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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 672

"My Name Is Kin'emon!!"

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 7, 2012 20:15 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 672: "My Name Is Kin'emon!!"
"Sanji and Zoro run a race with a tortoise and a hare on their backs"
From pen-name "Meganedanuki-san", Akita-ken

[Insert text: Who in the world...?!]
Vergo: Did you honestly think that he was not aware of anything?
Law: *pant*... *pant*...
[Box: Mystery Man / Vergo]
Vergo: We do not trust Caesar any more than you. // That is why he meticulously ensured that Moné work her way into his innermost circle.

Vergo: I hear you are one of the Royal Shichibukai nowadays... // How far you have risen.
Law: How long have you been here?! Vergo...!!!
Vergo: Oh, I only just arrived... // I happened to be on Dresrosa, you see... / ...and I heard that an SAD tanker was due to set sail. / It seems I was right to board it.
Law: *pant*......... *pant*...!! / What's that supposed to mean...?!! / *pant* // What have I done to harm your people?!!
Vergo: If you had already caused us harm, then you would not be living right now. / But you should learn that keeping secrets from adults is fruitless, Law. The truth always comes out.
Law: !! // ...............!!! / ...In that case... I'll just have to dispose of you right now!!!

Vergo: Oh, yes... One thing I forgot to say.
Law: Nnggghhaaaaaahhhhhh~~~!!!
Vergo: Watch your mouth...
Law: !!!
Vergo: It's Vergo-san to you.

[Box: Meanwhile, outside the research facility... // Luffy's Team]
People: What just happened...?!! // ......I've got no idea......!!! // What should we do...? // .................. // V...

People: Vice-Admiral Smoker...!!!
Caesar: Shurororororo......!!
People: Tashigi-chaaaaan!!!

People: I can't believe we've seen that man collapse not once, but twice in the same day... / What did that guy do to him just now...?! // All three of those Straw Hat pirates... / ...are out for the count, too!! // Could it be Sovereign Haki?! // Don't be ridiculous!! The gap in their strength can't be that huge!! // Then what is it?!!
Caesar: Shurorororo......
People: How did he defeat them all, without even touching them?!!
Cronies: Gyahahahah!! Take that, Marines!!! // This is the power of our Master and saviour!!!

Caesar: Right, then, my sturdy soldiers... // See to it that these five troublemakers are bound up securely!! / Use chains of Kairouseki for the Fruit users...!! // Then leave the Marines behind and take shelter inside the facility!! / It's dangerous out here...!!! // It seems that some strange creatures are falling from above, but do not worry. / I will protect this place as your refuge!!!
Cronies: Yes, Master!!!
Caesar: ...It seems the Cool Brothers have failed me...!! / Shurororo... Well, I suppose that could hardly be helped... // Straw Hat and Law together must have been a little much for them to handle... / Shurororororororororo!!

[Box: Punk Hazard, Central Lake / Zoro's Team]
Brook: Ueeerghh!! / *cough* // I... I... It's poison gas! Poison gas spews out when I cut them!! // Aaaarghhh, my eyes!! My eeeeeyes~~~!!! / Oh, wait. I don't have any eyes. // What shall we do, Zoro-san?!!
Zoro: You already watched me try the same thing!! What are you, skeleton, an idiot?!!
Brook: I thought you might just have been unlucky... Yohohoho!
Zoro: Oh, I know. Since they're made out of jelly, you go eat them up.
Brook: How disgusting!!! Could you please stop acting like a bully, Zoro-san?! / I am around seventy years older than you, you realise?!
Kin'emon: Urrnghhhhh~~~~!!! // Aaaaghhhhhh~~~!!
Zoro: Oi... What's wrong?!!

[Box: Beneath the lake surface]
Sanji!Nami: (Urrghhhhh... It's so cold!! I'm freezing!! // I'm so sorry, Nami-san!! // ! // Whoa!! Could this be the Slime's poison?!! // You've gotta be kidding me... That guy's body had better not be inside... // I've been using my Observation Haki this whole time... / But his life force must be growing too weak... I can't make it out among the fish!!)

Sanji!Nami: (!!! / No way...!! // HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!! DON'T SCREW WITH ME~~~~!!! // THAT AIN'T FOR YOU TO EAT, SHARKFACE!!!)
Kin'emon: Uuuuurghhhh...!! / Uggkhhh...!!
Brook: Oh, my!! He coughed up blood!!! / What's wrong?! What's happening to you?!!
Kin'emon: It... // It does not hurt...!!!
Brook: Oh, come on!!!
Sanji!Nami: Joue... // ...SHOOT!!!

Sanji!Nami: (All right, perfect!! This is the last part!!! // With this, the Samurai Puzzle will be complete!!! // !! // ...............!! // ?!!! // The poison has reached this far......!!! // Not good... It looks like I'm surrounded!! // Will Nami-san's muscles be enough to pull this off......?! // It's not going to be easy on her body, but...!!

Brook: Ahhh... This doesn't look good... // The whole lake has turned the colour of poison...!! Sanji-san, you must hurry...!!
Sanji!Nami: (BLUE WALK!!! // Don't close up...!!!) // That was close~~~~~!!!
Brook: !!! // Sanji-san!!!
Zoro: And he's actually got it, too...
Kin'emon: ...Truly......!!!
Sanji!Nami: *pant*... // *pant*...!!

Kin'emon: There are no words...!! // To think that the simple fact of possessing the body with which I was born... / ...could bring me such unparalleled joy...!!!
[Box: Samurai of the Wano Country / Kitsunebi no Kin'emon]
Brook: Why, Samurai-san, you're actually rather tall! You're the same height as me!
Kin'emon: That reminds me... I still have not introduced myself!! // Forgive my rudeness!! / My name is Kin'emon!!! // I hail from the land of Kuri... / ...in the Country of Wano!!

Kin'emon: Master Eyebrows... May I hear your name also?
Sanji!Nami: ...............!!! / *pant*... / The name's Sanji... / And who're you calling "Master"? Now you've got your body back... / ...you seem awfully talkative and pleased with yourself...!! // You'd better not have forgotten all the brazen stuff you had the nerve to say to me... / ...while I couldn't harm you because you were completely helpless!!
Kin'emon: Never... // How could I forget...?!! // For as long as I live... / I will never forget the debt I owe to you!!!! You have my deepest gratitude!!! // I beg you to find it in your hearts to forgive me for doubting you until the moment my body was finally restored!!!

Sanji!Nami: Quit doing that, idiot!! Get your head off the ground!! A man shouldn't prostrate himself that easily!!!
Kin'emon: But if it were not for you, I would still be...!!
Brook: I'm terribly sorry to interrupt, Sanji-san... // ...but it looks like we're in rather disastrous trouble.
Sanji!Nami: ?!
Brook: It would appear there is nowhere left to run.
Sanji!Nami: !! // Whoa, whoa, whoa... I thought I told you guys to take care of these things!!
Zoro: Well, we tried. Nothing seems to faze them.
Brook: It's quite true...
Sanji!Nami: What kind of attitude is that?!!
Kin'emon: Have you considered trying to set them alight...?
Zoro: Huh?
Kin'emon: People call me "Kitsunebi no Kin'emon"... "Kin'emon of the Foxfire"! My blazing sword sears a path through the foe!! / Let us burn these creatures and walk over their ashen remains!!!

Brook: Oh, what a lovely idea!! / Please, go right ahead!!!
Zoro: ..................
Kin'emon: Yahhh!!!
Sanji!Nami: Eh?
People: ?!!

Zoro: ?
Kin'emon: Now, it seems the path is clear. I am coming for you, Momonosuke!
People: ?!!
Brook: Wh... What's this now~~~?! We're...not hurt!! What in the world...? / I could have sworn we were just engulfed in an explosion...!
Zoro: ......??
Brook: K... Kin'emon-san!!! / What just happened?!!
Kin'emon: I must admit, I was a little taken aback myself. / I did not expect them to explode... // But since they did, I merely sliced the flames of the explosion apart...!!!
People: ?!!
Brook: Sliced the...explosion...?!!
Kin'emon: My "Kitsunebi Style" has two main points. Firstly, it allows me to slice my enemies with searing fire... // ...and secondly... / ...it allows me to slice apart fire itself!! // There is no fire... / ...that my blade cannot fell!!! // Now, I must go forth to rescue Momonosuke from that facility!!
Zoro: Hold it!!
Kin'emon: ?!
Zoro: I'm starting to feel quite intrigued by your Samurai ways... / Let me join you. I'll help you save your son...!!
Brook: Eh?! Zoro-san?!
[Insert text: A new fire has been sparked in Zoro's heart!!]

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