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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 672

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:43 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 672: "My Name is Kinemon!!"
side: The mystery deepens at Punk Hazard! Vol. 67 goes on sale Aug. 3!!
Request: Zoro and Sanji carry a rabbit and a turtle on their backs and race for them." - Akita Prefecture, P.N. Glasses Tanuki-san

slanted: Who...is this guy?!
2: Do you honestly believe that HE knows nothing?
3: Ha...ha...
4: Mystery Man - Virgo
5: We do not trust Caesar.
6: --therefore we had Monet crawl deep into his midst.

1: You're a "Royal Shichibukai-sama" now, eh...?
2: You've really made a name for yourself.
3: When did you get here...?! Virgo?!
4: --When? Just moments ago.
5(3b): I was just in Dresrosa, and heard an SAD tanker was heading out, so I caught a ride. Looks like it was the right choice.
6(3b): Haa...haa...?! The right choice my ass...!! Haa
7: What kind of harm did I do to you?!
8(2b): If you had done any sort of harm, you would not be alive right now. You can't hide anything from adults, you know...Law.
9: Ufufu.
10: --then...I'll just have to get rid of you!!!

1: Ah...I forgot one thing.
2: Uuuuaaaaaaahhhh!!!
3: Let me revise what I said...
4: It's Virgo-SAN to you...

1: Meanwhile -- in front of the Lab --
2: Luffy's group --
3: What's happening...?!
4: ...I don't know...!!!
5: What should we do...?!
6: S...

1: Vice-Admiral Smoker...!!!
2: Shurororororo...!!
3: Tashigi-chaaaan!!!

1(2b): I've never seen him fall twice in the same day...what just happened?!
2(2b): All three of the Straw Hats are down too!!
3: Could it be Conqueror's Haki?!
4: No way! They aren't that far apart in strength!!
5: Then what?!
6: Shurorororo...
7: They all got beaten without even being touched?!
8: Gyahahaha! Take that, Marines!!!
9: This is the power of our savior, Master!!!

1: Now then, my stalwart soldiers.
2(2b): Tie up these 5 important people!! Be sure to use seastone on the ability users...!!
3(2b): Leave the Marines and enter the lab!! This place is dangerous...!!!
4(2b): Some weird things have started falling from the sky, but don't worry! I'll make sure you have shelter!!!
5: Yes sir!!! Master!!!
6(2b): ...looks like the Cool Brothers screwed up...!! Shurororo...oh well...
7(2b): Looks like having both Straw Hat and Law as enemies...was a bit too heavy a burden...shurororororororororo!!

1(2b): Punk Hazard - Center Lake - Zoro's group
2(2b): Hack!! Cough!
3: Th...th...that's poison gas! If we cut it poison gas will spurt out!!
4(2b): Ahhhh!! My eyes!! My eeeeeeyes!!! Oh, wait, I don't have eyes.
5: What should we do, Zoro-san?!
6: I just tried, dammit!! Learn from other people, skeleton!!
7: I thought maybe you just had bad luck, Zoro-san! Yohohoho!
8: That's it...the enemy's made out of jelly. Eat and digest it!
9(2b): No way!!! Would you please stop saying such bullying statements?! I'm around 70 years old, you know?!
10: Guooohhhhhh!!!
11: Ahhhhhhhh!!
12: Hey, what's wrong?!

1: In the lake--
2: Uuuuu! So cold!! So damn cold!!
3: I'm sorry, Nami-san!!
4: blub...
5: Woah!! Could this be the slime's toxins?!
6: The torso better not have been swallowed up by that...
7(2b): I've been using Observation Haki, but...!! I must be really weakened...!! All the life energy I sense is mixed in with the fish, I can't even tell that much apart!!
8: crack snap

1: No way?!
2: Wait, you son of a bitch!!!
3: Don't you dare eat that, shark!!!
4: Ohhhhh...!!
5: Gack...!!
6: Wahhh!! He's coughing up blood!!!
7: Hey, what's wrong? What's happening?!
8: It...
9: It doesn't hurt...!!!
10: What the hell?!
11: Jeu
12: Shoot!!!

1: Alright!! Safe!! This is the last part!!!
2: Now the samurai puzzle is complete!!!
3: blub...
4: This is it for the poison...!!!
5: Oh shit! Now I'm surrounded all of a sudden!!
6: Can I make it with Nami-san's muscle strength...?!
7: I may cause more stress on her body, but...!!

1: Ahh...this is bad.
2: The surface of the lake's turned the color of the poison...!! Sanji-san!! Hurry!
3: Blue Walk!!!
4: Don't close up...!!!
5: Buhaaaaaaah!!!
6: Sanji-san!!!
7: Ohh, so he did get it.
8: ...he really...!!!
9: haa
10: Haa!!

1: No samurai...!!
2(2b): who has ever lived...has been as happy as I am now!!!
3: Wa-no-Kuni Samurai
"Foxfire Kinemon"
4: Wahhh! You sure are tall, samurai-san! You're about the same height as me.
5: Oh...? I apologize for the delay!!
6(2b): My name! Is Kinemon!!!
7(2b): I come from Kuri, in Wa-no-Kuni!!

1: Please tell me your name, eyebrow fellow?
2(4b): Haa! I'm Sanji. What are you being so polite for? Just because you got your body back, you're being all nice now...?!
3(2b): You're the one who told me "You can't do anything!" Among other verbal abuse! Don't tell me you forgot?!
4: I will not forget!!!
5: Never...!!!
6(2b): I will never forget this debt!!!! As long as I live!!! Thank you so much!!!
7: And please forgive me for doubting you up until the moment my torso was returned tom e!!!

1: Stop it, you idiot! Raise your head!!! Men can't easily bow themselves down on the ground like that!!!
2: But if you had never appeared, then I would have been...!!
3: I'm sorry to interrupt, Sanji-san,
4: but it looks like we're in a huge pinch.
5: We've finally run out of running room.
6: Hey!!! You guys...I told you to do something about this shit!!!
7: And we couldn't. So there's nothing we can do.
8: He's right...
9: You spoiled idiots!!
10: How about we burn it?
11: Huh?
12(2b): People call me Foxfire Kinemon because my blade is one that slashes and burns!! Let us burn that and open a path!!!

1(2b): Ohhh!! That's a nice idea!! Please, let's!!!
2: Seyaaa!!!
3: burn...
4: Huh?

1: Now our path is clear. Let's go, Momonosuke.
2(2b): Huh?! We're alright!! What the? I thought we were completely swallowed up in that explosion.
3(2b) K...Kinemon-san!!! What did you do just now?!
4: Ahh...I was a bit surprised myself, you know. I never thought it'd explode...
5(2b): --but I simply cut away the "explosion flames"...!!!
6: Explosion flames...!!?

1: My "Foxfire style" cuts and burns uses flames,
2: and also has a secret technique that can cut apart flames!!
3(2b): There is no flame I cannot cut!!!
4: --now, I will go the lab to save Momonosuke!!
5: Wait!!
6(2b): I've gotten a little interested in how samurai fight...I'm gonna come with you to save your son!!
7: Huh?! Zoro-san!
slanted: A flame's also been lit in Zoro's heart!!

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