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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

One Piece 670

Blizzards, With Occasional Slime

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 16, 2012 22:08 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 670: Blizzards, With Occasional Slime
"Franky has an arm-wrestling match with a gorilla, while Robin interferes"
From Ogura Takahito-kun, Canada

[Insert text: A massive melee!!]
People: TAKE 'EM DOWN~~~~~~!!! // IT'S THE STRAW HAT PIRATES~~~~~!!! // Haaaahhhhhh!!!
Franky: Strong...... // RIGHT~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Aaaaarghhhhhh!!!
Luffy: It's great that we've made it here and all... / ...but where's this "Master" guy?
Robin: I doubt we'll find him out here. Let's make our way inside the facility.

Tashigi!Smoker: Straw Hat Luffy!!! / What are you plotting to achieve on this island?!!
Luffy: Oh! Smokey!! / You're all right!! I was pretty worried after you got beaten up back there!!
Tashigi!Smoker: I don't have time for your jokes!! // Hahh!!
Luffy: ?
Tashigi!Smoker: Ah! It worked!! // Urghh...!!
Luffy: What's wrong with you, Smokey?! You're weaker than usual!!
Tashigi!Smoker: Y - You don't understand! I'm not...!!

Smoker!Tashigi: Now hold it right there... While you're in my body, you can't just go losing... // ...to this pirate!!!
Luffy: Aahhhh!!! // Huh?!! / That weapon...
Smoker!Tashigi: So, you came back, Straw Hat. // Back to the seas!!! // But I won't let you have your way!!!
Luffy: Whoaaahh!!! // Huh?! / Huh??!

Luffy: Ughh... She really got me there... / *pant*... *pant*... That weapon's got Kairouseki on it...!! // When did you get so strong, glasses-girl?! / What was your name again...? Uhhh...
Smoker!Tashigi: It's Smoker!!!
Luffy: Ehhhhhh?!!
Robin: Luffy! This must be Law's doing.
Luffy: Huh?! Oh, right... They've switched places?! // That explains why he's so weak...
Tashigi!Smoker: !!
Luffy: ...And she's so... Wait, hold on...

Luffy: You're... You're really Smokey~~~?!!
Smoker!Tashigi: ...............!!! // What's so funny, pirate?!!!
Luffy: Whoaa!! // Gear Second!!
Smoker!Tashigi: !!
Luffy: In that case...
Smoker!Tashigi: !!!
Luffy: We'll have to save this battle for another time!!! There's no point fighting you... / ...when you're not at full strength!!!

Smoker!Tashigi: Don't get cocky with me!!!
Luffy: Heheh!!
People: Aaaaghhhhh!! // Aaaaaahhh!!
Luffy: !
People: He blew a hole in the door~~~~~!!! // What the heck is that guy~~~~~?!!! // Was that a laser?!!
Franky: Gahahahahahah!! Luffy, Robin!!! I broke through the door!!! Let's head inside~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Nice!! You sure work quick, Franky!!
Smoker!Tashigi: ...............!!
People: Smoke-yan~~!! The ship!! // Something's wrong with it!!
Smoker!Tashigi: Hmm?!

Smoker!Tashigi: ?!! // What...is that?!!!
Robin: Luffy!! Franky!! Hold on!!
Franky: ?!
People: It suddenly started falling from the sky!!! / What is this stuff?! It's moving on its own!! // Whoaaahhh!!! Stay back, guys!! It's spewing poison gas!!! / Attacking it with swords of guns makes it spew poison gas!!! // Put your gas masks on!!!

Luffy: Huhhh?! What is all that...?!!
Franky: Is it...alive...?!
Robin: I honestly have no idea... What in the world...?
Smoker!Tashigi: Oi!! What is this stuff!!
People: I... I don't... / I don't know! I've never seen anything like it before!! // It came falling from the sky??! // It's moving!! // It's so creeepy...!! // Are they some kind of living creature...?! // Look...!! // They're combining together...!! / Getting bigger and bigger!! // ?! // Eh?!

People: !!! // ......If we push it into the river... / ...that'll be the end of this creature!!! // No...!! Don't!! // Urlghh... // ?!! // It's the poison gas again!!! // Turn back!!! // You idiot... What were you thinking?!!! // Urghh...

People: Aaaaaaaarrrghhhhhhhhh~~!! / *cough* / Uerghh... / It hurts...!! It huuuuurts!!! // It touched my skin!! Get it off!! Somebody... // Somebody get a piece of cloth!! // It's too dangerous to touch!! // Get back, all of you!! // This thing looks like it'll be weak against fire!! Let's toast it to cinders!!! / There's no creature in the world that's not afraid of fire!! // ?!! // Ahhhhh!!! That's some good thinking!!! / Burn the beast up~~~~~!!! Gyahahahah!! // It doesn't seem to like it!! // It's caught on fire!! This really is its weakness!!

People: ?!! // ...............!!

Tashigi!Smoker: Eh...?
Smoker!Tashigi: YOU GUYS...!!!
People: ...............!! // Oi...!! What the heck just happened...?!! / Touch it and you get poisoned...!! Burn it and it explodes...!! // Don't look at me!! I've never seen anything like it before!! / I can't even tell if it's really alive or not...!! // Well, at least it's over now... The thing's dead. // Y...Yeah... And better still... / Those Marines who were trying to run away with the stolen ship... / ...got taken down with it!! From our perspective, this is actually... // ?! // .........Eh......?

Luffy: ...Just now... It came from above... // ?!!

People: Aaaaaaarghhhhhh~~~!!! // They're falling down one after another~~~~~!!! // Run for it!! Don't even think about touching them~~~~~~!!!
Tashigi!Smoker: Smoker-san!! It's too dangerous!! / We have to find shelter!!
Smoker!Tashigi: Yeah... // ...............!!
Caesar: Shurororororo...... // What a good boy you are... I'm sorry I kept you locked up for three long years......!!
People: ?!! // Ahh!! Master!! // Why are you outside?! It's dangerous out here!!!

Smoker!Tashigi: I knew it...!!! // Am I right in thinking that you... / ...are Caesar Clown?!
Luffy: So it's you~~~~~~!!! // You're the "Master"!!!
Caesar: Shurororo... Indeed I am...!! // Pirate "Straw Hat Luffy", and the Marines of G-5...!!! // Please wait just a little longer...!! / This poor boy doesn't like water very much, you see... // So in order to cross that lake, he is slowly but surely... / ...hurling pieces of himself across towards us...!!
People: ?!

Zoro: ...Is this thing alive...?!
Brook: ..................
Sanji!Nami: I don't know... I've never seen anything like it. // I've got no idea what this thing is...... // ...or what the hell it's doing...
Caesar: From the land of fire, to the land of ice...!! Once all the fragments of the Slime... // ...have reached their destination...!!! All of you will taste the full force of that disaster, four years -
Luffy: CAUGHT YOU~~~~~~!!!
Caesar: EEEEHHHH~~~~?!!
[Insert text: He just doesn't care!!]

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