Same as everywhere else. // The footprints gathered in one spot and then disappeared. / There weren't any Hollow footprints, so they figured it must've been some kind of trouble among the locals.
Kira: That's not what I'm asking. / I want to know exactly what kind of footprints they found.
Yachiru: ? // Bare feet and sandals...
Nanao: !
Kira: ...I knew it...!

Hisagi: What's the big deal?
Kira: There's been plenty of research carried out into the population strata in Rukongai. / In the areas beyond District 50, the standard of living drops off sharply, and this is reflected in their clothing. The further out you venture, the more of the population wears nothing but rags with bare feet. // And most importantly... // In all the research that has been carried out over the past 550 years, / not one citizen has been observed wearing sandals anywhere beyond District 58. // In other words, / the only sandal footprints that should be found in District 64... // ...are those belonging to Shinigami. // ...I knew there was something strange about all this. // In this type of incident, a spirit particle analysis team from the Research Institute would ordinarily be assigned to aid in the investigation. / But for some reason, that didn't happen this time.

Kira: What exactly... // ...is Captain Kurotsuchi hiding from us? // Lieutenant Kurotsuchi.
Nemu: ...I do not know. // Mayuri-sama has not provided me with any information about this matter.
Kira: I intend to report this to the Captain-Commander.
Nemu: Please, do as you wish. // I am certain that Mayuri-sama would never do anything without good reason.
[Bleach 489]

[March of the StarCross]
[Insert text: Forces collide...!!]
Nel: ...Th... // That'th... / ...not pothibble... // The Treth Bethtia can't have been defeated......
Opie: A Shinigami bearing an Arrancar upon his shoulder? / How very unusual. // However...

Opie: I know exactly who you are. // Kurosaki Ichigo.
Ichigo: ...Figures. / Your friend came after me in particular... // ...so I wouldn't really be surprised if you all know about me.
Opie: Your details were included in the materials that His Majesty distributed to all of our number... // ...as a notable threat to be eliminated with the highest priority!!!

Ichigo: !!! // (What the...? // That isn't Shunpo that they're using. // It isn't Sonido or a Fullbring either. // I know that technique...)

Ichigo: (It's Hirenkyaku!)

Ichigo: Are you telling me... // ...you guys really are Quincy......?!
Opie: Oh, my. / Do you mean to say that you chose to stand against us without even a proper understanding of who we are?! // Well... / From your tone, it sounds as though you had your suspicions, but no clear evidence to confirm them, am I correct? // Very well. // Then let me give you your answer.

Opie: You are correct. // We are the very same Quincy... // ...you know so well.

People: Einverstanden. // Report from the First Jagdarmee. // Notable threat Kurosaki Ichigo has infiltrated Hueco Mundo. // He is currently engaged in combat with General Commander Kirge Opie.

Leader: Right... / Time to go.
People: Your Majesty...?! / Where are you going...?
Leader: Where am I going? // Isn't that obvious? // To Soul Society. // I don't know why that boy has come to Hueco Mundo... / ...but if he's doing battle with Kirge, that should keep him occupied for a short while. // I can think of no better opportunity... // ...to bring Soul Society to its knees. // Send word to the Sternritter.

Leader: The Wandenreich invasion of Soul Society... // ...begins immediately.
Mayuri: You are correct.

Mayuri: I did indeed mobilise members of the 12th Division without authorisation... / ...in order to correct the imbalance of souls by eliminating 28,000 citizens of Rukongai.
Yamamoto: Why did you not request permission? / If the situation was critical, this operation could have been properly authorised.
Mayuri: If the situation were to escalate beyond "critical" whilst I was waiting for permission to be granted... / ...I would have truly had no way to take responsibility for the outcome.
Yamamoto: If the Research Institute had been swifter to report this situation and prepare a solution... // ...then this outcome could have been avoided entirely.
Mayuri: I disagree.

Mayuri: I, for my part, // anticipated this eventuality from the moment the Quincy Ishida Uryuu invaded Seireitei as a ryoka... // ...and I think you will find I made my concerns known. // It is you who disregarded my concerns as baseless. // The responsibility for the current situation... // ...lies entirely with you, Captain Commander, // for your failure one thousand years ago...

Mayuri: ...to eliminate that man when you had the chance!
[Side text: Dissonance spreads within Soul Society...]

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