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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

One Piece 703

The Waiting Room

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 2, 2013 21:37 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 703: The Waiting Room

[Insert text: Why is the Mera Mera no Mi here...?!]
Minion: Devil Fruits are unique. // Two of the same fruit can't exist at the same time. // However... // If the user of a Fruit dies... Somewhere in the world, / another Devil Fruit with the same power will be reborn. // So after the death of Fire-Fist Ace, the Mera Mera no Mi... / ...grew again somewhere in the world...and the young master got his hands on it...!! // Still, using a Devil Fruit, and a Logia at that, as a mere prize in his business dealings... / The young master sure can be cruel!! // Hell, with an incredible ability like that, even I'd be able to make a whole new life for myself!
Luffy: You~~~?! Like hell I'd let the likes of you eat that fruit!!!

Franky: Oh, yeah... Come to think of it, that Ace is your...
Luffy: I want it!! // That Mera Mera no Mi!!! // Hey, maybe you should eat it, Franky!
Franky: I'd rather not become a hammer in the water.
Luffy: I've already got my Gomu Gomu abilities, so I can't eat it myself... / But I don't want to let just anyone get their hands on Ace's ability!!
Flashback!Ace: With my "Mera Mera" ablities...
Franky: I guess this is what you'd call a "memento"... / Considering how Doflamingo was talking about it, there's a good chance that this is a trap, but... / There's one thing I can say for sure. // If there's a chance, don't let it slip by!!!
Luffy: !

Franky: It's no fun regretting things after they're all over. And besides... // We've got business at that colosseum anyway! Let's head over there!!
Luffy: Right!!
Minion: (...............!! // Those idiots...... // If wanting something was enough to get your hands on it, nobody would lose their lives in the struggle. // You shouldn't take the level of that colosseum so lightly......!!)
[Box: Mysterious "Fairy" Pursuit Team]
Zoro: *pant* // *pant* // *pant*... *pant*... / Fairy, my ass!! // He's just a common thief!!!

Zoro: Where has he gone?!
Sanji: I said wait, all right?!!! Just forget about this!! It's just a couple of measly swords!!
Zoro: Like hell I will, idiot!!!
Sanji: Ahh!!! That's...!!!
Zoro: You see the fairy?!! // ?!

People: How exquisite... // How passionate!! // Bravo~~~!♪
[Box: Dancer / Violet]
People: *sigh*~~~ // Your dancing is the greatest in the world~~! // *sigh*~~~
Sanji: Sh...She's beautiful...!♡♡
Zoro: Didn't you hear what that toy said about the women round here stabbing people?!! You're exactly the kind of guy they'd murder!!
Sanji: I'd gladly be stabbed by her~~~~!♡

Sanji: Gahh!! Oh, no!!! // I lost sight of him!!! // That directionally-challenged marimo~~~~~~~~~!!! // All right! This is the perfect opportunity! Let's leave him behind on this island!! / I followed him as far as I could... I did my best! // ...Still, this place sure is teeming with couples. Curse them all... // If only Nami-san and Robin-chan would suddenly fall head-over-heels in love with me...
Violet: Are...Are you the man who looked into my eyes just now?!
Sanji: Hm?
Violet: Please, put your arms around me!!!
Sanji: ?!! / Ehhhhh?!!

Sanji: !!
Officers: Where did that woman vanish to?!!
Sanji: ..................
Officers: I'm sure she went out the back entrance into this "Lovers' Street"! // She can't have gone too far!! // Don't let her leave the town!
Sanji: ..................
Violet: *pant*... *pant*... / Thank you... It looks like they're gone now...
Sanji: ..................
Violet: E...Erm... You can let go now...
Sanji: ..................
Violet: Aahhh!!
Sanji: *pant* // Nono, than'gyouberrybuch!♡ / *pant*

Violet: Oh, I'm so sorry... Did you hit your head on something?
Sanji: N...No, the only thing that struck me was the impact of meeting you...
Violet: But you're bleeding terribly...
Sanji: No, no, this is nothing...
Violet: You poor thing...
Sanji: Uwaaaaahhhhhhhh~~~~~!♡ // ...............!! It's no good... I can't stop the passion and love!!
Violet: Eh?! Oh, no, you mustn't look at me like that!! I have sworn off love for good...!! / All the men who associated with me in the past...they...
Sanji: They were all in paradise~~!♡ // You were being chased, right?!! Who were those men after you?! // If there's anything I can do to help, please, tell me!

Violet: Those men after me were the police. / I... I stabbed a man, you see...!! // Our relationship had grown sour...
Sanji: Ehhh?!! Then it's true that the women of this country are so passionate they end up stabbing their lovers?! // No problem!
Violet: That's no problem?! // Ohhh...hhh...!!
Sanji: What's wrong...?
Violet: You mustn't... You mustn't forgive a dangerous woman like me... // I might...fall for you...!♡
Sanji: !!
Violet: ......My name is Violet. / If you would be so kind... Could you escort me to the next town over? // And when we get there... // There's a man I'd like you to kill.
Sanji: ?!!

[Box: Corrida Colosseum]
Luffy: This colosseum is huge~~~!!! // I'm starting to feel like fighting here too!!
Franky: That's some serious cheering, too.
Soldiers: Hold it~~~~~~~!!
Luffy: Hm?
Soldiers: He's shown up again!! That wanter criminal toy soldier!! // He's like the demon of this colosseum at this point. I swear, every single time...
OneLeg: Can't hit me, can't hit me! // Jet Walk!!
Soldiers: Ahh...

OneLeg: Slowcoaches, the lot of ya!! Look!! // I've got one foot inside the colosseum!!!
[Box: One-Legged Soldier / (a toy) / AKA: The Furious Lightning Soldier]
OneLeg: You know the law, slowcoaches!!
Soldiers: Nghhh......!!
OneLeg: Police and Marines are strictly forbidden entry to the colosseum!! / Even if you see a criminal within the colosseum, you have no right to apprehend him! // In here, the only law that applies is the law of the Donquixote Family!! If you shoot me here... // The only criminals will be you!!
Soldiers: ..................
OneLeg: So get lost~~~!!
Soldiers: ..................

OneLeg: Why, hello there, little old man! / Would you like me to carry your bags for you?!!
Franky: You're awfully polite all of a sudden.
Luffy: Ahahaha! What a funny soldier!
OneLeg: Oh, really~~?! / Funny?! Is that what I am?! // What do you think? What do you think??
Luffy: Ahahahahahahahaha!
Franky: Could you get out of our way, old guy?
OneLeg: Ah! // Oh...I was obstructing your path? How rude of me!!
Franky: That's the reddest face I ever saw. Are you actually a pretty serious guy?
OneLeg: N...Not at all! I am a toy, and a toy's duty is to make people smile!! / Whoever heard of a serious toy?!!
Luffy: Ahahaha! Now he got upset!!

Announcement: Any last applications to fight in the colosseum?! We're closing for applications shortly! // I'm sure nobody's got the guts anyway, right?!! Ahahahaha!!
Franky: Hey, Luffy. Looks like your entrance is over there.
Luffy: Hm? Oh, right. // Sign me up, sign me up! I wanna fight!!
People: That old man wants to enter the tournament? // Is he crazy? Does he know who's going to be fighting today??
Franky: (Hey, Luffy!! // I daresay it'll be some kind of battle tournament... / But you've got to remember one thing...!! // You can fight to your heart's content, but just don't let anyone find out your identity!!)
Luffy: Got it!!
Receptionist: Okay... What's your name?
Luffy: Luf......
Franky: Are you a complete idiot~~?!!!

[Box: Entrant Number / #0556 / Lucy]
People: The Mera Mera no Mi is gonna be mine!! // No, it's mine, dumbass!!
Receptionist: This is the waiting room for participants in the tournament. // Feel free to do as you wish until your number is called.
Luffy: Wow... // It's hot in here all right!!
People: ...Oi, who's this runt? // Hmph!!

Luffy: Ohhh~?
People: Hm? // ? // Pffft...!!
Luffy: Ohhh~? // Are we allowed to use any weapons we like?
Spartan: Oi... Who is that guy?
People: He came in here at the last minute. // What's he think he's doing here?
Spartan: Half-assed "tourists" like him piss me off more than anything...!!!
[Box: Spartan / Corrida Colosseum Gladiator / (51 times winner of the Moon Tournament)]

Spartan: Oi, runt with the fake beard!!! This is a colosseum, you get that?!
People: Don't bother, Spartan, it's not worth it...
Spartan: There ain't no fun in seeing weaklings getting crushed like flies! It's seeing the strong clash with the strong that brings in the customers!!! // This ain't no place for you!!! Get outta here!!! // Get outta here right now!!!
Luffy: Hmm? // !!
Spartan: ! // ...............!!!
People: Eh...? // Ahhhh!!

People: ?!!
Spartan: Urghhh...
People: ...............!!
Luffy: Shishishi... // Pleased to meet you!
[Insert text: A declaration of war!!]

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