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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

One Piece 664

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 19, 2012 00:11 | Go to One Piece

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*Note: Not for use in scanlations.

Chapter 664 - "Master Caesar Clown"

1: If my memory is correct, then...
slanted: Inside Smoker...is Tashigi!!
2: there were some child kidnapping cases that happened recently around these seas.
3: Kidnapping cases?!
4: How can we concentrate on something like that? We can't get used to you like this, Captain-chan!!
5: What choice do you have?! Just get used to it for the moment!!
6: Hey, Tashigi, what's the big idea? I didn't hear about any little runts getting kidnapped.
7: Button your shirt, Smoker-san!!
8(2b): I like the way this "open" Captain-chan looks, but it's her inner part that's scary!!!

1(2b): All we we ever get from this area are shipwreck reports once in a while...but now that you mention it...I do remember it as being an area that sees a lot of child deaths.
2: Ohh, yeah, that's right! Kids die a lot here.
3(2b): During my visits to the intelligence department, I noticed that there were many reports of child kidnappings in G-5...
4: squeak
5(3b): Ahh...that's right, I have no glasses. --But by the time they got to the papers, they all became shipwrecks, pirate incidents, and missing person reports...
6(2b): But of course...!! The people who reported them were probably just jumping to conclusions...although...I guess it isn't completely impossible...
7: Seems like you're having trouble speaking, Tashigi!!

1: If this your hunch, then tell it to me straight!!!
2(2b): Let's see here -- so you saw all those kids back there...and started to wonder whether all those kidnapping reports were actually the truth?
3(2b): And that maybe the criminal's on this island...? If that turns out to be the truth...!!
4(2b): It means the articles that've spread around the world were all lies...and that someone inside G-5 erased all traces of the child kidnappings...!!
5: You mean to say...one of the kidnapper's men is in G-5?!
6: Hey, come on, Smo-san!! You gotta have at least a LITTLE respect for us!! We may be the runovers of the service,
7: but we still have a minimum level of pride as marines, you know!!!

1: Shuddap!!!
2(2b): Gyaaaahh!!! Damn you're scary!!
3: jerk!!
4: Why the hell would I waste my time suspecting idiots like you?!
5: Whaaaat?!
6: But hey! Don't start getting any weird ideas about the marines.
7: Know this -- as long as humans are the ones running things, a perfect organization will never exist in this world...!!!
8: Getting carried away by your imaginations will let the enemy escape!! Don't let appearances deceive you!!!
9: ...eh...?!
10: Yes ma'am, Captain-chan!!!
11: Just shut up, you guys.
12: I'm the Captain.
13: Oh yeah!! We let appearances deceive us!!

1: But Smoker-san...I don't have that much confidence in it...
2: That's fine! It's still worth leaving it in the corner of your mind.
3(2b): Either way, it doesn't change the fact that Law's pinned down my "heart" and "body." I can't leave this island yet.
4: A third of you need to go to the ship and make a report on what happened here.
5: What are you saying, Vice-Admiral?! The ship was busted to smithereens...
6: You said you saw one of their ships docked, right? ...go steal it.
7: Oh yeah!! I forgot about that!! Damn!! You're evil!!!
8: We need to be careful...and I need to steal back my own heart and body before things get too out of control...
9: Then we can pull the plug on this island's conspiracy!!!

1: Meanwhile, in Vegapunk's old Lab...
2: Finally, we connected.
3(2b): Permission to kill has been granted for the Straw Hat Pirates, G-5, and Kinemon the Will o' Wisp...
4(2b): Seems like whoever we kill on this island, JOKER will be able to work it into being an "accident" in a nearby ocean! This is great...!!
5(2b): Capture as many as you can...the more specimens the better...!!
6: Yes master!!
7: --but they won't go easily. You can poison them to death, I don't care...where's Law?
8: He just left this room...
9: Fine, whatever. Apparently, our enemy has a 400 million bounty...don't overdo it.

1(2b): --After that, we have bounty targets from 120 million down to 50. Their total bounty is 800 million and 50 B.
2(2b): But it looks like they were quiet for 2 years, and didn't make any incidents, so their bounties have been the same for that long. They're probably even stronger than the numbers make them seem.
3: You're always so industrious, Mone.
4(2b): Master!!! Haa...a...
5: Haa
6: Oh, what are you people doing? You were outside without a coat in that freezing cold!!?
7(2b): The pirates stole our coats...but more importantly!! They took Boss Brownbeard with them...!!
8: Please...save him...!!
9(2b): Oh, the poor thing...!! But you don't need to worry about Brownbeard. We'll get him back for sure...!!! Now hurry, go into the back room!!
10(2b): You're a lucky one, you know. I just finished a new serum...it warms the body AND heals wounds...!!
11: Really?! What a relief...please, give the others some too...
12: But of course. First, however, I'll start with you...

1: Meanwhile, at the Straw Hats' area--
2: Hey, what's the big idea, Usopp?!
3: This is ruining Nami-san's beautiful face!!
4: Pretty super!!
5: I don't even care anymore...
6: Thanks, Usopp!!
7: We have to do this, otherwise we'll keep getting confused!!
8: Brownbeard?
9: Yeah! You've heard of me, haven't you? That's my old nickname!!!
10: Never heard of it.
11: What? Goddammit!!

1: What happened? You wouldn't tell us anything before...
2(2b): Yeah, but you're all gonna die soon, so who cares? Law's gonna come save me! Woahhoh!! I hate the generation of pirates you're from, but Law's a special exception.
3: What? Our generation?
4(4b): Don't you know, you idiot?! I'm talking about the 11 rookies with bounties over 100 million that met up at Sabaody Archipelago two years ago, along with Blackbeard...people these days refer to you as the "worst generation!!"
5: You're all just a bunch of problem children fated to war because you were born in this period between the end of an age and the beginning of a new one!!!
6(2b): They all jumped in to the New World after Whitebeard passed away and ripped the place up...!! Whenever some big problem happens, the people at the center are always the pirates from this generation!!!
7(2b): Blackbeard!! Kid, Law, Drake, Hawkins!! It was Basil Hawkins who tore asunder my Brownbeard Pirates!!

1(2b): Thanks to him I lost both my legs, and the ability to keep going on as a pirate...!! My allies were all devastated and barely escaped with their lives,
2: only to arrive here! At Punk Hazard!!
3: Do you know what this place is?!
4: It used to be a treasure trove of life, brimming with greenery...
5: This place?!
6: Hard to believe that one...
7(2b): This used to be an experiment facility for the government scientist Vegapunk. In this place, he did experiment upon experiment, developing drugs and weapons.
8(2b): Some criminals were even taken here instead of to a prison in order to undergo human experiments, like guinea pigs...!!

1: But then, four years ago, one of Vegapunk's chemical weapon experiments failed
2: and two of the three labs that were here were blown sky high...!!
3: These are the ruins
4: of that facility!!!
5: That's why everything's all beaten up...!!
6: The explosion spread toxic substances and high heat, stealing away the very life of the island.
7(2b): --and despite it all, those government bastards left the guinea pig prisoners here to die. Every last one of them escaped and then closed off the island.
8(2b): The prisoners who had been left here holed up in the only lab that still had its shape, as it protected them from the poison gas that filled the air.
9(2b): The powerful nerve gas got to those who didn't die and paralyzed them from the legs down. They had absolutely no hope left...!!

1(2b): --but then, after a year passed...our merciful master arrived to the island...!! He possessed a special ability
2: that allowed him to purify the poison gas on the island and give scientifically-powered legs to the paralyzed prisoners...he even accepted them as his own men!!
3: Woahhhh!! Master!!
4: Masterrrr!!!
5(2b): I disembarked here one year after that, two years from present day. Toxic substances still lingered on the island, and even breathing could make you nauseous.
6(2b): I didn't have any will left to live. I figured this would be the place where I'd die. But then, the prisoners, legless like me, appeared along with Master...!!!
7: Master's kindness saved my life as well!
8(2b): If Vegapunk's a devil for taking away my comrades' legs, then our master's a benevolent god of salvation...!!!

1(2b): Then, a few months ago...the second god of salvation appeared...
2: Trafalgar Law, a newly-made Shichibukai, came to the island...
3(2b): He used his ability to give all us cripples new legs!!
4(2b): He gave us the legs of living animals!! We thought we'd never be able to walk again! Tears of joy spilled from our eyes!!!
5: What a great story!!!
6: See, Traffy's a good guy after all. He saved me, too.
7: I didn't know Vegapunk was such an evil man...!!!
8: So he used his ability on those people with sheep legs that we saw in the lab...
9(2b): The centaurs and the bird-woman...now I get it...but wait a second. What about the dragon?

1(5b): --oh, so you saw the dragon? That's a man-made creature that Vegapunk originally created to guard this island. It could adapt to any environment. I think...the Celestial Dragons liked it and gave it some kind of name...but I forgot what it was. If you see it, just uh, run. It's pretty violent.
2: OK.
3: Although, we ate it...
4(2b): Anyway, do you know who the important people of this island are now? The deserted Punk Hazard belongs to our master now!
5(2b): Woahohohoh...!! Rejoice!!
6(2b): Master is doing research for the sake of the human race even now...!! And you all get to become the few specimens he needs!
7: He won't let you get away!! Woahohohoh!!

1: In the lab--
2(2b): Master!! Master, it hurts!! Cough, cough
3(2b): What kind of medicine is this...?! Please, let me out...
4: Just bear it for a little!!
5: How do you feel now?!
6: Oehhhhhh!! Cough, cough
7(2b): Nausea, coughing...good!! Does your head hurt?!
8: It...it...it hurts!
9(2b): Good!! What about your eyes? Are you hallucinating?!
10: There's a giant snake...in this room!!!
11: Shuroro! No there isn't. Good, you may rest in piece now.
12: Oh well...
13: --another failure?
14(2b): Failure?! Watch your tongue! None of my experiments ever fail! Not even what happened 4 years ago!
15: Everyone just kept spewing such foolish things!!

1: A failed experiment?! My weapon killed an entire island...!!!
2: You call that a failure, world government?! I can kill more of your enemies than anyone else!!!
3: Ex-government scientist
300,000,000 B bounty
Master Caesar Clown
(Gas-Gas no Mi Ability User)
4: Shurorororo...!! And I've even done surveillance on what happened to the victims of the attack afterwards...!!!
5: Just watch me...I'll prove to you who the greatest scientist in the world is!!!

1: Back with the marines--
2: Huh?! Really, Smo-san?!
3: The one who really caused that big accident...!!!
4: The one who created the weapon AND set it off was Caesar Clown!
5(2b): He was the No. 2 of the science division at the time, but he had a horrible imagination, and was always at ends with Vegapunk -- Vegapunk only took the blame for that accident, and nothing more.
6(2b): Of course, developing a simple weapon of murder that creates toxic gas is illegal. Caesar was arrested once, but he's got a hell of an ability...
7: He escaped from the prison ship -- and has been in hiding ever since. If Caesar's really continuing his research on this island,
8(2b): then we've got to stop him fast...before we face another one of his horrors...!!!
white: He's a dangerous man!!

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