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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 673

Vergo and Joker

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 15, 2012 16:37 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 673: Vergo and Joker
"At midnight in a museum, security guard Usopp discovers Brook dancing with the dinosaur fossils"
From pen-name "Joan-san", Aomori-ken

[Insert text: The ripples are far-reaching...]
[Box: The New World / A certain island...]
People: You have to search for the children!! // Please, if you could just try one more time...!!
Yarisugi: Pointless! Far too pointless!!
People: If the Marines could just send out a search party...!! // Would it be possible for you to put us in touch with an officer called Captain Tashigi?! // We've heard that she is always willing to lend an ear to citizens in need -
Yarisugi: ?! // Ehhh?! // How preposterous!!! Do you mean to insult me!!!
People: Aaghhh!!! // Aaaahhh!!
Yarisugi: I'll have you know that we too are Marine officers from G-5!!! // Do you mean to say that you doubt the reports of your military?!!! / That you are in some way dissatisfied with the way we administer this jurisdiction?!!!
Marines: Commodore, you're going too far again!! Gyahahah!

Yarisugi: When will you people learn?!! This has gone too far!! // Those children died in an accident!!!
[Box: Marine from G-5 / Unit 06 / Commodore Yarisugi]
[TN: "Yarisugi" means "going too far"]
Yarisugi: We have confirmed this matter with Vice-Admiral Vergo, head of G-5, far too many times already!! / We have sent out ten thousand search parties!!!
Marines: (He's exaggerating again...!!)
Yarisugi: If you cause any further disturbance, I will murder you all for the obstruction of an officer in the act of duty, and set the town alight!!
People: ?!!
Marines: Gyahahah! That's going too far, Commodore!

Yarisugi: Hmph... You say you want to speak to Tashigi-chan?! / That's far too impudent by half!!! // Certainly, I sometimes wish she were under my own command! That would be far too wonderful!! / But that girl is the right-hand officer of the head of Unit 01, Vice-Admiral Smoker himself!! // She has far too little time to be wasting on fools who can't forget about an accident that happened three whole years ago!!! // Filthy worms!!
Marines: Gyahahah! Seriously, that's going too far!!
People: ...............!! // Do you think it's true that this has come to the attention of Vice-Admiral Vergo himself...? // I still remember when that man protected this island from a pirate attack...!! / He was such an upstanding officer, it's hard to believe he's a G-5 Marine like them...! // But even he says this was nothing more than an accident...? // ...The last we saw of them, those kids were just playing happily in the neighbourhood... And the next thing we know, they've died in an accident at sea...?! // How can they expect us to believe that...?!! // They're still alive, I know it...!!

People: Our children are still alive...!!
[Box: Punk Hazard]
People: Somehow... Somewhere...!!
[Box: Ice Side; Remains of the First and Second Research Facilities / Nami & Usopp's Team]
Kids: Aaaaaghhhh...!!!
Nami!Sanji: Usopp!! Hurry up and put them to sleep!!
Usopp: ......!! I'm trying, but......!! / It doesn't work so well if you use it over and over!!!
Kids: Uurghh... // Uuurghh... // Undo...these chains...!! Please...!! // Aaaaarrghhhhhhhhh~~~~!!!
Usopp: The withdrawal symptoms must be too strong, it's not working at all!!
Nami!Sanji: Th... Then what should we do?!!

Usopp: We'll just have to restrain them by force!! / Go on, Sanji!!
Nami!Sanji: I'm Nami, remember?!!!
Usopp: ......!! Ugh... Just looking at you, you look like you'd be more use...
Nami!Sanji: Well, excuse me for being useless!!!
Kids: Aaarghhh......!! Help uuuuusssss...!! / Candy...... We need candy...!! // My head hurts so baaaad... // Uerggghhh... // It hurts so much...!! Just give us candy... then it'll all be better...
Usopp/Nami!Sanji: ...............!!
Usopp: Aaaaghhhhh~~!! Here they come~~~!!! // Y... You think it's okay to attack them?!! THey're practically monsters!!
Nami!Sanji: Of course it's not okay!!! They're only children!!

Kids: !! // Ahh!!
Nami!Sanji: Huh?
Usopp: ...............?
Caesar: .........
Kids: It's the Master~~~~!!
Caesar: Are you all right, my children...?! Shurororo...
Kids: Master!! // Master!!!
Caesar: Come along with me, back to the facility... It's dangerous out here. // I'm sure you want to eat your favourite candy, now, don't you...?
Usopp/Nami!Sanji: M... // Master?!!

[Box: Punk Hazard, Central Lake]
People: ?!!
Brook: The Slime... got angry~~~~~~?!!
Sanji!Nami: What's going on all of a sudden?!!
Zoro: You reckon it's because we made all the little slimes explode back there?!
Kin'emon: Like a mother and her children?!! But we had no other choice...!!

Kin'emon: Its shape appears to be changing somehow!! // What in the world is this...?!!
[Box: SMILEY / The Master's Pet / (A gelatinous mass of poisonous gas that has eaten the Sala Sala no Mi, Model Axolotl)]
Sanji!Nami: ...What is that shape?! A frog?!
Zoro: ...Maybe some kind of lizard?
People: ?!!

People: !!!
Brook: Oh, dear me!! It's so biiiiiiigggg~~~~!!!

Sanji!Nami: RUN FOR IT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Samurai: Nguohh!!!
Brook: Aaarghhhhh~~~!!!
Kin'emon: !! // Can it just create as many copies of itself as it pleases...?!
Brook: ......!! No... I have the feeling the main slime is getting slightly smaller the more of them it throws!!
Sanji!Nami: Then eventually there won't be anything left on the other side of the lake?! // Don't tell me it's trying to cross the lake by throwing itself over, bit by bit...?!

Sanji!Nami: If a thing that size makes it over here, we really will be done for!!
Zoro: True enough... Cut it and it spews gas, burn it and it explodes... And we're talking a way bigger explosion than the one just now...!! The research facility could be in big trouble too!!
Kin'emon: What......?! Then all the more reason for us to hurry!!! / MOMONOSUKE~~~~~~~~!!!
Zoro: I'm going to the facility. What about you guys?
Sanji!Nami: Well, if you're going, we have to go too, don't we?!! / Where are you going to go if you end up separated from Kin'emon?!! / You expect us to search the whole island for you?!
Brook: Yohoho! I would quite like to see his swordsmanship for myself, too!! // Let us hurry!! // To the research facility!!!

[Box: Outside Caesar Clown's Research Facility]
Marines: Give us back our Smoke-yan!! Caesaaaar~~~~~!!! // Give us back Tashigi-chan~~~!!! // Open up already, dammit~~~!!! // What's wrong with this damn shutter?!!! It won't budge an inch!!! // Even bazookas don't scratch it!! // Perhaps there's a back door?! // It's no good!! We've looked everywhere, all the entrances are shuttered up!! / *pant*... // *pant*... // Ughhhhh... Damn that gassy freak!!

Marines: These disgusting jelly things don't seem to be raining down any more for some reason... // But don't let your guard down!! They're gathering up and getting bigger!! // What are we supposed to do~~~~~~~?!!! // There's no ship left to steal!! There's no way to escape......!! // We can't even send word off the island!! We're stranded in these freezing mountains~~~~!!!
[Box: Within the facility; Caesar's Laboratory]
Vergo: What is Caesar trying to accomplish with all this...?!!
Moné: ...Search me. / If he's woken up his pet, Smiley... // I suppose he might have a big experiment in mind?

Moné: Say, Vergo, did you have a hamburger this morning?
Vergo: ? / How did you guess? // I'm quite fond of them.
Moné: You've got a bit of hamburger stuck on your face...
[Text: Vice Admiral Vergo / Head of Marine Base G-5]
Vergo: I would quite like to observe how this experiment unfolds... / Do you think everyone outside will die?
Moné: Most likely. We'll be safe here inside the facility.
Smoker!Tashigi: ......... // Oi, Vergo!! / I hope you realise, the people outside are all G-5 Marines!! Your own subordinates!!
Vergo: !

Vergo: True... // True enough... // ...Still... // It's quite a sight to see... // ...such an assortment of faces restrained in a single cage. / I rather enjoy it.
Robin: This takes me back a little, actually. / Being in a cage with all of you...
Luffy: Oh, yeah, it's like that time when you guys captured me and Smokey back in Alabasta!
Smoker!Tashigi: Be quiet, you!!!
Tashigi!Smoker: Smoker-san, I... I don't know what to do about this feeling...!! // Aahhh...
Smoker!Tashigi: It looks like your prediction came true in the worst possible way.

Smoker!Tashigi: ...In other words... The kidnapping incident in which Caesar abducted those children... / ...was covered up as an "accident at sea" by none other than this man. // To think that the corruption originated at the very top... / Since this is G-5 we're talking about, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised... But still, this is an utter disgrace for the military.
Law: ...You shouldn't blame yourselves for not noticing... / It's not as though Vergo simply betrayed the military.
Smoker!Tashigi: ?!
Law: He was a pirate from the start. Before he ever made a name for himself... // ...he entered the Marine ranks under Joker's orders... // ...and spent fifteen years working his way up from the bottom of the ranks. / There's no Marine that Joker could rely on better than this man.
Vergo: .........
Law: Vergo was a member of Joker's crew from the very beginning...!!!

Smoker!Tashigi: "Joker"... I've heard of that name. He's a major broker in the black markets...
Tashigi!Smoker: .........
Smoker!Tashigi: ...I feel ashamed of myself... This rat was right under my nose all this time... / ...and I failed to catch the stench...!!
Vergo: No need to be so negative. I'd rather you praise this rat for having the skills... / ...to evade the notice of the famed White Hunter all this time. Right, Smoker-kun? // Since the day you were transferred here from Marine HQ... / I've had to stay vigilant like never before. / Just thinking that I won't have to worry about that stress any more... / ...is a huge relief. // Now that I've revealed my true colours to you, a secret I can't let anyone discover... / I'm sure you understand what that means. // Vice Admiral Smoker, Captain Tashigi... The two of you will die here, and tell nobody of what you have learned. / And I'll let Caesar do as he pleases with your subordinates outside. // Don't worry... I'll make sure this goes in the books as an "accident", the same as always.
Smoker!Tashigi: ...............!!!

Luffy: Hey, Tra-dude. I've been wondering... // Who is this "Joker" guy they mentioned?
Law: .................. // Once upon a time... // I worked for that man, too.
Luffy: ?!
Law: That's how I knew about Vergo. // "Joker" is the name he goes by as a black-market broker. / But his true identity is a pirate whose name the whole world knows well. / One of the Royal Shichibukai...
Robin: ?!
Tashigi!Smoker: ..................?!
Law: Donquixote... // Doflamingo!!!
People: ?!!
[Insert text: A major player!!]

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