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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

One Piece 670

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:42 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 670

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 670 - A Snowstorm With a Chance of Slime
side: Just what lies on the new island, Punk Hazard! Vol. 66 now on sale!!
The OP Exhibition continues until 6/17! Check page 8!
The One Piece shop is also opening! 7/13~7/22 in Hamamatsu Shitoro, Shizuoka Prefecture! 7/21-7/29 in Aeon Mall Miyazaki! 7/13-8/12 in Nagoya Mitsukoshi Sakae Shop, Aichi Prefecture!
One Piece Summer Festa in Sanrio Puroland starts from 7/14-9/30!

Request: Robin interferes with Franky arm wrestling a gorilla. -Kokura Takahito (Canada)

1: Shoot them down!!!
slanted: A chaotic battle!!
2: It's the Straw Hat Pirates!!!
3: Uoooohhhhh!!!
4: Stroooooong
5: Riiiiiiiight!!!
6: Gyaaaaaahhh!!!
7(2b): Alright, we've made it now, but where's the master?
8: There's no way he'd be outside. Let's go inside the lab.

1(2b): Straw Hat Luffy!!! What have you been planning on this island!!?
2(2b): Oh! It's Smokie!! So you're alright!! It looked like you had gotten your butt kicked back there, so I was worried!!
3: Stop making fun of me!!
4: Yahhh!!
5: Oh! I did it!!
6: Uuuu!!
7: Woah! Smokie?! Man, you've gotten weak!!
8: N...no! I...!!

1: Oh, for god's sake..don't you dare go and lose to him
2: in my body!!!
3: Uwahhh!!!
4(2b): Huh!!? That weapon!
5: So you've returned, Straw Hat...
6: to the sea!!!
7: I won't let you run around free!!!
8: Uoohhhh!!!
9(2b): Huh?! Wha?!

1(2b): Uuuu...I got hit a bit...haa...haa...that's right, it was seastone!!
2(2b): You got this strong, glasses?! What was your name again...
3: It's Smoker!!!
4: glint!!
5: Whaaat!!?
6: Luffy! This must be Law's doing.
7: Huh?! ...oh, they were switched?!
8: So that's why he's weak!
9: then she's...oh...

1: So you're...Smokie!!
2: What's so funny?!
3: Woah!!
4: Gear 2!!
5: In that case!
6(2b): I'll save our fight for next time!!! There's no point in fighting you unless you can use your full power, after all!!!

1: You cheeky brat!!!
2: Heheh!!
3: Gyaaaah!
4: Waaaah!
5: He made a hole in the door!!!
6: What is that thing?!
7: A laser!!?
8: Gahahahahaha!! Luffy, Robin!!! I broke through the door!! Let's bust in!!!
9: Uhaaah! That sure was fast, Franky!!
10: klak klak
11: Smo-yan!! The ship!! Something's wrong!!
12: Huh?!

1: glob...!
2: What...is that?!
3: Luffy!! Franky!! Wait!!
4(2b): It just came down from the sky all of a sudden!!! What is this?! It's moving!
5(2b): blob blob
6(2b): Uwahh!!! Get away from it!! It's emitting toxic gas!!! It started emitting the gas after we attacked it with swords and guns!!!
7: Put gas masks on!!!

1: Huh?! What is that...?!
2: Is it alive...?!
3: I have absolutely no idea.
4: Hey!! What is that thing?!
5: I...I-I don't know! I've never seen anything like it!
6: It fell from the sky!?
7: It's moving!!
8-9: glob
10: It's really gross!!
11: Is these things alive...?!
12: Look...!!
13: blob!
14(2b): They're fusing...and getting bigger!!
15: blob!
16-18: blob!
19: Huh?

1-2: bloob
3(2b): ...all we need to do is push it into the water!!!
4: Hey!! Stop!!
5: Ubuh
6: More poison gas!!!
7: Pull him away!!!
8: You idiot! What are you thinking?!
9: Uuu

1(4b): Gyaaaaaaahhhhh!! Cough, blech! Owww...!! It hurts!!!
2: My skin touched it!! Hurry, take this off!! Someone...
3: Hey, someone get a rag!!
4: You can't touch this stuff!!
5: Get back, you guys!!
6: snap
7(2b): It looks like it might be weak vs. fire!! Burn it!!! There isn't a single creature alive that doesn't fear fire!!
8(2b): Heeey!!! Good idea, mate!!! Get 'im!!! Gyahahaha!!
9: It doesn't seem to like it!!
10: It's on fire!! So it was weak vs fire after all!!

1: What?
2: Guys!!!
3(2b): Woah!! What was that...? You touch it, and you get poisoned!! Burn it, and it explodes!!
4(2b): I dunno! That's the first time I've seen anything like it!! We don't even know if it's alive...!!
5: Well, whatever. It's dead now...
6(2b): Y...yeah, true. And...the marines who stole the ship and tried to run away got blown up along with it!! To us, this is...
7: ...huh...

1: Uwaaaaaaaah! It's heeeeere!!!!
2: ...just now, from the sky...

1: Gyaaaaaahhh!!!
2: It keeps falling!!!
3: Run!! Make sure you don't touch it!!!
4(2b): Smoker-san!! This is dangerous!! Let's move to somewhere with a roof!!
5: Yeah.
6: Shurororororo...
7: Good boy. Sorry for keeping you shut up for 3 years...!!
8: Ahh!! Master!!
9: Why are you outside?! This area is dangerous!!!

1: So it was you...!!!
2(2b): You're Caesar Clown, aren't you?!
3: So YOU'RE
4: the master guy!!!
5: Shurororo! Indeed, I am...!!
6: Straw Hat Pirates, G-5 Marines!!!
7(2b): Just wait a little longer...!! It doesn't like water,
8(2b): so it's throwing itself across piece by piece in order to make it over the lake.

1: Is this thing alive...?!
2: I dunno...I've never seen anything like it.
3: Something weird...
4-5: pop!
6: is doing something weird...
7-8: pop! pop!
9: From the land of fire, to the land of ice...!! When all the slime pieces
10: get here...!!! They'll feast on the lot of you!!!! Four years ago...
11: Gotchaaaaaaaa!!!
12: Whaaaaat!!?
slanted: What terrible timing!!

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