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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 664

Master Caesar Clown

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 17, 2012 18:52 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 664: Master Caesar Clown

[Insert text: This is Tashigi, not Smoker!!]
Tashigi!Smoker: If I recall correctly, over the past few years... / ...there have been a number of child kidnapping incidents on the islands around this area.
People: Kidnappings~~~~?! // More importantly, we can't get used to you like this, Captain-chan!!
Tashigi!Smoker: I can't help it, can I?! Just bear with it for the moment!!
Smoker!Tashigi: Oi, Tashigi. What's this about kidnappings? I never heard about any kids getting abducted.
Tashigi!Smoker: Can you please fasten up that shirt, Smoker-san?!!
People: And this very "open" Captain-chan has all the looks... / ...but what's inside is too scary!!!

Smoker!Tashigi: The only incidents I remember cropping up a lot in these parts are shipwrecks. / Though come to think of it, I do remember thinking that kids seem to die a lot around here.
People: Now you mention it, I've noticed that too!
Tashigi!Smoker: The thing is, I've been spending a fair amount of time in the Communications department... / ...and I can tell you for a fact that G-5 receives a lot of reports of child kidnappings. // [aside]Ah... I don't have any glasses...[/aside] / But by the time these incidents make it into the newspapers... / ...they are always reported as accidents at sea, or pirate raids, or simple disappearances... // Of course, it's probably just that the people sending the initial reports were making wild assumptions! / But even so... There may be the slight possibility...
People: .........
Smoker!Tashigi: Enough stumbling over your words, Tashigi!!

Smoker!Tashigi: If you have a theory to voice, then tell it to me loud and clear!!! // I presume you're trying to say that after the crowd of children we just witnessed... / ...you suspect that the kidnapping reports may have been right on the mark after all. // And the kidnapper responsible may be somewhere on this island. / But if that turns out to be true...!!
Tashigi!Smoker: ......... // ..................
Smoker!Tashigi: It implies the information that got out to the public was faked. In other words... / Someone inside G-5 has been covering up these kidnappings...!!
People: ?! // You mean... someone inside G-5 is working for the kidnapper?! // Now hold on there, Smoke-san!! We can't have you looking down on us like that! Sure, we may be a bunch of misfits... // But we still have some pride in our station as Marines!!!

Smoker!Tashigi: SHUT UP!!!
People: Aghhhhh!!! / Too scary!!
Smoker!Tashigi: You really think I can be bothered with suspecting a bunch of idiots like you?!!
People: Ehhhhhhh~~~?!
Smoker!Tashigi: That said, I wouldn't advise you to place too much faith in the Marines either!! // As long as humanity divides itself into factions, no organisation in this world can be perfect...!!! // Make assumptions, and the enemy will slip through your grasp!! Don't be taken in by appearances!!!
People: ...Ahh......!! // ...............?!! // YES SIR, CAPTAIN-CHAN, SIR!!!
Smoker!Tashigi: .................. / ...Oh, forget it.
Tashigi!Smoker: I'm the Captain!
People: Oh, yeah!! We were taken in by appearances!!

Tashigi!Smoker: But, Smoker-san, I... I really can't say with any confidence...
Smoker!Tashigi: Don't fret yourself. It's a theory worth keeping in mind, that's all. // At any rate, Law has taken my heart and my body from me. / I can't leave this island just yet. // One-third of you should leave the island now and report what has happened here.
People: What are you talking about, Vice-Admiral?!! Our ship has been sliced to pieces...!
Smoker!Tashigi: I told you the enemy has a ship, didn't I? So steal it.
People: Of course!! Why didn't we think of that?!! You're a villain through and through!!!
Smoker!Tashigi: But take it slow and careful. Before this gets out and becomes a major incident, I intend to take back my heart and body... // ...and expose the true mastermind behind all this!!!

[Box: Former Vegapunk Research Facility]
Caesar: Finally, we've received word. // We have permission to take their lives. / The Straw Hat crew... the Marines of G-5... and Kitsunebi no Kin'emon. // No matter who dies on this island... / ...Joker will make it look like a mere accident at sea. That's just what I was hoping to hear...!! // Capture as many of them as possible... / We can never have too many subjects for our experiments...!!
Minions: Yes, Master!!
Caesar: However, if some prove too difficult to capture alive, feel free to poison them to death. / Where is Law?
Minions: He left the room just now and...
Caesar: No matter. It seems we're up against an enemy with a 400 million bounty. Don't push yourselves too hard.

Moné: The other members of the crew are also all bounty heads... / ...with bounty values ranging from 120 million to 50 Beli. The total bounty of the crew amounts to 800 million and 50 Beli.
Caesar: !
Moné: However, for a period of approximately two years... / ...it seems the crew has been entirely inactive. Their bounties have not been raised during this period, so their actual strength may exceed what the numbers would suggest.
Caesar: Thorough as always, I see, Moné.
Centaur: MASTER!!! // *pant* // *pant*... *pant*...
Caesar: ?! // Oh...? What happened to you? Did you just come in from the freezing cold without even a coat for protection?!!
Centaur: Our clothes were stolen by the pirates...!! But more importantly... / They went and kidnapped our Boss, Brownbeard...!! // Please... You have to help him......!!
Caesar: Dear me, how terrible that must have been...!! But no need to worry about Brownbeard. / I will take him back, mark my words...!!! For now, head into the inner chamber.
Centaur: .........
Caesar: You are very lucky; as it happens, I have just perfected a new medicine. / It will warm your body and sooth your wounds...!!
Centaur: Really?! That would be wonderful... Please, help the others too...
Caesar: Of course I will. But first, heal yourself.

[Box: The Straw Hats]
Sanji!Nami: And what the hell do you call this, Usopp?!! // You're spoiling Nami-san's beautiful looks!!
Franky!Chopper: I feel quite SUPER~~~!!
Nami!Franky: I don't even care any more...
Chopper!Sanji: Thanks for this, Usopp~~~~!!
Usopp: Sorry, but this is the only way to stop us all getting totally confused!! // ?
Luffy: "Brownbeard"~~~~~?
Brownbeard: That's right! I'm sure you've heard it before... That's the name I used to go by!!!
Luffy: Nope, never heard of it.
Brownbeard: The hell did you just say?!!!

Zoro: What's made you so talkative all of a sudden......?
Brownbeard: You people are all going to be killed soon enough. Law is going to come and save me, you wait and see!! Wohohoh!! / I can't stand most pirates of your generation, but Law is an exception!
Luffy: What d'you mean, "our generation"?
Brownbeard: You don't even know?! Ignorant fool! / Those crazy rookies who gathered on Shabondy Island two years ago... / ...all eleven of you with bounties above 100 million, that is, plus Blackbeard... / ...are known to the world as the "Terrible Generation"!! // A generation of outrageous problem children, born in the void between the end of one age and the start of another, bearing a fate of conflict and strife!!! // After the fall of Whitebeard, they stormed into the New World and left chaos and turmoil in their wake...!! / Whenever a major incident occurred, you could be sure that a pirate from the Terrible Generation would be right at the centre!!! // Blackbeard!! Kidd!! Law!! Drake!! Hawkins!! / That accursed Basil Hawkins was the man who annihilated my crew, the Brownbeard Pirates!!

Brownbeard: Thanks to him, I lost my legs and was no longer able to continue my life of piracy...!! / My whole crew devastated, I fled desperately for my life... // And this place, Punk Hazard, is where I wound up!! // Do you people even realise what this place is?! // Long ago, they say it was a veritable treasure trove of greenery and life...
Luffy: Greenery and life? Here?!
Zoro: That's hard to believe...
Brownbeard: The facilities you see here originally belonged to the Government scientist, Vegapunk. / He used them to further his research and experimentation into all kinds of weaponry and drugs. // He had many prisoners brought here instead of being taken to jail, / and used them in his horrific experiments......!!

Brownbeard: But then, four years ago, an experiment involving a chemical weapon Vegapunk was developing went horribly wrong... // ...and two of the three research facilities on the island were laid to rubble...!! // The place we're standing now... // ...is the remains of one of those facilities!!!
StrawHats: ?! // No wonder it's so messed up...!!
Brownbeard: The explosion covered the island with scorching heat and poisonous chemicals, wiping out all traces of life. // But the Government researchers sailed away without a thought for all the prisoners they left behind... / ...and sealed off the island completely!
Robin: ...............!!
Brownbeard: The abandoned prisoners sought refuge in the one research lab that was still standing. / They took shelter there from the poisonous gases that had flooded the island outside. // Due to a powerful nerve gas, even those who didn't die outright were mostly paralysed from the waist down... / ...and their futures seemed bleak at best...!!

Brownbeard: But then, one year after the accident, a man arrived on the island once more. / That man was none other than our great and merciful Master...!! // Using his special abilities, he cleansed the island of the poisonous gases that plagued it... / And with the power of science, he granted the prisoners who had lost the use of their legs the freedom to move once more, taking them in as his own subordinates!!
Franky!Chopper: Aaahhhhhh!! Master~~~!!
Chopper!Sanji: Masteeeeer~~~!!!
Brownbeard: It was another year later that I found my way to this island. / There were still traces of poisonous chemicals in the air, and breathing the air made me horribly sick. // I didn't even have the strength of will to go on living. I thought my life was over then and there. / But then they appeared before me... The former prisoners who had lost their legs, just like I had... and their Master...!!! // Thanks to his kindness, my life was saved just as theirs had been before me...! // If the evil Vegapunk who stole my comrades' legs is a demon... / ...then our Master is a benevolent God and saviour.........!!!

Brownbeard: And finally, just a few months ago...... / Our second saviour arrived. // Trafalgar Law, who had become a member of the Shichibukai... / ...came to this island. // He took pity on me and my comrades who had lost our legs... / ...and used his ability to replace them with wonderful new legs!! // The legs of all kinds of different animals!! / We had long since given up all hope of ever walking again... The joy of it brought us all to tears!!!
Franky!Chopper: WHAT A TOUCHING STORY~~~~!!!
Luffy: I know Tra-dude was a nice guy really! He helped me out too, after all!
Nami!Franky: I never knew Vegapunk was such a monster...!!!
Sanji!Nami: The goat-legged people we saw at the facility must have been created with his ability, too...
Usopp: The centaurs and the harpy all make sense now... But hang on a minute. / What about the dragon?

Brownbeard: Oh, you saw the dragon, did you? / That thing is an artificially-engineered creature originally created by Vegapunk to guard this island. / It can survive in any harsh climate. / I seem to recall the Tenryuubito took a liking to it and gave it some kind of name... I can't remember what, though. / If you see it again, you should run for your lives. It's a vicious beast.
Zoro: All right. // (We already ate it, though...)
Brownbeard: At any rate, I hope you understand now who calls the shots on this island. We won't allow anyone else to invade our territory! / Punk Hazard belongs to our Master, and our Master alone!! // Wohohohoh......!! / You should be happy!!! // Our Master is carrying out a grand research project for the sake of humanity's future...!! / All of you will get to become research subjects for the sake of his glorious goal!! // There's no escape for you now!! Wohohohohoh!!

[Box: The Facility]
Centaur: Master...!! / Master, it hurts!! Wha...ghhh... / *cough* *cough* // What kind of... ughhh... medicine is this...?!!! / You've gotta... aghhhh... let me... urghhh... out...!
Caesar: Hold on a little longer!! // How do you feel right now?!
Centaur: Ueeeerghhhh~~!! / *cough* *cough*
Caesar: Retching... Coughing... I see, very good!! / Does your head hurt?!
Centaur: It hurts... the painnn...
Caesar: I see!! / How about your eyes? Are you seeing any hallucinations?!
Centaur: The room... it's full of... giant snakes...!!!
Caesar: Shurororo... Of course it isn't. That's enough, I'll put you out of your misery. // A little disappointing...
Moné: Another failure?
Caesar: Did you say "failure"?! Don't you dare use that word!! No experiment of mine has ever been a failure!! / And that includes my experiment four years ago!! // Oh, they all think they're so clever, calling it a gigantic screw-up...!!

Caesar: Failed experiment?! Hah!! My weapon wiped out all life on this entire island...!!! // And you call that a failure, World Government?!!! I can kill my enemies more effectively than anyone else!!!
[Box: Former Government Scientist / Bounty 300,000,000 Beli / "Master" Caesar Clown / (User of the Gas-Gas no Mi)]
Caesar: Shurorororo...!! I have even taken the trouble to monitor and inspect the state of my weapon's victims...!!! // You just wait... Soon enough, I will show you all who is truly the world's greatest scientist!!!

[Box: The Marines]
People: Huhhh?! But then, Smoke-san...!! // The one who was really responsible for that massive accident was...?!!!
Smoker!Tashigi: It was Caesar Clown who created the weapon, and Caesar Clown who set it off. // He held the No. 2 position in the research team back then, but he always had the most twisted ideas. / He never saw eye-to-eye with Vegapunk; the two were bitter rivals. Vegapunk was only held responsible for the accident because he had seniority.
People: ...............!!
Smoker!Tashigi: Naturally, the development of weapons that serve no purpose but to flood an entire island with deadly poison gas is against the law. / Caesar was arrested once, but his ability was too much for his captors. // He escaped from the prison transport vessel, and hasn't been sighted since. // If Caesar really is here on this island, continuing his research... // ...then we have to stop him, now. / Because whatever he's working on, you can bet the results aren't going to be pretty......!!!
[Insert text: A truly dangerous man!!]

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