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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bleach 490

March of the StarCross 2

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 17, 2012 18:53 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: A thousand-year feud!! The Quincy whom Genryuusai failed to eliminate... After all these years, he assaults Soul Society!]
Announcement: Calling all Sternritter, by order of the King. // One of the five Notable Threats... // ...namely, Kurosaki Ichigo, has engaged our forces in combat within Hueco Mundo. // All members of the Sternritter... / ...are to prepare themselves for battle and assemble immediately at the Sun Gate. // The Wandenreich assault on Soul Society... // ...begins immediately.

Bleach 490
March Of The StarCross 2
[Insert text: All-out war...!!]

Opie: ...Right on the mark. // What's wrong?! // Don't tell me you're finished already!

Opie: ............His Zanpakutou...?
Ichigo: Now, that's weird... // I could've sworn Ishida said... // ...the only weapon Quincy use is their bows.

Opie: Wha......

Orihime: Kurosaki-kun!
Ichigo: Inoue! // Take care of Nel for me!!

Opie: ...I see. // So you are able to avoid, deflect, and even hurl back my Heilig Pfeil with your bare hands... // I feel quite ashamed at the inadequacy of my techniques...

Ichigo: I didn't know your Quincy arrows had weird names like that. // But don't worry, yours were still a fair bit more powerful than Ishida's. / Though I guess I haven't faced his for a while now...
Opie: "Ishida"? // When you say "Ishida"... // ...would you be referring to Ishida Uryuu?
Ichigo: ...So you're pretty familiar with him too, huh? // Just who the heck are you people?
Opie: You say that Ishida Uryuu's Heilig Pfeil are less powerful than my own.........? // How strange... // That cannot possibly be true.

Ichigo: ...And what's that supposed to mean?
Opie: No, no... / Speech is silver... / ...silence is golden. // I appear to have been a little too verbose. Forgive me. // It would seem... // ...that I will have more to report to His Majesty after this battle than I anticipated.
Ichigo: And just who is this "His Majesty" that you keep going on about?
Opie: There is no need for me to answer that question. / What good would it do?

Opie: I have just received orders from His Majesty himself to defeat you here at all costs... // ...with all of my strength. // In other words, you are going to die here today. // So any information I give you would be worthless. // Now... // Please observe. // I daresay you have already heard tell... // ...of the power I am about to use. // You may know it by the name "Quincy Letzt Stil".

Ichigo: !

[no text just quincycross]

[no text just quincybankai]

Opie: But allow me to inform you of its proper name. // This form is known as... // The "Quincy Vollständig"!

Pesche: Hurry up!! / We must hurry!! // It looks like they are fighting with a tremendous intensity!!
Urahara: Wait, wait, what are you talking about?! // I thought you were the one who suggested in the first place that while Kurosaki Ichigo was drawing the enemy's attention... / ...we should take the opportunity to rescue Dondochakka!
Pesche: W... / Well, yes, that was my idea... // But I did not think it would take us this much time...! // This is all your fault for being so heavy and hiding underneath all that sand!!
Dondochakka: Oww! That hurts!!
Urahara: Ahhhh~!

[Side text: The march towards ruin waits for no-one...]

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