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Translations: One Piece 801 by cnet128 , Bleach 644 by cnet128 , Gintama 559 (2)

One Piece 741

Usoland the Liar

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 15, 2014 17:27 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 741: Usoland the Liar
[Insert text: Usoland (Usopp) makes a run for it...?!]
[Box: Beneath Dresrosa - Trading Port]
Usopp: Now, it’s all well and good that I’ve got away... // But how am I gonna get out of this place?!! // I can’t make it back through the hole we used to get in on my own... I know! There’s meant to be a lift, right? // Seriously, though, what does Franky think he’s doing~?!!
Trebol: Hey there, you people outside!!! // Nnyehh, nnyehh, I hope you’re all working hard!! // This ain’t some kind of show, you know! Beheheheh!!
Dwarfs: ...............!!
Sugar: What are we going to do with all this?
People: Oh, crap. Get back to work!!

People: Carry that cargo~~~~!! // Don’t slack off!!
Toys: Ughh!! // (...Somebody is standing up to the Donquixote Family...!! // This has never happened before in all the eight years I’ve been a toy... I don’t care who it is!! Just wreck this place for good!!)
Trebol: Nnnnnnn~~~~?! / Nnyehh, nnyehh, are these midgets trying to say something?!
Sugar: ?
Dwarfs: ( // // ...nd... // // ...soland... // Usola... // Usoland......)
Usopp: Gotta run, gotta run! // *pant* *pant*
Dwarfs: (Usoland... // Usoland... // Usoland...)
Sugar: “Usoland”? // ...They were saying that name before, too.
Leo: *pant*... // U......!!

People: ?! // ?!!
Usopp: ...............!! // (Whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t call for me!!)
Trebol: Usoland? Nnnyehhh... Who’s that?
Sugar: He’s these dwarfs’ ally that they were talking about, of course. / You’re so stupid. Won’t you die?
Trebol: ! // Buhehhh~~!! Like hell I will, you brat, beheheheh!
Toys: .........
Leo: Usoland is...our... // ...hero...
Trebol: Beheheh!! H...h...hero~~~?! / Then what, you think he’s going to save you?!
Leo: That’s right...... *pant* / And not just us...!! Usoland will... / everyone...! That’s what he said!

Leo: Even the toys...who are being forced to work every day here underground...!!
Toys: ?! // (Huh?! // ..................)
Leo: Even our comrades who are being put to work as slaves in the factory...!! // Even the toys who put on false smiles in the streets while inside they are crying...!! // Even the poor Big Humans who don’t realise they have lost the ones they love...!! // Usoland will save them all...! // He’s a legendary hero!!!
People: ...............!!
Usopp: ...............!! // You’ve gotta be kidding me!!

Sugar: .........
Trebol: You poor little fools...!! / Those are all lies.
Dwarfs: Ehhh?!!
Trebol: You’ve just been tricked again, haven’t you?
Dwarfs: I... / Is that true??!
Trebol: He’s not coming to help you now when you’re all lying defeated, is he...? / What more proof do you need?!!! Do you see a hero here?! Where is he, nyehhh?!
Dwarfs: ......!! // But...he told us himself...
Trebol: He’s off hiding somewhere laughing at you all right now!!! Beheheheh!!!
Dwarfs: Ehhhhh?!!
Trebol: You’re honest little people, so I don’t doubt there’s “someone” out there... / But he’s just some coward who couldn’t take the pressure!!! He won’t help you!!!
Usopp: (I’m sorry to say he’s pretty much right!! / You should all run for it, too!! Good luck, you guys!!)
Dwarfs: No way...!!

Leo: Shut up!!! Usoland wouldn’t lie to us!!!!
Flashback!Usopp: I am the descendant of the hero Norland!!!
Flashback!Dwarfs: Whoaaa!! That’s amazing~~!!
Usopp: !!!
Trebol: .........
Leo: He promised that if anything went wrong, he would always be here to save us!!!
Dwarfs: That’s right!! // Yeah!!
Leo: He gave us his word!!! / Our hero would never deceive us!!!
Usopp: ...............!!
Leo: If you insult Usoland any more... // We won’t let you get away with it!!!

Toys: ...............!!
Leo: I hope you’re ready for what’s coming to you!! // When Usoland gets here... // Pyegh!
Trebol: Beheheh!! Did you hear that?! “Pyegh”!! // That’s the sound of a dying Tontatta... / Pyegh!!
Dwarfs: !!!
Leo: Urghh...!!
Dwarfs: Leo!!! // That’s right!! Usoland will make sure the SOP Operation succeeds, no matter what! // Pyegh!! // !!! // That’s right...!! You’re the ones who should be afraid! / Pyegh!! // Pyegh!
Trebol: Beheheh!! Then call for him, why don’t you?!!
Dwarfs: Pyegh! // Pyegh!!
People: Urghh... This sounds pretty awful...
Dwarfs: Pyegh! // Pyegh!
Usopp: Stop it!! Stop it!!

Usopp: STOP THAT ALREADY, WOULD YOU~~~~~~~~?!!!!
Leo: ......!!
Usopp: *pant* // *pant*
People: ?!!
Dwarfs: U...Usoland!! // Usoland~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

Robin: (Usopp!! Thank goodness...)
Usopp: How can you keep on trusting in me like that?!!! / You stupid little dwarfs!!!
Dwarfs: Ehhhh~~~~?!
Usopp: He’s right about everything!! I was lying all along!!!
Dwarfs: Ehhhh~~~~?!
Usopp: I’m no legendary hero!!! // And my name isn’t Usoland!!! // I’m the fearsome sniper of the Straw Hat crew!! // My name is Usopp!!! I’m a pirate!!!
People: ?!!
Toys: (Th...The Straw Hats?! // Why are they here?!!)
Leo: ...............!! // ......Why... / Why are you saying these things...?

Leo: You’re a pirate...but...but stil a hero, right??
Usopp: I just told you, I’m no hero!! A pirate is a pirate!!! // Don’t make me repeat myself!! I was just tricking you all!! / But you just had to keep on believing me...!!
Dwarfs: ......!! // Waaaahhh!
Trebol: ...So what, you came back here just to admit to your lie?! Beheheh!!
Usopp: If I didn’t, these idiots would keep on waiting for me until they were all dead! / I don’t know how I’d sleep at night knowing that, so I figured as thanks for believing in me... / ...I might as well go out fighting like a man instead!
Leo: ......Eh??
Usopp: My name is Usopp!!! And don’t you dare forget it, Tontatta!! If I die here today, you’d better put up a statue of me next to Norland!! // From this moment on, I’m going to become your “legendary hero”!!!
Dwarfs: ?!!

Leo: Usopp...!!
Toys: (Usopp...of the Straw Hat Pirates......? // Is this the man who is going to save us all...?!)
Trebol: Beheheh!! You’re clutching at straws!!
Usopp: It’s all or nothing now!! Hissatsu: Midoriboshi!! // Platanus... // ...SHURIKEN!!!
People: !!!
Dwarfs: USOLAND~~~~~~~!!!

[Box: Royal Palace, 2F: The Suit Room]
People: We’ve received reports that the young master is on the first floor!!
Doflamingo: There’s someone who looks like me here in the palace?!
OneLeg: (This sword looks just right... // If I can become human again, it will serve me well... // Your Majesty...!!)
Violet: (My father was competing in the Colosseum today!)
Luffy: Huh? Really?
Violet: (He was shaken by the events of this morning, just like the rest of us...)
OneLeg: (The Colosseum......!!)

OneLeg: ..................
Flashback!People: A young lad has committed murder!! / Two people were killed during a scrap in the slums!! / And as for the culprit... // We can’t let him near King Riku!! // He may be just a boy, but his acts of delinquency are infamous throughout the land!! // !!!
[Box: Boy From The Slums / Kyros / (15 Years Old)]
Flashback!People: His Majesty is in danger! Shoot the boy dead!!!
Flashback!Riku: Wait!!!
Flashback!People: ?!!
Flashback!Riku: Don’t shoot!! Lower your weapons!!!

Flashback!Riku: Your name is Kyros, boy...? // Come with me...!!!
[Box: Corrida Colosseum]
Flashback!Announcer: Kyros, the fifteen-year-old murderer!!
Flashback!People: !!! // This is the sacred Colosseum!! // Such potential!! With a blade, that would have been fatal!!
Flashback!Riku: So what amounts to barbarity in the outside is “potential”, eh?
Flashback!People: He beat the fellow competitors in his room to within an inch of their lives... / He hasn’t eaten for six days...and he won’t speak a word to anyone.

Flashback!People: Well, actually, he does say just one thing... // ?! // “Bring me King Riku”...
Flashback!Kyros: My enemies were a group!! They killed my friend!!! // So I killed them in return!!!
Flashback!Riku: Boy... // Are you an animal?
Flashback!Kyros: I thought you of all people might understand me!!!
Flashback!Riku: Bring him food. / He still has the will to live.
Flashback!Kyros: No matter how long it takes, if I win a hundred matches you’ll grant me parole?
[Box: Four months later...]
Flashback!Announcer: One hundred matches, one hundred victories!!! Not even our star combatants can touch him!!
Flashback!Kyros: Yeahhhhhh~~~~!!
Flashback!Announcer: Kyros has won his freedom faster than anyone could have imagined!!

Flashback!People: Don’t leave your cell, murderer!!
Flashback!Kyros: ..................
Flashback!Riku: You’re not going to leave...?
Flashback!Kyros: I can’t go where I’m not wanted.
Flashback!Riku: When did you become a man who desired acceptance?
Flashback!Kyros: Shaddup!!! // (A beast can only be loved when it remains behind bars...)
Flashback!Announcer: Two hundred victories~~~~~!!!
Flashback!People: Somebody defeat Kyros already~~~~!!
Flashback!Announcer: Three hundred victories~~~~~~~!!! // Can nobody put an end to Kyros’ reign~~~?!! / Hero after hero has fallen at his hands!!!
Flashback!Challenger: I’ve crossed many oceans to face this challenge!!! // Let me fight Kyros!!!
Flashback!People: Today he’s going to be fighting a giant!! // He’s facing a fishman underwater?!

[Box: His fourth year in the Colosseum...]
Flashback!Announcer: He’s done what no man dared to dream of~~~~!!!
Flashback!People: Kyros~~~~~!! // Kyros-sama~~~~~!!
Flashback!Announcer: ONE THOUSAND VICTORIES~~~~~~!!!!
Flashback!Kyros: .........
Flashback!Riku: ......... // Here again, Kyros?
Flashback!Kyros: ......... // Don’t come near me. You can’t understand...!! // No matter how far I come, I’ll always be a murderer and a beast...
Flashback!Riku: .........
Flashback!Kyros: Dammitall!!! // I wish everyone would just...forget I ever existed......!!!
[Insert text: The desperate cry of a man doomed to be forgotten...!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Issue 18.]

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