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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 740

It's Up To You!!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 9, 2014 02:25 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 740: It's Up To You!!!
Cover Page Request: “Chopper does the Hawaiian hula dance with a Cuscus and an Aye-Aye” from Fujita Osamu-kun

[Insert text: Luffy and friends after their sudden encounter with Pica...!]
[Box: The Royal Palace, Floor B1 (Outer Wall Tower)]
Luffy: Uwaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! // Hey!! What’s going on?!! There are dead ends all over the place!!
Violet: The walls are moving according to Pica’s will! // Straw Hat!! Will he...really be all right...?!
Luffy: Hm?! You mean Zoro?! Don’t worry about him!! // He can take anything!!!

[Box: On the same floor - Zoro VS Pica]
Zoro: *pant* // *pant*
Pica: .................
Zoro: There’s no end to this...!! // *pant* / Where do I have to hit this guy to do some actual damage?!!!

[Box: The Royal Palace, Floor 1F - Mr Soldier and the Dwarfs]
[Labels: 1F // Soldier / Kabu / Rampo // 2F // Doflamingo / Law / King Riku // B1 // Luffy / Violet / Zoro]
OneLeg: !! // *pant* *pant*
Kabu: Captain!! // It’s another Officer!!
OneLeg: ...............?!
Kabu: This one’s from the Pica Army♠... // It’s Gladius!!!

Kabu: There’s no beating this one if we take him head-on. / Me and Rampo will create an opening!! You go on ahead!!
OneLeg: Hey - stop!! You can’t keep doing things like this!!
Rampo: Let’s pincer him from either side, Kabu-san!!
Gladius: Why do I have to take care of these measly rats?!! // ......!!
Rampo: !!!
Kabu: ?!!
People: ...............?!
OneLeg: Kabu!! // Rampo!!

People: !!! // ?!!
OneLeg: ...............!!
Gladius: ?! // A toy can only run so fast.

Gladius: I ate the Pamu Pamu no Mi... I’m a “Punctureman”!!!
OneLeg: !!
Gladius: The things I can cause to burst are my own body...
OneLeg: Eh?
Gladius: ...and any...
OneLeg: !!! // Aaaahhhhhh!!
Gladius: ...non-organic material I touch. // A piece of tin like you... // ...will be reduced to scrap in no time......!!!
OneLeg: G...Get off me!!! ......!! // I have... // ...a duty to fulfil...!!
Gladius: Explode into pieces and get out of my sight!!!

Luffy: Jet Stamp!!!
Gladius: ?!! // ...............!!! // ......!! // *cough*...!! Who’s there?!!
OneLeg: Ahhhhhhh~!!

Luffy: Soldier!! Where are Franky and the others?! / Aren’t they with you?!
OneLeg: ......You are...
Violet: Straw Hat!! We don’t have time to talk!!!
Gladius: Straw Hat Luffy...!! Violet!! // How dare you... // ...betray the young master!!!
Luffy: Bring it on!!!
Violet: No!! You have to run! There’s no time!! // We have to make for the Suit Room on the second floor!! / That man is a very nasty one to deal with!!

OneLeg: Viola-sama... Why are you......?!!
Violet: ?! / You know who I am?! / I have been watching you all along, too!! / You and...Rebecca!!
OneLeg: ?!
Violet: I know all about your struggles these past ten years. // It must have been hard. / You have my thanks.
Luffy: ?
OneLeg: ?!! // Let us not speak of thanks just yet!! / There can be no greater suffering than that which you and King Riku have endured!!
Gladius: Violet!! I will never forgive... / ...a traitor!!!
Violet: I have betrayed no-one!! / Not once since that day ten years ago have I considered myself one of you!!!
Gladius: Either way, your actions... // ...are an insult to the young master!!!

Gladius: Helmet Puncture!!!
OneLeg: Guaaaahhhhh!!!
Violet: Aaaahhhh!!
OneLeg: Viola-sama!!!
Violet: Unghh...
Luffy: !!! / Oh, no!!! // Hey, it didn’t hit you anywhere critical, right?!! // I’m really sorry!! I shouldn’t have let that happen!! // At any rate, it’s the second floor we’ve got to head for, right?!!
Violet: The stairs aren’t that way...!!

Violet: ?! // Aaahhh!! // ...?!! Where are you going?!
Luffy: About there, right?!
Violet: ?!
Gladius: Hmm?! // Where did they vanish to?!

Gladius: Ah!! // Young Master?!! Why are you here?!
Kin’emon: Hm?! “Young Master”?!
Wicca: !
Kin’emon: My name is Donquixo......
[Box: Kin’emon In Disguise / Donquixote Doflaemon]
Wicca: (“Young Master” is what they call Doflamingo!!)
Kin’emon: I am Young Master!!
Gladius: There are intruders inside the Palace!! // You should wait upstairs until we eliminate them!!
Kin’emon: Ah, well... I will leave the intruders to you! I have to go and check on Kanjuurou down below!
Gladius: That samurai who disappeared in the scrapyard?!?
Kin’emon: Eh?! / He disappeared?!

[Box: Royal Palace 2F - The Suit Room]
OneLeg: ...W...We seem to have arrived directly outside the room we seek...!!
Luffy: Hey, why are we hiding?!! Mingo was right there!!
Violet: (Quiet! We mustn’t ruin their operation!!)
Luffy: Operation~~~?!
Doflamingo: Your target is the Smile Factory alone... / Isn’t that right? // This isn’t something you could pull off on impulse in a single day......!! / Why are the Straw Hats connected to the dwarfs of Green Bit?!!
Law: ...............?
Doflamingo: How did they infiltrate the underground......?! // Why are they targeting Sugar...?!! // If this isn’t coincidence...it means they know the very root of the darkness in this country...!!!

Baby5: Didn’t you hear the young master ask you a question?! Let’s hear some answers!! / Law!!
Law: ...............!!
Buffalo: You don’t have to do it if it makes you cry... / You two really are the same as ever.
Baby5: ...............!!
Law: ......I told you already... // That crew has nothing to do with me any more... / Our alliance is over. // I can barely understand a damn thing you’re saying...
Doflamingo: Hmph...!! If only Violet were here, we could have the truth out of you in no time, but alas... // I hope you don’t have anything to do with all this... King Riku!!
Riku: .........
Doflamingo: The Tontatta served you, once upon a time...

People: !!!
Violet: (Father!! Why is he in the Palace...?!!)
Luffy: Looks like Law’s alive, at least!
OneLeg: (King Riku?! ......!! // ...............!! // You have stayed safe...all these years...!!)
Flashback!Riku: Your name is Kyros...? / Come with me...!!
OneLeg: (...............!! // I will save you...without fail!!!) // Are Leo and the others still not done?! When all the toys in Dresrosa turn back into humans, including myself... / That moment will be our greatest chance to eliminate Doflamingo...! I swear I will not fail...!!
Luffy: Can we go yet?
Violet: No!!
OneLeg: (I cannot let Kabu and Rampo’s sacrifice go to waste. // I’m counting on you, Leo...Usoland...!!!)

[Box: Palace Foundations - The House of Toys]
Marines: There’s nowhere left to run!!! // Give it up and come quietly!! Franky!!
Franky: Shut up!! I’ve made my decision... / ...to keep causing pointless chaos here!!! So let’s get fighting!!!
Marines: Ehhhh?!!
Franky: (If I let these people chase me down into the underground... / ...I’ll just be causing more trouble for the dwarfs!!! // The SOP Operation is up to you guys!!) // Bring it on!!!
Marines: Aaaghhhhhh!!
Franky: (I’ll handle things here!!! // We’re counting on you, Usoland!!!)

[Box: Underground Trading Port - Remains of the Officers’ Tower]
People: What the heck happened here?! // Intruders, apparently, but seeing as they’re up against Trebol-sama... // I almost feel sorry for them. They’re as good as dead.
Robin: (I was careless......!!) // .........
Flashback!Robin: Now!! Put the grape into her mouth!!
Flashback!Sugar: Aaahhhh!!
Robin: (Even I’ve been turned into a toy!! // ...Everyone must have forgotten that I exist... // Usopp!! Where’s Usopp?! // We’re counting on you, Usopp... You’re the only chance we have left!! // You have to turn us all back into humans!!)

Trebol: Behheheheheheh!! // How many times are these idiots gonna try attacking?!!
Sugar: They kept trying to put this into my mouth... // It must be poison. // It smells awful.
Leo: (Usoland... Our strength was not enough...)
Flashback!Usopp: Fear not!! If things go wrong... // I will always be here to save you!!!
Usopp: Out of my way!!
People: Hm? Where are you going, friend?
Usopp: Escape successful!! Forgive me, little Tontatta...!! I know what I’ll do!! / I’ll write a picture book recording your brave acts and pass it on to future generations!! // “The Honest Tontatta”!! A good title!! So you see, I have to live!! Besides, this is all Franky’s fault really!! / Why isn’t he showing up?!! I’m not going to get myself killed over some lie that I’m a hero!! Dammitall!!!
[Insert text: Don’t run, Usopp~~~!!!]

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