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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Bleach 498

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:52 | Go to Bleach

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tl by molokidan

1(2b): Incoming order from Vice-Director Akon! Make contact with Kurosaki Ichigo!!
2: How?!
3(2b): You idiot! He has the badge, doesn't he?! Just search for it again!!
4: ...hm?
5: What's wrong?
6: Um...
7(2b): The badge is in the material world...but Kurosaki Ichigo isn't...

1: And the spirit particle trails...
2: lead toward Hueco Mundo...!
3(2b): It can't be...why Hueco Mundo...?!
4(2b): What's he doing...?! This makes no sense...
5: ...where is the badge in the material world?
6(2b): It's at the Urahara shop, Urahara Kisuke's base! Since there is some spirit wave interference, I imagine it's somewhere underground!

1(2b): ...I see. Then Urahara Kisuke's with him.
2: Connect us to them.
3: Yes sir!
4: beep beep beep
side: ...SOS!!

1: Yes?
2(2b): Ah. Hi there, Akon-san. It's been a while.
3: How are things going?
4: Huh? Me? Things are going well I suppose...
5: Are you deaf or something?!
6(2b): I said we're in the middle of an emergency!! I wasn't asking about you?!
7(2b): I have business with Kurosaki Ichigo!! He's there, isn't he? Put him on!!
8: Akon-san's broken his usual pace...
9: Only he and the Captain are capable of dealing with people like that.
10: Kurosaki-san?
11: Sorry, no can do.
12: Why not?!

1: Right now, Kurosaki-san
2: is doing battle with a Quincy-san who's the Captain of the Hueco Mundo hunting squad.
3: What...?!
4(2b): He's fighting a Quincy in Hueco Mundo...?! What's going on...?!
5: The Quincies are even in Hueco Mundo...!! So then Kurosaki Ichigo noticed that and headed there...?! Faster than we could?! Impossible!!
6: Kurosaki Ichigo...!!

1: I had heard rumors...
2: But I never knew he was this unpredictable a man...
3(2b): And...how is the battle going?
4: Right now, they're on equal footing.
5: No.
6: Kurosaki-san's pushing him back.

1: Kuh...
2: Sooooooaaaahhhh
3: So it didn't work after all!!!

1(2b): The enemy seems to want to seal Kurosaki-san's Bankai somehow, but
2: it doesn't seem to be working on him, so the enemy's having trouble.
3: What?!
4: It isn't working...?!

1: Huh?
2(2b): Don't be silly. This isn't the sort of battle that I can just waltz into and stop.
3(3b): Hey! Who have you been talking with?! You're acting way too casual!! Are you nuts?!
4: You know how powerful the enemy is, correct?
5: I know that there are intruders in Soul Society.
6: If you're contacting me, however, then it must be quite bad.
7: I'll return to my first question.
8(2b): How are things going over there?

1(2b): I received daten that we could not allow him to use Bankai. That we could not Medalize his Bankai.
2(2b): But that was all. That was all!
3(2b): So then why?! Why?!
4: I used Vollstandig and even absorbed that monster!

1: How can be still easily
2: be surpassing me?!

1(2b): --the guy I met before also tried to seal my Bankai. How come you guys
2: can seal Bankai?

1(2b): ...I have no reason to answer that question...
2: This is dangerous...
3: Not just attack power,
4: it's his speed that's the problem!!
5: Unless I keep my Blut Vene at full power at all times, I won't be able to stop his slashing speed!
6: But with my Blut Vene at full power, I can't switch over to my Blut Arterie!!
7: And attacking without Blut Arterie
8: is useless against someone in Bankai mode!!
9: Should I ask for backup? No, if I do that...
10: ...Could it be
11: that you're
12: afraid of Bankai?

1: Th...
2(2b): That is not the case!!! We of the Vandenreich fear no
3: ...thing...

1(2b): ...thank you very much. Because of your help, Kurosaki-san, the enemy's spirit particles collapsed
2: and I was able to land a critical hit.
3: Urahara-sa...

1: We have an emergency.
2: Head to Soul Society at once.
side: Hurry, Ichigo!!
3: I've opened the Senkai Gate.
4: Please listen to the details from Akon-san as you proceed.
5: Is this Kurosaki Ichigo?
6: Please listen...and don't despair.

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