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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 667

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:41 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 667 - COOL FIGHT
Fishman Island comes to a shocking climax!! Vol. 66 now on sale!!
top: Over 250,000 visitors! The OP Exhibition continues! Details
on page 7!
On July 14 (Sat) the One Piece ride attraction "One Piece Ride
Cruise ~for the new world~" opens at Nagasaki Huisten Bosch!
bottom: One Piece Grand Arena Tour tickets go on sale June 11, and
from August, it will be visiting Saitama, Ehime, Fukui, and
Sendai! HP: http://opga.jp

From the Decks of the World Vol. 47 "Kamabakka Kingdom - The
Ever-Reigning Okama King Notices that Straw Hat Boy's Set Sail"

slanted: Brownbeard, slain by his cruel master...
1(2b): What?! Browngator?!
2: Didn't they just come to save him!!?
3(2b): It looks like they were just after the kids!! And our
lives...!!! But their first order from Master was to take out
Brownbeard!!! Even though he was their ally!!
4: Even though Brownbeard looked up to him so much!!
5: My master is a gentle savior...!!
6: Luffy!! This master guy has got an extremely warped heart!!

1(2b): There's no way we can send those kids back to that
monster's lab!!! I'm also worried about why they took Nami-In-
2: Who knows what they'll do to her!!
3: Yeah.
4(2b): I'll get her back for sure!!! You take care of the kids!!
5: Wait, Luffy!! I'm going too!! It was my body they stole!!!
6(2b): Chopper!! I can't fight in this body!! Give me those beans
you always use to transform!! The ones that change you into a
7(2b): Beans?! They're called Rumble Balls! They're drugs!! I'll
give you one, but you probably can't control that form.
8: Just hand it over.
9: grab!
10: Listen carefully. You can only become a monster for 3 minutes.
And after that, you won't be able to fight for a while, so if you
can, use the Kung Fu Point to

1: Buuuubaaaahhh!!!
2: Alreadyyyyyy?!
3: Let's go, Franky!! This way!
4: Buohhh...
5: Uwaaaaahhhhhh!!! Why are you attacking me?!
6: Buoooohhhhh!!!
7: Oh no!! See, he is rampaging after all!!

1: ...why did Franky even go with him?
2(2b): He'll be immobilized after his rampage ends...hmmm...it
doesn't seem like he'll be much help...
3: He'll just get in the way.
4: Caesar's Lab--
5(2b): I don't know where he got it from, but somehow, this "Iron
Man" Franky has got one Vegapunk's Laser installed in his
6(2b): If we cut apart his body and steal the laser system, we
won't need him anymore. You can heat him up in the incinerator
after that!!
7: Roger.
8: --also, about the Marines that attacked us.
9: I've got an idea, and I'm making preparations.
10(2b): Let them take refuge for now...unless you want to
11: What?!
12: The mountain behind the lab--
13: Let me go! Let me go, you idiot!!

1: Who are you?!
2: You perverts!! Why did you kidnap me?!
3: I know I'm cute, and I have a nice body, so it probably makes
you want to kidnap me, but...!
4: What's this guy talking about?
5: He's an okama. Cool...
6: Don't come crying to me later! Luffy won't let you do this!! Go
ahead, get squashed to pulps, see if I care!!!
7: Shut up for a bit. You really talk too much.
8: Not cool.
9(2b): click click
10: But the weapons attached to your body
11: are pretty cool.
12: I bet the reward master'll give us for handing them over is
gonna be
13: so cool!!!

1: Uuu...!! But it really is cold out today!!
2: My body feels so cool!!!
3: Put on some clothes!!!
4: Rock
5: Yeti COOL BROTHERS -Assassins of the Snowy Mountains-
6: Scotch
7(2b): Our rifles are like cannons to you. We even have poison
gas...!! And since we never show ourselves, you have no way of
8(2b): So your friends are coming, huh? Of course they are. We
made it so that they would come.
9: They'll have no choice...but to follow the footprints in the

1: Waaaah!
2(2b): Footprints, footprints!! This'll help!
3: They really left nice ones here.
4: Hey, Franky, stop it!!
5: Aww, the footprints stopped...
6: Ah!
7: There he is! Let's go, Scotch!!
8: Ahhhhhh
9: Buoohhhhhh!!
10(2b): OK, Rock!! He was pretty careless not to notice that
11(2b): Luffy!!? ---and Chopper?! ...no! Franky!!

1: Huh?
2: Namiiii!!
2: Be careful! Enemies are here!!
3: Huh?!! Woahhh! There's a pincushion down there!!!
4: That was quick! Stab him!
5: "Icicle Pincushion!"
6: Armament Enhancement!
7: Gomu Gomu no...!!!

1: Gatling!!!
2: I see. This guy won't go down easily...
3: clang!!
4: You're the guys from before!
5: Huff!
6: Balloon!!!

1: Rayleigh taught me that just reflecting things and "simply
2: is a sloppy way to fight!
3: Instead, I can bounce each single bullet back as an "attack" at
twice the power!!
4: Beep
5: Gomu gomu no!!
6: Thank You Fire!!!
7: Woahhh!!
8: Rock!!

1: Dammit! Just watch this!
2: This ice mountain is a treasure trove of weapons!
3: bobon!!
4: Watch out!! The top of the mountain!!!
5: Buohhhhh!!!
6: Stop it, Franky!!
7: Why are you focused on that the most?!
8: Uuu....are they fighting with each other...?!
9: What an insult!
10: Stop iiiiit!!
11: Haa...haa...
12: shink!!

1: Luffy!! Franky!! Above you!! Above you!!!
2: They're coming at you from the sides, too!!!
3: sah...
4(2b): We won't let you dodge that glacier!! With out special KYP
gas bullets that'll make you drunk in an instant...!!
5: Die like your three other crewmates!!!
6: Buoh
7: Hm?

1: Buhoh!!!
2: Buoooooohhh!!!
3: He came in handy!!!
4: rattle, clang, rumble...
5: Ahhhh!
6: Nice one!! You did it, Franky!!
7: Hm?
8: Buooohhhhhh!!!
9: Wahhh!! Alright, enough already!!!
10: byuh!!
11: Gomu Gomu Noooo!!!

1: Elephant Gun!!!!
2: That's the strongest move he's used all day!!!
3: Ahhh!
4: Nooooo!! Luffy!!!
5: Oh no! Nami!!!
6(2b): Sorry, Franky and Chopper! I'll have Chopper look at your
wounds later!!
7: Grr! This mountain's so big,
8: it'll be really bad if I let them get away!!

1: This mountain is like our backyard. There's no way you can
catch up to us.
2: Uwahh!! He's climbing up!!
3: Hm?
4: Uuuu!!
5: He's...!!
6: Y...you're...!! Good timing! ...Straw Hat Luffy just got
7: suh...

1: Eh?!
2: ...!! Nuahhh!!!
3: What do you think you're doing?!
4: slice
5: bah!!
6: "Counter Shock"

1: basoh
2: crack!
3: ...!! Oh...
4: ...!? Traffy!!
5(2b): Th...thanks...ahh! No, wait!! Give me back my body!
6: You saved Nami?!
7: ...I was just thinking...
8: I came here to talk to you about something...!! Straw Hat!
9: You may have come here by accident...

1(2b): but the truth is, sleeping here on this island is an
"important key" that could throw the New World into chaos.
2(2b): There are only two ways to survive in the New World...!! Go
under the umbrella of one of the Four Emperors...or continually
challenge them.
3: And I know you aren't the kind of man who wants to work under
4: Yeah! I like being the Captain!
5: Then make an alliance with me!
6: ...an alliance?
7: If you and I team up, we might be able to do it...
8: I have a plan...
9: to take down one of the Four Emperors!!
slanted: A shocking proposal!!

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