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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 369

Naruto 369

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Sep 7, 2007 19:56 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 369

Sorry I'm late, I was finishing up translating the Bleach Movie for Dattebayo. :ossu :turtle
Page 1:
Title: About Pain
Side: Pain, the leader of those harbingers of chaos, "Akatsuki." The ambition in his eyes is of...

Page 2:
Text: A shinobi, laughing his butt off!

Jiraiya: Spill it!
Tell me everything you know about Pain!

Dude 1: Guh...pfft...ghugugu...

Dude 2: Don't give in!

Dude 1: I...don't...ghegh...
SFX: tickle
Dude 2: I...won't...

Page 3:
Jiraiya: You're a tough nut to crack, I'll give you that.
I suppose I'll have to go to plan be.

Jiraiya: If you refuse to talk, I'll use one of my secret techniques
to turn you into frogs! (H: This is a pun using two homophones, "Kaeru (frog)-kaeru (transform))

Jiraiya: I said...
TURN YOU INTO FROGS. (H: Poor Jiraiya...can't get a laugh without that feather.)

Page 4:

Dude 1: Hahahaha..
SFX: tickle tickle
Dude 2: What do you want from us?!

Jiraiya: Let's have it!

Dude 2: Even if we're just soldiers, we're sill Shinobi of this village!
We'll never betray a comrade!

Dude: Don't take us lightly!
Go ahead, do your worst!

Page 5:
Jiraiya: If you insist...

Jiraiya: Ninja Art: Frog Metamorphasis Technique!
Dude 1: S-Stop!


Frog: Ribbit ribbit.
Dude 2: You dirty rat!

Jiraiya: Now it's your turn...
SFX: Flex

Page 6:
dude 2: I've heard Pain-sama stays in the tallest tower on the west part of town...

Jiraiya: Oh ho ho?
Looks like you betrayed your comrade rather quickly there, no?
SFX: Pat

Jiraiya: Okay then.
What do you mean you've "heard"?

Dude: The truth is, no one really knows anything about Pain-sama...

Jiraiya: How's that?

Page 7:
Dude: They say he's a member of the Fuuma clan...
But no one can say for sure what he looks like,
and there are rumors that he doesn't even exist.

Jiraiya: I've only been here a short time, but anyone who speaks Pain's name shows him great respect.
Don't you dare lie to me!

Dude: In this town, Pain-sama is like a God.
It doesn't matter if he's here or not...he gives us his protection either way.

If there's ever a festival or any kind of event, the specifics always come from a messenger...

Jiraiya: He's your boss, isn't he?
What does he gain by hiding himself from his allies?

Page 8:
Dude: He protects himself when situations like THIS happen...

Jiraiya: Oh yeah.

dude: You're not a survivor of the old Rain Village regime.
Who are you?

Jiraiya: It doesn't matter who I am.
What's this about "survivors of the old regime?"

DudE: Boy, you really don't know anything.
You must be a stranger.

Until a little while ago, when the old regime was after Pain-sama, they'd try to infiltrate our town.

There's no chance of that happening now, of course...now only a very lucky shinobi, like you, could manage to sneak in from outside and conceal himself.

Page 9:
Jiraiya: No chance?
I thought there was still a civil war going on in here?
Dude: That's not surprising, the flow of information is tightly controlled.
The truth is,

The war is over.
And we won!

That's why Pain-sama has become such a legend...he obliterated the old Hidden Rain Village, all by himself.

Jiraiya: I don't believe you...

Page 10:
Jiraiya: Even if Pain is an extremely powerful Shinobi,
the Hidden Rain's leader, "Hanzou the Salamander" was an icon throughout the whole shinobi world!

Dude: That's right...Hanzou was very beloved,
and getting close to him was impossble.

He was kept under guard 24 hours a day,
and even the youngest child was thoroughly searched before they were allowed to approach him.

Page 11:
Jiraiya: Then how did Pain kill him?

Dude: I keep telling you,
I don't know anything!

Hanzou: This battle...The Leaf is likely to win anyways.
I will let you three live.

Jiraiya: We don't need your pity!
I can still fight!
Tsunade: Stop, Jiraiya!

Page 12:
Hanzou: You three are powerful...
only you have survived.

I, Hanzou,
hereby dub you "The Sannin of the Leaf,"

Refer to yourselves as such, in return for my sparing your lives.

Page 13:
Jiraiya: Unbelievable...to have killed Hanzou my himself...

Dude: Heheh...It was an act of God.
His jutsu are not of this world.

But Pain-sama's true power don't like in his jutsu.

His strength comes from his heart.
He is a pure Shinobi, without even an ounce of mercy.

Shinobi who go against his ideals are crushed out of existence.

Page 14:
Dude: He didn't stop with Hanzou, he killed his parents, his wife, his children, even his most distant relatives, no matter how young they were.

Then he burned every last house down, and killed every single one of Hanzou's past clients, regardless of their village...

He erased everything Hanzou ever was.

As punishment...

Page 15:
Dude: Just like a God, right?
SFX: Stretch

SFX: Grrrrk

SFX: Step


Tube: 1

Page 16:
Tubes: 3, 2, 1

Page 17:
Tubes: 4, 5, 6
Text: Six Akatsuki "bodies" rest in this room...what exactly IS Pain?

Pain: I guess it's time to hunt down that intruder...
SFX: Blink

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#1. by Jinoh ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
Thank you!
#2. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
You're translating Bleach Movie? Wow, that's cool! :XD

Thanks for the great trans as always!
#3. by PixelGuy ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
Excellent! Great job as always!
#4. by rikinaruto ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
#5. by big_p ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
You're the best man, always my personal favorite translations.

#6. by Imperium ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
Thanks :)
#7. by Serpent ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
yey Hisshou :spaz
#8. by unal34 ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
thanks alot~
#9. by kenn02 ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
#10. by YoNaThaN ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
Great Translation Tnx
#11. by Suricate ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
#12. by zidane ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
thanks dude!, you are my basis for my german translations...anyway, nice work again...
#13. by kyubisharingan ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
you translated the bleach movie!? awsome

thanks for the translation. man...pein really has no mercy...
#14. by emtelka ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2007
#15. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2007
Thx! =D
#16. by deepumaru ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2007
HBK, you get thanks from many countries around the world, you are THE frog!
#17. by Windmillblade ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2007
To you i extend my gratitude
#18. by bax ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2007
Thanx as always Hisshou :ossu
#19. by yeste ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2007
Thanks man!
#20. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2007
Cool!! Thx u very much for the trans! ^^
#21. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2007
thanks for the trans HisshouBuraiKen!
#22. by coby0 ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2007
thanx for the translation
#23. by lordHokage ()
Posted on Sep 9, 2007
Once again, thank you HisshouBuraiKen. :)
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