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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bleach 498

The Black Rescuer

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 7, 2012 20:14 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Soul Society hopelessly overrun!! But where is the man to whom the proud Shinigami turn for help...?!]
People: Orders from Vice-President Akon! / Open a line to Kurosaki Ichigo!! // But how?! // Use your brain! He has his Acting Shinigami Emblem!! / Reestablish a link to that!! // ............Hm?
Akon: Something wrong?
People: Well... // The Acting Shinigami Emblem is certainly in the human world... / But I can't say the same for Kurosaki Ichigo...

People: I'm reading spirit particle traces of him... // ...heading towards Hueco Mundo...! // Ridiculous... / Why Hueco Mundo...?! // What in the world is he doing...?! / I don't get it at all...
Akon: .................. // ...Where exactly in the human world is his emblem?
People: Yessir! / It seems to be in Urahara Kisuke's base of operations, the Urahara Store!! / Judging from the spiritual interference, I would presume it's below ground!

Akon: ...I see. / In that case, Urahara Kisuke must have accompanied him. // Get me Urahara Kisuke!
People: Yes, sir!
[BubbleSFX: bip-bip-bip!]
[Bleach 498]
[The Black Rescuer]
[Side text: A call for aid!!]

Urahara: Yes~?
Akon: ............
Urahara: Oh! / Lovely to hear from you, Akon-san! It's been quite a while, huh? // How are things with you?
Akon: ........................
Urahara: Me? Oh, you know how it is... Business as usual...
Akon: Is there something wrong with your ears?!! // I just told you this is an absolute emergency!! / I don't have time to listen to your small talk!! // I need to speak to Kurosaki Ichigo!! / He's with you, isn't he?! Put him on the line!!
People: Akon-san is completely losing his cool... // That man and the Captain are about the only two people who can manage such a thing...
Urahara: Oh, you want Kurosaki-san? // Sorry, can't help you.
Akon: And why not?!!

Urahara: Because Kurosaki-san... // ...is currently engaged in combat with a Quincy who calls himself a Captain in the Hueco Mundo hunting forces.
Akon: !!!
People: What......?! // Fighting a Quincy, in Hueco Mundo...?! / What the heck is going on here...?!
Akon: (So the Quincy have been busy in Hueco Mundo as well...!! Did Kurosaki Ichigo realise this and move to counter them...?! More quickly than even us?! // Outrageous...!! // Kurosaki Ichigo...!!)

Akon: (I had heard of his antics before... // ...but he truly is completely unpredictable...!) // Then tell me... / How does the battle look?
Urahara: Right now, they seem about even... // ...No, actually... // I'd say Kurosaki-san has the upper hand.

Opie: Ngg... // ...ggaaaaahhhhhh!! / It really doesn't do a thing!!!

Urahara: From what I gather, it seems the enemy... / ...is trying his best to do something along the lines of sealing Kurosaki-san's Bankai away... // But he's getting rather frustrated, because it doesn't work on Kurosaki-san at all.
People: What?! // It doesn't work...?!
Akon: .....................!!!

Urahara: Hmm? // Oh, you know I can't do a thing like that! / This isn't the kind of battle that a guy can just waltz into and interrupt!
Pesche: Hey! / Who is it that you're sitting there chatting away to?!! / You do realise where we are, right?!! Are you an idiot?!
Urahara: You know the level of enemy we're dealing with, now, don't you?
Akon: !
Urahara: I'm quite aware that Soul Society suffered an unexpected invasion. // And if you're contacting us now, I can only presume the situation has worsened. // So let me go back to my original question. // How are things... / ...with you?

Opie: (I had heard the reports in advance that it was dangerous to let this man use his Bankai... / ...because his Bankai was impossible to Medallise. // But that was all. / That was the only issue! // So why... // Why is it... // ...that even after I have unleashed my Vollständig and even absorbed that monster's strength...)

Opie: (...this man is able... // ...to outmatch me so easily?!)

[no text just kaboom]

Ichigo: ...The guy I met before tried to seal my Bankai as well. / Why is it... // ...that you people are so set on sealing Bankais away?

Opie: I don't see... / ...any reason why I should answer that question... // (He's a difficult one............! // His strength alone is fairly daunting... / ...but the real problem is that speed!! // I can't keep up with his attacks without keeping my Blut Vene continuously at full blast! // But while I'm focusing all my energy on Blut Vene, I'm unable to use Blue Arterie!! // And without Blut Arterie, my attacks... / ...can barely scratch that Bankai form of his!! // Should I call for backup? / But no... If I were to do that...)
Ichigo: Don't tell me... // ...you people are... // ...afraid of our Bankais...?

Opie: U... // Utterly preposterous!!! / We are the mighty Wandenreich, and we fear... // ...nothi...

Urahara: ...Thank you kindly. / Thanks to you, Kurosaki-san, the enemy's spirit particles became imbalanced... // ...and I was able to strike the killing blow.
Ichigo: Urahara-sa...

Urahara: The situation is urgent. // You must head for Soul Society at once! // I have prepared the Senkaimon. // Akon-san will explain the details to you while you travel.
Akon: Is that you, Kurosaki Ichigo? // Listen carefully... and try not to succumb to despair.
[Side text: Hurry, Ichigo!!]

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