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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 667

Cool Fight

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 16, 2012 22:02 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 667: Cool Fight
From Shipdecks Around The World
Vol 47: Kamabakka Kingdom - The Unchanging Okama Queen Reads Of Luffy's Departure

[Insert text: Brownbeard meets a terrible fate on the orders of his merciless Master...]
Luffy: Huh?!! / Brown Croc?!! // Didn't those guys just now come to save him?!!
Chopper!Sanji: No, it looks like they were after the kids!! That and our lives...!!! / But first, they eliminated Brownbeard on their Master's orders!!! Even though he was on their side!! // Even though Brownbeard looked up to his Master so much!!
Luffy: .........
Flashback!Brownbeard: Our Master is a benevolent God and saviour...!!
Chopper!Sanji: Luffy! This "Master" must be a pretty screwed-up guy, right?
Luffy: .........

Chopper!Sanji: I'm never going to let these kids go back to that monster!!! / I'm really worried about Nami-Franky who got abducted by them, too!! // Who knows what they might do to her!!
Luffy: Yeah. // I'll get them back no matter what!!! / You guys take care of the kids!!!
Franky!Chopper: Hold it, Luffy!! I'm going with you!! It's my body that got abducted!!! // Chopper!! I can't fight in this body!! Lend me those bean things of yours! / You know, the ones that let you transform!! Turn into a monster and stuff!!
Chopper!Sanji: Beans?!! My Rumble Balls are a powerful medicine!! I'll give you just one of them... / ...But I doubt you'll be able to control it!
Franky!Chopper: All right, just hand it over.
Chopper!Sanji: Now listen carefully, okay? You can only turn into a monster for three minutes! After the three minutes are up, you won't be able to fight for a little while, so if you can, try to stick to my Kung-Fu Point as long as -

Chopper!Sanji: YOU ATE IT ALREADY~~~~~~~~?!!!
Luffy: All right, let's move, Franky!! This way!!
Franky!Chopper: Rrrrhh....
Luffy: Guahhhhhhhhh!!! Why is he trying to attack me~~~~~?!!!
Franky!Chopper: GRRRUOOOHHHHHH!!!!
Chopper!Sanji: I knew it... He's completely out of control~~~!!!

Robin/Usopp/Chopper!Sanji: .........
Usopp: ......So, uh, what's Franky actually planning to do?
Chopper!Sanji: He won't be able to move after he turns back to normal, so, uh... / I can't really see him being much help...
Robin: He'll just be in the way.
[Box: Caesar's Research Lab]
Caesar: I don't know where he got his hands on it... / ...but this "Cyborg" Franky seems to have one of Vegapunk's lasers embedded in his body...!! // Once you've sliced up his body and retrieved the laser system, I have no further use for him. / You can give him a nice warm furnace bath!!
Minions: Understood. // One more thing... About the attacking Marines...
Caesar: I've already got a solution to that problem in the works. // For now, all you need to do is make sure all of our troops on the island are evacuated. If they don't want to die, that is... / Shurorororo...
Minions: Huh?!
[Box: In the mountains behind the facility...]
Nami!Franky: Let me go~~~!! I said let go, idiot~~~!!

Nami!Franky: What are you people?! // You perverts!! What are you planning to do with me, huh?! // I mean, I know I'm super-cute and ultra-stylish and anyone in their right mind would want to kidnap me...
Rock: What is this man talking about...?
Scotch: He's clearly an okama. How cool...
Nami!Franky: But you'd better be prepared for the consequences! Luffy won't let you get away with this!! He'll make you wish you were never born!!!
Rock: I'll ask you to be quiet. People who prattle on endlessly...
Scotch: ...aren't cool at all.
Rock: But it looks like the weapon attached to your body...
Scotch: ...is pretty cool.
Rock: And if we hand it over to our Master, our reward will be...
Scotch: SO COOL!!!

Rock: Still, it's pretty damn cold out here... Brrrr...!!
Scotch: My body's feeling too cool!!!
[Box: Rock]
[Box: Yeti Cool Brothers / -Snow Mountain Killers- / Rock & Scotch]
[Box: Scotch]
Rock: What are rifles to us may as well be cannons to you. / We have poison-gas shells as well...!! The likes of you won't even be able to find us, let alone defeat us...!!
Scotch: You think your crewmates will come for you? But of course. / That's what we're counting on; we've made sure of it. // Nobody can resist following a trail of footprints in the snow...

Luffy: Ahhhhh~~~! // A trail of footprints! / That's helpful! // They're pretty big and obvious, too! // Hey, Franky, stop that!! // Huh? The footprints end her- // Ahh...
Rock: Here they come!! Let's do this, Scotch!!
Luffy: Aaaaaaaghhhhh!!
Franky!Chopper: GGGGRUUUOOOHHHHHH~~~!!
Scotch: OK, Rock!! / They must be pretty thickheaded not to even notice the cliff!
Nami!Franky: Luffy?!! / And Chopper... No, that's Franky!!

Luffy: Huh? // Nami~~~~~!!
Nami!Franky: Be careful!! There are enemies here!!
Luffy: Huh?!! Whoahh!! It's a sea of spikes down below!!!
Rock: Too easy! Meet your doom... // ...on this bed of icicles!!
Luffy: Armament Reinforcement! // Gomu Gomu no...!!!

Luffy: GATLING!!!
People: !!!
Rock: I see... / So this won't be quite that simple... // !!
Luffy: You're those guys from before, right? // Hmlphh... // FUUSEN!!!

Luffy: Using this technique as a "simple defence" that does nothing but bounce bullets in random directions isn't very efficient. // That's what Rayleigh taught me! // It's better to send all those bullets speeding back at double the speed in a powerful counterattack!! // Gomu Gomu no...... // OREI FIRE!!!
[TN: "Orei" = "Thanks"]
Rock: !! // Guohh!!
Scotch: Rock!!

Scotch: Ugh... You just wait... // This mountain of ice is a treasure trove of weaponry!
Nami!Franky: Watch out!! The summit of the ice-mountain...!!!
Franky!Chopper: GRUOOHHHH~~!!!
Luffy: I said stop that, Franky!!
Rock: Nghhh... Are they...fighting amongst themselves...?! // They're taking us lightly, the bastards...
Luffy: Seriously, stop that~~~~~!!
Rock: *pant*... *pant*...

Nami!Franky: Luffy!! Franky!! Watch out above you!!! // They're attacking from your sides as well!! Look out~~~~!!!
Rock: You're not going to be able to dodge that glacier!! / Not after I hit you with my KYP Gas Shells that induce instant drunkenness...!! // Now meet your ends like your three crewmates did before you!!! // Hm?

Rock: GUEHHH!!!
Nami!Franky: HE DID SOMETHING USEFUL~~~~~!!! // [aside]ehhhhh?![/aside]
[BubbleSFX: CLATTER CLATTER KABLAMMM!! // Aaaaaghhhhh...]
Luffy: Nice going!! Not bad at all, Franky!! // Hm?
Luffy: Aghh!! Seriously, you need to quit doing that!!! // Gomu Gomu no...!!!

Franky!Chopper: GRUOOHHHH!!!
Luffy: !
Nami!Franky: Noooooo!! Luffy~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Oh, no... Nami!!! // Sorry, Franky and Chopper! / I'll get Chopper to fix you up later!! // Ugh... This mountain region's so huge... // If I lose them now, it'll be a real pain finding them!!

Scotch: These mountains are like our personal garden. You can't possibly catch us here!!
Luffy: Whoaa!! He went straight up!!
Scotch: Hm?
Nami: Ahh!! // That's...!!
Scotch: Oh, fancy seeing you here!! Good timing. Straw Hat Luffy is heading this -
[BubbleSFX: Sschh......]
People: ?!!
Scotch: Huh?! // ......!! Nguahh!!! // ...............!! // THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE PLAYING AT~~~~?!!!
Law: .........
Scotch: ?!
Law: Counter Shock.

Scotch: ?!!! // ......!! Urghh...
Luffy: ...?! Tra-dude~~~~!!
Nami!Franky: Th... Thank you... / ...Wait, forget that!! You - Give me my body back!!
Luffy: Oh, did you help out Nami~~~?!!
Law: ......... // ...I've been doing a little thinking... // I came here to discuss something with you, Straw Hat...!!
Luffy: ?
Law: I don't doubt it was pure chance that brought you here...

Law: But there's an important key hidden somewhere on this island. / Something with the power to turn the New World upside down.
Luffy: ...............?
Law: If you want to survive in the New World, there are only two ways to go about it. / Either you swear allegiance to one of the Yonkou... Or you do battle with them. // You don't seem like the kind of guy who would subordinate himself to another pirate.
Luffy: That's right! I want to be Captain!
Law: Then form an alliance with us!
Luffy: ...An alliance?
Law: If you and I work together, we may just be able to pull this off... // I have a plan... // ...to take down one of the Yonkou!!!
Luffy: ?!!
[Insert text: A shocking proposal!!]

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