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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bleach 489

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 19, 2012 00:10 | Go to Bleach

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*Note: Not for use in scanlations.

tl by molokidan

1(2b): Calm down. Jittering around like that isn't going to make the captain's meeting end any sooner.
2(2b): I-I know...
3: Right?
4: ...I know that...
5(2b): But...this is a grave matter...the very idea that I'd be calm is ridiculous...!
6: Sorry.

1(2b): There's something I need to know about before the meeting ends...
2: Do you mind?
3: ...Vice-Captain Kira.
4(3b): These incidents -- the invasion, the mass Hollow disappearance, and the Rukongai citizen disappearance...
5: I thought they were all connected.
6(6b): But the truth is, according to the 12th division's report -- the first two incidents are connected, but the Rukongai incident was blamed on a dispute between the people themselves. All investigations were quickly canceled, even though the disappearances are still continuing.
7: I can't accept this.
8: So I want to talk about this with the Vice-Captains while all the Captains are in the meeting.

1: Among us
2: is there anyone who investigated anywhere beyond District 50?
3: ...what does that have to--
4: Yes!
5: Shiney and Yumichee from my division went to 64!
6: And their report?
7: Same as the others, I think?
8(2b): All footprints disappeared at a certain point. But there were no Hollow footprints so they thought it was just a fight between the villagers.
9(2b): No, what I want to know about is the type of footprints they saw.
10: Barefoot footprints and sandal footprints...
11: ...I knew it...!

1: Knew what?
2(2b): There were facts presented in Rukongai research that stated that the standard of living of Rukongai citizens had suddenly plummeted at the border of the 50th district. Clothes had become rags, and people walking around barefoot had increased...
3: Additionally,
4(2b): Statistics from the past 550 years stated that no citizen beyond the 50th district had ever been found wearing sandals.
5(2b): In other words, if there were sandal footprints in the 64th district,
6: those footprints all belong to Shinigami.
7: ...I thought it was strange.
8(2b): Normally, the spirit particle investigation squad from the technology development department would accompany us on an investigation of this manner. But we didn't even see that...

1: ...just what
2: is Captain Kurotsuchi hiding?
3: Vice-Captain Kurotsuchi.
4: ...I do not know.
5: Mayuri-sama has not given me a single piece of information regarding that matter.
6: ...I'm reporting this to all the Captains.
7: ...do as you like.
8: Mayuri-sama would never ever do something wrong.

white: They clash...!!
1: ...it...
2(2b): It...can't be...
3: The Tres Bestias were beaten...?!
4: A Shinigami with an Arrancar on his shoulder? What a rare sight.
5: However...

1: I already know about you,
2: Kurosaki Ichigo.
3(2b): ...oh. Well, I guess if he could come after me,
4: then it's no surprise that you all know about me too.
5: There was information about you in the daten (*tl note: "Data" in german) we received from our leader.
6: You must be taken care of at high priority -- as a special weapon!!!

1: What?!
2: That wasn't Shunpo.
3: It wasn't Sonido or Fullbring...
4: It was--

1: Hirenkyaku! (Flying Screen Step)

1: Are you...
2: Are you really Quincies...?!
3(2b): Oh my. Don't tell me you were challenging us without even knowing who we were?!
4: No, hearing your words right now, it seems like you merely had a "hypothesis," but no "confirmation."
5: Fine then,
6: Allow me to answer.

1(2b): You are correct. We are the Quincies
2: you know well.
3: click

1: Eingeschworen
2: Jagdarmee #1 has contacted us.
3: The "special weapon" Kurosaki Ichigo has invaded Hueco Mundo.
4: He is currently fighting with Executive Hunting Captain Kirge Opie.

1(2b): Shall we go, then?
2 Sire...?! To where...?
3: "To where?"
4: Isn't it obvious?
5: Soul Society.
6(2b): I don't know why he entered Hueco Mundo, but if he's fighting with Kirge then he won't be able to move again for a while.
7: We will have no better chance
8: to trample Soul Society.
9: Notify the Sternenritter.

1: The Vandenreich
2: will now invade Soul Society.
3: Yes sir.

1(2b): I mobilized the 12th division troops and exterminated 28,000 Rukongai citizens without permission in order to level the soul balance.
2(2b): Why didn't you ask for permission? If it was an urgent matter then you would have received it.
3(2b): Because if it had become more than an urgent matter by the time I received permission, I wouldn't have been able to take responsibility.
4: If the speed of your technology development department's work and reports was faster...
5: then we may have been able to avoid this entire situation.
6: That is not true.

1: When
2: the Quincy ryoka Ishida Uryuu invaded the Seireitei,
3: I had already foreseen this event and given you counsel.
4: You are the one who passed it off as an absurd fear.
5: The one who invited all of this
6: was you, Commander,
7: 1000 years ago.

1: Because you failed to completely kill that one man!

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