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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 718

The Riku Royal Army in the Flower Field

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 24, 2013 23:21 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 718: The Riku Royal Army in the Flower Field
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 35: A Battleship By The Shore!!

[Insert text: What lies in the depths of this dwarfish kingdom?!]
[Box: Beneath Green Bit // The Tontatta Kingdom]
Usopp: Underground?
Leo: That is correct! There is an underground passage from Green Bit to Dresrosa!!
[Labels: Green Bit // Dresrosa]
Leo: We have arrived! // Welcome to the Airport!!
Usopp: !
[Box: Tontatta Airport / TONTATTA AIRLINE]
Usopp: Whoaaaaa!! An army of bugs~~~~!!!
Dwarfs: Number 43, preparing for takeoff!!
[Box: Yellow Kab / (A Golden Giant Rhinoceros Beetle)]
[TN: The "Kab" comes from the Japanese word for "rhinoceros beetle", "kabutomushi"]
Robin: My, how cute......!!
[Box: Pink Bee / (A Pink Wasp)]

Leo: Kab-san!! // Bian!!
Kab: Leo!! You're late!
Bian: Let's make this trip a speedy one!!
[Box: Kab / Captain of the Yellow Kab Squad / (Mushi Mushi no Mi: Model Kabutomushi)]
[Box: Bian / Captain of the Pink Bee Squad / (Mushi Mushi no Mi: Model Suzumebachi)]
[TN: That's Bug-Bug Fruit: Model Rhinoceros Beetle and Model Wasp. For whatever reason, these fruits are using the Japanese animal names for their Models, unlike most Zoan fruits which use English names.]
Leo: We're counting on you both!!
Usopp: I've never seen this kind of beetle before! // I've gotta show this to Luffy...!
Leo: Usoland, Robiland, since you are so big... / You can travel on our twenty-seater buses!!

Bian: Come this way, Linear Foxes!!
[Box: Twenty-Seater Bus / "Linear Fox" / (Kohn Express)]
Usopp: Ohhhh, I like this! It's like a sofa for a King!
Leo: They're pretty fast when they run!
Robin: Such beautiful fur...

Leo: Well then, everyone!! Let us set forth!!! / With our hero, Usoland, by our side!! // We go to save our 500 captive comrades!!! // Yeahhhhhhh~~~~~~!!!

Gancho: I must ask the both of you to listen closely.
Usopp: ?!
Gancho: There is something I wish to tell you.
Usopp: Where the heck d'you think you're popping out of, old man?!!!
Robin: Gancho-san!
Gancho: Indeed, I am Gancho, the Tonta-Chief (king)!! / And I must thank you kindly for your aid. // As you are so kind as to lay down your very lives for us, there is something I feel you should know.
Usopp: !! // (Uhh... We're not planning on going that far...)
Gancho: This feud between the Tontatta tribe and our sworn enemy Donquixote Doflamingo... / ...has in truth been going on for much longer than a mere ten years... // This conflict finds its roots much earlier, roughly 900 years ago!
Usopp: Ehhhh?!!

[Box: Here on the isle of Dresrosa... // ...there lies a vast field of sunflowers. // Amongst these countless brightly-blooming flowers... // ...hidden so well that none can hope to find it... // ...lies the entrance to a secret underground shaft. // And at the very bottom of this shaft, deep below the ground...]
OneLeg: Now, let me introduce you to my friends.
[Box: ...one can hear the battle cries of the fairies.]
Dwarfs: Captain!!! // Captain~~~~~~~~~!!! // That toy looks super strong~~~~~!! // What kind of Big Human did he used to be?!
Franky: ..................
[Box: Anti-Doflamingo Movement / "Riku Royal Army" / Centre of Operations]
Dwarfs: Truly a fitting weapon for our final battle~~~~!!!
OneLeg: These are my comrades in arms......!!! / The dwarfs of the Tontatta Kingdom!
Franky: Dwarfs?
OneLeg: They have physical strength to rival your own. // They can move so fast as to be invisible to the eye. The people in the city refer to them as "fairies".
Franky: ......!! Ahh... // Then it was these guys that stole Zoro's swords......?!!
Dwarfs: Hurry up~~~!! Weren't you going to go back to your ship?!
Franky: ?

Zoro: What are you letting that guy beat you up for, Luffy?!!!
Dwarfs: Onii-san, could you move?! I can't see~~!!
Franky: Zoro!!!
Zoro: Ughhhh, that idiot... If he found a tournament like this to enter, / why didn't he tell me about it?!! // My swords are itching for a fight...!
Dwarf: Ahhh... Captain!!
Zoro: Ah... / Franky!!
Franky: What the heck are you doing here?!!
Dwarfs: Captain!!! / We have finished consolidating the information from the reconnaissance teams!! // They have confirmed the movements of both our enemy and "Sugar". / And we have word of a shocking development. Today, with our final great battle close at hand...

Dwarfs: Indeed!! A pair of Legendary Heroes have appeared to lend their aid to the Tontatta!! / Their names are Usoland and Robiland!! And they are on their way here as we speak!! // It seems they have even more comrades who may assist us, named... / ...Luffyland, Zoroland, Namiland, Sanland, Chopaland, Fraland and Boneland!
Zoro/Franky: (That's Usopp, all right...!!)
Zoro: (How did he end up telling a lie like this...?) // Uhhh... I think I must be that "Zoroland" guy.
Franky: And I'm Fraland. Pleased to meet you.
Dwarfs: Eeeeeehhhhhhh~~~?!! That's wonderful~~~~!!!
Zoro: Ahh!! I haven't got time to be doing this!! // I've got to get back to the Sunny, or else Nami and the others will be...!!
Dwarf: I have been saying that for a while, haven't I?!!
Franky: Hmm?

[Box: The waters near Dresrosa]
Jola: Your efforts are futile~~~~~~!! // None can stand in the way of art!!! // "BROKENHE ART"!!
Nami: Ahhh! // What is this nasty smoke?!! ......Nghh!! // Here goes nothing!! Weather Egg!!! // It's time to hatch...!! // Yukigumo!!
[TN: "Snowcloud"]

Nami: !! // Nooooooooo~~~!! Too creepy~~~~~~!! // Even the Clima Tact has turned into a toy~~~~~~!!
Jola: Ohoho!! How rude!! // Who do you think you're calling a supermodel?!!!
Nami: I said nothing of the sort!!!
Jola: What do you think you're calling a "toy"?!! / How dare you compare my creations to such things, you uncultured swine?!! // Certainly, there is a member of our "Family"... / ...with the power to turn people into toys. However! // My power comes from the Ato Ato no Mi; I am an Artwoman!! / It is Art that you have become, not toys!!!

Chopper: Oh no~~~~~!! She got Nami as well!! / My antlers and hooves are no use like this...
Momonosuke: Hey, Boney! That woman is after me!!
Brook: I am quite aware of that, and have no intention of letting her have you!! But look... / See what has become of my beloved Soul Solid!!
Jola: Enough acting as though you are some kind of victims!! / You must be happy to become so artful, yes?! // More to the point, you should show some repentance for your acts of violence towards my subordinates and my ship!! // What manner of artistic death should I inflict on you... / ...to make up for this...hmm?!
Chopper: ......... // ?!
DenDenMushi: *brrrrring!!* *brrrrring!!*
Chopper: Ahh...

Chopper: H-Hello?!! It's me, Chopper!! Who's there?! / We're in big trouble here right now!! You've gotta help us~~~~~~!!
Jola: Who gave you permission to answer that?!!!
DenDenMushi: *zzzzt*... / Mister Tony? I don't have time to deal with your issues. Listen carefully. / *zzzt*...
Chopper: Huh?! Tra-dude, is that you?!
Jola: Hmmmm~~? // ...Is that Law, by any chance?
DenDenMushi: *KABOOOOM!!!* / *zzzt*...
Chopper: Aaaahhhh~~!!!
Nami: What are you doing, Tra-dude?! You've got to come here, quickly!!
Brook: We've been turned all arty~~~!! You have to help~~~!!
Momonosuke: I...I do not require any help!! I am fine!!
DenDenMushi: *zzzz...zzzzzzzzt...!!* // *zzzzt...*
Law: Listen, all right?! You have to bring the ship around to Green Bit right away!!! // I need you to take Caesar for me!!!
DenDenMushi: ?!

Chopper: Huh?!
DenDenMushi: *ka-chunk* / *bzzzt...bzzzt...*
Chopper: Eeeeehhhhhhhh~~~~~~?!! He just made a crazy order and hung up~~~~~~!!!
Brook: Shouldn't Caesar-san have been handed over by now?!
Nami: What's he playing at, not listening to a word we have to say?!! / Who does he think he is?! Luffy?!!
Jola: .........
[Box: Green Bit]
Doflamingo: Give it up, Law!!!
Law: !!!
Doflamingo: Who did you just call?! // Fuffuffu... Hurry up and return Caesar's heart to its rightful owner!!
Law: *pant*... *pant*...
Doflamingo: Being stubborn here will gain you nothing...!!!

Doflamingo: Your partner Straw Hat has already been lured in... / ...by the "bait" I prepared for him. // He's fighting in the tournament at the Colosseum as we speak!!
Law: ?!
Doflamingo: The strongest fighters from across the land have gathered here to slaughter one another in that tournament. / All losers are guaranteed a one-way ticket to hell!! // Your friend will never make it out of that colosseum alive!!!
Law: ...............!!
Doflamingo: Your little alliance is over. / Law!!! Surrender to me!!!
[Box: Dresrosa]

Kin'emon: Show him what you've got, Luffy-dono~~~~~!!!
Sanji: Don't you join in the cheering too!!
Kin'emon: But, Sanji-dono, now that he is taking part, he must strive for victory!!!
Burgess: Wi~~~~~~~hahahahah!!
Bartolomeo: !
Cavendish/Bartolomeo: Burgess...
Burgess: Looks like this fight is getting pretty interesting!! // Who is that little runt?!!!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...............!!
Announcer: Ahhhhh?! // Here goes Lucy~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

Luffy: HAWK RIFLE!!!
Chinjao: !!! // Urnghh...
Luffy: Haaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!
[Insert text: This blazing battle just keeps getting hotter!!]

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