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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 668

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:42 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 668 - "Pirate Alliance"
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From the Decks of the World - Final Part: "Whitebeard and Ace's Graves"
side: One of the Four Emperors, Big Mom, finally shows herself?! Vol. 66 now on sale!!

1: Punk Hazard - Ruins of Labs #1 and #2 --
white: What are Law's true intents...?!
2: An alliance?!
3(2b): If we join forces, we can defeat one of the Four Emperors?! That's ridiculous...!! I don't know what you're after,
4(2b): But Luffy! Don't agree! Don't be taken in by this guy's smooth talking!!
5(2b): I didn't say we'd be able to defeat one of them immediately...!! But if we follow the plan step by step...we may get a chance! That's all...!!
6: --well? What'll it be, Straw Hat?

1: Which of the four
2: do you mean?
3: Hey, Luffy! Why are you acting interested?!
4: You can't trust this guy!!
5: Oh...alright.
6: I'll do it, then.
7: Whaaaaat!!?

1(2b): Ruins of Labs #1 and #2 -- The Straw Hat Pirates' Refuge --
2: Whaaaat?!
3: You made an alliance with
4: the Heart Pirates?!
5: All you went to do is go get Nami back! How did something like that happen all of a sudden?!
6: Joining forces with a scary guy like that isn't going to let me get a wink of sleep at night!!!
7(2b): See, Luffy?! Everyone's against this!! Don't do it!! This is too dangerous!! We need to follow our own pace for navigation...

1(2b): Yeah, Luffy!! It's still too early to get one of the Four Emperors in your sights!! There's no way we can fight one of them!!!
2: S...super...
3(3b): ...Luffy. I'll follow your decision...but "betrayal" always comes with any kind of pirate alliance. It may not be a wise decision for someone like you, who has a tendency to trust people too much.
4: Huh? You're gonna betray me?
5: No.
6: Umm, excuse me?!
7(2b): But come on! A "Pirate Alliance" sounds fun, doesn't it?! I think Traffy is a good guy, but even I'm wrong...
8(2b): just don't worry!!! I have you all with me! You've all trained for two whole years!!!
9: Whaaaaat!!?
10: Luffy, you...
11: Aww, come on, Luffy, you're going to make me blush...
12: Well, I know you can count on us, but...
13(2b): A...alright, Luffy!! Just leave everything to us!! If Zoro and the others get surprised, we'll calm 'em down!!

1: Shambles.
2(2b): Woaaaaahh! I'm back!!! Back in my perfect body!!! The best body for me really is my own!!! Mmmmmmmm!! Superrrrrr!!!
3: thump!
4: Good, Franky. Now, never go back into Chopper's body.
5: Never again.
6(2b): I'm...back too, but...why am I so beat up?! How could you guys treat someone else's body this way?!
7: Yeah...sorry.
8: It's his fault.
9: Since you decided to go on a rampage in Chopper's body, I had no choice but to stop you!!
10: But you didn't have to whip out the same moves you used to beat a goddamn Kraken!!!
11: It's both your faults!!!
12: Yeah...sorry.

1: Just be happy you're back, Chopper!!
2(2b): How come I got pushed out into here! Does Sanji come after Franky?!
3: Stop laughing just because you're fine and I'm not!!!
4(2b): There's nothing we can do! Sanji took your body to go search for the samurai.
Nami Franky Chopper Sanji
Franky Chopper Nami Sanji
three text spaces at the bottom: Back to normal | Leftover | Not here
5: Do something about this, you!!
6: Can't without a body.
7: ...so these are the children...
8: Yeah!! I wanna save them!!

1: Nah, they're trouble. Leave them be...they've been turned into drug addicts...
2(3b): We know that!! I just gave them check-ups! --We want to send them back home, but it'll take time to purify their bodies...and look how big they've gotten!!
3(2b): The "Giantification" of humans is something the World Government has been researching for hundreds of years.
4: The World Government? But why...
5: For soldiers, probably....if they could turn any soldier they wanted into a giant, they'd be invincible.
6(2b): Caesar is probably trying to perfect it to get the better of the government and Vegapunk....but it things won't go that easily...
7(2b): ...you sure you really want to save them? ...you don't even know these kids.

1(2b): Yes. It's true that we don't know them, but they cried and begged us to help them.
2: We want to go home!!
3: Help us!!!
4(2b): Master did a pretty good job of tricking them and bringing them in, but by now, they've all realized that something is up.
5(2b): I refuse to leave this island until I know that they're safe!!
6: ...so you're going to stay here alone?
7: I'm not leaving my crew here. If that's what Nami and Chopper want,
8: then so do I.
9: --and Sanji wanted to put the samurai back together.
10: If you're allied with us, then help us out, OK?!

1(2b): Yeah...I'm pretty sure Luffy's idea of an "alliance" differs from yours. If you intend to take the initiative here, you've got another thing coming.
2: It's like being friends, right?
3: You heard him!
4(2b): Once he gets some idea in his head, no matter how random, he doesn't budge! You have yet to see how nasty he can really get! He's pretty much Four Emperor-class when it comes to selfishness!
5: Yikes!
6: ...but your crew's wishes...
7: have nothing to do with our alliance...
8(2b): Alright...fine. We don't have time for this...!! You take care of the samurai, then!!
9(2b): I'll check out the drugs that were administered to the children. Which one of you is the doctor? Come with me. We're going to need to keep Caesar busy somehow.
10(2b): Sorry, but I can't move right now. I'm counting on you!!
11: squeeze

1(3b): As you saw from the two assassins just now, Caesar plans to erase your crew and the White Hunter's G5, and then take back the children.
2: He won't stop attacking until he succeeds.
3(2b): Caesar used to be a government scientist who became a criminal after the incident 4 years ago. If the truth that someone's living on this off-limits island,
4(2b): he'll lose his convenient little hideout here. And he'll come to kill you with all he's got.
5(3b): He has a bounty of 300,000,000B. He owns mass murder weapons. He's also a Logia who ate the Gas-Gas Fruit.
6: 300 million...!!?
7: Anyone who can't use Haki cannot go near him. He's no average scientist.

1(2b): The only one here who can use Haki are me, Zoro, and Sanji...and you.
2(2b): That'll be enough. I'll head back to the lab at once.
3: So all you and I need to do, then,
4: is "kidnap" the master, right?
5: Exactly.
6: But who will you get the ransom from?
7: We aren't after ransom, but "chaos."
8(2b): We haven't even succeeded yet, so there's no point in talking about what happens afterwards. Just concentrate on capturing Caesar Clown. It won't be easy, for sure.

1(2b): Then, I'll explain my plan in detail to you all. However.
2: Once we succeed in kidnapping Caesar, things will change greatly.
3(2b): At that point...there will be no turning back...!!!
4: This is your last chance to rethink things.
5: It's alright! I'm teaming up with you!!
6(2b): Then I'll place my hope in you. Be sure to explain this well to your other crew members.
7: Alright! Got it!!

1: Caesar Clown's Lab --
2: C'mooooon!
3: You monsterrrr!!!
4: The Reinforced Iron Smoothie!
5: The Gourd, Phen Bock!
6: The Rope-Puller, Chappe...!!

1(2b): Smoker-san! They are without a doubt ex-prisoners!! They look a bit unusual, however!!
2(2b): What's going on?! What was with that report that stated there were "zero" survivors from the incident four years ago!!!
3: Smo-san! Who are those guys?!
4(2b): I don't know!! Just pull the enemy on to land as best you can!! Then send out a ship to make a report!!!
5-6: brrrriing!
7: Master, your Den-Den Mushi...
8: Just ignore it. It's probably a report saying "we've opened the door." And then "something came out from inside."
9: "It got the others." "Help us." They're just wailing...a true nuisance.
10(2b): It's so rare to have so many guests at once...I don't need to worry about securing guinea pigs this time. Now, allow me to introduce my pet...shurorororo!! Not one of you is going to make it off this island alive!

1: Punk Hazard - Fire Area
2: Hello? Master! Hello?!
3: Please respond!!! Haa...haa...
4: We're in the fire area!! We opened the door like you ordered!! Haa...haa...
5: It's no good!! He isn't answering!! Haa...
6: Haa...here it comes!! What is this thing! What came out from there?!
7: It got the others!!
8: Just run!!!
9: lurch
10-11: haa

1(2b): Uwahh...!! What's that huge mountainy clump thing...
2: lurch
3(2b): It's coming! Help uuuuus!!!
4: Masterrrr!!
5: Uwahhhh!!
6: Uuuu...!!!
7: ...ah...

1-2: shooo
3: Punk Hazard Creature

1-2: splash...
3: Here comes BIG trouble...!!

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