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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 369

Naruto Chapter 369

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 7, 2007 20:01 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 369

#369: About Pein
[side text: Pein, Akatsuki's Leader, summons disturbance. What ambitions lurk behind those eyes...?]

[TN: A shinobi roars with laughter!!]
Dude2: Gwahahahahahahahah!
Jiraiya: Now, spit it out! / Tell me everything you know about Pein!
Dude2: Ngh... agh... Aaaahhhahahhh...
Dude1: Don't give in!
Dude2: No matter what... aaaahhah... // ...happens, I will... never betray... my naka... hahah.... agh...

Jiraiya: You're a tougher nut than I thought. // I'll have to use my trump card.
Dude1: Wh... what are you planning now?!
Jiraiya: If you're not gonna crack whatever I do, then I'll just have to use my jutsu to... // ...turn you into frogs!
[TN: It's a bit of a pun. "Change" and "frog" are both "kaeru" in Japanese, to the sentence is "Kaeru ni kaeru!"]
Dude1: .........
Jiraiya: ......... // Tur... // Turn you into... // frogs... // ............
Dude1: ............

Dude2: Gwahahahahahahah!! // Hahahahahah...
Dude1: What the hell's with you?!!
Jiraiya: Now, spit it out!
Dude1: We may just be underlings, but we're still shinobi of this village! / We would never betray our nakama! // Anything you try will be useless! // Don't take us so lightly!!

Jiraiya: Huh... I guess I have no choice then... // Ninpou: Kaeru-kaeru no jutsu!!
[TN: I think you should be able to figure out what that means.]
Dude2: S - stop iiit!!
Dude1: !
Frog: Ribbit ribbit.
Dude1: Why, you...! How could you do that?!!
Jiraiya: You're up next...

Dude1: ...The tallest tower on the west side of the village, that's where Pein is. ... Or so they say.
Jiraiya: Ohhh? What's thiis? / Didn't take much to get you to do that after all...
Dude1: .........
Jiraiya: Whatever. // What do you mean "so they say"?
Dude1: ...The truth is... Nobody really knows very much about Pein-sama.
Jiraiya: What do you mean?

Dude1: They say he bears the blood of the Fuuma clan. // But nobody has seen his face... / There are even people who think he doesn't really even exist.
Jiraiya: I've barely been in this town at all, but even I've heard everybody speaking about him... they practically worship him. / Don't try lying to me!
Dude1: Pein-sama is like a god to this town! / It's not a question of whether he's actually here or not... he is always watching over us! // Festivals, speeches... his orders are always handled by proxy...
Jiraiya: He's supposed to be your chief, right? / Why would he hide his face even from his own nakama?

Dude1: Precisely because something like this could happen...
Jiraiya: I see...
Dude1: ...You... / You're not one of the remnants of the old regime, are you? // Who on Earth are you?
Jiraiya: It's not important who I am. // More importantly, what do you mean by "remnants of the old regime"?
Dude1: Huh... Looks like you really don't know anything about us... // An outsider, huh. // Up until a short while ago, those remnants were invading and trying to assassinate Pein at every opportunity. // Well, we don't have to worry about that any more. ...You must have been very lucky to manage to sneak in from outside.

Jiraiya: You don't have to worry? // What do you mean? I thought this country was engaged in civil war.
Dude1: Well, that's no surprise. We're a very closed community. / I'll let you in on it. // The civil war is already over. // We already won! // That's why Pein has become such a legend. / He conquered the Village of Rain... all on his own.
Jiraiya: ......... // Unbelievable...

Jiraiya: You can say that Pein is strong... // But there is nobody in the shinobi world who doesn't know the name of "Salamander" Hanzou, the chief of the Village of Rain...!
Dude1: That's right... Not only was he incredibly powerful, but also incredibly wary... / It was practically impossible even to get near him. // He had a full 24-hour guard around his person. // They would conduct a thorough full-body search before letting anyone near him, even a child.

Jiraiya: So how did Pein take Hanzou out? // What kind of ability does he have?
Dude1: I told you, didn't I? // We don't know anything!
Hanzou: This battle... Let's say the victory goes to Konoha. // I will leave the three of you alive.
Jiraiya: We don't need your pity! / We can still fight!!
Tsunade: Stop that! Jiraiya!!

Hanzou: The three of you are strong...... // And you managed to survive this battle... // I, Hanzou... / ...shall hereby honour you as the "Konoha Sannin". // In return, may I have your names?
Jiraiya: ..........

Jiraiya: Unbelievable... To take out that Hanzou, alone...
Dude1: Hahah... Well, that's just how gods are. / They have terrible powers. // But the truly terrible thing about Pein-sama is not his jutsu.
Jiraiya: ?
Dude1: What is truly terrifying... is that merciless, powerful blade... / His heart.
Jiraiya: ?
Dude1: He has destroyed every trace of resistance against his ideals.

Dude1: Hanzou isn't the only one he killed. He also murdered Hanzou's parents, his wife and children... // He went to far as to take out all of his relatives and friends, no matter where they might be, and even their children. // Then he burned their houses to ashes. He even eliminated Hanzou's past clients from other villages. // He laid waste to them all. // Judgement...

Dude1: Doesn't that sound like a god to you?

Pein: Now... time to hunt the intruder.
[insert text: Six "Akatsuki" bodies sleep within the room... What exactly is Pein...?!]

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#1. by nahkampfbiber ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
#2. by emtelka ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
thank you :tem
#3. by OrangeRat ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2007
thank you!
#4. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2007
Cool!! Thx u very much for the trans! ^^
#5. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2007
thanks for the trans Carlos Net !!!
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