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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 673

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:44 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 673 - "Vergo & Joker"
side: The new Shichibukai finally appears! Vol. 67 goes on sale Aug. 3!!
text: One Piece Grand Arena Tour
Saitama! Ehime! Fukui! Tickets now on sale! Sendai tickets go on sale on July 29!
It's also happening in Kumamoto! http://opga.jp
One Piece Summer Festa in Sanrio Puroland is happening from July 14 - Aug. 31! It's been lengthened!

Request: "Brook dances with a dinosaur fossil late at night in a museum, and the security guard, Usopp, discovers them." -Aomori Prefecture - PN. Sean-san.

1(2b): On a certain island in the New World--
slanted: The ripples extend this far...
2: Please search for our children!!
2: Please, just once more...!!
3: It's a waste! Too much of a waste!!
4: Please, help us find them with the power of the Marines!!
5: If possible! I would like to speak with an officer! Captain Tashigi!!
6: We hear she is very sincere in listening to people...
7: Huh?!
8: Fuck you!!! You trying to humiliate us?!
9: Uwahhhh!!!
10: Kyaaa!
11: gah!!
12: We're also Marines from G-5!!!
13(2b): You idiots doubt our reports! This is our jurisdiction, and yet you complain?! Way too much!!!
14: Commodore!! You're overdoing it! Gyahaha!

1: Enough already! Listen up!! Listen too much!!
2: All your children died in accidents!!!
Sign: Marines G-5
06 Squad
Commodore Yarisugi (*Note: Means "overdoing it" or "too much")
3(2b): We have confirmed this matter too many times with the leader of G-5! Vice-Admiral Vergo!! We searched for them 10,000 times!!!
4: That's way too much...
5: Any more noise and you will be interfering with public matters! So we'll have to kill you! And burn the entire town down!!
6: Gyahaha! You're overdoing it, Commodore!

1: Hmph...bring out Tashigi-chan, you say? You're getting way too big for your britches!!!
2(2b): It'd be so great if she was my subordinate!! Too great!! But she's the right hand of Vice-Admiral Smoker of the 01 Squad! Too much of a right hand!!
3: I have way too little time to check back over accidents from 3 years ago with you people!!!
4: Shitheads!!
5: Gyahaha! You're saying too much!!
6: Did he really tell Vice-Admiral Vergo about this?
7(2b): That man once protected this island from pirates...!! He's a gentleman of a Marine. Far too nice a man for G-5!
8: Did even he...call this all an accident...?
9: ...they were just playing around the neighborhood...then all of a sudden they died in a shipwreck...?!
10: How could anyone believe something like that...?!
11: They're alive...!!

1: They have to be alive...!!
2: Punk Hazard--
3: Somewhere, they must be...!!
4(2b): The ice side - the remains of Labs #1 and #2 - Nami & Usopp
5: Ahhh...!!!
6: Usopp!! Hurry up and put them to sleep!!
7(2b): I am...!! But this stuff only works so many times!!!
8: Uuu
9: Take off our...chains...!! You guys!!
10: Ahhhhhh!!!
11: Their withdrawl symptoms must be overpowering it!!
12: Then what are we supposed to do?!

1(2b): We'll just have to keep them down somehow!! I'm counting on you, Sanji!!
2: I'M NAMI!!!
3: ...damn!! I thought I could count on you because of how you look.
4: Well EXCUSE ME!!!
5(2b): Ahhhh...!! Guys...!! Candy...give us candy...!!
6: My head hurts...!!
7: Oehhh
8: It hurts...!! If I eat candy...I'll feel better!
9: Give us candyyyyyy!!!
10: Gyaaaaaahhh!! Here they come!!!
11: W...we can attack them now, right?! They're monsters!
12: No!! You idiot!! They're children!!

1: Ahhh!!
2: Huh?
3: Master!!
4: You alright, children...?! Shurororo...
5: Master!!
6: Master!!!
7: Now, let's go back to the lab...this place is dangerous.
8: You want to eat...the delicious candy you always get, right...?
9: Ma...
10: Master!!?

1: Punk Hazard - Center Lake
2: Baooooohhhhh!!!
3: The slime...got maaaad!!?
4: What?! All of a sudden?!
5: Maybe because all those little slimes exploded?!
6: Were they like his children?! We had no choice, though...!!

1: It looks like it's changing form!!!
2: What is that...?!
3: Smiley
Master's Pet
(Sara-Sara Fruit Model - Gelatinous poison gas that ate an axolotl)
4: ...what is that? A frog?!
5: ...isn't it a lizard?

1: Baohhh!!!
2: Woah, this is way too big!!!

1: Ruuuuuun!!!
2: Nuoooh!!!
3: Gyaaaahh!!!
4: Can it just keep making clones forever...?!
5: No! The mass standing over there on the other bank looks like it's getting smaller!!
6: So then in the end, the part of it that's over there will disappear?!
7: Maybe it's trying to throw itself over here...

1: If that thing goes wild over on this side, we're in big trouble!!
2: Yeah...if we cut it and the gas gets lit on fire, it'll explode -- and it won't be anything like what happened before...!! The lab could be in trouble!!
3(2b): What...?! Then we need to hurry!!! Momonosukeeee!!!
4: What are you guys gonna do? I'm gonna go to the lab.
5(3b): Then we have to go too!!! What would you do if you split up with Kinemon and were alone?! Would we just have to search all over the island for you?!
6: Yohoho! I'd like to see his swordsmanship too!!
7: Let's go!!
8: To the lab!!!

1: Caesar Clown's Lab
2: Give back Smo-san!! Caesarrrrr!!!
3: Give back Tashigi-chan!!!
4: OPen this place up, dammit!!!
5: bokong!!
6: That thick shutter won't budge an inch!!!
7: Not even the bazooka works!!
8: What about the back?!
9: Nothing is working!! There are shutters around the entire thing!! Haa
10: Haa
11: Dammit! That son of a bitch!!

1: --although, that creepy jelly stuff stopped raining down...!!
2: But be careful! It's gathering up and getting bitter!!
3: What should we do?!
4: We can't steal any more ships!! Our path is cut off...!!
5: We can't make any contact with anyone! We've just been left alone in this freezing terrain!!!
6: Inside the lab - Caesar's lab room
7: What does Caesar...intend to start...?!
8(2b): ...who knows. But since he's woken up his pet, Smiley...
9: Perhaps it means he's going to start a big experiment.

1: Did you happen to eat a hamburger this morning, Vergo??
2: How did you know?
3: I love them.
4: There's a piece of hamburger left on the side of your mouth.
V.A. Vergo
G-5 Base Leader
5(2b): I'd really love to see that experiment...are all the people outside going to die?
6: You'll probably be safe if you're in here.
7(2b): Hey, Vergo!! All the people outside are G-5 marines!! Your subordinates!!

1: Ahhh.
2: You're right...
3: --however.
4: Seeing all these people in the same cell
5(2b): It's really quite a catch...what a fine view...
6(2b): It really brings back memories being in the same cell as you...
7: Oh yeah! You caught Smokie and me back in Alabasta!
8: Shut up, you idiots!!!
9: Smoker-san, I...what can I do about this feeling?!
10: Uuu...
11: your premonition struck the mark in the worst possible way.

1(2b): --in other words...the "kidnapping case" where Caesar took away all the children was changed into a "shipwreck" by his hand.
2(2b): To think the leader of the base was the ringleader of the entire crime. I guess in a way, it fits with G-5...but this ruins the prestige of the entire marine force.
3(2b): ...it's understandable that you didn't notice...!! Vergo didn't really betray the Marines themselves.
4: He used to be a pirate. Before he got famous.
5: He entered the Marines under Joker's orders.
6(2b): He spent 15 years climbing the ranks. To Joker, he's the most convenient, trustworthy Marine that could ever exist.
7: Vergo has been one of Joker's men from the start...!!!

1: Joker...the man of an underworld broker, was it...?
2(2b): I'm such a fool...the mole was this close to me...but I couldn't even pick up his stench...!!
3(2b): Don't get so pessimistic...you should be complimenting this mole for eluding even the eyes of the great "White Hunter," Smoker-san.
4(2b): Ever since the day you transfered here from the HQ, I've been exercising maximum precautions.
5(2b): Thinking that I'll be free from that stress from this day forward makes me very happy.
6(2b): My true identity is something that no one can know about. Do you know what's going to happen to you now?
7(2b): You, Vice-Admiral Smoker and Captain Tashigi, will die here...your lips will be sealed...and I'll give your underlings in the front to Caesar.
8: What...? Don't worry, I'll make sure it's processed as an "accident" as always.

1: Hey, Traffy. Who's that Joker guy
2: you mentioned?
3: I also used to be
4: one of his underlings...
5: That's how I know Vergo.
6(3b): Joker is just the name he uses in underworld brokering. He's a world-famous pirate, though...and one of the Shichibukai...
7: Donquixote
8: Doflamingo!!!!
side: A huge fish!!

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