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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 715

The Fierce Battle for C Block

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 20, 2013 22:31 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 715: The Fierce Battle for C Block
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 33: As Our Late Father Said, "Brothers Should Always Get Along!"

[Insert text: A single attack fells the giant warrior!! Luffy is just too strong!!!]
Announcer: ...H...He's not moving a muscle!!! // The giant Hajrudin, a clear favourite for winning this match... // ...has been eliminated!!! // Who could have predicted this turn of events?!!!
Luffy: Hup!
Announcer: The crowd's excitement and expectations are at an all-time high!!
Crowd: You're amazing, Lucy~~~~~!!

Announcer: The eye of a storm has descended upon the battle for C Block!!!
Luffy: I'll carry you over to the edge, okay, Ucy?
Announcer: Lucy has done it again~~~~~!!!
Cavendish: ......Hmph. / As if it could have gone any differently.
Announcer: There's still no telling what kind of strength this man is still hiding!!
Rebecca: Wow... // I had no idea he was this strong...
Audience: LUCY~~~~~!!
Ideo: Now now, Mr. Giant... // This here is a fighting ring. // If you're going to take a nap, do it somewhere else!!!

Audience: Aaaaarghhhh!!! // Aaaaahhh!!! // ?!!
Announcer: Hajrudin's giant body was sent flying by an explosion?!! // What in the world could have...?!! // No, wait...that was no explosion!! Even with Hajrudin gone... // C Block is still a den of powerful warriors!!!
[Text: XXX-Class Boxer / "Cannonblaster" Ideo]
Announcer: A single punch from one of those bizarrely-shaped arms... / ...is like a miniature explosion by itself!!!
Audience: IDEO~~~~~!!
Announcer: That's right, the one who sent that giant's body flying... / ...was none other than the V2 Champion of the New World Central Fighting Tournament!!! // It's Cannonblaster Ideo~~~~!!!

Ideo: And with that Mera Mera no Mi... / I'll become even stronger!!
People: !!
Ideo: More...I want more power!!!
Announcer: And what's more... / He's not the only guy drawing attention!! // Over here, we have a trio of gangsters... // ...from the far Eastern Kano Country!! And they're a force to be reckoned with!!! // To think the day would come when we can witness these famed martial artists... // ...right here in our very own Colosseum!!!
SomeGuy: !! // Ngh...

Sai: Tsuaaahh~~!!! // That won't help you!!!
SomeGuy: ?!!
Announcer: There it is!!! The unblockable "Hasshouken"!! A punch that unleashes shockwaves!!!
[Text: Gangster from the Kano Country / 13th Leader of the Happou Armada / Sai]
Announcer: Shields and armour mean nothing to these people!!!

Announcer: This is the might that the Happou Armada have achieved... // ...in their proud history spanning many centuries!!
Boo: Hoahhh!!!
SomeGuy: !!!
Announcer: Truly, they are undefeatable!!!
Chinjao: .........
People: If we just take your head... // ...it's worth about as much as winning this whole damn tournament, Chinjao!!
Chinjao: I see, I see...
[Text: Gangster from the Kaon Country / 12th Leader of the Happou Armada (Retired)]
Chinjao: Come back when you've learned to fight, amateurs!!!
[Text: Don Chinjao]
People: Guaaahhhhhh!!! // ?!!! // ...............!!! // Whoaaahhhh!!!

People: That's...Sovereign Haki! // Makes sense. The guy used to be a legendary pirate with a bounty over 500 million!!
Chinjao: I have only one target!! Do not get in my way.
Someone: Hold it, scoundrel!!!
Chinjao: Hmm?
Jean: Dedededeh!! Thanks for the free supply of excellent weapons, Chinjao!!
[Text: Bounty Hunter / Jean Ango / "Highwayman Jean"]

Announcer: Unfazed by the force of Don Chinjao's will!! / This man, scavenging the bodies around the ring for weapons, may just be this tournament's dark horse!!! / It's Highwayman Jean!!! // A bounty hunter who has found his way into the bad books of just about every big-name pirate in the New World!!!
Someone: You should never have set foot in this arena, scum!!! // I'll never forget how you captured my partner and sent him to prison!!
Jean: The weapons I retrieve are my "bullets".
Someone: ?!
Jean: I'm a sniper, you see...!!
Someone: Uaghh!!!
Jean: If you care for your partner so much, maybe you should find the guts to dive into prison after him!! // I can think of a mad fool who did just that two years ago!!

Kerry: Rraaahh~~!!
Someone: !!!
People: Aaaaahhhhhhh~~~~!!! // Hey!! The guy's unconscious already!! // How long is that guy gonna keep hitting him?!!
Kerry: Rararararararahhh!!!
Bobby: That's enough, Aniki!!! // He's out for the count!!!

Bobby: I said, that's enough!! // Ah... // I held back the wrong guy!!
Audience: Ahhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Kerry: *pant*... *pant*...!!
[Text: Assassins from the Mogaro Kingdom / The Funk Brothers]
Kerry: That bastard called me a runt!!! // D'you think I'm a runt, Bobby?!! Ehh?!!
Bobby: You ain't no runt, Aniki. You're a real big man.
Kerry: Say something, would ya, you big squid?!!!
Bobby: Aniki!! That's enough!! // Ah!! I held back the wrong guy!!

Kerry: Tcheh!! // You just try sayin' that again!! I'll dig your worthless eyeballs clean out!!!
[Text: Elder Brother / Kerry Funk]
Kerry: And don't you try to stop me either, Bobby!!!
Bobby: .........
[Text: Younger Brother / Bobby Funk]
Bobby: But this is a tournament, Aniki!!
Announcer: Those terrifying Funk Brothers...there's no end to their brutality!! // In the underworld, there's not a soul who hasn't heard of this ruthless assassin duo!!! // I hear their skills are so remarkable... // ...they've taken the heads of pirates with bounties over a hundred million!!!
Boo: What a couple of noisy brutes...let's go see what they're made of. / Though I'm not expecting much from a pair of measly boxers... // ...who haven't even been through any special training!!!
Kerry: !! // Ehhhh~~?!

Boo: Hey there, runt!!!
Kerry: Hguehhh!!
Bobby: Aniki~~~~~!!!
Kerry: ..................
Boo: Ehhhh?!!
Announcer: Ehhhhhhh~~~~?!! // Too weak~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // Or perhaps Boo of the Happou Armada is simply too strong...!! // This is quite the disappointment!! And you call yourselves professionals!! Pathetic!!
Woman: Gats-san!!

Boo: You're doing down too, little bro!!!
Bobby: Wait!! I don't do the whole fighting thing!! I haven't been in a fight... // ...in my entire life~~~~~!!!
Announcer: He turned his back~~~~~~!!! These brothers really are the worst~~~~~~~!!!
People: !!!
Boo: ...............?! // (My axe broke in half... // And that was an axe... // ...imbued with Armament Haki!!! What is this guy's body made of?!!)
Bobby: Aniki......
Kerry: .................. // Th...That bastard... He called me a runt...!! // Hurry up and put me on!! Bobby!!

People: Aaaaaaahhhhhhh~~!!
Announcer: Ehh?!! / What in the world is happening here?!!
People: ?!!
Sai: Boo!!!
Announcer: Boo from the Kano Country is being pummeled to death!!! It looks like he's already unconscious!!! // And the man punching him...is it the feeble younger brother Bobby?! Or the weakling older brother Kerry?!
Bobby?Kerry?: Rararararararahhhhhh~~~~~!!!
Announcer: I think it's the older brother!! But he's grown to massive size...it's like he's a whole different person!!!
Bobby?Kerry?: Who the hell you callin' a runt?!! You just try saying that again!!! // I'll tear your throat out with my bare teeth!!!

Announcer: And what's going on over here?!! It looks like Highwayman Jean... // ...has stolen Lucy's helmet clean off his head~~~~~!!
Luffy: Hey!!! Give that back!!!
Jean: I heard an interesting rumour, you know... / Lucy. // Something about the 400-million bounty pirate "Straw Hat Luffy"... / ...hiding among this tournament's contenders...!! // Dedededeh...
Luffy: ........................!! // Hm?!
Announcer: And it looks like Don Chinjao has started a furious charge towards something!!!
Chinjao: You just watch, Garp... I'll take care of your grandson here and now...!!!

Announcer: Approximately forty contenders remain in C Block!!! // They're being whittled down to the real monsters!!! // Who will come out on top?!!!
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Issue 36.]

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