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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 668

Pirate Alliance

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 16, 2012 22:04 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 668: Pirate Alliance
From Shipdecks Around The World
Final Volume: The Graves of Whitebeard and Ace

[Insert text: What are Law's true intentions...?!]
[Box: Punk Hazard, Remains of the First and Second Research Facilities]
Nami!Franky: An alliance?!! // You think you can defeat one of the Yonkou if you work together with us?! / How ridiculous...!! I don't know what this guy's plotting, Luffy...
Law: .........
Nami!Franky: ...but you mustn't listen! / Going along with what this guy says is the last thing we should do!!
Luffy: ..................
Law: I'm not saying that we'll be able to defeat one of the Yonkou just like that...!! / But if we carefully follow the plan I've prepared... We might just be able to grasp an opportunity...!! // ...What do you say? Mr. Straw Hat.

Luffy: This Yonkou you're talking about... // Who is it?
Nami!Franky: !! // Hold on, Luffy! Why are you acting all interested?!! // You know we can't trust this guy, right?!!
Law: .................. // ..................
Luffy: I see. All right, then! // Let's do it!
Nami!Franky: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!

[Remains of the First and Second Research Facilities / Straw Hat Pirates' Refuge Spot]
Chopper!Sanji/Usopp: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!! // We're forming an alliance... // ...with the Heart Pirates~~~~??!
Robin: .........
Usopp: I thought you just went to rescue Nami!! How did that lead to such a preposterous turn of events?!!!
Law: .........
Usopp: If we end up working together with this super-suspicious, outlandish guy, I'm not going to be able to sleep at night!!!
Nami!Franky: You see, Luffy?!! I told you nobody would agree! / We should give up this ridiculous idea!! It's too dangerous!! We ought to take our own journey at our own pace...!

Chopper!Sanji: They're right, Luffy!! It's far too soon for us to be trying to take down the Yonkou!! / We're still no match for them!!!
Franky!Chopper: S...Super......
Robin: Luffy... If this is the decision you've made, I won't object... / But do be aware that pirate alliances go hand in hand with betrayal. / This idea may not be very well suited to a trusting person like yourself.
Luffy: Huh? Are you gonna betray us?
Law: No.
Usopp: OH, FOR THE LOVE OF...!!!
Luffy: Anyway, a pirate alliance sounds like fun, don't you think?! / Personally, I think Tra-dude is a good guy, but even if he isn't... // ...There's nothing to worry about!!! After all... / I have you guys who've been training hard for two years on my side!!!
StrawHats: EEEEEHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~?!! // L - Luffy, you...!! // D... Don't say things like that! You'll make me all embarrassed~~! // Well... It is true that we'll always protect you... // A... All right then, Luffy!! You can leave it to us!! / If Zoro and the others don't agree, I'll personally make sure they change their minds!!
Law: .........

Law: Shambles.
People: !!
Franky: OHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH!!! I'm back in my own beautiful body~~~~~~!!! / This is the only body that's right for me!!! Mmmmmmm~~!! SUUUUPEEEEERRR~~!!!
Robin: That's so lovely for you, Franky! I hope you never end up back in Chopper's body! // ...Ever again.
Chopper: I'm back too... I am, but...!! What do you call all these injuries?!!! / What kind of way is this to treat another person's body?!!!
Luffy/Franky: ...We're very sorry.
Franky: It was all his fault.
Luffy: You're the one who went on a mad rampage in Chopper's body!! What else was I meant to do?!!
Franky: That's no reason to go using the same super-powerful technique you used to beat up the Kraken!!!
Luffy/Franky: ...We're very sorry.

Nami!Sanji: At least you're back in your own body now, Chopper!!
People: !!!
Nami!Sanji: Why do I have to be the only one left out?!!! / First I have to be Franky, and now Sanji-kun?!! // STOP LAUGHING LIKE IT'S GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!!
Usopp: Well, it can't really be helped, can it? / Sanji took your body off to look for that samurai!
Nami / Franky / Chopper / Sanji
Franky / Chopper / Nami / Sanji
(back to normal) / (left out) / (not here)
Law: Can't do anything without your body. // ...So these are the kids, huh...?
Luffy: Yeah!! We've got to help them out somehow!!

Law: Dealing with them is more trouble than it's worth - you should forget about it. From what I hear, they've been heavily drugged...
Chopper: We know that already!! I analysed them!! / That's why we want to take them safely back to their homes... / ...but it'll take time to get the drug out of their systems...and they've grown to such massive sizes, too...!!
Law: The creation of giant humans... / ...is something the World Government has been researching for hundreds of years.
Robin: ?! / The Government? Why would they want to...
Law: For military purposes, no doubt. If they could create whole armies of giant soldiers, nobody would be able to stand up to them... // I figure that by successfully completing that research, Caesar is hoping to prove his own worth. / Basically, he's trying to one-up the Government and Vegapunk. But of course, it's not exactly an easy task... // ...So tell me. Are you serious about this? / You want to save these kids who you know nothing about?

Nami!Sanji: Absolutely. These children might be strangers to us, but they asked us for help. / With tears in their eyes, no less.
Flashback!Girl: We just want to go home!! // Please, help us!!!
Nami!Sanji: It seems like this "Master" tricked them into coming here under false pretences... / ...but those children have long since realised that there's something wrong with that facility. // Until we can be sure of their safety... / ...I'm not going to leave this island!!
Law: ? // ...You mean you'll stay here on your own?
Luffy: I'm not going to leave a crewmate behind. If this is what Nami and Chopper want to do... // ...then I'm going to help them.
Law: ?!
Luffy: Oh, and Sanji wanted to put that samurai back together. // If you're going to be our ally, then you'd better help out too!
Law: ?!

Usopp: So, uh... I should probably warn you, but I don't think Luffy's idea of an "alliance" is quite the same as yours.
Luffy: It's like being friends, right?
Usopp: If you were planning on ordering him about, you should just give up on that.
Luffy: Uh-huh!
Usopp: Once this guy gets an idea into his head, there's no point even trying to stop him!! / As far as headstrong selfishness goes, he's already on the same level as the Yonkou!
Luffy: Isn't that something~!
Law: ...Erm, I don't think your crewmates' requests really... // ...have anything to do with our alliance... // ...Oh, all right, then. We don't have much time...!! / You people can take care of the samurai by yourselves!! // I'll go and see what I can find out about the drug these kids have been given. / Who's your ship's doctor? I'll take him with me. We'll have to do a bit of sneaking around behind Caesar's back.
Chopper: Sorry about this. I can't move about on my own right now, so... / I'm in your hands!!
Law: ........................!!!

Law: As I'm sure you can surmise from that pair of assassins just now... / ...Mister Caesar means to completely eliminate all of you, as well as Mister White Hunter and his G5 companions... / ...and take the kids back for himself. // He's not going to stop attacking until he achieves that goal. // Caesar is a former Government scientist who was reduced to the status of a criminal after the major incident he caused four years ago. / If word gets out that someone has taken up residence on this sealed-off island... // ...to him, that means losing the perfect hideout. / So I can promise he'll stop at nothing to see you dead.
Usopp: ...............!!
Law: His bounty is 300 million Beli. / He uses large-scale slaughter weapons. / He uses the Gas Gas no Mi, a Logia-type Fruit.
Nami!Sanji: Three hundred million...?!!
Law: If you can't use Haki, don't even think about going near him. / He's a lot more than just a mere scientist.

Luffy: The only people on our side who can use Haki are me... / ...Zoro and Sanji...and you, right?
Law: Well, that'll do. / I'll head back to the facility first. The rest of you can catch up with me.
Luffy: And once we get there, we work together... // ...to kidnap this "Master" guy, right?
Law: That's right.
Nami!Sanji: If we're kidnapping him, does that mean we're after hostage money? From who?
Law: Our goal isn't money, it's to cause a little turmoil.
People: ?!
Law: There's not much point talking about the rest of the plan until we've carried out this part. / For the moment, just focus on successfully capturing Caesar Clown. It's not going to be easy.

Law: If we manage to pull that off, I'll explain the plan to you in detail then. / However... // Once we've kidnapped Caesar, the consequences will be immediate. The wheels will be set in motion. // In other words... / ...there'll be no turning back...!!! // If you want to rethink, this is your last chance.
Luffy: Don't worry! I'll work with you!!
Law: ...Then I'll agree to your requests as well. / Don't forget to make sure you convince the rest of your crewmates.
Luffy: All right, got it!!

[Box: Caesar Clown's Research Facility]
Marines: Taaaaake this!! / Ya filthy monsters!!!
Tashigi!Smoker: "Iron Bar" Smooge... // "Fen Bock of the Gourd"... // "Rope Tugger" Chappe...!!

Tashigi!Smoker: There's no doubting it, Smoker-san... These are the former prisoners all right!! / Though they've taken on somewhat unusual appearances!!
Smoker!Tashigi: ...What's going on here?! / The report from the accident four years ago stated that none of the prisoners survived!!!
Marines: What are these people, Smoke-san?!!!
Smoker!Tashigi: Like hell I know!! For the moment, just focus on luring them up onto solid ground!! / We need to send that ship to report what's happening here!!!
DenDenMushi: Brrrrrring!! // Brrrrrrrring!!
Minions: Master, the Den-Den Mushi...
Caesar: No need to answer it, it'll just be a report that they've opened the door. And then they'll complain about what came out of it. // "It got my companions!" "You have to help me!" I can't be bothered to listen to any of that. // I don't often have the opportunity to entertain so many guests... I've decided not to worry about capturing new samples! / I'll just introduce them to my pet... Shurorororo!! Not one of those intruders will be leaving this island!!

[Box: Punk Hazard, Burning Side]
Minions: H - Hello?! Master?! Hello?! // Please respond, Master!!! *pant*... *pant*... // We're calling from the burning side of the island!! We opened the door just like you ordered!! / *pant*... *pant*... // It's no use!! The Master isn't answering my calls!! *pant*... / *pant*... // *pant*... / It's coming for us!! What the hell is that stuff that came out of the door?!!! // You saw what it did to the others!! // Just keep running!!! // *pant*... // *pant*...

Minions: Whoaaa...!! / What the hell is it?! It's bigger than a mountain!! // It's here!! / Somebody heeeeeelp!!! // Masteeeeeer!! // ?! // !! // Aaaaaghhhh!! // Urghhh...!! // ...Aaghhh...

[Box: Creature of Punk Hazard / SLIME]
[Insert text: A new and outrageous threat~~~!!]

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