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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bleach 499

Rescuer In The Dark

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 15, 2012 16:36 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: A ray of hope!!]
Hiyosu: Send word to the volunteers! / Tell them to get this information out to all the 13 Divisions!! // The request for aid sent to Kurosaki Ichigo was successful!!! // Kurosaki Ichigo has already departed Hueco Mundo... // ...and is currently on his way here!!

Chad: Urahara-san!!
Urahara: Sado-san, Inoue-san! / Excellent timing! // There should be a roughly palm-sized metal plate concealed somewhere on that dead body. // Could you find it for me?!
Orihime: Urahara-san... // Where's Kurosaki-san...?
Urahara: I have sent Kurosaki-san directly to Soul Society. / I'll explain the situation later. // But for the moment, we have to analyse the enemy!

Rin: (It's going to be all right... // He's going to help us... // I just know that Ichigo-san... // ...will be able to save Soul Society............!)
[Bleach 499]
[Rescuer In The Dark]
[Side text: ...Rushing to their aid!!]

Akon: Here's how things stand. // Firstly, our current losses. / The Shinigami whose reiatsu has completely vanished amount to 2245 ordinary soldiers, 56 seated officers, and one lieutenant. // However, these numbers are rising by the second. / This is just to give you a general idea. // Damage to structures is also widespread. / Too widespread to calculate.
Ichigo: Hold on... When you say "reiatsu has vanished"... / ...Does that mean they're dead?
Akon: Unknown. // We haven't been able to confirm their status directly. / But the lieutenant in question is neither Kuchiki Rukia nor Abarai Renji.

Ichigo: That's not what I was -
Akon: I'm just giving you the information you need to know. / Nothing more, nothing less. / Moving on...
Ichigo: ..................
Akon: Amongst the enemy forces, there are at least 16 individuals with power comparable to or greater than a Captain-level Shinigami. / They refer to themselves as the Sternritter, and are dressed in the distinctive white garb of the Quincy. / And finally... // The losses to the enemy side are currently zero. // We have yet to receive a single report of a battle victory.
Ichigo: ...What are their abilities?
Akon: Beyond the general information that they are Quincies, I'm afraid we haven't received any details on their abilities here at the Research Institute. / That's just how strained the situation is out on the field. / However...

Akon: There is one piece of information that I can confirm. // The enemy has a method of stealing a Shinigami's Bankai.
Ichigo: ! // Stealing.........?! // What are you talking about?! / That's crazy, it can't be possible -
Akon: I'm hesitant to believe it myself. // But there's no room for doubt. / This information... // ...comes from the Captains of the Second, Sixth, Seventh and Tenth Divisions... // ...who have all had their Bankai stolen from them.

Ichigo: (No way.....................!!!)
[BubbleSFX: *bzzzzt*]
Ichigo: !
Urahara: I can tell you a little more about the enemy's abilities.
Ichigo: Urahara-san?!
Urahara: Indeed. // During your battle just now, I tried to gather what information I could about your opponent. / Let me give you a rundown of my findings.

Urahara: These Quincy seem to possess three main abilities that we should be aware of. // The first is the Quincy Vollständig. // This ability produces the most obvious and striking changes to their fighting capabilities and appearance... / ...but there's little I can say about it beyond what you have already experienced. // The second is an ability your enemy referred to as "Blut". // This involves manipulating a flow of spirit particles through the blood vessels of the user's own body, in order to create significant boosts in both offensive and defensive power. // This "Blut" is certainly a dangerous ability... // ...but it does have one major flaw.

Urahara: The offensive capacity and the defensive capacity of this Blut ability are achieved via two separate spirit particle systems... // ...and it is impossible to activate both at the same time. // You may have noticed that the enemy was unable to inflict any significant damage upon you after you activated your Bankai... / ...but this was because he was unable to keep up with the high-speed offensive ability of your Tensa Zangetsu... // ...and as a result, was forced to focus his spirit particles upon the defensive type of Blut at all times. // Indeed, the only reason I was able to eliminate him myself... / ...was because your words provoked him into redirecting his spirit particles into the offensive form of Blut for an instant. // This "Blut switching" mechanic... / ...is likely to prove key in all battles against these Quincy opponents. // Finally, the third ability that these Quincy possess... / ...is "Bankai appropriation".

Urahara: Just as you have already heard from Akon-san... / They are able to steal an enemy's Bankai using the metal plates that they carry upon their person. // Precisely how this ability works, I intend to determine through careful analysis of the plate your opponent was carrying... // ...but the important thing right now... // ...is that your own Bankai alone seems to be completely unaffected. // I don't have any explanation for this just yet, beyond wild speculation. // But I do suspect... // ...that the enemy chose this timing to launch their invasion of Soul Society... / ...specifically because you were occupied in Hueco Mundo and unable to go to their aid.

Urahara: The enemy sees you as a threat, Kurosaki-san. / More than anyone else. // And that is why it is important that you go to Soul Society. // This is a dangerous battle. / I will join you myself as soon as I am able. // ...Please do be careful... / ...not to take on more than you can handle.
Ichigo: Sure thing.

Ichigo: Wha...?!

Ichigo: The exit......?! // Urahara-san! / What's going on?! // Urahara-san!!!
Urahara: (Ugh... // I was careless to assume he would be unable to move with those injuries... // This is...)

Urahara: (Ransou Tengai............!!!)
Opie: I won't let you just stroll out of here to Soul Society... / My orders from His Majesty... // ...are to delay Kurosaki Ichigo... // ...even at the cost of my own life!!

Ichigo: !

Ichigo: ...What is this...?!
Opie: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! // How frustrated you must feel, Kurosaki Ichigo!!! // Just a little further, and you would have been able... / ...to fight for your beloved Soul Society! // Yet now, you cannot so much as escape from the cage that binds you! // You have lost, Kurosaki Ichigo. / There is nothing left for you to do...

Opie: ...but wait helplessly in your shadowy prison... / ...as Soul Society is destroyed.
[Insert text: The path forward blocked...!!]

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